The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 2 : Demon Apostles


When it came to hijacking, Lin Xiang thought that the chances were very slim. After all, the plane had a security check, and dangerous items like knives could not be brought up. Moreover, the person mentioned that there explosives installed. How did they bring them up? That had to be the confusing part.

Were the relevant personnel on the plane involved?

Lin Xiang looked at the hijacker with the knife. His spiritual power was probably higher than that of the Battle Emperors, so his strength would probably be very strong. Moreover, the machete also seemed to be exclusive and could not be seen anywhere. It was somewhat like a Nepalese saber with strange star patterns on its body.

The passengers on the plane were all returning to Japan from Olipolia. They were relatively powerful people, so they stayed quiet. If the other party wanted property, they could simply give it to him.

“Very well, I don’t want anyone to make themselves heroes, and cause all of us to die together in an explosion. You must not do anything, just stay where you are,” the hijacker looked very calm. It could be seen that it was not his first time for doing such a thing, or maybe he was simply not afraid at all.

There is a dark aura around that guy, similar to the man and woman we met at the subway station before.’ When Lin Xiang was thinking about what kind of person the hijacker was, Freed spoke up.

‘Eh? What do you mean? Is he possessed by a demon?’

No, it’s not. I don’t know the specific information about that, but Yalide knows more about darkness. You can ask her.

‘Ask her? How do I ask? That fellow has already gone to the first-class cabin. There was a bang just now, and we don’t even know what happened to her.’

Lin Xiang stared in the direction of the first-class cabin, but it was blocked by a curtain, so he could not see at all.

“Master, what should we do?” Silent Water asked.

“Would you like me to get it done… Ugh…” Reidy covered her mouth before she could finish speaking, suppressing the disgusting feeling that was surging from her heart.

“You can’t use magic on the plane. If you make a hole in the plane, we will die if we can’t fly.” Lin Xiang said quickly. He was really worried that Reid would attack the hijacker. He did not want them in danger. Not to mention…

…there must be more than one hijacker.

Lin Xiang turned around and watched Dusty’s situation to find that she was still eating with joy, as if she was clueless about what was going on.

“Hey, that man! Why are you turning your head?” The hijacker looked towards Lin Xiang and shook the machete in his hand.

The two rows of seats that were occupied by Lin Xiang and others were blocked by Yalide’s sound barrier, so the hijacker could not hear their conversation, but he could see Lin Xiang turned his head.

‘Freed, release Yalide’s barrier.’

Yes, but get as much information from him as possible. Figure out what he wants to do.

‘Ok. ’

“Sorry, I’m just checking on my family’s situation. I don’t mean anything.” Lin Xiang’s heart began to pound faster, because Freed added another sentence at the end: The hijacker looked at Lin Xiang differently compared to other people. It seemed that the target was Lin Xiang himself.

“You don’t mean anything? Oh, three beautiful dolls. Hey, you’re nervous about them?” The hijacker came over, and Lin Xiang immediately suppressed Silent Water’s and Reidy’s hands, hinting them not to act rashly. Now, he needed to figure out the hijacker’s purpose. Of course, if that guy was blind enough to put his hands on Silent Water and the others, Lin Xiang would not care so much.

“They are all my family, so of course I will be nervous.” Lin Xiang looked directly at the hijacker without fear.

The hijacker was about thirty years old. He was an Eastern man with a square-faced. He was no different from an ordinary middle-aged uncle except that his eyes were a little dark purple. However, Lin Xiang thought it was very strange. Wouldn’t all hijackers wear masks or something that could block their faces? Why wasn’t it the same for that guy? He let others directly see his face?

Lin Xiang felt very suspicious.

“In that case, I will kill one of them, or I will kill you. Which one do you choose?”

Reidy clenched her fists, and her hands were shaking constantly. Lin Xiang knew that Reidy was furious, but he patted her palm lightly, and then said.

“If that’s the case, I’ll choose to kill you first.”

Lin Xiang’s words surprised all the passengers on the plane. Although they had watched the inheritance competition, how could they see clearly at such a far distance during the match? Therefore, they only thought that he was the son of some entrepreneur.

They felt that Lin Xiang would either be stabbed or beaten, but those two scenarios that would normally happen did not happen instead. The hijacker sneered, “You are not strong, but you are very courageous.”

