The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 1 : On Board The Plane


Lin Xiang was instantly stunned, only the feeling of electric current filled his brain.

After about a few seconds, Laura raised her head and looked at Lin Xiang, who was confused, with a sly smile, “Master is so cute. Laura is an initiative bad girl, you know?” Although she said so, Laura’s hands were shaking, but in order to prevent Lin Xiang from seeing it, she kissed again.

Lin Xiang could finally react that time. He turned over and pressed Laura against the bed, looking at her incoherently, “You, do you know what love is?”

Laura’s smile disappeared. She reached out and stroked Lin Xiang’s face, “Brother Xiang, of course I know. I used to think that I can believe no one in this world except Sister Liz, the Queen, Akane, and Dad. I will never let others step into my world again, but Brother Xiang, you broke in before I knew it.”

“When I saw Brother Xiang for the first time, I thought Brother Xiang was an extremely weak boy, so I made things difficult for you and wanted to drive you away. Although you knew this, you didn’t confront me, and you never get angry. You have a broad mind. You are tolerant to my wilfulness, just like treating a close relative. Therefore, love you… Laura really loves you so much. However, you will leave after all, today. Although we can meet again, I don’t know when it will be. I can no longer eat the food made by Brother Xiang, and I can’t see Brother Xiang shaking his head with a wry smile when he was helpless.” Laura burst into tears as she stopped, which concealed the smile on her lips very well.

I prepared this confession for one whole night. Even I was moved. Brother Xiang, how can you not be moved? Will you refuse me? Of course not!

Imagination was beautiful, reality was cruel. There was always the truth.

Lin Xiang said with a troubled look, “Uh… I… Let me think about it.”

“What?” Laura rolled her eyes immediately, “Brother Xiang, you should be incredibly moved at this time. After that, you will look at me with very affectionate eyes and say, ‘Laura, I love you too,’ then a French kiss, and… hm… Brother Xiang is really H.”

“Hey, what’s the matter with you? Are you pretending to cry? Are you kidding me?”

“How could it be a joke? I really like Brother Xiang.”

“No, no, you’re definitely joking. By the way, are you the drama queen of a movie? Even your tears came out.”

“That’s my true emotion. When I think that I can’t see Brother Xiang anymore, my heart aches. Brother Xiang, do you like me?”

Yes? No?

Lin Xiang did not know, although he was a little afraid of Laura’s trolls at first, Lin Xiang knew that Laura was not bad by heart. Later, their relationship got closer. Besides, Lin Xiang did not think that Laura really understood what it means to love. After all, everyone was still underage, and she was still young, so she might have loved those people who were nice to her.

No boy had treated her like that before. She just mistook a liking for a brother as love. Well, it was definitely so.

If Bellina’s thinking was very positively powerful, then Lin Xiang’s would be very extraordinary.

“I mean, Laura, are you sure you know what love is?”

“I know! I just want to be with Brother Xiang and do something that makes me blush and my heart thump.”

“Don’t talk nonsense so seriously.”

“This is not nonsense. Brother Xiang, can you let go of my shoulders? It hurts a little when you grab me. I won’t move around, you can do whatever you want.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t think about it.” As soon as Lin Xiang let go of his hands and stood up, the door was knocked, and Liz’s voice came at the same time.

Knock knock “Lala, are you inside?”

Lin Xiang was startled and lost his balance. His body pressed down on Laura’s shoulder again. Laura cried out, “Ah.” Its loudness was just enough to be heard by Liz.

“Lala? Are you inside?” The door continued to be knocked.

Laura stuck out her tongue at Lin Xiang, who was a little panicked, “Brother Xiang, it’s none of my business, you are too strong, but don’t worry, I locked the door. Sister Lisi can’t get in. But if I don’t open the door, I wonder if Sister Liz will blow the door down.”

Lin Xiang wanted to stand up to open the door, but Laura grabbed his hand, “Kiss me, or I’ll tell Sister Liz that you’ve done bad things to me. Of course, kissing on the cheek and forehead doesn’t count. You have to do it here.” Laura pointed to her little mouth and closed her eyes, looking very seductive.

“I…” Lin Xiang was very helpless when he heard Laura said that he had to kiss her. He thought that a kiss on the forehead would be fine, but he did not expect her to add a sentence at the end.

