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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 5 : Night Intruder


It was still early, and it was not the time to sleep. Lin Xiang knocked on the door of Remi’s room. After all, he had not greeted Remi when he returned.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

“What… Ah, it’s you.” Remi heaved a sigh of relief, but continued depressingly, “My sister is really not close with me now. She neither meets me, nor say hello when she came back.” As he said, Remi opened the door, “Were you taking a shower?”

“Yeah, what are you doing in there?” Lin Xiang saw the computer desk there at the moment, “No way, you even bought a computer?”

Somewhat surprised, Lin Xiang never thought that spirits could play with computers. Reidy usually watched TV. Silent Water could go online, but she would only watch food tutorials to try the new ingredients, so the computer in Lin Xiang’s room was basically untouched.

“Oh, this? I’m sorry for buying it without discussing with you.”

“No, it doesn’t matter. I’m just a little surprised that you can use a computer. You can also play… online games, as well.” Lin Xiang looked at the character in the computer. His name was Remi, a thunder mage at Level 20.

“Ha, the last time I went out, someone introduced me to the uses of this thing. I thought it was pretty good, so I bought it and spent more than ten thousand.”

“If you like it, then it’s all that matters. Money is not a problem.”

“Yes. From the game, I got some inspiration for my moves. I’ll see if I can play it out later.”

“Not bad, Remi.” Lin Xiang gave him a thumbs-up from the fact that he was able to comprehend some moves from a mere game.

“You flatter me. So, did something happen when I left? Who’s that black-haired woman? Why do I feel like she’s weird?”

“Well, a lot of things did happen. You can greet that woman as my big sister.”

After talking about some unrelated and unimportant topics with Remi, Lin Xiang left the room.

“I can’t believe the powerful human world and advanced technology have turned a former spirit chief into an otaku,” Lin Xiang sighed.

In the kitchen, Silent Water was preparing dinner. Reidy helped out and learned in the meantime, while Dusty and Fire Dance were watching TV in the living room.

Back in his room, Lin Xiang took out two beautiful crystals from the suitcase—two dragon crystals.

One of them was like ruby, ​​with an unquenchable flame burning inside. Compared to before, Lin Xiang noticed that the flame inside seemed to be a little bigger.

The other was like a sapphire, with a rippling water polo in it. That was the dragon crystal given by Bellina.

“I really don’t want to give it to you, but in order to prevent you from summoning Little Valarie away, this is my only choice. Cunning human, remember this, if you summoned Little Valarie without me, next time we meet, I will… Ouch! Hot! Little Valarie, I was just joking with him.” Lin Xiang felt amused when he thought of how Bellina’s buttocks burned.

He looked at the two dragon crystals and held them in the palm of his hand.

Because of the ice dragon’s attack, Olipolia fell into chaos. What the people needed at that moment was psychological comfort, a kind of spiritual entrustment. Like Christians, when they encountered mishaps, they would pray for God’s blessing, otherwise they would be unable to get through certain difficulties.

Therefore, Mangu, the Dragon Descendant King, begged Valarie and Bellina to stay in Olipolia for a while, so that the people would calm down, preventing them from feeling that another ice dragon would come to attack them again.

Valarie did not stay. She never cared about others’ opinions about her, and was planning to go back to the demon realm, or going to Japan with Lin Xiang. Knowing that Lin Xiang wanted her to stay, Valarie chose to, just for a while. Of course, Bellina, needless to say, would go wherever Valarie went, because she was her only friend and only relative.

Dragons learned language and emotions at around four hundred years old. Venus left when Valarie was at that age, so she did not know much about feelings. She could endure the emptiness of being alone, but Bellina was different. Although her dull, lifeless eyes looked similar to Valarie’s, hers was more apathetic. Her feelings were richer than Valarie’s, and she could not stand alone. That was also the reason why she wanted Silent Water to live with her after meeting her for the first time. However, since she now had Valarie, Silent Water was naturally not in her future plans. She only needed one, Little Valarie, which was more than enough.

In other words, how should those two dragon crystals be kept? Lin Xiang hesitated. He placed them into his pockets, fearing of losing them. After thinking about it, he finally shifted his gaze to the cabinet beside the bed.

[Lin Xiang’s Cabinet] It was an ordinary cabinet, but in Lin Xiang’s hands, it became a storage place that was safer than a safe. The things stored now include a mobile phone, an identification card, bank cards with huge sums of money, cleansing crystals obtained in the outer world, healing potions, anti-magic badges and other objects that were rarely seen in the human world.

If there were thieves to patronize, they would definitely be so elated that it could drive them crazy.

The two dragon crystals lay quietly in the first drawer, and Lin Xiang nodded with satisfaction before closing it.

