The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 7 : Three Leading Organizations


With numerous knives swung in an instant, Lin Xiang started to wonder, how did Yalide do it?

Seeing his shocked expression, Yalide smiled proudly, “See? That’s an improvised move of your Fallen Leaf Slash. I’m going to name it Hundred Slash. Now, worship Lady Yalide all you want.”

Lin Xiang had to say that he needed to look at Yalide in a new light again. Although she had a weird personality, her strength was definitely strong. She had the fortune of being arrogant. He could not imagine how powerful she and Freed were before.

“How is it? No one can withstand my power, unless the enemy escapes my attack range, or has a super high defense mechanism.”

“Well, Yalide, this time, I really have to admit, you’re amazing.”

“Isn’t this nonsense? Come on, I’ll teach you how to use it. You can attach fire to the sword. The one just now will be a flaming attack.”

“I remember that darkness is the ability to devour, right?”

“That’s right. Light purifies, darkness devours. Demons and devils are actually similar to human spirits. They all have different attributes, such as fire, water, etc. However, the attributes of demons all contain dark energy, and their power is greatly enhanced. Not to mention, they also like to go on a killing spree. Now, let’s not talk about this. You can try using your flame, or use the ice nature of the sword itself. I suggest you use the attributes of the ice sword, because attaching fire onto an ice sword will definitely consume more energy.”


Yalide taught Lin Xiang patiently, which slightly surprised him. She told him that as long as he was swift enough, let alone a hundred hits in an instant, even a thousand hits was possible. The first thing he wanted to practise was the speed of his hands and the strength of the cut.

Hundred Slash was difficult to practise, but if he could make it, he would be more powerful. However, no matter how hard he tried, even if he entered the wind speed state, he could only slash one time, leaving a mist of ice in the air. The second slash could not be sent out in time.

“Don’t worry, take your time, and practise more. You will be able to reach out your second and third slash.”

“Yes.” He nodded. Yalide, who taught others, had become very different. Lin Xiang had changed his opinion of her that time.

“By the way, give me some money. I want to buy a few books.” Yalide extended her snowy-white hand to him.

Without hesitation, Lin Xiang took the money out of his pocket and gave it to her. He really did not expect that she loved learning so much that she wanted to buy books to read.

Yalide took the money and smiled happily, “Then I’m leaving.”

“Be careful.” Lin Xiang informed, and continued to practise his sword skills.

Wait, something feels wrong…

Lin Xiang suddenly realized something.

“Stop right there.”

“What’s wrong?” Yalide asked, turning her head.

“You are going to buy those p**********c books, right?”

“Non…nonsense. Who do you think I am? I’m Lady Yalide.”

“It’s all because that you’re the Yalide, which made me feel more suspicious. What book do you want to buy?”

“This… you don’t understand anyways.”

“I’ll go with you. I’m afraid you don’t know the way.”

“No, I know it. Just focus on enhancing your sword skills.”

“Get my money back.”

“Hey, you’ve already given it to me.” Yalide clenched the money in her hand, and rolled her bewitching red eyes. She immediately showed a smile on her anxious face, “If you can, get it yourself,” saying that, she stuffed the money into her clothes at her chest.

“Uh…” Lin Xiang could not do it.

“Since that’s the case, I’m leaving.” Yalide turned around and left. The pace of her steps became much faster.

Watching her figure disappearing into the corner of the room, Lin Xiang sighed, “Well, as long as you don’t get in trouble when you go out, you can do whatever you want.”

Yalide liked girls, so he had no reason to force her to change that. Like she said, everyone had something they liked.

With that in mind, Lin Xiang continued to practise his sword skills.

Pull sword, keep sword, pull sword, keep sword.

… In half an hour

“Yo, Lin Xiang, how about we have a small combat session to learn from each other? Playing on the computer every day feels kind of boring.” The wooden door of the yard was opened, and Remi came over, ruffling through his hair.

“It’s good to learn from each other. Have you felt bored and wanted to go back to the demon realm?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Go back? I’m no longer a spirit imperial guard, just the son of the city lord, that’s all. Aside from making errands in the wild, I usually stay at home. I can just stay here though. There are a lot of things that can be done here to pass the time. Going back occasionally is also good, but not now.”

“Alright, how do you want to combat? I’m afraid we’ll accidentally hurt each other.”

“It’s true. It’s not fun to fight while supressing our strengths. It would be nice if there was a place where we wouldn’t get hurt in a fight.” Remi rubbed his chin, looking a little distressed.

Hearing what Remi said, Lin Xiang thought of a place, the school’s arena. There was a barrier there, and fighting in it would only make them feel pain but not actually get hurt. Lin Xiang could also visit Grandpa Mitsu and ask him about the demon apostles.

