The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 10 Chapter 76 : I Fell In Love With You


“I believe that last night was the most chilling and frightening night in everyone’s lives,” On the castle, Mangu spoke to the thousands of people below, which was all of the people in Olipolia, “That’s right! Maybe some of you have heard it before that an ice dragon attacked Olipolia more than four hundred years ago, but some of you are only now aware of it.”

There was a lot of discussion below, and some people really did just hear about the incident that happened many years ago. Several people who lived in the outer part of the villages did not see the frost bone dragon with their own eyes, but they could feel its pressure. After hearing the situation explained by witnesses, they clearly showed fear.

The ancient dragon that guarded the royal family and the fire dragon, Yanshi of Prime Minister Daniel’s family all lost in the battle one after another. It was impossible to imagine how powerful that frost bone dragon was.

“The reappearance of the ice dragon has put Olipolia in crisis. More than four hundred years ago, the red dragon, Venus and the blue dragon, Bessica saved us. This time, it was also the red dragon and the blue dragon that saved us, but they are their daughters! They completely wiped out the evil ice dragon! This may be fate!”

“It must be the Dragon God who blessed Olipolia by lining them up.”

“Mighty King! Let’s meet the fire dragon and water dragon!”

“Yes, mighty king!”

Everyone below kept requesting to meet Valarie and Bellina.

Mangu smiled, waved his hand, and signalled the people to be silent, “Everyone, don’t be impatient. You mustn’t let your enthusiasm scare Lady Valarie and Lady Bellina. Now, everyone meet Olipolia’s savior, Fire Dragon Valarie, and Water Dragon Bellina!”

“Lady Valarie, Lady Bellina!” As everyone chanted, Valarie and Bellina appeared on the castle together.

Valarie was originally paired with a gorgeous outfit, but she refused and insisted on putting a red dress, like Little Red Riding Hood in fairy tales, while Bellina put on a snow-white dress, giving people a cool summer feel.

“Are they the mighty dragons’!? They are adorable!!!”

“Are they really dragons? Ouch! Which brat pinched me?”

“You’re in pain? Looks like I’m not dreaming.”

“Ah! I remember seeing her. That fire dragon lived in my shop!”

“I saw her on the streets, but I couldn’t figure out that she was a dragon!”

“It turns out that she is a dragon! No wonder she eats so much!” The auntie who was cooking in the restaurant was surprised, and then all her colleagues looked at her with admiration. To be able to serve dragons, even an ancient dragon, was definitely the glory of a dragon descendant.

“Oh my god! We actually ate with Valarie, and we touched her head, pinched her face, and hugged her! It’s like a dream!” Nia and the other girls all shouted excitedly. They immediately thought of Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang definitely knew that Valarie was a fire dragon. No wonder he wanted to laugh a little when they mentioned that they wanted to meet an ancient dragon in front of Lin Xiang and Valarie. No wonder! You darn Lin Xiang!

“Have everyone clearly seen the appearance of Lady Valarie and Lady Bellina? We must imprint their appearance into our minds. Without them, we wouldn’t be standing here now, but only enduring endless pain in the cold ice blocks!”

“Oh!!! Long live Lady Valarie! Long live Lady Bellina!”

Looking at the crowd of people below, Bellina excitedly said to Valarie, “Little Valarie, are they praising us?”

“I don’t know.” Valarie looked at the people below expressionlessly.

“Is that so? They seem to like us very much. I didn’t expect that so many humans are not afraid of dragons.”

At the moment, as the key figure in that incident, Lin Xiang was packing his luggage at the hotel.

Not many people know about Yalide. Although Liz and Laura witnessed everything from a distance, they tacitly helped Lin Xiang to keep it a secret. After all, the Dragon God or something would cause a sensation, and Lin Xiang would also be in trouble.

After so many days in Olipolia, it was time for Lin Xiang to return. Although he was tired those past days, he also gained a lot. He learned the Tyrannosaurus Roar, the Dragon Roar of Madness, the Roar of Fine Weather, and even got to absorb the soul of the frost bone dragon.

If the soul was absorbed by an ordinary dragon descendant, the dragon energy could be said to increase like a flying jet, but Freed’s dragon energy was pure and special. After transformation, there was not much left, but it also greatly improved Lin Xiang’s dragon energy. Now, he could emit the holy fire at least twice without consuming his soul, which was a huge gain.

