The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 8 : Missions


“Grandpa Mitsu, what has [Pitch-Black Sun] got anything to do with…” Before Lin Xiang finished, he noticed that Michita was looking at him seriously.

“If you encounter demon apostles in the future, retreat immediately and don’t spark conflict with them, understand?”

Lin Xiang nodded to Michita’s solemn instruction, and he stopped talking about it, “Well, I see. In fact, I came to school to borrow the school arena, Grandpa Mitsu. I want to have a combat session with Remi. I wonder if this is possible.”

“Oh? Of course, I want to see how much you’ve improved as well. Come on, let’s go together.” Michita put on a kind smile again, but Lin Xiang always felt that there was sadness behind it.

It seemed that Michita knew something about [Pitch-Black Sun]. Maybe his relatives and friends were killed by that organization of demon apostles, or joined them. Of course, it could be due to something else instead.

On the way, Remi asked a lot about the arena, such as why it could keep people from getting hurt in fights, and what the mechanism was. Michita explained it patiently. Lin Xiang was also clueless about that kind of knowledge, so he listened attentively.

“So, it turns out that the energy in the enchantment can withstand the damage of both sides. Does this require a lot of magic power?” Remi seemed to be very interested in the enchantment of the arena.

“Well, it depends on the damage of the attack created by the opponents in the fight. The higher the attack power, the more energy it consumes. If it exceeds its capacity, then the people will be injured. Attacks by ordinary sorcerers will result in damage, but the enchantment can fully bear it. Since the magic crystals are enough, there is no need to worry about students being injured.”

“Magic crystals? Is this that one thing from spirits’ bodies?” Remi said that, which made Lin Xiang remember the time when he met a boy named Lex in the trial. His spirit was killed by Remi, and a thing called magic crystal was collected from its body.

“Yes, you may not feel comfortable with this, but people from the world beyond the skies will hunt spirits in the wild and take out the spar of energy gathered in their bodies, that is, the magic crystal.”

“Damn, human beings are really abominable.” Remi’s face sank.

“This is a very common thing to the people there. Even humanoid spirits will hunt and kill spirits, just like how humans in the human world slaughter livestock. Most of the spirits in the outer world are not gentle creatures. They are not so intelligent either, so they will take the initiative to attack the creatures they see. Some will even eat the creatures they attack to death, so it is a kind of mutualism between the people and the spirits in the outer world.”

During the conversation, they had arrived at the arena. It was just a small, closed arena, because there was no system for scene-simulation.

“Alright, Remi, don’t think too much about it. Humans and spirits will get along well too. It’s mainly the spirits’ will to facilitate a good relationship between us.”

“Well, to be honest, our spirits sometimes kill those ferocious wild spirits. Humans are probably in a similar situation. Now, Lin Xiang, let’s begin.”

Lin Xiang nodded and grabbed a titanium sword from the weapon bar by the wall. The enchantment of the arena could not resist the powerful energy of dragons, so he did not plan to use the dragon roars and flames, but simply use the sword to fight Remi. He could try Hundred Slash in the meantime. Actually, he could only slash once, so it was not Hundred Slash, but the Fallen Leaf Slash.

“Are you ready?” Michita stepped back to the corner and watched them, “1, 2, 3, start!”

As soon as Michita said his words, Remi released lightning from both hands and rushed towards Lin Xiang.

“Your speed is as swift as ever.” Remi gasped and stretched out his hand to Lin Xiang, who fell to the ground. Lin Xiang raised his numb hand, grabbed onto him, and stood up.

“In the end, I still lost to you.” He patted the dust on his body.

“You just didn’t use your whole strength. You didn’t unleash the dragon roars and flames, did you? If I was hit by your dragon roars, I might have lost my combat effectiveness.” Remi smiled.

Remi was also sparing Lin Xiang during their match, because he had not used his full strength either. He used melee combat to fight Lin Xiang most of the time. If he attacked Lin Xiang from a distance, then he might not even be able to hit him, because his speed was also very swift. He had [Lightning Speed], which was what he recently learned.

“That’s right. Dragon descendants are very powerful in melee combat.” Michita came over slowly, “The dragon roars at close ranges are very powerful. They can deal a heavy blow to the attacked person or even kill him directly. However, dragon roars have a range limit, so does magic, but the range of the dragon roars is relatively short, so if the enemy is out of range, it will be more troublesome. Therefore, I asked Little Xiang to visit Dragonborn Village to learn dragon roars, just to increase his attack range. If possible, he can learn other dragon roars. It’s just a pity that Little Xiang didn’t get to inherit the dragon roar from those elders.”

