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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 74 : Ice Strikes (7)


“The attack of fire and the defense of water, how nostalgic.” Igro exclaimed with great emotions as he looked at Valarie who was standing on the ice dragon’s head, and then at Bellina who was running towards Valarie.

“Little Valarie is amazing!” After Valarie jumped off Lakyn’s head, Bellina kept bouncing in front of her.

“Hm. But… nothing is… found.” Valarie looked at Lakyn, whose eyes had disappeared, and spoke with regret in her plain tone.

“It’s fine, our Moms will be fine, maybe they’ll be waiting for us somewhere!”

“Hm. Let’s ask if… it knows something. It… said Venus’s name… just now.” Valarie walked towards Igro.

Igro looked at the two young dragons. Although they were immature, their combat power was already better than that of some adult dragons.

Looking at Lakyn’s corpse, Igro laughed, “This is fate. The mission that the mothers didn’t complete… is completed by their daughters in the end.”

“Hey, big Wind Dragon, what’s your name?” Bellina raised her head and looked at Igro.

“Igro, you want to ask about your mother, don’t you?”

“That’s right.” Valarie nodded.

“I didn’t witness the sacrifice of your mothers with my own eyes, I just heard from the humans who served me. When the snow covered Olipolia, the two sacred dragons appeared like dragon gods. The fire of the red dragon melted the ice and snow, and the water of the blue dragon washed it away. They fought the evil ice dragon for two days and two nights, and finally turned into a red and blue light that struck the ice dragon, defeating it. They sacrificed themselves. That’s what I heard. I don’t really believe they would die so easily.”

“Phew—” As soon as it finished speaking, the snowstorm suddenly intensified. Ice cubes were mixed together. Igro immediately realized that something was wrong. In the blurry snowstorm, a burst of blue light lit up. Several missile-like icicles flew over.

Igro spewed out a hurricane and blew the icicles away, but was still stabbed in the shoulder bone. With a cry, it took a few steps back and looked at the body outlined by the blue light in the snow, “You are not dead?”

“Oh, do you think these two little dragons can kill me? I was just testing their strength. I didn’t expect them to be so weak, even less than one-tenth of their mother’s.” Lakyn appeared in front of Valarie and Bellina. Its eye sockets were still gleaming with a weird blue light.

“They were already bruised at the time, and they still couldn’t defeat me. In the end, they imitated the dragon gods and sacrificed themselves to seal me. Hehehe, it’s just that they will never expect that at that moment, my soul had already left my body! Fuu—”

A piece of frost blew, and Belina blocked it with a water wall, which immediately froze and was defeated. Valarie spewed flames, and the flames only made the frost emit white smoke and had no other effect. Igro dragged its injured body forward and shielded in front of Valarie and Bellina.

Crackle—” Igro’s body that was hit by the frost quickly froze. It only said a sentence before finally turning completely into a large ice sculpture.

“You can’t beat it! Leave!”

“Hooo— Feika!” Valarie used flames to burn the ice on Igro’s body, and there were no signs of melting.

“Your mother’s flame can barely melt my ice, but your half-baked flame can’t do it at all.” Lakyn opened its mouth and spewed more snow. The visibility in the snow was getting lower. Sharp ice hit from time to time.

“Little Valarie, don’t be afraid, I will protect you.” Bellina became mature and stood in front of Valarie, looking around carefully.

Valarie took a deep breath, “Use your water… protect yourself.”

“Huh?” Bellina did not quite understand what Valarie wanted to do, but when she saw the amazing heat emitting from her body and the ignited flames, Bellina understood. She quickly surrounded herself with a thick layer of water.

As soon as Lin Xiang arrived, he found a large amount of snow and wind gathered in one place, as if trapping something inside. Suddenly, a red light came from the small gap, and then the snow cover instantly burst. A wave of heat rushed in, melting all the falling snowflakes.

Valarie and Bellina, who was wrapped in a thin water mass, stood in the center where the wind and snow disappeared. There was no snow near them, not even water. Only red flames were burning on the ground. It was clear that the snow just now were directly vaporized. However, not far from them, there was a small snowy mountain where the snow did not melt, which made Lin Xiang a little concerned.

