The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 3 : Big Sis


“Ahh~ We finally got off the plane. It’s really boring to fly.” After the plane arrived in Japan, Yalide, who had been staring at the model in the magazine for hours, stretched her body, showing her great “S” figure. The eyes of the men around her had forgotten to blink.

“Although you all have the right to watch, your stares make me very uncomfortable. I don’t mind if you are beautiful women. Or maybe, why don’t you let me turn all of you into women?” Every passenger stood up and got their luggage. For some reason, they were a little afraid of Yalide. All they remembered was sleeping and then…

“Typical men, that’s why women are better,” Yalide stood up, walked to Lin Xiang, who had just taken down his luggage from above, and put a hand on his shoulder, “It’s not bad for a stinky boy like you though. You are nothing like men.”

“Hey, are you telling me that I’m not a man?”

“No way! I was complimenting you.” Yalide laughed, and then leaned into Lin Xiang’s ear, “I have to discuss something with you.”

Watching Lin Xiang and Yalide walked out of the cabin, shoulder to shoulder, Reidy’s face was not very pleasant. It might be due to airsickness, or something else.

“Dusty, get up, we’re going home.” Silent Water shook Dusty, whose nose was bubbling with snot.

“We arrived?” Dusty rubbed her eyes in confusion, “I can finally see Sister Fire Dance when I get back.”

“That’s right, so get up quickly and keep up with Master.”

Outside the plane

“So, let me have my freedom for a few days. Isn’t it the summer vacation? Let’s play outside together.”

“Play? I figured you just want to see beautiful women.” Lin Xiang rolled his eyes at Yalide.

“Nope. Can we? Since we’ve been together for so long, can you promise me?” Although Yalide’s voice sounded full of pride, but when her tone was softened, it really made Lin Xiang feel a little light and airy, especially when she was always talking in Lin Xiang’s ear.

“No!” Lin Xiang finally denied Yalide’s request.

“You stinky brat! Come on, name your price, do you want to ‘beep—’, ‘beep—’ or ‘beep—’? I don’t mind using this way to claim a chance to see beautiful women.”

“Look, you have stated your purpose. Also, who wants you to ‘beep—’, ‘beep—’ and ‘beep—’? No matter what, it’s a big no!” Lin Xiang felt his face getting hot. His eyes could not help but glance at Yalide’s mouth with red lips and white teeth, magnificent chest and long legs.

No, don’t think about it. Lin Xiang tried his best to imagine Yalide as a wretched uncle, but humans were really visual creatures, and what appeared in Lin Xiang’s mind was Yalide’s model-like face and figure. Damn it, Lin Xiang, she is that kind of Yalide! Don’t take her for a woman!

Yalide looked a little unhappy. She looked away from Lin Xiang, which made Lin Xiang thought she was angry. However, he glanced at her to find that the fellow was looking at those beautiful flight attendants.

“Lin Xiang, may I know who this beautiful, black-haired Big Sis is?” Satsuki, who had been waiting in the airport lobby for a long time, looked at Lin Xiang who was pulling Yalide with a half-smile.

Lin Xiang immediately let go. Previously, Yalide saw a beauty and wanted to talk to her, but Lin Xiang just pulled her back, which led Satsuki and the others to see such a scene.

Without waiting for Lin Xiang to answer, Yalide came to Satsuki in an instant, looking at her as if she was admiring some artwork, “Ah! Are you Risa? Hmm, yes, not bad.” Yalide nodded, and her red eyes suddenly lit up! She put her hands on Nagisa’s shoulders and looked at her very affectionately, “Nagise, can you let me touch your breasts?”

“Stop, you pervert,” Lin Xiang patted Yalide’s hand away.

“That… You are…” Nagisa took a few steps back, hid behind Lin Xiang, clung onto his arm, and looked at Yalide, like a timid child.

“You’re so cute!” Yalide was intoxicated. She then looked at Kaoru, from top to bottom, and vice versa.

Kaoru broke out in cold sweat at the sight of that strange woman, “Excuse me…”

The answer to her was an inexplicable score, “Eight points!”

“Huh?” Under Kaoru’s puzzled expression, Yalide raised Kaoru’s arm and pinched it twice, “This elasticity… Your skills must be very strong, as expected of a frequent swordswoman.”

“Excuse me, who are…” Kaoru felt that the relationship between that woman and her Young Master should not be simple, so she did not resist being pinched. Otherwise, she would have thrown her away long ago. Of course, the premise was that she could get rid of Yalide.