“Our school has a place like this. Shall we go now?”

“Sure, but are you going to go like this?” Remi glanced at Lin Xiang from top to bottom.

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” He was wearing a loose T-shirt and a pair of loose sweatpants, which was his go-to when it was the school holidays, because the only thing left by ‘him’ was that one. There was another set of casual clothes to wear, but there were others which were uncomfortable.

“I wanted to say this some time ago, Lin Xiang. You don’t seem to pay much attention to your appearance.”

“Well, that’s right. As long as there’s nothing on the face, I think it’s an ok.”

“Yes, but to me, due to the imperial guards and ordinary palace soldiers being the guardians of the royal family, I must always pay attention to etiquette and appearance. Etiquette is very troublesome, so it’s fine if I can’t learn it, but appearance is incredibly important. Although you aren’t considered sloppy, but no matter how I look at you, you seem as if you just climbed out of bed. Your hair’s all curled up in random places, yet you didn’t take care of it. Even your clothes are only suitable for wearing at home.”

“Really…” Lin Xiang felt a little embarrassed when Remi said that. He really never noticed. Usually when he went to school in the morning, Silent Water would always carefully fix his collar for him. She even combed and smoothen his hair. He would never do that, because he felt that…

“That’s pretty good, comfortable and refreshing.”


————Lin Xiang’s room

In the room, Dusty and Fire Dance were still sleeping. It was past nine o’clock. Lin Xiang wondered what they did last night which made them sleep so late. Hmm? Probably busy running into my room.

The two slender and young bodies were hugging each other, and their thighs were intertwined. That scene seemed slightly alluring, so he quickly covered them with a blanket.

Opening his closet, there were a lot of clothes.

‘He’ bought a lot of clothes, but more than ninety present of them was relatively ‘difficult’ to wear. Jeans, blouses, etc. were restricting his movement in his opinion.

Therefore, apart from the clothes he was wearing at present and a set of casual clothes, he seldom worn any of the clothes in his closet, so he just gave them to Remi.

“I think you look better in this one.” Remi took out a plaid shirt and handed it to him. Lin Xiang looked at it, took off his clothes, and changed.

The size was just right, but as he was used to wearing loose clothes, he found it a little tight, just like a school uniform, which made him uncomfortable.

Probably noticing his discomfort, Remi said, “If you wear armor in the future, you will feel more restrictive, so get used to it now.”

“Fine,” he looked in the mirror. Wondering if it was a psychological effect, he felt that he had gotten better-looking. The outfit was fitting, so it made him look very artistic and more spiritual.

Remi took another pair of slacks and Lin Xiang put them on. He looked like a young boy on the street. Although it was not fashionable, it still gave him a refreshing summer feel.

“Not bad, Lin Xiang, you look a lot better this way. Now, let’s tidy up your hair.”

Lin Xiang nodded, went to the bathroom and dried his sleep-raised hair after rinsing it, so it would not look in a mess.

They headed out and Lin Xiang stood by Remi’s side. The previous feeling of being out of place was gone. That was probably the magic of spending time dressing up, right?

“I knew Lin Xiang that you are no worse than other boys. It’s just that you rarely pay attention to yourself. If someone looks at you seriously, they will find your charm. But, just a casual glance at you will only let people think you are ordinary.”

“Uh, although I don’t quite understand this, I will pay attention to it in the future.”

“Good, then let’s go to your school now.”

Nodding his head, Lin Xiang walked to the bed and woke Dusty up, who was still asleep.

“Um… eh? Master? Is it already morning?” Dusty rubbed her eyes, sat up, and after stretching herself, she gave him a foolish smile, “I don’t know why I always run to Master’s room like this. It’s so strange.”

Lin Xiang knocked on her head, “Yes, how strange. Let’s go down for breakfast, it’s very late. By the way, call Fire Dance up. I’m going out.”


Walking out of the room with Remi, the room door that was situated diagonally opposite was also opened. Reidy walked out with a confused look. She slowly raised her head, and glanced at him. Her eyes suddenly flung wide open, “You…you… Are you going crazy?” After speaking, she slammed the door shut again. The moment the door closed, Lin Xiang seemed to notice her redden face.

That’s weird, what did I do? How can she say I’m going crazy…

Lin Xiang sighed, and Remi only laughed, “Your organized appearance is very effective. It’s just that it seems like nothing to a girl like Dusty, who doesn’t pay attention to appearance, like you.”

“Is getting scolded part of the effectiveness?”

“My sister is shy because she seen such a different you.”

“I don’t think she’s shy…”

After going downstairs, Silent Water was seen walking out of the yard with the laundry in her arms. When she saw Lin Xiang, she was obviously stunned. She showed him a heart-warming smile, “Master looks very handsome. Are you meeting a friend?”