Moreover, the large consumption of [Fine Weather] could also be unleashed several times. Therefore, as long as there was any negative weather effect next time, Lin Xiang could eliminate it without affecting his combat effectiveness.

Of course, the biggest gainer was none other than Yalide. After changing back to her humanized body, she was finally able to move freely. However, if she wanted to change back to her former dragon body, the energy required would be enormous, so large that it was not enough if Lin Xiang absorbed another hundred more ice dragons’ souls.

However, without a fight, Yalide would be no different than a normal person. She could replenish her energy she needed just by eating, so at that moment, she was mixed in the crowd under the castle, carrying out her hunt.

“Huh!?” Yalide’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she saw a very beautiful girl.

Yalide appeared in front of the girl like the wind, “Milady, may I have a chat with you under the tree over there and enjoy the wind breezes?”

The girl was taken aback when she heard Yalide’s words. She stuttered, “I… I…”

“It’s fine, I just want to be friends with you.”

Yalide was very tall, and her appearance could be said to be exquisite, having both the beauty of women and the handsomeness of men, especially the bewitching red eyes, which made the viewers fascinated. The girl was in awe as she nodded her head.

“Woohoo! Let’s get out of this noisy place.” Under others’ strange gazes, Yalide princess-carried the girl and rushed to the periphery of the castle.

At that moment, Lin Xiang and Freed just happened to be talking about Yalide.

‘Yalide was so worrying. Shouldn’t she be taken back into my body?’ Although Lin Xiang did not know how to accept it, he did not want Yalide to go out and cause trouble.

Anyone will be excited to feel the world again. After Yalide finishes playing, she will come back naturally, don’t worry too much.

‘What I’m afraid of is that it’s too late by then… By the way, Freed, you are also a woman after humanization, right? I’d love to see what you look like.’ Lin Xiang was very interested in Freed’s appearance.

Forget it, I’m average.

‘No no no, don’t be humble. That unreliable Yalide has such an amazing appearance. You must be more perfect, right?’

Hey, curiosity kills the cat. Also, you seem to be great in flattering these days, boy. There is always a chance, but not now.

‘Ok. Then why didn’t you say you were female before?’

You didn’t ask, and we didn’t tell. Or do you say, Hello, I’m Lin Xiang, gender, male, to others? ’

‘Uh… I’ve been misled by your voices.’

Oh, about this, let me ask you a question. Can you tell a bear’s gender if it growls?


So, like bears, dragons have different vocal cords compared to humans. Just like when Valarie and the others turned into dragons, you can’t tell whether they are male or female from their voices.

‘You’re right…’

Well, don’t tell me that it would be embarrassing to know that we are women. You can treat us as asexual, because women are just our humanized characteristics.

‘That’s not possible.’

Yalide and I are now tightly bound to your soul. We are equal to one body, well, after a long time, you will naturally adapt to this. Now, if you want to get confused, go ahead. By the way, since Yalide can move freely now, she has no problem dealing with most of the enemies, so just leave it to her when there is danger.

‘No!’ Lin Xiang categorically rejected, ‘I want to protect myself and use my own hands and strength to defend everything I cherish. Who would want to be a coward hiding behind others?’

I knew you would say that. Yalide is powerful against most enemies, but also has a presence that restrains her, light and dark. Although Yalide is the purest darkness, her current ability is still relatively weak, and she will be purified by powerful light or assimilated by powerful darkness. When in face with such special enemies, you must be on your own. However, those that can restrain Yalide must be strong. You have not made progress because you have been relying on Yalide, so encountering such an enemy will only result in death. Now, I am completely relieved.

‘Then how do I get stronger?’

Fight. Let me give you an example about us. I am good with long-range attacks, and Yalide aces in close-range combat, which is similar to Venus and Bessica. There is no element in the world that restrains a certain element without being restrained. According to common sense, water can put out fire, right? In people’s hearts, water is the existence that restrains fire. But, if the fire is huge and there is only a little water, can it be put out? No, it will just evaporate.

Light can purify darkness, and darkness can devour light. The restrained party must also be the party that restrains. It depends on who has the most energy. Yalide and I have been fighting each other to improve our abilities. If you think about it, even the element that restrains oneself can be defeated, so what are the other elements? Of course, it is unless that element is stronger than you. This was the case with Venus, Bessica, and the battle of the ice dragon.

