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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 75 : ‘Child’ of Darkness


“About that… who are you?” Lin Xiang lost all the dragon energy in his body. Logically speaking, he should be very tired, but he did not realize it at the moment. He just stared at the mysterious woman floating out of his body in shock.

Ignoring him, the mysterious woman glanced at the women present, and came to Silent Water with a whoosh, “Oh~ Great, you’re really great, Silent Water.”

After admiring Silent Water, the mysterious woman continued to look at Reidy, and at the same time muttered, “Reidy is not bad, but…” Her eyes were looking at Reidy’s chest.

“Hey, who are you…” A drop of cold sweat dripped from Lin Xiang’s forehead. He had a bad feeling and was frightened by his own thoughts.

It’s impossible… It can’t be…

“You asking who I am? Listen up, brat, I…” The mysterious woman opened her red lips up and down a few times, closed her eyes, paused, and took a breath.

“Gulp.” Lin Xiang swallowed his saliva and waited for her word.

The mysterious woman suddenly opened her bewitching red eyes with a hearty smile of incomparable confidence on her face, “I am the legendary invincible, God’s favorite, and the very handsome ancestor of dragons. Known as the child of darkness, I am the Great Yalide!”

“It’s really you! I used to think that you were just a perverted dragon, but now, I confidently confirm that you are a complete perverted dragon! How can you disguise yourself as a woman?” Lin Xiang knew that it was Yalide, but it turned into a woman… If it was a wretched uncle, Lin Xiang would still be able to accept it, but… However, it really fit its character.

“What do you mean disguising myself as a woman? Didn’t I say it before? My gender looks like it’s female.”

“Looks like what? ‘Looks like’ my foot.”

“Well… I didn’t have a concept of gender before I became a human. Freed could not be used as a comparison either, so I didn’t care too much. However, I was like this when I became a human for the first time. So, I’m guess I’m a woman.”

“Of course not! You’re ‘Yalide’, not ‘Yalily’! How can a woman be so perverted?”


“Sl*ts like women?”

“Sl*tty lesbians.”

“I…” Lin Xiang was a little speechless, “Then are you sure that you didn’t become a woman because you saw a woman when you turned into a human?”

“Well, it is indeed possible.” Yalide nodded, and continued. “But that guy Freed had also become a woman like me. She doesn’t like humans though, only cute spirits, so she doesn’t have to be woman, right?”

“Impossible… You guys are definitely men.” How could Lin Xiang accept them living in his body, turning out to be them.

“You don’t seem to be accepting us? You don’t have to though. By the way, you seem to have said before that if you can, you’ll hit me hard,” Yalide walked up to Lin Xiang. The thin-looking left arm was pressed on his shoulder, and the powerful force made Lin Xiang have to bend down. Yalide looked at him with provocative eyes and a wicked smile, “Come on, you dared not, right?”

The black energy shield suddenly shrank and disappeared, and the surrounding things moved again.

Yalide scratched her hair with her right hand, and made a sound, “Oh, oh, I almost forgot about this trivial matter.” She stretched out her right hand and aimed at the ice thorn in Lakyn’s mouth, a black circle appeared, and the ice, that was flying violently, was absorbed.

Everyone was surprised by Yalide’s sudden appearance. They only remembered seeing the black energy shield released from Lin Xiang’s body the last second, but the next second, Yalide was standing in front of them, blocking Lakyn’s attacks at will. They all felt extremely strange. Who was that woman?

Especially Reidy, seeing that Yalide’s hand was on Lin Xiang’s body and seemed to be very close to him. She could not help shouting, “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

“Reidy, I knew that you would be the first to speak,” Yalide held her chin, and looked at Reidy from bottom to top with her sharp eyes. Finally, her gaze stopped on her chest, “If a perfect score is a ten, then you’ll only have two points.”

“You! What nonsense are you talking about!?” Reidy covered her chest and gnashed her teeth as she looked at the two huge lumps of flesh on Yalide’s chest, “Believe it or not, I will electrocute you.”