Alas, forget it. It’s not me who suffers anyway. If I don’t do this, it will be me who suffers.

Thinking of that, Lin Xiang quickly bent down. Nonsense, he certainly had to hurry up, otherwise what would he do if the princess slammed the door open.

Kachak.” The door was not slammed open, but was opened like normal. Lin Xiang was only a few centimeters away from Laura’s face. He and Laura looked at Liz who walked in, “Lala, are you… Eh! Lin Xiang! What do you want to do to Lala!?”

In Liz’s eyes, Lin Xiang’s hand was on Laura’s shoulder, which was to prevent Laura from resisting. The tears in Laura’s eyes were the result of wanting to resist, but unable to!

“Hello, please keep your passport well.” The female security inspector at the airport politely said to Lin Xiang in Standard English, and handed over Lin Xiang’s passport at the same time.

“Thank you.” Lin Xiang took back his passport and walked towards Silent Water and others in front.

“What’s wrong with that boy? One side of his face was swollen, as if he’s been slapped. Well, looking at that blond girl’s annoyed look, maybe she hit him.” The female security inspector murmured, then looked at a model-like woman who came over.

Sitting in the plane, Silent Water took out ice from her hand, apply it onto his face.

As for Lin Xiang, he sighed a little depressingly, recalling what happened before.

“Lin Xiang, I really misjudged you!” Liz pulled Lin Xiang away and glared at him angrily.

“Isn’t the door locked?” Lin Xiang looked at Laura suspiciously, but from Liz’s point of view, Lin Xiang was puzzled by his omission.

“Sorry, it’s not! Otherwise, Lala wouldn’t know what you would do to her.” Liz was frightened for a while. Originally, she still believed in Lin Xiang and did not think he was doing anything to Laura, but when she heard Laura’s cry, since no one opened the door for a long time, she felt something was wrong.

Laura sat up, looked at Lin Xiang with big innocent eyes, and worded with her lips: I really locked it.

Indeed, Laura locked it. However, when she declared wanted that day, Silent Water took her to escape in order to cover for Lin Xiang, and did not open the door in time when clearing the remaining blood, so the room was broken into by the guards. Afterwards, although the door was installed back, the lock was broken.

Lin Xiang did not have time to think about what happened to the lock at the moment. He just wanted to explain clearly to Liz, “Princess, listen to me, actually… Wah!” Lin Xiang took a step forward, but he stepped onto the luggage that fell off the bed earlier. He slipped and threw himself forward.


“Ah, it hurts.” Liz screamed in pain when Lin Xiang hit the floor.

Lin Xiang was fine since Liz helped him to break his fall. He fell on the soft body, but his head accidentally hit the floor, and he was a little drowsy, but he could still feel a semicircle ball in his hand.

Freed could not stand it for a long time and covered its eyes. It could not tell whether Lin Xiang was lucky or unlucky.

Laura was dumb-founded as she looked at Lin Xiang and Liz stupidly.

Lin Xiang did not realize anything. He thought he was holding Liz’s “shoulder.” Shaking his head, he asked with concern, “Princess, are you alright?”

As soon as he put his eyes on Liz, Lin Xiang’s eyes suddenly widened. His hand was grabbing something soft and elastic.

Liz’s eyes reddened, and there were tears in her eyes. She was unsure if it was because of the fall or something else. She suppressed her voice and gritted her teeth and said, “Let go…”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang did not hear clearly for a while.

“I… I told you to let go!” “Pak!

Lin Xiang’s face hurt, and then he was pushed to the ground.

“Boohoo.” Liz cried and rushed out of the room.

“Brother Xiang! Are you enjoying it? Does it hurt?” Laura said, pouring salt to his wounds, “Sister Liz is not as big as mine, but hers is also very bouncy. Are you in pain and happy now? Why are you suffering? Why is your face so bitter? Oh~ You were beaten till your skin’s red, it swelled.” Laura held Lin Xiang’s face and kissed his cheeks, “Is this much better? By the way, Brother Xiang and Sister Liz are so strange. Whenever Sister Liz’s impression of Brother Xiang improved, there will be things that will happen to make Sister Liz furious. Is this God’s will? But it doesn’t matter! Brother Xiang, I will convince Sister Liz to marry you with me, just you wait.”