“Hey, it’s time to eat.” Without bothering to knock, Reidy opened Lin Xiang’s door with a stern face. When she noticed Lin Xiang alone in the room, she could not help but feel suspicious, “Where’s that lustrous Dragon God?”

According to her thoughts, Yalide should be in the room with Lin Xiang. Reidy could not tell exactly what they were doing. Who would know if the luscious Dragon God would enjoy both men and women? Reidy came up from the first floor and called them for dinner, because she was afraid that Lin Xiang would be “eaten” by Yalide. No, it was actually because she was worried that they would be seen doing shameless things by Dusty and Fire Dance, corrupting their innocence.

That’s right! I was just thinking for Dusty and Fire Dance’s sake. It has nothing to do with him! Yup, that’s right.

“Oh, she went back for the time being.” Lin Xiang was naturally clueless about Reidy’s thoughts. He walked towards her, and gently pushed her, motioning her to go downstairs together, “Let’s go and eat.”

“Hmph, let’s go then,” Reidy’s stern face had become slightly more natural, and at the same time, a little red, “Don’t touch me, I can go by myself.”

“Yes, yes~”

After eating, Lin Xiang returned to his room, turned on the computer, and searched about demon apostles.

There was not much information regarding the demon apostles on the Internet. In other words, no human yearned for demons at all in the human world. There were only a few examples of people being possessed, then killed.

Is there any information about the outer world then?

Obviously, there were no search results about the world beyond the skies. It might have been deleted by the defenders of the human world.

After switching off the computer, Lin Xiang washed up and lay on his bed. He turned over, and fell asleep after a while.

Late at night

The crescent moon hung high in the sky. Dark clouds slowly blocked its light. It was the time when people were asleep. In the moonlit night, two figures appeared outside Lin Xiang’s window, and with a click, two figures sneaked in.

“Dusty is amazing! The windows are so high yet we can come up here.”

“Hehe, soil is my good friend. In fact, I never have to sleep with Master like this before.”

“Ah, why?”

“Do you know about those dogs on TV? I used to look like that.”

“Wow! That’s cute!”

“It’s not cute. I used to be covered with wounds. If it wasn’t for Master, I might have died. The happiest moment for me was when I met Master. He picked me up and healed all the wounds on me. He gave me a bath, stroked my head, and we slept side-by-side. It’s just that… since I’ve become like this, Master no longer takes the initiative to do those things for me.”

“Then, can’t you change back?”

“Uh, there’s no way. No matter how hard I concentrated or how hard I tried, I could only show my ears and tail. My body is still human.”

“Huh? Isn’t that weird? Like those humans on TV putting on cat ear headbands on purpose.”

“Yes, so I tried a few more times, and finally stopped trying. I was afraid that the frequent appearance of the ears and tail will make Master think of me as a monster.”

“Hmm, I really don’t understand those humans. Do they want to be treated as monsters so badly?”

“Maybe it’s a local demand for part-time work. Ah~ I miss the past, but now, Master and Sister Reidy are unwilling, because there is a difference between men and women, or something.”

“Is there a difference between men and women? I remember my mother saying that the conditions of the human contract vary between men and women. If you have a human contract with a male, you have to take off your clothes, sit on his body and kiss him on the mouth. He will do something very painful to you. After that, you will become his spirit.”

“Something painful? What’s that?”

“I don’t know either. I only know it’s called ‘****** intercourse’. My mother didn’t elaborate any further. She only told me not to make contracts with humans casually, but only with humans who can withstand my own flames. I was afraid of pain, so I kept it in my heart. When I met Master, Master endured my flame, so I made a contract with Master according to my mother’s wishes. However, nothing very painful happened. Master and I just kissed for the contract.”

“Could it be that Sister Fire Dance’s mother said something wrong?”

“Impossible, Mom won’t lie to me. There must be something wrong with it.” Speaking of flames, Fire Dance’s emotions were a little out of control, and her little face began to feel blue. Tears gradually flowed out, “I miss Mom.”

“It’s alright, you will meet again for sure.” Dusty did not know about the flame incident. She rubbed Fire Dance’s shoulder, “Sister Fire Dance, whenever you think of your family but can’t see them, just stay by Master’s side. The sour feeling in your heart will disappear.”

“Ok, then let’s go over there.” The two of them closed the window, and just as Fire Dance wanted to go, Dusty stopped her.

“Wait, take off your shoes first and put them at the door. Don’t get the floor dirty. If Master knows, we won’t be able to get in next time if the window is locked.”

“Oh! Dusty is so smart!”

“Of course! I’ve tried many ways to sleep together with Master.”

“Mm hmm.” Fire Dance and Dusty placed their shoes by the door, lay down next to Lin Xiang, looked at each other and smiled. Soon, they closed their eyes, and fell asleep.

That night was the safest night for Fire Dance to sleep. She fell asleep with a satisfied smile on her lips.