Yalide shook her head while clicking her tongue, accompanied by the shake of her chest, “Your tolerance is as small as your chest. How cute, makes me want to conquer you.”

“Who on earth are you?” Reidy was really not good at dealing with such a strange woman. Her little face flushed, and then she added, “I have great tolerance!” Of course, she was looking at Lin Xiang when she said it, which meant that her breasts were not small.

“Who are you? A dragon?” Lakyn was a little jealous of Yalide, and even felt scared. It had never felt that way when dealing with Venus and Bessica’s seal. What was the identity of the woman who suddenly appeared?

Without looking at Lakyn, Yalide’s eyes were placed on Valarie again. She came to her with a swoosh and kept stroking her head, “Damn it! Valarie! I’ve always wanted to see you up-close! Look at this expressionless face, just like a doll! You don’t look like Venus at all! Are you even her biological daughter?”

“Stay away from Little Valarie,” Bellina certainly would not allow others to approach Valarie, not to mention a strange woman like her.

“Yo, your name is Bellina, right? I was in fusion before, so I didn’t take you seriously. Well, you are also great. Just a little bigger though. It would be better if you were like Valarie.” Reaching out her hand, Bellina shook her head and ducked.

Yalide did not mind either. She stood up straight and looked at Lakyn, speaking domineeringly, “You are all the type I like! Don’t worry, I will protect you! If this thing wants to hurt you, I will never allow it!”

“You have the aura like a dragon, but not. Just what are you, why do you have the power of darkness?”

“Because I… am your God, the God of Darkness.”

“God? Hahahaha, the God is already dead. You said you were our God, could it be that you are the Dragon God?” Lakyn’s laughter was gloomy, and its voice was like fingernails running across a blackboard, which made people uncomfortable.

“You guessed right, little ice dragon. Ah, nope, little bone dragon. Tsk tsk, how pitiful, your body is rotten. I like good children who are complete and beautiful, so I am naturally not interested in your type at all.”

“Do you really think that you are the Dragon God?” Although Lakyn said so, it was also very uncertain, because Yalide felt really dangerous. In face of dangerous things, it had to…

“Die! Fake Dragon God!”

Several huge icicles were unleashed, and Yalide moved to greet them. The figure cleverly swam in the ice, while punching, elbowing, and kicking to disperse the icicles. She kept complaining about the coldness as she slowly approached Lakyn.

Lakyn spewed frost, and Yalide circled in the air like an acrobat, avoiding the frost. However, Lakyn seemed to have expected it long ago, and its hard bone tail swept over.

“Perfect!” Yalide, who was floating in the air, sent out a huge black shadow hand with her left hand. She grabbed Lakyn’s tail, pulled it upwards, and pulled grabbed Lakyn’s body.

“Why don’t you try this?” Completely synchronized with her hand, the huge shadow hand slammed it to the ground!

Hhong!” The ground shook. Snowflakes were mixed with soil, and a large pit appeared on the ground.

Lakyn struggled. The blue light in its mouth became unusually bright, it was condensing energy.

“It just so happens that my dragon energy is not enough. Since you don’t want to play, let’s end this as soon as possible.” Yalide’s fist also glowed with black light.

“Hooo— Jeocarbie!” By now, Lakyn had no choice but to use its strongest move.

Like a tide, a large wave of ice thorns gushed out. The dense thorns looked fragile and easy to break, but they were the ice that Venus could not dissolve. The hardness and sharpness were enough to penetrate the body of the most defensive earth dragons.

“Stinky brat! Look at me and see what’s real power!” Yalide dived down like a black comet, and her fist greeted the ice thorns.

Time seemed to stop at that moment. The cold light in Lakyn’s eyes, the shocked eyes of Lin Xiang and the others, and the corner of Yalide’s mouth that was raised slightly.

Clack! Bang Bang Bang!!!

With ease, Yalide’s whole body went through the ice thorns. Her fist was directed at Lakyn who was attempting to avoid it.

Hhong!” The black rays of light radiated, and the snow on the snowy field exploded. Snow also stopped falling, and the clouds began to spread apart.