After speaking, Laura went out to get Liz, leaving only Lin Xiang who could neither laugh, nor cry, “I’d better leave as soon as possible.”

“Master, what’s wrong? You’ve been in a daze.” The plane took off, and Silent Water, who was sitting next to him, shook Lin Xiang.

“It’s nothing, just thinking about something.”

“Hmph, you must be thinking about those two women. That’s great, one princess, one mai…  Ugh…” Reidy covered her mouth halfway through. Her face was a little bit blue, trying not to spit something out. After taking a few deep breaths, Reidy leaned back on the seat weakly, “Although it is scary to sit on dragons, if I have a choice, I’d prefer going back by dragon.”

“Do you want to cause a riot? Here.” Lin Xiang patted his shoulder, “If you feel uncomfortable, just lean over.”

“Hmph~ Who wants that.” Reidy gave Lin Xiang a disdainful look, and then… leaned her head against his shoulder, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m just too tired.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Lin Xiang smiled.

Sure enough, leaning on Lin Xiang’s shoulder and smelling his familiar scent, Reidy felt much better. However, the next second, she heard a voice and could not help frowning.

“This beautiful lady, can you please serve me?” That was right, Yalide was also on the plane, sitting behind Lin Xiang and the others with Dusty. She looked at the flight attendant, who was pushing the drinks cart, and showed a faint smile.

“This passenger, what service do you need?”

Yalide looked like a model and celebrity. Ordinary men and women could not refuse her charm.

“Give me a smile.”

The flight attendant was stunned for a moment then showed a professional smile. However, there was a bit of shyness in the smile of her professionalism. Yalide kept staring at her, “Not bad. By the way, have you been lacking in energy recently? Have your mind occasionally wander off somewhere else?”

“Eh? How do you know?”

Without an answer, Yalide continued, “Constant insomnia.”


“Come, show me your hand.”

The stewardess passed her hand without any hesitation, and Yalide also kneaded unceremoniously, “It’s good. Your skin is very fair and smooth.”

“Thank you. Um, Miss?” Yalide grabbed her hand and touched her, making her very embarrassed.

Yalide stood up. Her height of 1.78 was taller than most women and even men. With a heroic face, she could “eat” both men and women. Of course, Yalide was not interested in men.

Yalide looked at the flight attendant with her bewitching red eyes, and said softly in her ear, “You are under too much pressure, so you don’t sleep well. Don’t think too much, just relax, it will naturally get better.”

“Yes… yes! I see!”

“Haha, you’re really cute. Could you please give me a bottle of juice? How about feeding me a drink?”

“If… if I could.”

In that way, under everyone’s watchful eyes, Yalide enjoyed the benefits of being fed by the flight attendant.

“Hey, stewardess, I also want to be served like that.” A fat man sitting opposite Yalide looked at the flight attendant with bright eyes. A male passenger next to him also moved his position, as if he wanted to stay away from him.

“Sorry, that’s not possible,” the stewardess said with a professional smile.

“Why? Is this discriminatory treatment? Aren’t all passengers equal? ​​I can file a complaint on you, right?”

“This passenger, if you are so unreasonable, you can complain about me. Although we are serving passengers, we have the right to refuse unreasonable requests. I voluntarily ask this lady.”

“You…” The fat man glanced at Yalide and was speechless.

The stewardess ignored him, smiled at Yalide, and left with the drinks cart.

Lin Xiang, who had been impatient for a long time, turned his head and said, “Hey, can you stop making trouble?”

Yalide replied indifferently, “You know it, Great Yalide is always so charming.”

“Charming my ass, don’t think that I won’t know you were lying to her.”

“Oh? How?”

“Although the flight attendant wore make-up, the dark circles around her eyes were still quite obvious. Your statement could be applied to anyone, right?”

“Oh my, I never knew that you are such a smart little stinky brat.” A wicked smile appeared on Yalide’s face.

“I knew you were a liar.”

“Ha, say what you want. When I eat, I’ll add food, so don’t be jealous.”

“Lady Dragon God, why will you add food to your meal?” Dusty asked Lin Xiang’s puzzlement.