————The next day

Lin Xiang felt like something was sitting on his stomach. His left and right arms felt sore and numb, like he was entangled in something.

When he opened his eyes, Yalide was found sitting on his stomach with a thoughtful look on her face. Holding her chin, her eyes swept to his left and right. Noticing that he was awake, she greeted him, “Ah, lil’ brat, good morning,” then she continued to look at both sides. At the same time, she muttered, “Well, it’s surely difficult to choose.”

“Hu—hu—” At that time, Lin Xiang’s brain was more conscious. He heard brisk exhalation sounds from both sides, and looked to find Dusty and Fire Dance hugging his arms tightly. Dusty’s bite marks were still imprinted on his arm. She must have been dreaming of eating.

What happened? I closed the door last night, didn’t I? Is the door lock broken?

Just when he was deducing how Dusty and Fire Dance came in, Yalide spoke, “Hey, boy, what do you think about a person with an adult body and the heart of a child?”

“What’s that?”

“Or maybe, a person with a child’s body and an adult’s heart?”

“So what are you talking about?”

“I mean, which of the above two types of girls would you push down?”

“Push your head! Get off my stomach. You weigh a tonne.”

“Huh? Is that so? You have a soft spot for mouths. You chose to push my head.”

“Get off!”

“Alright~ Alright~”

After taking a shower in the bathroom, Lin Xiang went back to his room and found Yalide holding her chin seriously, watching Dusty and Fire Dance sleeping. Seeing Lin Xiang exiting the bathroom, she straightened up a little, “Let’s go, you pervert.”

“Don’t steal my lines!”

“I’m a woman, how could I be a pervert?” Yalide came over and grabbed his neck, and wrapped her arm around his neck. So painful, yet so soft.

His face was clinging to a deformed mass of softness. Nope, I can never treat this guy as a woman.

“You’re a woman on the outside, but a man on the inside.”

“NONO, as I said last night, everyone has something they favor. You can’t say that I must be a man for liking woman. I also have a girlish heart, you know.”

“Let me go, I want to head to the bathroom.”

“For what?”

“To vomit. How long have you lived your life? A girlish heart? You can’t even have an old woman’s heart.”

“My heart is always at seventeen, and I only love beautiful girls. Quit the nonsense, let’s head down for training.” Yalide dragged him out of the room, and did not let him go until they reached the first floor, because she smelled breakfast.

He had not tasted the breakfast made by Silent Water for a period of time. It had always been prepared by the hotel. Although it was not bad, it was still a lot worse than the breakfast made by her.

Yalide swooped into the kitchen, and after Lin Xiang followed after her, she was already sitting at the table, picking up the tableware and eating at a fast pace. In about ten seconds, a bowl of white rice was gobbled up, “Delicious! Cute little Silent Water, please help me fill some rice.”

“Yes, Lady Yalide.” Silent Water took the bowl and turned to the rice cooker near the door to serve rice. She met Lin Xiang and smiled, “Master, good morning.”

“Well, good morning, Silent Water. I haven’t had breakfast made by you for a long time. I must leave with a full stomach today.”

“Silent Water has made a lot. Master and Lady Yalide can enjoy it slowly together.”

“About that, Little Silent Water, may I ask, are you part of the menu?”

“I’m sorry, Lady Yalide, Silent Water is not included.” Even in the face of Yalide’s tease, Silent Water can handle it with ease, as expected of Silent Water.

“Really? I understand, I understand. You’re only on that kid’s menu, so enviable, stinky brat.” Yalide sighed and looked at Lin Xiang.

Yalide was spouting nonsense again. He glanced at Silent Water and found that she acted a little weird. Her face was slightly red. Knowing that he was looking at her, she quickly lowered her head, “Silent Water will get the rice.”

Was there something wrong? Lin Xiang scratched his head inexplicably, picked up the bowl and walked towards her.

“Master, let Silent Water do it,” She put down the rice-filled bowl and took his bowl with both hands. During that split second, her silky fingers brushed his fingertips, making him feel something different. Sure enough, being with Silent Water could make him feel comfortable no matter what.

Lin Xiang patted Silent Water’s head with emotion, and looked at her sincerely, “Silent Water, thank you for your care all the time. Without you, I don’t know what it would be like now. Really, thank you.”

Yes, without Silent Water, he would not have his current life. When Takahashi was possessed by a demon, he would have been dead by now. Lin Xiang had an indescribable feeling towards Silent Water, probably the feeling of having a family.

Silent Water and Lin Xiang looked at each other. For some reason, he could not get away from her alluring diamond-like eyes.

Silent Water began to slowly close her eyes, like she was waiting for something. Yes, just like how Laura wanted him to kiss her. Silent Water wants me to kiss her!?

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