“Haha, I’m the Big Sis of that stinky boy. What? We don’t look like?”

“Well…” Kaoru pondered for a while then shook her head, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Well, you’re great overall. You aren’t as soft as ordinary girls, but tough.” Yalide exclaimed.

“No, I think girls with muscles are weird.”

“There’s no such thing. Look at your figure. It’s clearly defined. Well, the more I look at you, the more I like you.”

“Is that so…” Kaoru was taken aback by Yalide’s words, and looked at Lin Xiang, who was explaining Yalide’s identity to Satsuki, with a strange expression.

Yalide let go of Kaoru, and reverted her attention back on Nagisa. Her hands kept opening and closing, as she approached Nagisa with a pervert nature, “Little Nagisa, will you let Big Sis run a check-up on your body?”

“No… No need!” Nagisa hugged Lin Xiang’s back tightly and shouted. The people around looked over curiously.

“Oh my.” Yalide ignored the doubtful eyes of others looking at her, and nodded to herself. She muttered at the same time, “As expected, I got rejected, which is not good. I’ll just hope that the stinky brat don’t meet angels when I help him in the future. Otherwise, it will be troublesome.”

“Hey, what are you doing?! Don’t scare Nagisa.” Although it felt good that there were two extremely large soft objects pressing against him, he still could not allow Yalide scare Nagisa.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it, Little Nagisa. I’m sorry, but you are just too adorable. Big Sis can’t help but want to get close to you.” Yalide slapped Lin Xiang by the neck and walked out of the hall. She whispered in his ear, “Stinky boy, it’s not good, if an angel sees me in this state, I may be regarded as a monster.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Xiang was a little furious with Yalide just now, but now that he heard Yalide say that, he immediately became serious.

“Because… I’m simply too charming.”

“You can go to hell.”

“Just kidding. I’m the symbol of darkness, and Freed is the symbol of light. In you, Freed and I can strike a balance where others won’t see the light and darkness in you. But now that I came out and became an independent body, people or things with the attribute of light would have a sense of repulsion towards me.”

“Then why don’t you just return to my body?”

“I want to play everywhere!”

“Then, if you are chased down by an angel next time, don’t come to me.”

“Tsk tsk, the angels can’t kill me. If they do, it’s just this body. My main soul is still fused with yours. As long as you don’t die, I won’t die.”

“Then, don’t simply run around! What should I do if the angels have their eyes on me?”

“It’ll not be a problem! If they treat me as a monster, then it’s a pity to say that those angels are just low-level ones. The really high-level angels will not attack me rashly, because I am pure darkness, which is different from demons and devils. They carry evil, violent, murderous intents, you know.”

“And your intent is being pervert.”

Seeing Yalide and Lin Xiang walking towards the door, shoulder to shoulder, Satsuki’s face was a little unsightly, “Reidy, where did that woman come from?”

“As you can see, she’s his Big Sis!” After saying in a puff, Reidy followed them with her suitcase.

Kaoru looked at her palm with a puzzled face. She turned her hand over and over, then raised her head to look at Yalide’s back, “The cuts and calluses on the hand are gone. Was it all Young Master’s Big Sis’s doing?”

Walking out of the airport, a long limousine was parked outside, which was very noticeable. At that time, the middle-aged driver standing outside opened the door.

A long, snow-white leg stretched out from the car. A tall girl with sharp eyes stepped out. She was wearing a simple casual outfit, but her temperament was not simple.

“Hey, my darling, you’re finally back. Huh? You brought back a woman? Others are still struggling to find a girlfriend, but you already have a harem of wives and concubines.”

“There is no harem of wives and concubines like you said. Meet my Big Sis. She’s a distant… uh… we met by chance in Olipolia.”

“Really? As expected of my darling. You went to any unfamiliar country, yet you can meet a distant big sister?”

“Why do I feel like you’re saying something ironic?”

“It’s in your head. Get in, but there is a problem. This car can only accommodate eight people, so I have to let Darling follow us by running outside.”

Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty, Satsuki, Nagisa, Kaoru, Kamiki, Yalide, were exactly eight.

“I’ve been in your car before, and it can definitely accommodate more people, right? You just don’t want me to sit in it, do you?”

“Of course not, I’m just joking. Alright, get in the car, let’s go have a meal.”

It was noon, and it took Lin Xiang and the others a day to come back.

Lin Xiang and others all got into the car first, while Yalide and Kamiki were outside. Kamiki’s face was expressionless, and Yalide still had a wicked smile on her face. Yalide spoke first, “You are a smart girl. I like you.”