“You’ll find out later.” Yalide patted Dusty’s head, and her bewitching red eyes swept over the fat man.

Until the afternoon, Lin Xiang still did not know what Yalide meant by “extra food.” However, while eating, the clueless stewardess, who was molested by Yalide, came over with a cart.

She gave out lunch boxes to everyone. When it was Yalide’s turn, in addition to a lunch box for Yalide, she also added a plate with sumptuous food. She smiled at Yalide, “My colleagues and I treated you to this, please taste them.”

“Oh~ Thank you.” When the stewardess left, Yalide patted her butt, and the stewardess glanced at Yalide, but she was not blaming her at all.

Lin Xiang, who has been paying attention to the back, really admired Yalide. At the same time, he was also relieved, “Fortunately, this fellow is a woman. If she’s a man, it will be bad.”

“Lady Dragon God, I want to eat this,” Dusty looked at the food on the plate, and her saliva was about to flow out.

“No problem, eat it if you want.” Yalide threw the fried golden pork chop upwards above Dusty. Dusty raised her head and caught the food with great precision. Yalide patted her head while giving out a loud laugh.

“What’s the matter, boy? Want some?” Seeing Lin Xiang turning his head to look at her, Yalide raised the plate in her hand.

“You’re too noisy. We must stay quiet on the plane.”

“Ah, that’s it.” There were not many passengers in the cabin where Lin Xiang and the others were at though.

“If that’s the case,” Yalide pointed her finger at the air, and a slight black light covered Lin Xiang and her row of seats, “no matter how loud we speak, they can’t hear us.”

In order to avoid accidents, special transports such as planes had enchantments that would not allow the usage of magic. However, that kind of enchantment had no effect on Yalide.

“Well, in short, you have to remember that we mustn’t cause trouble to others in public.” Lin Xiang turned back and ate with Silent Water and the others. Although their food were not as rich as Yalide’s, it was not bad.

As they ate, Lin Xiang only felt two soft objects pressing down on his head, Lin Xiang glanced up to see it was that fellow Yalide. She was still holding a piece of fried meat in her hand, shaking it in front of Lin Xiang, “Want to eat this?”

Lin Xiang understood the idiom “One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions”. He never thought that Yalide would be so kind and dedicated to him for no reason, “What do you want?”

“Kid, you are too much. If I give you something to eat, you will definitely think I have some ill intentions for you. Come, eat it, it’s delicious.”

“Speak up, what do you want?”

“Actually, it’s nothing. I just want to go for a stroll.”

“N… oop.” Before he could finish the word “No,” Yalide shoved the meat into Lin Xiang’s mouth.

“That’s it, don’t worry. How can my Greatness get into trouble?” After speaking, Yalide left.

‘Hey, Freed, the plane won’t explode in a while, will it?’

Well, although Yalide likes being close to women and act silly, she won’t be disruptive. Don’t worry.

‘Really? if it’s Freed that came out, I’m sure I won’t be worried.’

Even if you flatter me with good words, I won’t go out casually. The process of reconstructing my body is very painful, you know?

‘Yes, I remember I was in great pain when Yalide came out.’

In fact, we will suffer more than you. Of course, the first time is certainly more painful… Er… After a few more times, maybe, you’ll slowly get used to it.

‘That’s a little tricky for you to say.’

“Master is worried about Lady Yalide?” Silent Water saw Lin Xiang staring at the food in a daze, and could not help but comforted, “Silent Water thinks Master can rest assured. Lady Yalide feels a little unreliable, but Silent Water thinks that she is a person with her own wisdom.”

“No no no, Silent Water, you are just confused by her identity as a Dragon God. Don’t think that Dragon Gods must be very smart and powerful. That fellow really does think of only girls in her head.” After spending so long together, Lin Xiang could not see the wisdom in Yalide.

“Bang!” There was a sound of the hitting of iron on the other side of the cabin, accompanied by a commotion, which was where Yalide went.

“Hey, it can’t be that fellow…” Lin Xiang had a bad premonition. He was going to stand up when a person in the first few rows stood in the aisle with a machete and gestured with it a few times, “If you don’t want to die, don’t move. This plane has been installed with explosives.”

What on earth is happening?

Lin Xiang was dumbfounded. Did he just encounter the legendary hijack!?

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