“Ha…” To that, Lin Xiang could only give a helpless smile. With an existence like Valarie, who would need humans to teach dragon roars?

“Little Xiang, I wanted to say that the way you attack with your sword is a bit special. It’s like swordsmanship, but not, as if it was specially created for ordinary people who can’t enchant the sword.”

Indeed, that was the kendo of ordinary people.

“However, the instant strike just now has great potential. If it can emit sword aura, then it will undoubtedly become a powerful move.”

“Sword aura, huh…” Speaking of sword aura, it was a long-range attack method used by battle technicians. Just like the encounter of the first samurai demons, and the demon generals from the outer world, they were all melee-type demons, but they could attack and kill enemies from a distance. Even if they were approached, they also had powerful melee capabilities and were very dangerous types.

However, for battle technicians, although they were not as powerful as the magicians in the early stage, but after learning to emit sword aura, their strength would directly be comparable to that of the magicians. Of course, the specifics would depend on the situation.

“I want to teach you, but you can’t seem to learn it yet… Hmm…” Michita pondered, then looked at Lin Xiang, “Little Xiang, you know how to attach a spirit to your weapon, don’t you?”

“You mean elements? Sure.” The elder of the fire element in Spirit Kingdom, who was the Chief of the Fire Sect, taught him how to attach fire to items.

“Very good, then I shall teach you a move now. This move can instantly increase your power and has a great effect on breaking through the enemy’s defense. It is also a move for entry-level swordsmen.” Michita took a sword out of nowhere as he spoke.

It was a white sword, about a meter long and three centimeters wide. It gave off a feeling of fragile and tendency to break when cut.

“Little Xiang, look closely.” The white sword body began to have orange electric currents. Michita looked at Remi and smiled, “Although it doesn’t look as good as Remi’s solid lightning, don’t underestimate it.”

Lin Xiang had never heard of it or seen it before. That was the first time he knew that Michita uses electricity.

Michita looked ahead, clenched the handle of the sword tightly, and charged forward with a strike. Static electricity was in the air, and it danced with the sword like an afterimage. Usually, Michita looked like a kind old uncle, but at that moment, his movements were not at all seen like they were from an old man’s, very coherent. With a huge turn and a slash, the orange electric current suddenly increased. Like a lightning snake, it surrounded Michita’s body and entangling him, which was very eye-catching.

After Michita stopped, his face had no signs of tiredness. His heart showed no hints of rapid beating, and his breathing was like normal. He said to Lin Xiang with a smile, “How about it? I did the [Spinning Dance] just now. The previous normal attack was used to confuse the opponent, and then instantly, I increased the spiritual power, making my attack stronger. The opponent will find it hard to guard against my attack, and at the same time, I can break through the enemy’s defense. Although it is an entry-level move, it is difficult to control, because controlling the amount of spiritual power is not an easy thing. While using this trick, lacking proper control will hurt yourself if you release your spiritual power.”

“Noted, I’ll give it a try.” That move seemed to be much easier to learn than Hundred Splits. If he could use it properly, then it would definitely be a great skill to have.

“Good, each battle technician has their own fighting pattern. Everyone can create their own moves. Like swords, to put it bluntly, all swords can do are chopping, cutting, stabbing, and picking. But when these four basic attack methods are slightly changed, a sword skill was born. I’m looking forward to your newly-created sword skill.” After speaking, Michita explained to Lin Xiang carefully how to control spiritual power.

He listened carefully to Michita’s words, while Remi, who was beside him, also followed suit.

“It is the most basic requirement for a battle technician to attach spirit to a weapon. Little Xiang, you are much better than those junior battle technicians, and the element you control is relatively stable. I believe you will be able to master the [Spinning Dance] soon.”

“Yup.” He answered with a nod. Michita explained its origin, that it was created hundreds of years ago by a swordswoman from the outer world. No one could compare with her level of spiritual power control and the sword skills she had were like dancing. Generally beautiful, but the power was not to be underestimated. There were five types of sword skills she created. One of them was like what Michita used just now, which was the most basic [Armor-breaking].

Of course, what Lin Xiang learned was only the basics. The real move of [Spinning Dance] was not just as simple as releasing spiritual power. He also had to practise [Armor-breaking] slowly.

“Then, Grandpa Mitsu, Remi and I will head back first.” It was about eleven o’clock, and it was time to go shopping for Silent Water to prepare the meals.

“Wait a minute. I remember that you joined the [Zero End] clan founded by a second-year student, right?”