“Yeah! I’m exhausted. Can’t believe it’s so difficult to deal with such a weakened little bone dragon,” After the black light disappeared, Yalide sighed with her hands crossed in front of her chest.

“If the Dragon God didn’t die, then were they…” Before her last sentence was finished, the blue light in Lakyn’s eyes slowly disappeared. Its skull began to crack.

“Hey, stinky brat, come here. It’s a rare dragon soul.” After Yalide finished, a trace of blue light floated out from the part of Lakyn’s chest.

Just as Lin Xiang stepped forward, the lights floating in the air were like iron filings encountering magnetic blocks, as they poured into Lin Xiang’s body. Lin Xiang’s whole body radiated light. Since he could not absorb that much for a while, they stayed revolving around Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang felt a little painful, but also a little comfortable. He was in pain, yet felt happiness. That cold energy was a lot, but in the end, it was converted into a small amount of pure energy with no temperature.

“Master…” Silent Water wanted to go to Lin Xiang. She was very worried that something might happen to Lin Xiang. To her, the evil dragon’s things were never good. With Lin Xiang absorbing its light, she was worried that it would harm Lin Xiang.

“Don’t go. That stinky brat is increasing his energy, so don’t disturb him. Even if the little bone dragon is consciously in it, it will be cleared by Freed. Don’t worry.” Yalide stretched out her hand to block Silent Water. After that, she went to hold up Silent Water’s V-shaped chin, ” Silent Water, you are so beautiful. If I were that stinky boy, I would definitely kiss you hundreds of times a day, once every few minutes.”

“Please… please don’t do this.” Silent Water took a few steps back, “Master is not that kind of person.”

“Yes, yes. You must know that I have seen many men, but one like him is really a rare breed. You have a great Master.”

“That has nothing to do with you. You said you were the Dragon God? Didn’t the Dragon God fall long ago?” Reidy was very puzzled about Yalide’s identity.

“Fall? Oh, you mean death? Yes, I did die that time, but my body was dead, not my soul. Look over there.”

Following Yalide’s gaze, Reidy and Silent Water saw two rays of light emerging from the dim light in the bone dragon’s chest. One was red and one was blue. They landed in front of Valarie and Bellina respectively.

A light turned into a woman with short fiery red hair, and a sexy figure, while the other had long aqua blue hair, looking relatively virtuous.

“Ve… nus!” For the first time, there was obvious excitement in Valarie’s mindless eyes.

“Mom?” Bellina threw herself on Bessica.

“My little bell, are you obedient by yourself? Did you run around?” Bessica stroked Bellina’s head with a smile.

“Yes, yes! I was very obedient and didn’t run around. I made good friends with Little Valarie too.

“Really? Really? Then did you both have a fight?”

“Yes, I…”

On the other side

“What’s wrong? Don’t you call for your mother when you see her?” Venus rubbed Valarie’s head hard.

Valarie did not speak. Her ruby eyes were covered with mist. Before the age of four hundred, ancient dragons would learn the dragon roars, and after the age of four hundred, they would learn about language and feelings. It was during that period when Venus left Valarie…

“What’s wrong? Oh, my daughter.” Venus squatted down and looked at Valarie.

“Ma…ma.” Jerky words, tears of joy, Valarie put her arms around Venus’ neck, “Where… have you… been. Why… have you… not… come back.”

“Hehe, didn’t I now? I will always be by your side in the future as well.”

“Really?” Valarie finally asked in a questioning tone for the first time.

“Of course, I won’t leave you again when I come back, but…” Venus smiled bitterly, and was interrupted by Bessica when she was about to continue.

“Haha! Venus! This woman’s daughter defeated your daughter! She’s too good for her mother.”

“Scram! My daughter is just younger than your daughter, and hasn’t fully grown yet. If their ages changed, Valarie will definitely win.” Venus pushed away Bessica’s smiling face. With that push, Bessica saw Yalide.

“Ol’ Great Yalide!? It’s you!? You are okay!?”