The ice on Igro melted. It fell to the ground, and then slowly got up.

Valarie slightly gasped for air. The release of the Dragon Flame Dance made her dragon energy even lesser.

“That’s not bad, but you must have been running out of strength by now.” The small snowy mountain that caught Lin Xiang’s attention had a chilling voice, and then the snow on it was shaken down. It was a bone dragon in with a chest, mouth, and eyes emitting blue light.

The main reason why Venus and Bessica were able to repel Lakyn was that Venus’ fire could damage it, and Bessica’s water could block its ice. One offense and one defense made Lakyn fear.

However, at that moment, both Valarie and Bellina were not mature enough. Fire could not hurt it, and water could not stop its ice, so Lakyn had no need to be afraid at all.

“Hooo— Pascaal!” Lakyn raised its head and roared. Like a rain of knives, countless sharp shards of ice fell from the sky.

Igro just recovered from the freezing and immediately ran to Valarie and Bellina to protect them with his body, “Kacha kacha.” In just an instant, countless pieces of crushed ice were plugged into its surface, and the number was still increasing. Blood stained the transparent ice.

Bellina quickly put up a large water cover to resist the attack of crushed ice. However, under the attack of ice, the water cover began to freeze slowly, and it was obvious that it would shatter in a short time.

“There’s no way… Although it hasn’t recovered its original strength, it’s not something we can contend against,” Igro glanced at the frozen water cover. Although Bellina gritted her teeth, trying to keep the water flowing into the water shield from freezing, it had no effect. The water shield was already cracked.

“I am injured, so I can’t walk anymore. You both can restrain its existence, but you are not mature enough. As long as both of you are alive, there is still hope, so, escape.”

The water shield, no, the ice shield cracked. Igro raised its head, and let out a dragon roar with its greatest strength.

Boom! A gray windshield appeared, and the ice cones attacking on it, shattered. Although Igro was not as powerful as Lakyn, it was still an ancient dragon. The wind attribute and ice attribute had nothing to do with restraint or non-restraint. The dense wind was also great in tearing, so it was a good defense against attacks.

Creating a small opening in the wind shield, Igro blew Valarie’s and Bellina’s bodies out.

Bellina, who was blown away by the wind, stretched out her dragon wings, hugged Valarie, and slowly descended to the ground. The windshield lasted for a few seconds, and it started to get smaller. Valarie wanted to rush over to help, but was hugged by Bellina, “Little Valarie, we are really not its opponents, you don’t have much dragon energy anymore, and my water will be frozen by it! Even if we are at full energy, we still can’t beat it.”

“Then… are we letting him… die.” Valarie clenched her fists.

“…” Bellina was silent for a while and then said with slight surprise, “Look, the amount of ice has decreased. Even if it is powerful, it has certain limitations, as long as the big Wind Dragon can hang on, it will be fine.”

Sure enough, less shattered ice fell. In the end, when the wind shield disappeared, the broken ice stopped falling.

After the wind shield faded, Igro fell to the ground weakly. The ice on its back was stained with blood, like rubies, but no one thought they were beautiful.

“Master, what should we do now?” Silent Water and Reidy were both frightened by the scene in front of them, including Lin Xiang. The battle of dragons was different from that of humans and spirits. Each move was large-scale and extremely destructive.

“I don’t know. That bone dragon is looking at us. Silent Water, Reidy, get ready to protect yourselves.”

Lakyn also noticed those weak little things in the distance, but it was not interested in them. It just glanced at them, and focused on Valarie and Bellina.

“If you’re worried about it, then it’s better to worry about yourselves first, because you will die before it.” Lakyn spewed frost, and Valarie sent out flames to resist, but her flames were gradually suppressed. Bellina used water to help, but it was turned into ice. The frost hit them both in one quick swoop.

Kala kala.” Valarie and Bellina’s lower bodies began to freeze, and they could not escape no matter how hard they struggled.