“No, I just have to go to the school to meet the principal.” He felt a little shy after being praised by Silent Water that he was handsome.

“Then Master, please be careful along the way.”


When Lin Xiang passed Silent Water, his heartbeat rate increased. It was probably because Silent Water was smiling and looking at him the whole time. She seemed to be in a good mood, as if she saw something that made her on cloud nine.

Lin Xiang could organize himself now, so he did not have to trouble Silent Water anymore. Thinking of that, he felt apologetic. Why didn’t he pay attention to his image before and always made Silent Water worry?

Without taking the cold sword, Remi and Lin Xiang left the house.

On the way to school, many girls kept looking at them. Of course, Lin Xiang assumed that most of them were watching Remi. Although Lin Xiang had a slight change, he was still the same, so he never thought that just a little tidying up would make him a handsome guy.

When they arrived at Pillar Nofu Academy, it was open even during the summer vacation. There were many students, to be precise, they were students who joined the clans.

The clans were similar to the school clubs in the original world, but clans could accept tasks from residents, such as finding pets, teaching children magic, combat skills and so on.

Clans were ranked by points, and the higher the ranking, the stronger the team. Some difficult tasks could also be accepted, such as catching bad guys and collecting materials in the demon realm. Those were the coveted tasks of the clan members, because everyone wanted to be the strong and let the people around them know they were not weak.

Well, anyway, that kind of thinking would only be reserved for the second grades. After finishing third grade and paying the outer world a visit, they would soon understand that being powerful in the human world was nothing great at all.

However, at least sorcerers still had an advantage among ordinary people. Promotions in careers, such as police officers, could be easier.

The arrival of Remi and Lin Xiang did not really attract anyone’s attention. The students were either discussing how to carry out the missions, or reading the mission introductions.

Walking into the campus, Lin Xiang reached the principal’s office. He found that Assistant Yonechi was not there, so he wondered if Michita was also unavailable. He knocked on the door, and after a while, Michita’s voice came from inside, “Come in.”

Good thing he’s here. Lin Xiang opened the door, and walked in with Remi.

As before, Michita sat at his large wooden table, approving documents. He raised his head, saw him, and immediately smiled kindly, “Little Xiang, you’ve returned? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Sorry, I should have informed you first.”

“Ha, it’s alright. Actually, I wanted to visit Dragonborn Village at the time, but I’ve been very busy recently. How is it? Have you gained anything?”

“Well…” Lin Xiang roughly explained about what happened in Olipolia. Of course, he hid the news about Yalide and Valarie.

“Oh? Then, it’s all thanks to the little fire dragon and the little water dragon. However, the ice dragon hasn’t regained its strength, right? I heard that adult ancient dragons, especially evil ones, are extremely powerful.”

“Yes. By the way, Grandpa Mitsu, I want to ask, do you know a demon apostle organization called Blood Shadow Black Stars?”

“Blood Shadow Black Stars? Have you met the demon apostles?”

“Yes, but I’m alright now.”

“Well, I didn’t join the defenders of the human world, so I don’t know much about the demon apostles. Recently, there have been strange illegal intruders in our world, and I suspect that they are demon apostles. Just in case, I will call Lord Qian Libing to ask about that Blood Shadow Black Stars.” After speaking, Michita picked up the phone as Remi and Lin Xiang sat on the sofa and waited.

“Hello, Lord Qian Libing? Yes, Little Xiang came back and learned some dragon roars. That’s right, I want to ask about a demon apostle organization called Blood Shadow Black Stars…”

Although Lin Xiang was clueless what Qian Libing said on the side of the phone, he guessed from Michita’s increasingly serious expression that the demon apostle organization was just as how Ralph said. It was not simple, and was a very famous organization.

“Yes, I understand.” Michita hung up the phone and took a deep breath, “Little Xiang, fortunately you are fine. Blood Shadow Black Stars, the demon apostle organization, is not an ordinary organization. There are a number of fallen humans who believe in and pursue demons. There are also numerous demon apostle organizations. Among them, there are three leading ones. The third one is [Blood Shadow Black Stars]. They have the largest number of members, and there are many powerful characters. Terrorist attacks are generally done by them. The second one is called [Dark Moon]. They have a relatively small number, but all of them are strong. According to the description given by Lord Qian Libing, the human ability of joining [Dark Moon] has reached the level of [Demon Hunting], which means that they all have great strength. The leading organization is called [Pitch-Black Sun]. This is a very mysterious one. Nobody survives upon meeting them. This also leads to the fact that the defenders of the human world cannot collect their data.”

When talking about the [Pitch-Black Sun], Michita’s expression was a little down and heavy, even could be considered as bitterness and hatred. Did [Pitch-Black Sun] cause any damage to Michita?

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