‘Really… So I have to make my flame stronger…’

That’s right. Aside from that, you need to practice swords a lot, and let Yalide accompany you to practice fighting. Use your sword skills in real combat instead of normal competition. In addition, fire magic has to be learned. As long as your fire control ability reaches a certain level, then your usage of fire magic will not go wild. Alright, enough said, someone is here to bid you goodbye.

After Freed finished speaking, Lin Xiang heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

With a click, the door was opened. Princess Liz and Laura came in.

“Yo.” Lin Xiang nodded to them.

Laura’s wound has healed, but her face was still pale due to excessive blood loss. It must be said that the dragon descendants who knew the Healing Dragon Roar would definitely become rich if they were placed in those ordinary hospitals.

“Brother Xiang, you’re leaving today, right?”

“Yeah, I was only planning to come for a week, but I didn’t expect to stay for so long.”

“But if you’ve only been here for a week, the people of Olipolia would be troubled. On behalf of all the people of Olipolia, I thank you, Lin Xiang.” Liz gave Lin Xiang a bow, “Without you, Valarie and Bellina would not have arrived, and the Dragon God…” Thinking of Yalide, Liz felt a deep sense of powerlessness. With an evil smile, and a bohemian character… Weren’t Dragon Gods generally solemn and serious? She looked just like a hooligan no matter what.

However, Liz knew that even though Yalide was like that, she was really powerful.

“Anyway, thank you! You are the key to all this, but when it comes to the credit, you are not even named. This is so unfair…”

“It’s nothing, I don’t like that. It would be embarrassing.”

“Well… I guess this is your character as well. But, I think you saving me and Laura is a kindness of a huge price that can’t be repaid.”

“Yup! Brother Xiang saved me twice! Without Brother Xiang, Sister Liz would have to sleep with my photo. You know, Sister Liz is afraid of sleeping alone.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Lala.” Liz glared at Laura. Laura smiled and walked up to Lin Xiang and said, “I was so stupid at first. I can’t believe I actually wanted to drive Brother Xiang away.”

Laura’s innocent baby face and big dreamy eyes made Lin Xiang stunned for a moment. He felt that her gaze was a little different. There was no hostility like from their first meeting, not at all. There were other matters that Lin Xiang did not quite understand, but in other words, he knew that Laura trusted him.

On the contrary, there was still slight conflict between him and Liz. After all, there was a misunderstanding between them.

“Brother Xiang.” Laura called out to him.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang felt that Laura was getting closer and wanted to step back.

“It’s nothing. Let’s talk about it later. Sister Liz, aren’t we going to say goodbye to Silent Water and the others? Let’s go.” Laura jumped as she pulled Liz out.

Lin Xiang scratched his head, feeling that Laura was a little mysterious, but she seemed to be like that all the time. He did not think much about it and continued to pack his luggage.

Within a minute, Laura came in and closed the door.

“Laura, is there something you can’t say in front of the princess… Ow, what are you doing?” Lin Xiang was suddenly pushed onto the bed by Laura, and his luggage was scattered all over the place.

Laura put her hands on Lin Xiang’s chest, bent down, and looked at Lin Xiang so closely, “Brother Xiang, remember? I said, as long as you can stop Sister Liz from marrying Richie, I will promise you to be your exclusive maid for a day. You can do anything.”

“Oh, that, I remember you saying it was…”

“I wasn’t joking. I was serious.” Laura’s innocent eyes kept staring at Lin Xiang like a new-born baby, making Lin Xiang a little afraid to look at her.

“That… I did nothing, you see? I ran away during the competition or something.”

“No, Brother Xiang did something more important. You saved me and Sister Liz. Don’t say that it was due to the Dragon God and the others. Without Brother Xiang, they would not have appeared.”

“Uh… Just say it directly, what do you want to express…” Lin Xiang’s heartbeat accelerated, thumping fast. Getting pressed by a girl with a childish face and big breasts, which man’s heart would take it? No, it should be said that Lin Xiang was the only one whose heartbeat was accelerating.

“Oh, it’s just that…” Laura showed a happy smile, “Brother Xiang, I fell in love with you.”

I fell in love with you

Fell in love with you

Love you

Lin Xiang’s mind suddenly crashed. Only Laura’s words echoed in his mind. However, after Laura came with a mental attack, she gave Lin Xiang a physical attack.

Cold and soft lips were pressed against Lin Xiang’s mouth, and at the same time, a clever little tongue stuck out, constantly stirring Lin Xiang’s.

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