Lakyn flicked its tail over at them, Bellina made several water shields to defend, which were instantly broken. She was hit and collided with Valarie, making them fly out together.

Lakyn walked over slowly, intending to take “good care” of the enemies’ daughters. Without their mother to meddle in her own business, the demons would have invaded the human world long ago, and the resurrection of the Demon King might have already been carried out.

Bellina vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, and looked pitifully at Valarie, “Little Valarie, I may be dying… I hope I can hear you call me ‘sister’ in my lifetime.”

“If you want… to die… make it sooner.” Valarie clearly saw that Bellina had attached a high concentration of water to her body when she was hit by the bone tail, otherwise Bellina’s snowy skin would have been ripped apart.

“Boohoo, Little Valarie is so ruthless. It’s impossible for me to die now, but it hurts. Don’t you see? I just vomited blood.” That sentence was true. Bellina’s body really did hurt, and her guts were like being blended together.

Both Valarie’s and Bellina’s legs were sealed and they were unable to move. Lakyn slowly walked over and opened its big blue mouth, “Just turn into ice. I want to bite both of you to pieces. Fuu…” Just as the frost spewed out, a golden lightning fell from the sky, hitting its head and interrupting its attack.

“Yes, there are a few little things.” Lakyn looked at Lin Xiang and the others. Reidy gave another strike of thunderbolt.

“What is this? Lightning?” The thunderbolt had no effect on Lakyn at all. Silent Water also sent high-pressure water jets, hitting Lakyn’s chest. Likewise, it had no effect at all.

“Hooo— Pff!” Lakyn spewed out a frost ball, attempting to hit Lin Xiang and the others with it. They had no time to dodge, and with a loud boom, ice and snow exploded. Lin Xiang and the others were shaken away.

“We are not its competition… We can’t defeat it.” Spirits had always been afraid of dragons, whether it was the difference in size or the difference in destructive power. The Reiworth Family was a belligerent family. Reidy had that fine gene, but in the face of an enemy that was absolutely invincible, she had no desire to fight and only hoped to leave safely. If it was not safe to leave, then she was willing to let Lin Xiang leave alone. Reidy stood up, came to Lin Xiang, and blocked him, “Get out of here.”

Silent Water also protected Lin Xiang behind them. They did not want Lin Xiang to get hurt.

Lin Xiang was very aggrieved. Could he only be blocked by the girls and not do anything? He said to protect them, but he ended up being protected by them again.

“Fuu—” Lakyn began to inhale.

Silent Water and Reidy used their greatest strength to attack Lakyn, but it cause neither pain, nor itching. Lakyn’s ice cones were already shot towards them.

“Master, run!” “Human, get out of here!”

“Bang!” In a distance, Valarie smashed the ice on the lower half of her body with a fury of flame. That flame was several times hotter than the previous one! But she was too late.

‘Stinky brat, all you do is seeking trouble!

A black light circle appeared in front of Lin Xiang and the others, and the ice cones hit it, as if being absorbed by a black hole.

“What a powerful dark force!” Lakyn was surprised by the appearance of the black circle.

Fortunately, I have completed the fusion. Otherwise, I will have to die with this stinky brat! Damn you! How can I see beautiful women if I die?!’ Yalide roared in Lin Xiang’s head.

‘Yalide!!!’ Lin Xiang was a little surprised, ‘What happened to you before?’

Ah, it’s a long and complicated story.

Valarie arrived and stood in front of Lin Xiang. Bellina did the same, standing beside Valarie while staring at Lakyn.

Alright, the energy has replenished. Brat, if you don’t want to die, then suck in Valarie’s and Bellina’s energy for me.

‘Eh?’ Lin Xiang did not quite understand.

Hesitate my foot! Do you want Silent Water and the others to die with you?

Hearing that, Lin Xiang’s eyes were full of determination. He would never allow Silent Water and the others to have any trouble.

“Valarie, lend me your strength.” Lin Xiang walked to Valarie and bent down.

“It’s not much… anymore. But… if you want… just take it.” Valarie took the initiative to kiss him.

