The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 4 : Everyone Has Something They Favor


The tasks were all insignificant commissions, such as looking for cats and dogs. Even more outrageous, there was a commission from a magazine, wanting to take a photo album for the members of Team Zero-End. There was no choice, because the whole team were all beautiful girls, except Lin Xiang.

After listening to Kaoru’s entrustment, Satsuki lacked interest and began to eat the food that was served.

Yalide also began to eat a lot. Although she ate fast, her face did not get ugly. Dusty was different, with vegetable sauce and rice grains on her face, she was like a little cat, which made everyone laugh.

The time for their meal had passed, and it was already pass three o’clock in the afternoon. It was time for them to part. Like last time, after parting at the crossroads, Yalide and Lin Xiang walked at the front again and whispered.

“You’re asking me about my strength? Well, it’s fine I guess. For example, if I meet the Demon Generals in the outer world again, it’s no problem for me to kill them all with one blow.”

“Isn’t this nonsense? You have defeated such a huge Bone Dragon with a punch, not to mention the Demon Generals?”

“No, no, I’m talking about an easy blow. Besides, the little Bone Dragon has just been resurrected, so it has not regained its strength. I defeated it with all my strength. If it regained its strength, it would be impossible for me to defeat it with a single blow now. However, if I regain my previous strength, those Demon General, or little Bone Dragons will die anytime.”

That’s right, but the ability we can exert is limited now. It is not clear whether the demons have changed over the past thousand years. In my memories, the previous demons, that is, the demons that we mistakenly thought were demons were very powerful.’ Freed said.

“Yes,” Yalide rarely showed a serious look, “the strength of the general was relatively strong for humans. As for those above it with a higher level, like the Demon Chief, the Demon Commander, Demon Baron, or whatever, it is still very clear how little we know about their strengths.”


One person and two dragons fell into contemplation. The outer world was an unknown place, and Dakhla was just one of the areas, where there were most humans, along with the presence of humanoid spirits. There were no other species. Lin Xiang remembered that Qian Libing had previously introduced that there were giants, dwarves, orcs in other areas of the outer world… But those were all uncertain factors.

——Lin Xiang’s house

That was a three-story bungalow. Other than that, there were no other buildings.

In the living room, the clean furniture was spotless, and the floor was shining. It was not difficult to know that someone had cleaned it every day. The screen of the TV was on, and it was playing a cartoon called “Penguin and Family”, which shared the happy life of a family of penguins in Antarctica.

“Penguins are so cute.” A burgundy-haired girl was hugging her knees on the sofa. Her emerald eyes were filled of penguins on TV.

Ding dong.” The doorbell of the entrance rang, but the girl did not want to move her body.

“Ha—” Outside the corridor, the door to the room at the end was opened, and a handsome blond man came out yawning. He swept his messy bed hair due to sleeping. Soon, his hair was like memory metal, turning into a trendy hairstyle in a jiffy. That was his haircut all the time.

“Coming.” Remi responded as he walked towards the entrance.

Opening the door, it was a food-delivery girl in a light blue uniform with a hat on her head. An electric bicycle was beside her as she held the takeaway bag in her hand.

The girl who delivered the food lowered her head and handed over the bag in her hand, “Your… Your takeaway!” Her voice trembled a little, and it was obvious that she was nervous.

“Oh.” Remi handed over the money, took the bag, and was about to turn around and close the door when the girl spoke again.

“About that! I added something in there, I hope you don’t mind!”

“Uh, how much does it cost?” Remi asked impatiently, he was still very sleepy.

“No… No need for the money. Goodbye!” After the girl finished speaking, she scurried away on her electric bicycle.

“Is there a discount because I often buy it?” Remi murmured and returned to the house with the food containers.

Opening the door of the living room, the TV was playing a rather violent and bloody movie. Remi placed one of the food containers on the table, and left. His movement was continuous without a single pause.

Back in his room, Remi put his food in front of the computer desk. He bought the computer recently. He was pulled over by a salesman while shopping. After listening to the functions of the computer, he bought it.

Pressing the power button, the computer was turning on. Remi opened the food container and took a few bites while moving the mouse to enter a large-scale RPG online game called “War of the Demon God.” He was a Lightning Mage at Level 20.

In the game, the mage’s skills allowed Remi to get some inspiration for new moves, such as [Lightning Chain], [Electrode Storm] and so on. Of course he had never used it, just thinking about it in his mind.

The reason why Remi was sleepy was due to his constant gaming all night.

