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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 6 : My Diary


Lin Xiang was intimidated by his thoughts. It can’t be true, right?

His heart was pounding so swiftly, like it was about to leap out of his lungs. Silent Water still did not flinch. Closing her eyes tightly, and raising her head slightly, the red colour of peaches appeared on her exquisite face, luring people to take a bite, incredibly attractive.

Was Silent Water really waiting for him to kiss her? No, no, no, Silent Water is my family. How could I do such a thing to her? She’s probably thinking about something, right?

It was impossible. She did not have to close her eyes for so long when thinking about things. Sure enough, was she waiting for his kiss?

Well, there’s no rule that family members can’t kiss, right? How about a kiss on the forehead?

Silent Water had bangs, but Lin Xiang could imagine the moment when he lifted up her hair. A smooth and fair forehead would be in sight. Was it really fine for him to kiss her?

At that time, her brows moved, slightly frowning, as if in doubt.

It looked like she was waiting for Lin Xiang’s action, but he was afraid, afraid of misunderstanding what she meant, because she never said what she wanted to do.

Just when Lin Xiang was struggling to decide whether to kiss her or not, Yalide called out to him, “Damn it, you are a fool, and I am also the fool. After waiting for you for so long, you didn’t even take action. Instead, you were struggling. Can’t you see that a beautiful girl is standing in front of you?! You acted as if you will die if you moved!”

“Uh… What’s wrong with you, Silent Water?” Facing Silent Water, Lin Xiang somehow forgotten about Yalide’s existence.

Silent Water quickly lowered her head and said in a mosquito’s voice, “Master, it’s all Master’s fault for staring at Silent Water.”

A trace of white smoke rose from Silent Water’s head. She was shy. Lin Xiang wondered how long had it been since he seen her being so shy.

Could it be that Silent Water thought that Lin Xiang wanted to kiss her because he was staring at her for too long? After all, that was what happened on television. The kind-hearted Silent Water probably could not bear to reject him, so she sacrificed herself to close her eyes, and let him “do whatever he wanted”. If that was the case, then Lin Xiang knew that he was really the worst.

————In a certain parallel time and space, there was a pure modern technological world without spiritual power.

My name is Lin Xiang. I don’t belong to this world. Before getting killed by demons, my soul escaped and came to another world.

The ‘I’ in this world was a very powerful guy. Although his grades were not as good as mine, he was much better than me in other aspects. He is very good in fights, completely different from me, who can only be beaten.

I wanted to be like him, and in order to understand how ‘I’ became stronger, I decided to take a look at his diary, the one and only diary.

I found this diary by accident under my bed.

There are many books under the bed, textbooks for junior high school, for mixed martial arts, and basic knowledge of sword arts. I found the diary mainly because I was looking for books like mixed martial arts and sword arts.

That diary was pressed at the bottom of the books. It was quite thick, and the cover was a little old. It could be seen that it has a certain age.

Looking at it, I closed my eyes.

I’m not violating other people’s privacy. I’m just looking at my diary.

Having done my self-enlightening work, I took a deep breath and opened the yellowish diary.

Like many people, the first page was empty. I flipped to the second page, and there were Chinese characters written on the pages.

March 5th. Sunny.

I have never kept a diary before, but I decided to write about what happened three days ago. Why am I writing this? To whom? I don’t know. I just want to express my current mood.

March 2nd. That day, Nobuhiko and I met her.

After Sixth Grade, my relationship with Nobuhiko became very good. Maybe it was God’s arrangement, and I was still in the same class as Nobuhiko.

It had been several weeks since the first day of school. We didn’t know much of the people in class. Until that afternoon, Nobuhiko and I hadn’t officially known her.

There were a few arrogant guys in school who wanted to charge protection fees. Nobuhiko and I were going to fight them off after school because we never liked them, but I didn’t expect that they were bullying a girl in my class. The boss seemed to want the girl to be his girlfriend.

Just how old are you? All you wanted was to date, and charge protection fees. Therefore, Nobuhiko and I went over to fight them without further hesitation.

The period of exercising ourselves and learning how to fight shows its effectiveness. Nobuhiko and I ended up fighting and they ended up crying. But, we also left ourselves some wounds.

Her, the girl we helped, took us to the park, and then used her pocket money to buy medicine at the pharmacy to treat our wounds.

Her movements were very careful. I carefully looked at her appearance to find that she was very beautiful. I can’t describe how charming she was. In short, she has bangs and big eyes, and looks better than most girls.

In that way, Nobuhiko and I got to know her.

The next day, on the morning of the 3rd, the thief cries thief. The wicked boys, who we repelled, gave their complaints first. They must have been threatening the people in our class long ago, so no one spoke for us. The teacher wanted to punish us severely. After some struggles, she finally stood up and shared the bad things the boys did.

With her taking the lead, everyone in the class also testified. In the end, Nobuhiko and I were only given our warnings, and their parents were notified. After all, they were only children in the first year of junior high school, so the punishment was not so severe. On the 4th, they brought other friends over.