Lin Xiang could be sure that the hijacker did not look pissed off when he was looking at him, but he glanced at Lin Xiang like a little brother.

What on earth is going on?

The gangster lowered his voice and looked at Lin Xiang with dark-purple pupils, “Tell me the origin of that black-haired woman, and I will let you follow me and get you great power.”

Black-haired woman? Yalide?

“What do you want to know?”

“Everything about her. She should be a demon, right? Why is she attached to a weak dragon descendant like you? And, why did she kill the ice dragon Lakyn?”

That man watched Yalide exit his body and defeat the ice dragon. What was the dark power in him? Could it be he was the demon apostle like what he heard about in the world beyond the skies?

During his time in the outer world, known as the world beyond the skies, when he was outside the city gate, the screams of the soldiers’ death were still echoing in Lin Xiang’s mind. He could not remember how they died. All he knew was that they were active in conversations, alive and breathing before, like him.

Lin Xiang heard the reason for the incident from Aiko before. It was an organization called Demon Apostles. An organization with a purpose that he was clueless of and was constantly causing panic, whilst teleporting to the human world.

Could it be that the man and woman at the subway station were demon apostles? Was it because of them that made the police searched their car at that time?

“Are you a demon apostle?” Lin Xiang said subconsciously.

“Oh? You little dragon descendant have heard of it. I guess it’s fine to tell you, yes, I’m one of the demon apostles. Our mission is to clear this rotten world and create a new one. I’m Ralph with the rank of a knight of Blood Shadows Black Stars.”

Blood Shadows Black Stars. Lin Xiang remembered that name. He had to ask Ijima Michita and Qian Libing when he had the chance to. He also wanted to find out how the demon apostles came to the human world.

He must know that the Human Realm Defender Organization was there, so it was impossible for a human like a demon apostle to come to the human world at will.

“Cut it, kid, how are you thinking about it? Tell me everything about the black-haired woman and you can enter this Blood Shadows Black Stars that ordinary demon apostles can’t enter.” Ralph looked very confident. He seemed to assume that Lin Xiang would definitely agree to his proposal.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in demon apostles.” Lin Xiang shook his head.

“Oh? You are so weak, and you can only hide behind the girls. Don’t you want to become stronger?” Ralph’s voice seemed seductive, but Lin Xiang still shook his head.

“Tsk tsk, you missed the chance to become a strong man.”

“I just don’t want to degenerate into a demon’s lackey.”

“I can’t pretend that I never hear this sentence. What’s wrong with being a demon apostle? With power, you can eradicate everything that is not pleasing to the eye. You don’t need to be restricted by conventions. When the new world comes, you can become the top of the top amongst human being. Kid, one day you will regret your decision. Since you don’t join, you can do whatever you want. Now, tell me about that woman.” Ralph’s voice became cold, and there was also a trace of black energy flowing around his machete.

“Alright, I’ll tell you, she’s…” Lin Xiang stood up and slammed his fist against the man. His wind speed state was so fast that people could only see his afterimage.

Ralph’s pupils shrank a bit. Watching Lin Xiang’s fist coming towards his face, he leaned back, took a few steps back, and avoided the attack.

“Your speed is very fast. You shouldn’t have the spiritual power of the Battle King (lower rank than Battle Emperor), right? Can’t believe you can actually use [Quick Speeds]. Ah, yes, after all, you once hold such a powerful demon.” Seeing Lin Xiang’s battle stance, he put away his machete, “Come on, show me how powerful your fists are.”

The people around did not take the opportunity to resist. They just looked at Lin Xiang with cold eyes.

“I said, don’t underestimate me too much.” Lin Xiang was very upset by Ralph’s aloof appearance.

After staring at each other for a while, Lin Xiang moved first. His feint seemed to hit Ralph in the stomach, but he actually hit his head.

Pak!” Under Lin Xiang’s surprised eyes, Ralph grabbed Lin Xiang’s fist, “Powerful fist, I can’t see how that body and spiritual power of yours can beat with such a fist attack.”

Although Lin Xiang did not do his best, it surprised him to see that the opponent caught his fist.

Pulling it back hard, Lin Xiang found that his hand seemed to be stuck in the mud. He could not get it out no matter what, as if his strength had been taken away.

Was that his ability?

“What’s the matter? Go on.” Ralph smiled, “If you don’t continue, it will be my turn.”

Shaa—” The curtain was pulled open, and a black figure came out, kicking Ralph away with a kick.