While waiting for the loading screen, Remi gulped up his meal.

Ki ka” Out of the blue, he heard a movement from the entrance door. A familiar voice sounded, and his sluggish appearance immediately recovered.

Putting down the container, and wiping his mouth, Remi walked out, “Lin Xiang, Lil Sis, you guys are finally…” Before he finished speaking, Remi’s attention was on Yalide who was standing in front of the living room and was about to open the door. He felt a little strange, but he could not tell what was strange.

“Ah, hello.” Yalide glanced at Remi, opened the door and walked into the living room. After that, Remi saw Lin Xiang and others pushing the suitcase into the house.

“Lin Xiang this guy brought a woman back? I wonder how much my sister is going to lose her temper, but I’d better dodge first.” Remi resolutely returned to the room and locked the door.

Putting the luggage in the corridor, Lin Xiang walked into the living room. As expected, Yalide was walking around beside Fire Lotus, and Fire Lotus was frowning all the time. There were faint traces of burning on the sofa. Needless to say, Fire Lotus must have punched Yalide just now, but Yalide blocked it easily.

“Don’t be so stern, how about we talk?” Yalide smiled as if she did not see Fire Lotus’s impatience.

Glancing at Lin Xiang, Fire Lotus seemed to look like she seen something that she should not see, obviously blaming Lin Xiang for bringing back such a strange woman.

Fire Lotus stood up and was about to leave, but as soon as she took a step, she stopped. She slowly looked at Lin Xiang, blinked a few times, and the hostility in her eyes began to turn into joy.

“Master! You, you’re back!” Tears of joy poured out, Fire Dance threw herself into Lin Xiang’s arms. She clutched Lin Xiang’s collar tightly, as if he would disappear as soon as she let go.

“Yes, I’m back.”

“Master, Master, it’s so nice of you to come back! But you were too much for sending me back while I was asleep. I’m sad.” Fire Dance hammered Lin Xiang’s chest a few times, and raised her head to show a pair of tearful eyes, looking at Lin Xiang with grief.

“I’m sorry, it’s just too dangerous there, so I let Fire Dance come back first. I’m worried about your safety.” Lin Xiang took out a lollipop from his pocket, and Fire Dance happily took it. The grievances just now were swept away. When she tore the wrapping paper and was about to put it in her mouth, she stopped, looked at Lin Xiang, and inserted the candy to Lin Xiang’s mouth, “Master, this is for you. Don’t leave me alone next time, okay? Although I’m stupid and can’t do anything, I want to stay by Master’s side.”

Lin Xiang’s heart skipped a beat. When he was in junior high school, his uncle had to stay outside. Lin Xiang once said something similar. The feeling of being separated from his family was very uncomfortable. But he was a boy, and he got used to it in a few days. Fire Dance was a girl. She looked mature on the outside, but she was still a child at heart.

Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance apologetically. He stroked her head, and said softly, “I’m sorry, Fire Dance, I will never leave you alone in the future.”

“Yes! Then, we promised, Master! If you eat candy, you must keep your promise.”

“Fire Dance has been alone for so many days, so I’ll give you this candy.”

“Oh, although I really want to eat it, this is the token of a promise. Eat it, Master.” Fire Dance pursed her lips and looked away from the beautiful lollipop with difficulty.

“Eat all you want, it’s fine, really. I don’t like sugar.”

“No, Master eats.”

“I… Mmf—” Yalide came over and shoved the candy into Lin Xiang’s mouth, “Don’t be shy, if you really want to keep your word, just eat it.”

“Who are you?” Fire Dance was somewhat hostile to her when she saw Yalide preaching to Lin Xiang.

“Haha, I’m your Master’s Big Sis. It’s the first time we meet. Let Big Sis give you a gift.” Yalide spread out her white hands, indicating that there was nothing in her hands, and then a lollipop appeared in her hands. Fire Dance shouted in awe as she watched.

“How did you do it?” Fire Dance thought, if she learned it herself, she and her Master would have more candy in the future.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t want to teach you, it’s just that you can’t learn it. How about you call me Big Sis every time you meet me, and I’ll make one appear for you?”

“Big Sis, Big Sis, Big Sis, Big Sis!”

“Hey, that’s not good. I said that for our next meeting.”

“But…” Fire Dance looked at Yalide pitifully.

“Fine.” Yalide swayed again, and made a lollipop appear again, making Fire Dance elated for a long time.