“Shi—!” Bellina’s hair stood on end when she witnessed that scene. My little Valarie! You defiling human! Just as she was about to separate the two, Valarie let go first, and almost fell weakly, but was supported by Lin Xiang in time.

“B*stardy human! Let go of Little Valarie. Come, let Big Sis give you a kiss.” Bellina bent down and turned her mouth towards Valarie.

Bellina, you have to hurry up! Why does Little Valarie keep rejecting me!? Doesn’t she know that kissing can only be done with people close to her?

Valarie suddenly grabbed Bellina’s face. Before Bellina could react with joy, Valarie directly matched Lin Xiang’s mouth with hers.

Bellina kissed Lin Xiang. Her eyes opened like raw eggs, she was about to get furious but suddenly thought: This is the lip that Little Valarie let go just now! So, is this a kiss with Little Valarie? Was I able to get closer to her?

But! My dragon energy’s actually sucked by him. Despicable human!

After inhaling Valarie’s dragon energy, Yalide called out that it was too little. When Lin Xiang was thinking about what to say to Bellina, Bellina was already caught by Valarie for a kiss.

However, when Bellina found out that Lin Xiang was sucking her energy, she resisted.

Reidy was also angry! In the face of such a powerful enemy, that darn human did not even think of a way to escape, yet he kissed with those dragons instead? So, you just want to enjoy kissing a girl before you die? Assh*le! Go to hell!

Bellina was resisting, but it was useless. Her energy was absorbed, so she could not use it. She wanted to beat Lin Xiang with her hands, but was caught by Valarie.

Little Valarie, are you so cruel to let me be kissed by this human? Bellina was a little blue, but after thinking about it, she became elated again. Little Valarie might be embarrassed to kiss me directly, so she grabbed me and didn’t let me escape in order to let me feel the warmth she left on this human’s lips! Really, Little Valarie is so shy.

We gotta admit that Bellina’s logical thinking was very powerful. 😉

“You can also absorb energy? But it’s useless, so I’ll just deal with you altogether.” Lakyn recovered from the shock. It just thought of many possibilities. That human might actually be possessed by the Demon King, or he could use dark magic. He might be a demon apostle as well… But those were unlikely, because Lakyn was not familiar with that kind of darkness, but felt fear.

A long time ago, it already felt that the boy gave a horrendous feeling. The appearance of the black circle made it even more determined to kill that seemingly weak human being.

Bellina’s dragon energy was sucked away quickly, and her body had changed from mature and sexy to petite and exquisite.

“Hooo—” Lakyn opened its mouth to attack. There was an accident four hundred years ago, and now it simply did not want another accident to occur. However, accidents obviously happened.

A mass of black light emanated from Lin Xiang’s body, spreading like an energy shroud. After being completely covered in it, whether it was the snow falling from the sky or the cold wind, everything stopped, including Silent Water and the others, even Lakyn.

Lin Xiang looked at everything that was stationary and the darkness that enveloped them. His heart was beating violently, his breathing became hasty, his muscles were tense, his blood was boiling, and his soul was even more painful as if it had been pulled away. .

It was very painful. Lin Xiang felt that his soul was splitting. A cloud of black air floated out of him, forming a phantom in front of him.

The virtual image was a human figure, with a height of about 1.78 meters. Lin Xiang stared blankly at the vague figure. With the flow of black energy in his body, its face gradually became clearer.

The long black hair that perfectly blended with darkness, the snowy skin that was incompatible with the darkness, and the model-like face made up of exquisite facial features, it was a woman with a bad-looking smile on her mouth. Her eyes were closed, and her body was also becoming partially clear.

Plump breasts, slender waist, and a pair of slender legs made it completely comparable to a woman wearing high heels. With a model’s face, and a model’s figure, the woman in front of him was perfect. The modern casual clothes she wore made her seem like the cover girl of a Time magazine.

At the moment when the last trace of black air flowed towards the mysterious black-haired woman from Lin Xiang’s body, she opened her mystic blood-red pupils. Raising her hands high, she raised her head and laughed loudly in a neutral but feminine voice, “I’m finally free!”

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