“Bang!” Ralph hit the cabin, and the plane seemed to tilt.

“Hey, follower of the little demon race, it’s a pity that I never want to join you.” Yalide’s eyes narrowed slightly and the corners of her mouth slightly rose. Lin Xiang thought she looked extremely handsome in that scene.

“Why? Join our Blood Shadows Black Stars, we will definitely enshrine you and meet all your needs.”

“Everything? Anything?”

Hello, ma’am? Lin Xiang suddenly felt that something bad might happen.

“Yes, anything is possible.”

“Are there any beauties in your place?”

“Beauty? Yes, many.”

“Sounds like…”

“Sounds like you’re a dead head.” Lin Xiang knocked Yalide on the head hard, giving her a shudder.

“Fine, I’m very tempted, but no. You two should fall together with your companions.” Yalide pointed to the curtain. Seven or eight men were tied to the ground. Among them, the one flight attendant who was “flirting” with Yalide was tied to the side in an exaggerated way.

“No, you are a demon! How could you succumb to humans?”

“A demon… You won’t understand even if I give you an explanation.” Yalide just moved when the man, who was sitting next to the fat man before, stood up, holding a white gun in his hand.

So, he was the other one among the “you two” Yalide mentioned just now.

“Don’t force us to hurt you.”

“Huh? The gun of the light element? You guys are demon apostles, right? How can you have a gun of the light element too?” Yalide crossed her arms and looked at the man with interest.

“This is just in case. You know, some demons don’t like us humans and want to eat us. If we devote ourselves to the Great Demon or the Demon King, we will never hesitate. However, if we let those inferior demon soldiers gobble us up, then it’s a no-no. This light element gun, which we call it the forbidden gun, may not cause much damage to a powerful demon like you, but it is still possible to temporarily disable your ability, unless you have the strength of a Demon Baron, devouring light.”

“The Baron of the Demon Race? If you want to know if I have that kind of strength, you can try to shoot me.” Yalide looked indifferent.

It did not matter to Lin Xiang anyway. Yalide often fought with Freed, would she still be afraid of some forbidden gun? Therefore, he just kept his eyes on the two demon apostles, in case they escaped.

“Please don’t do that. We sincerely want you in with us.”

“Ha, I don’t want to join you.” Yalide rushed forward.

“Damn it.” The man pulled the trigger, and a beam of light hit Yalide. A powerful light erupted.

“This is really…” Yalide opened her eyes slightly, but she could not see anything in the white light. She suddenly felt someone running by her side, so she reached out and grabbed the person over to her.

“It’s me, idiot.” Lin Xiang remembered the smell on Yalide. Someone pushed him just now, and then he was caught by Yalide.

The light disappeared, and the two demon apostles had disappeared except for the passengers who closed their eyes on the plane. The demon apostles who were tied together by Yalide were now left with cut ropes on the ground, proving that they were once there.

“Yalide, did that light affect you just now?” Lin Xiang asked.

“No, that light may seriously injure or purify ordinary demons or low-level demons, but for Freed, it’s not worth mentioning at all, I just didn’t expect it to emit such strong light, which blocked my sight.” Yalide looked at the passengers who were whispering around. With a wave of her hand, she emitted a black light, “Sleep and forget all about it.”

In the air, several figures were falling. They were all carrying parachutes, which seemed to be premeditated.

“Knight Ralph, what should we do? With her, we may be able to be compared with [Dark Moon]. But I didn’t expect that the demon would obey a human being.” said the man who shot before.

“Soldier Valier, that human is definitely not easy. Since we can’t let that Great Demon to join us, don’t force it. What really matters is our mission. Warrior Highball, blow up that plane and let that boy die.”

“I’m sorry, Sir Ralph, the Great Demon seems to know where we hide them, so all the bombs were destroyed by her.” A tall and thin man replied.

“They were actually destroyed? That thing is comparable to the blasting magic of the fire element. I heard from the newly joined lower-level Warrior Kyle that we have to be very careful when handling it, or it will explode.” Valier was a little surprised.

“Yes, maybe Kyle lied to us. Maybe that bomb was not as easy to trigger as he said.”

“Enough. Stop this talk. Ground is almost in sight, open the parachutes. Let’s see where this is and figure out a way to get to Japan.” Ralph said lightly, and opened his parachute while others followed suit.

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