Lin Xiang looked at Yalide and felt that she was born to coax girls, so he could not help but be glad that she was a girl again.


“Ah~ I feel like the fatigue of the day has disappeared~” Lin Xiang took off his clothes, washed his body, and soaked himself in the bathtub.

After enjoying a moment, Lin Xiang began to think.

Under normal circumstances, the dragon roars could not be used on people. He did not require much practice, so it was a pass. Swordsmanship, that was very important. He had a very good sword, so he should make good use of it no matter what, so he had to improve his sword skills. Fire control was also very important. Once he was proficient to a certain level, he should be able to use fire magic. Furthermore, he could also learn other dragon roars from Valarie…

Click. While Lin Xiang was thinking, the bathroom door was opened, and a pair of slender legs stepped on the water on the ground, entering. The figure stopped when it reached the showerhead.

Without a trace of excess fat, Yalide’s body could be described as the standard. Places where it should be raised were raised, and the hot body was exposed to the air without any cover. Yalide turned on the showerhead to rinse her body, and sighed, “Yeah~ I’ve always wanted to try taking a bath like this. Human technology is amazing. Well, let’s see, shampoo, shower gel, soap, everything is good. I’ll just get a little of everything.”

Hearing the sound of rushing water and Yalide’s self-speech, Lin Xiang turned his head and looked. In the steam, Yalide’s proud figure was looming, and there were clouds floating around, covering the vital places, giving a sense of mystical reservation.

Lin Xiang covered his nose, as his nosebleed almost spurted out. He quickly turned his head away, “Yalide! What are you doing here?!”

“Why? I’m obviously taking a shower.” Yalide washed away the foams on her body, and her skin was like snow in contrast to her jet-black hair.

“Get out of here!”

“Ah? Why do you want me to go out? If you want to go out, go out yourself.” After speaking, Yalide ignored Lin Xiang and continued to bathe in warm water.

Lin Xiang thought for a while then stood up while covering his lower part of the body. Unexpectedly, Yalide turned off the shower head and walked towards him.

“Why are you approaching me?” Lin Xiang hurriedly sat down.

“Taking a bath.” The water droplets on Yalide’s collarbone slipped down her chest, like dewdrops on a leaf in the morning sun.

“Ah, don’t come here!”

“How can I take a dip if I don’t come?” Yalide did not care so much about Lin Xiang. She raised her long legs, stepped into the bathtub, and sat down.

Splash splash. The water inside overflowed.

“Cool~ Humans really do know how to enjoy.” Yalide leaned her hands against the edge of the bathtub, raised her head, and her face was relieved. Then, she lowered her head and looked at Lin Xiang, who was staring at the wall. His face flushed.

She stretched out her feet and kicked Lin Xiang’s clasped legs. Yalide exhaled, “Hey, since we are all bonded together now, why are you so afraid to face me?”

Lin Xiang gave no answer. His expression already spoke for him: You’re not wearing any clothes, idiot.

“Oh well. Hey, boy, do you think I’m weird?”

Lin Xiang nodded quickly.

“Just like how you humans love something, I shouldn’t have any problem with favoring girls, right?”

“It’s a huge problem.”

“I don’t think so. Just like how you favour cats and dogs, do people think you’re weird?”

After listening to Yalide’s words, Lin Xiang thought about it. It was true that he could not judge Yalide’s behavior with his common sense, because she was not a human being. For example, if a person liked female cats, but turned into a female cat one day. If the person still liked female cats, what would other cats think of her?

The analogy was a bit odd but it fit well with Yalide’s situation.

Noticing that Lin Xiang did not speak, Yalide closed her eyes and leaned against the bathtub, feeling the comfort of the bath water. One person and one dragon soaked like that for about ten minutes, and the water became a little cold. Yalide opened her eyes, “Alright, it’s time to go back to your body to replenish your mental energy. It’s been a lot of fun these two days, boy.” After speaking, Yalide turned into a mass of black energy and submerged into Lin Xiang’s body.

Lin Xiang slowly came back to his senses, looked at the place where a hot woman once sat, and smiled bitterly, “Maybe that fellow Yalide was lonely.”

The underworld she guarded became a blood-filled demon world. She sacrificed herself with Freed, sealed the Demon King, turned into a soul body and wandered around in various worlds. There was no one who could see, or communicate with… until the day when the energy was exhausted and disappeared into the world…

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Dragon Gods were admired by all, but it was not easy to be one.

Lin Xiang stood up and walked out of the bathroom.

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