We had another fight.

The school admins met us again. Needless to say, the boys were severely punished this time, so that they dared not cause trouble. She and we gradually became friends.

Just like today, she was with us between classes and we had a great time.

“That’s great! I also want to protect weak girls.” I sighed. I envy myself very much for being so brave in my first year of junior high school.

March 15th. Shady.

Today is really the worst. I forgot to bring my lunch box when I went out. Although the food I made was not very delicious, not bringing it here means I am going to be hungry today.

During the lunch break, she kindly gave me some. Her lunch was delicious, and Nobuhiko came over to take a bite whilst giving some praises. She was very happy, and said that she will share us her food in the future.

She is really kind at heart.

April 20th. Cloudy.

Today is Sunday, a good day to head out. She, Nobuhiko, and I, the three of us went out to play. We rode bikes, played the swings in the park, and played games in the video game room. We had a very happy day!

I fought more than Nobuhiko, so many girls were afraid of me, but she wouldn’t. She didn’t dare to look directly at Nobuhiko for some time, but she was able to talk to me normally, and the look in her eyes when talking to me was a little different from looking at Nobuhiko.

I feel that she likes me.

There are not many people who are dating in junior high school. A beautiful girl like her has many suitors, such as students of the same grade, or seniors in the second and third grades of junior high school. Many of them wrote to her love letters. But she never gave them answers. I thought: Is she trying to date me? If so, what do I do? I also enjoyed being with her. Should I find a chance to express my love?

“That’s admirable, as expected of a delinquent boy. He has been pursuing girls since the first year of junior high. We are both Lin Xiang, so why is there such a big difference.” I turned dozens of pages in a row, and all the happy times with her were written on it.

Turning more pages, the date was July 1st. There were a line of words on it: I will confess tomorrow.

Interested, he turned the page again, and that content was relatively long, so he started reading.

July 2nd. Sunny turns gloomy.

It’s almost the summer vacations, and I found that I like to be with her more. I usually fight with her suitors, but I think it’s worth it. Although it hurts, I will always be healed by her band-aid.

On this day, I want to confess to her that I want to be with her. It was really fun and relaxing to be with her.

In the empty classroom, I asked Nobuhiko to go back first and stopped her.

“I like you.” I said it. I was nervous when I did it, but the moment I spoke, I felt comfortable.

“Huh?” She was stunned, very surprised. She looked at me with her emotional eyes, and lowered her head for a long time, “You, what are you talking about, Lin Xiang.”

“I said, I like you.”

“…” This time, she didn’t answer, but kept her head down, probably frightened by me. I just looked at her. I can wait for her answer.

“We’re good friends, right…” Her voice was a little soft, but fortunately I was attentively listening to every word she said.

“Of course!”

“Then… I’m not afraid to tell you, in fact, I like Nobuhiko…”

My mind went blank. Like a thunderclap, that time, it was my turn to be stunned.

“So, I can’t accept you. Why don’t we just be good friends?”

I can’t seem to breathe, my brain was in a clouded mess, but I could hear her clearly. My heart had a strange feeling, both sour and uncomfortable. Is this the legendary lovelorn? My relationship hasn’t even started.

After that, I forgot how I separated from her and returned home. I just thought, how can I face her in the future?

Alas, there is no choice. Nobuhiko is indeed very handsome, and there are many girls who fancied him. He is also my good friend, so… I feel no grievances losing to him.

July 3rd.

The next day, I didn’t expect that we could still talk normally. But, she gave me the feeling that she was acting slightly distant. She was deliberately keeping a distance from me.

No choice, I can only blame myself for being too impulsive, too narcissistic, and misunderstanding her intentions. But, being able to be friends with her was enough.

September 20th.

It’s been a few days since school started, and she hadn’t come to school. I inquired about it, and it turned out that she moved out. I don’t know the specific situation, but I think she’s running away from me. After all, after the confession, we seem to have kept a certain distance.

September 30th.

Today is the last day of my diary-writing. She has been away for so many days, and I want to understand one thing, that is, it turns out that what I have for her is not so-called love, but simply because I can communicate with her normally. We have the friendship of getting along well, and this friendship, under the influence of other students, made me mistakenly think of it as couple love.

I must be very stupid, right? My misunderstanding let us turn from good friends to friends, and then strangers… No matter how much I think of this, I really want to beat myself up.

It was me, who froze our friendship, and shattered it.

After reading that, Lin Xiang suddenly understood why “his” feelings for Satsuki were not clear. It turned out that it was because of that incident which made “him” subconsciously denied the thought that girls would like him. At the same time, he was also getting slow in understanding any sort of romantic actions.

“Ah~ If such a thing hadn’t happened, Satsuki may be “my” girlfriend now. Sigh— Now, Satsuki has lost her memory, so she has no memory of me before. She will definitely not like me anymore. Since everything has to begin from scratch, how could I make her fall in love with me! Sigh—” I put down my diary and fell onto the bed.