“Perfect, there is a mission for your clan to complete.”

“Grandpa Mitsu, have you lost your pet?”

“Ha, how is that possible? Your clan has achieved excellent results in the team competition, so a friend who refines medicine asked me to entrust you to search for a plant in the demon realm.”

“The demon realm?”

“Well, don’t worry. It’s a search for an area within the control of human beings. It’s an experience for your clan mates too. On the way, you can fight the demons you encounter. You should know very well that the demons in the demon realm are not as terrible as you used to know.”

That was correct. He knew that even the C-rank demon general was much powerful than those superior demons among the ordinary demons.

In the human world, there were people without spiritual power, so even those with spiritual power, who lacked actual combat, had no experience with demons. In the end, they were killed accidentally. In addition, demons rarely visit the human world, so the people would naturally share the rumors that demons were mysterious, yet terrifying. Their fear of demons increased infinitely in their hearts. The “Lin Xiang” before, used to be afraid of demons.

“How is it? Are you interested?” Michita asked.

Thinking about how Risa and the others were not excited about ordinary missions, the mission of going to the demon realm would definitely be acceptable.

Freed mentioned before that actual combat was the best teacher. If they encountered demons, it was also good to let Risa and the others fight them in order to gain combat experience.

Thinking of that, Lin Xiang nodded, “Yes.”

“Good, then gather at the academy in three days. I’ll give you a detailed mission statement. In addition, it’s not only your Zero-End Clan that accepted this commission, but also clans from other schools. Maybe you will meet, but remember, don’t fight.”


“After you return, prepare well, I look forward to your performance.” Michita patted Lin Xiang on his shoulder and exited the arena first.

“This is our first team mission… They should be glad.” Imagining his moment of going to the demon realm with Risa and the others, Lin Xiang was a little excited.

After buying some ingredients at the store, Lin Xiang went home with Remi.

The magic power of nature in the human world was very thin, so spirits could not restore the magic power. After the battle, Remi drank a few bottles of magic power supplements, yawned and went back to his room to sleep.

After putting the ingredients in the kitchen, Lin Xiang came to the living room. Dusty and Fire Dance were sitting on the sofa, eating snacks and watching TV. Only at that time would the two big children not be so noisy.

Lin Xiang asked them if they saw Yalide, and they shook their heads, implying they did not.

Don’t tell me that guy hasn’t come back. He was a little worried about Yalide, afraid that she would get into trouble outside, but it was also possible that she was back, but no one knew.

When Lin Xiang walked to the yard, Silent Water was drying the blankets. Seeing her figure slapping the blankets, his anxious mood quickly recovered.

“Silent Water, have you seen Yalide?”

“Lady Yalide? No, she hadn’t come back?”

“I don’t know. I’ll look for her again.”

He searched all over the rooms on the first floor, among them…

“Ah! You pervert! Get out!” With a flash of electricity, Lin Xiang hurriedly closed the door and left.

He was too careless. He did not expect Reidy to change clothes in the bathroom, but why was she holding her breasts and looking at the mirror with a distressed face? Was she worried about her breast? Actually, I don’t think size matters.

Since Yalide was not on the first floor, she was likely on the second floor. When Lin Xiang came to her room, she was indeed there. She was sitting in front of the cabinet, looking at a book, looking very serious. This perverted dragon…

Needless to say, Lin Xiang had already known that the book she was reading was the newly bought p**********c book. It’s that fascinating, huh? Lin Xiang sneaked behind her, ready to startle her. That was when he noticed the book on the table…

There was no beauty that he imagined, and there were no H pictures. Yalide was looking at a book with pure text. The title of the book was written in the upper left corner: “Invasion from the Demon Realm”

“Hey, what are you reading?” He was really curious. Could it be a p**********c novel?

“Ah, this? This is a book that records the invasion of the human world by the demon realm that happened 1,500 years ago. I want to know what happened in the past 1,000 years and what people think about that disaster.” Yalide did not look up, just flipping through the book.

Out of the blue, Lin Xiang felt that although Yalide looked very perverted and condescending, in fact, she was just using those surfaces to confuse others?


At that time, Lin Xiang noticed that there was still a paper bag on the cabinet, and it was bulging with a lot of books. What other books has Yalide bought? Lin Xiang picked up the bag, and Yalide, like a cat whose tail was stepped on, immediately stood up and grabbed the paper bag, trying to snatch it back.

Shh laa—” Too much force was exerted, and the paper bag was torn. The colorful books inside all fell to the ground.


The ground was filled with the sexy pictures of beautiful models posing in alluring clothes.

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