“You’re a strange woman, and I don’t hate you.”

After speaking, the two entered the car. Lin Xiang was completely confused about the situation. What was that all about?

Five Star Hotel

As always, it was a big hotel under the Kamiki Group. For the arrival of the eldest lady, the hotel manager had tried his best to arrange the best private rooms, the best servers, and the best chefs. As a result, Kamiki only responded with one sentence: Don’t be noisy.

The manager silently shut his mouth and went to the side to order the servers to meet the lady’s request.

In the lobby, they chose a table at the corner. Lin Xiang and the others began to order food.

“Wah! There are so many young waitresses. Hey, Kuji, can I call anyone here?” Yalide looked around at the waitresses.

“Up to you.”

“Great. That lovely lady, come over here, please?” Yalide started her hunting action again.

“Xiang, your Big Sis seems a little peculiar…” Watching that Yalide made the waitress who came over blushed after speaking a few words, Satsuki showed a complicated smile.

“Just ignore her.” As long as Yalide did not do anything bad, Lin Xiang would not bother to care so much.

“Well, that’s fine. By the way, Xiang, since you’re back, you have to go back to school to take the ability test and the battle test. It’s related to the personal grade ranking for next semester.”

“Really? What’s your rank?”

“Heh~ My ranking is very high. I got fifth place in the whole grade, and I’m already an Intermediate Magician. The battle with Silent Water and the others in Dragonborn Village was very effective.”

“Oh, that’s amazing. What about Nagisa?”

“I… I… It’s nothing.” Nagisa lowered her head, not daring to look at Lin Xiang. Instead, Satsuki patted her on the shoulder and shared the new for her.

“Satsuki is amazing! Her value of spiritual power is close to that of an Advanced Magician. She ranked third.”

“Wow!” Lin Xiang was surprised. Nagisa looked weak and was the type to be protected, but he did not expect her to be ranked third.

“What about Kamiki?”

“Hmm?” Kamiki frowned and looked at Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang was stunned for a while then corrected.

“Kuji? Uh, what is Kuji’s ranking?”

Kamiki played with the strands of her hair and said normally, “One hundred and two.”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang found that Kamiki seemed unwearied superficially, but he knew that she was definitely uncomfortable from being compared to Satsuki and Nagisa. He said softly, “I’m sorry.”

“Why do you want to apologize? I don’t think it’s anything.” Seeing that Kamiki did not look like she was pretending, Lin Xiang did not care much. He did not realize that Kamiki’s other hand that was hidden under the table was tightly held. And Yalide’s eyes stayed on Kamiki’s body vaguely.

“How about Senior Kaoru?” Lin Xiang looked at Kaoru again.

“I am about the twentieth in the grade rankings. After all, there are still a lot of magicians and combat technicians who are better than the lowly me. By the way, Young Master, some teams have already begun accepting tasks. Will Team Zero-End also accept some missions?”

“Accepting missions? Senior Kaoru, do you have any plans?”

“Well, accepting missions can cultivate the team members’ tacit understanding and ability to improve. In addition, there will be remuneration income. With the remuneration, we can decorate the team room.”

“That’s right. The establishment of the team is mainly to help people in addition to being ranked in school. This is probably to prepare the students well if they have plans to make a living in the world beyond the skies in the future. Summer vacation is a good time.”

“Yes, Young Master, Team Zero-End achieved excellent results at the end of the last team matches. I have received a lot of entrustments, but before I can accept the missions, I feel that I should seek for Young Master’s thoughts.”

“Senior Kaoru, you are the captain. You can decide all you want. You don’t have to seek my opinion.”

“No, Young Master will always be Young Master. I can’t decide on my own.”

“Uh…” Looking at Kaoru’s old-fashioned and persistent appearance, Lin Xiang was not bothered too much by that issue. After all, everyone had their own thoughts. He never wanted to change Kaoru’s mind of thinking because of his own will.

“Anyways, Senior Kaoru, what requests did you receive?” Satsuki asked.

“Well, for example, a noble lady’s entrustment: ‘Please help me find my son. My son has been missing for two days. Without him, I will not be able to live‘.”

“What!? Child abduction!?” Satsuki stood up abruptly, “Then you should have hurry up and dial the police!”

Others were also nervous.

Kaoru only replied slowly, “Well, her son was a poodle.”

“I’m dizzy!” Satsuki’s head plunged onto the table.

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