How should I handle my interactions with people? What if someone fights with me? Yamada already started showing signs of offence to me. This is so annoying…

Tossing and turning on the bed, he jumped up, “Magic! I can still do magic!”

That’s right. Although I’m a waste, I have learned low-level fire magic. As long as magic is used… no matter what, it’s still too weird too use it. If my magic is discovered, I will surely be treated as a monster. They’ll catch me and study me for research.

Alas, maybe I should practise physical combat instead, like mixed martial arts.

Lin Xiang started action as soon as he thought of it. He sat on the desk, picked up the basic knowledge of mixed martial arts and read it.

————In a certain parallel time and space, there was a world with a kind of strange energy called spiritual power, and the technology was more developed.

“Come on, brat. Use all your strength to attack.” In the courtyard, Yalide waved to him with a confident smirk.

Holding the cold sword, the previous feeling of freezing was gone, and there was no feeling of repulsion. In addition to the reason why his dragon energy could recover, there was another reason, which was absorbing the dragon soul of the ice dragon.

His dragon energy had increased a lot. Although he did not learn the Ice Dragon’s Roar, he could feel that the great increase of resistance to ice. However, he just could not achieve ice immunity.

Speaking of immunity, his flame immunity puzzled both Freed and Yalide. Logically speaking, once a dragon descendant learned an Elemental Dragon Roar, the person would be immune to a certain limit of that element, but it was absolutely impossible to be completely immune to flames. The flame was referring to ordinary flames, not special ones. Fire dragons were immune to fire because they could turn normal flames into their own, and it was amazing how he could control them even though he did not know how to convert normal flames.

It was about his body, Freed said.

The special flame was actually a conscious flame. For example, Valarie could not hurt him with her flame if she chose not to, and vice versa. That was similar to what he used for Kaoru’s father, and other people. He inadvertently attached consciousness to the flame. However, if he was asked to do that in the present, it would not work at all.

Looking at Yalide, Lin Xiang clenched the hilt of the sword and stepped forward, aiming the cold sword in his hand at Yalide’s shoulder.

He was not worried about hurting her. She had told him that her body was an energy entity. Enough energy could repair it if it was damaged. Not to mention, Lin Xiang did not think that he could hurt her either.

With a flash of cold light, Yalide’s two soft-looking fingers joined together to clamp the sharp blade. Lin Xiang tried hard to pull back, but it did not work. She never flinched, as if he exerted no force at all.

“Tsk.” Yalide shook her head disdainfully, “Speed is too slow, strength is fine, but that’s just for ordinary people.”

She let go of her fingers, and Lin Xiang, who was still trying to withdraw the cold sword, took a few steps back.

“Go into the wind speed state. It’s better that way.” Yalide yawned with boredom, looking uninterested.

I’m so sorry for being too weak for you.

Lin Xiang took a deep breath, entered wind speed state, and rushed towards Yalide in one go.

With one slash, one stroke, one prick, there was a faint icy mist in the air. With three consecutive blows, Lin Xiang kept hitting the air. On the other side, Yalide’s body constantly escaped, simply her moment of relax and enjoyment.

“Well, with this speed, it’s no problem to hit a weak combat technician. But, if you encounter a strong one, you may have already suffered a few cuts before moving your sword.”

“Then, speak, what should I do?” Lin Xiang felt helpless. He could neither do this, or that. Sword arts seemed to be very powerful, but it was a style for ordinary human beings. There was no need for spiritual power that could be attached to it. The comparison was the speed of reaction.

“I understand your situation. The art of swords that you learned taught you the basics of using a sword, so it was easier for you to learn its skills. Bring me your sword.”

Handing the sword to Yalide, as expected, the cold sword did not transform back to a wooden sword or an iron sword. After all, she was a Dragon God. How could she not have the ability to control the angel’s sword? Yalide casually weighed the sword, and nodded with some satisfaction, “Yes, it is indeed a weapon made by the melting pot angel. Its touch feels good.” After she finished speaking, she looked at him.

“But, I actually prefer to use my fists rather than weapons, so I’m not good in sword arts. There is no problem with adaptation and creation though. I can’t help it. I’m the one and only Lady Yalide after all…”

“Fine, stop it, don’t brag about yourself. Hurry up and show your true skills.” Lin Xiang interrupted Yalide and urged her to hurry up.

“You’re really an impatient man. Well, look closely.” Yalide closed the scabbard, straightened up slightly, held the hilt in one hand, and fixed the scabbard in the other. Her stance was slightly like that of the Falling Leaf Slash. She stared at the leaves that had just fallen from a tree in the yard.

Yalide’s hand moved, and it was incredibly fast. Lin Xiang only watched her retract the cold sword with a “da” sound. The air in front of him made several quick sounds “swish, swish, swish” as several streaks of fierce black light appeared. It was like the scene of splitting dimensions, very conspicuous. However, the light soon dimmed and disappeared without a trace.

Leaves continued falling, but as soon as they touched the ground, they disintegrated into fragments.

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