Bessica’s tone was an extension of Yalide’s(their tone of voice were similar), but in terms of combat, she learned from Freed. Her teleportation magic was also granted by Freed.

Yalide and Freed had something in common with them was that one was good at combat, while the other aced in long-range attacks. It could be said that Yalide and Freed had a great influence to Venus and Bessica.

“Yup. Alive and well.”

“What about Great Freed?”

“Well, still in fusion. You know it, light is very troublesome. It’s not like darkness, which is adaptable.” Yalide looked at Lin Xiang, who had absorbed more than half of the dragon’s soul, and faced her two former followers. He sighed, “I didn’t expect you to be so stupid to use our method. Sigh— You know, we are Dragon Gods. We have very powerful souls. Although we say that we can’t achieve immortality, but for thousands of years we are still alive. It’s fine, but you both are going to die soon. Although it is commendable to stop the evil dragon, it is a pity for those two pairs of good chests.”

“Hahahaha. Great Yalide really hasn’t changed at all.” Venus laughed. Yalide swiped her nose with her thumb with honor, “Of course! Even if everything changes, the Great Yalide’s heart for cherishing beauty will never change.”

“Hahahaha.” After Venus laughed, her expression became serious, “Great Yalide, after calling Valarie and Bellina, our residual energy is running out.”

“Yes, it takes all our strength to maintain this state.” Bessica smiled, “Please help me say hello to Great Freed.”

“Mom, where are you going?” Bellina grabbed the corner of Bessica’s shirt tightly. Valarie also firmly grasped Venus’s hand.

Venus and Bessica did not speak, and Yalide explained to the two little dragons, “Nature is the source of energy. It can emit energy, and naturally can absorb energy. Without the body, no matter what kind of creature, the energy will disappear automatically. When I met that stinky boy, I had no energy. However, I happened to bump into him, and was miraculously able to enter his body and gain energy, so I stayed in his body. Now in order to move freely, I have to fuse his soul with mine. Well, I guess you don’t understand this. To put it simply, your mothers will disappear without a body.”

“Wouldn’t it be fine for Mom to enter his body too?”

“It’s not that easy. It’s just a coincidence. And the energy in your mother’s body is not enough for staying.” After Yalide finished speaking, Venus and Bessica’s bodies shone, and their bodies also became illusory.

“Silly little bell, it’s enough for mom to see you again, so there’s no other requirement. Don’t worry. Mom will always be with you as you grow up.” Bessica wiped the tears at the corner of Bellina’s eyes with her hand.

Venus pinched Valarie’s face and said, “Why can’t you smile, child? You’re exactly the same as I used to be.”


“Stop, your first expression is crying, how embarrassing. As long as you believe that your mother will always be by your side, you will definitely feel her.” Venus kissed Valarie gently on the forehead, “Also, it doesn’t matter if you lose to Bellina, you can continue next time. As long as our flame is strong, water is useless to us.”

“Fire is of no use to us.”

The two dragon mothers talked about the same matter at the same time. They looked at each other, smiled, and said in unison, “Yes, you both have to fight all the time. By suppressing each other, and getting a tie… in this way, you both can continue to become stronger. Believe, we will accompany you by your side.”

The light on their bodies became brighter, and their bodies began to blur. Venus looked at Lin Xiang who had already absorbed the dragon soul and came over. She smiled at him, “I’ll leave my daughter to you, young man.”

“Mine too.”

Before the fire of the candle was burned out, it was at its brightest point. Venus and Bessica were scattered into the air, and a part of them flowed into the bodies of the two little dragons, becoming their energy.

“This is the last thing Mom can do for you. Use this power well and become stronger.”

The big hand held by the small hand was replaced by air. Valarie’s tears could not stop flowing out again. She fell into Lin Xiang’s arms and burst into tears. Bellina also hugged Valarie from behind. Both of them cried their hearts out.

Lin Xiang patted the heads of the two with a very sad expression. He understood how Valarie and Bessica felt.

Separation from loved ones was undoubtedly the most painful thing.

The sky was cloudy, and the stars above it twinkled. It was a beautiful night, but also a sorrowful one.

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