The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 9 : The Gentleman’s Book


“Ah! My books, don’t simply take them, stinky brat.” Yalide squatted down quickly and picked up the *photobooks, like treating a baby.

*T/N: Loanword from Japanese, generally sexy portraits of an actress or model.

How should he put it? Just now, he felt that Yalide was hiding herself, which was true, hiding her lusty self. She deliberately used a normal book to deceive him, so that he could continue giving her money to buy her books next time. This is surely the case, right? For a moment just now, he felt that Yalide was actually a serious dragon. I was really stupid.

“Yalide, congratulations for making me change back to how I used to see you.”

“Huh?” Yalide raised her head in a puzzled voice.

“You’re a pervert.”

“I’m a pervert? I’m just afraid of being called a pervert by you, so I bought these kinds of photobooks with no exposures. Look, strictly speaking, these are not the H books you think they are.” Yalide also flipped through the books.

“Fine…” Apart from wearing sexy clothes, the female models in the books did not reveal any private parts. They were indeed not p**********c books.

“Then, will you give me money to buy them again?”

“No… This…”

“Listen to me. If I have these to read, I won’t walk around randomly, so I won’t cause you unnecessary trouble.”

“So, you mean I still have to thank you? And buy you more of these photobooks?”

“Of course.” Yalide nodded confidently. He really wanted to give her a slap.

“Of course your head! Not causing trouble is what you should always do. But… If you really need it, it’s not impossible to buy it for you.”

“Really?” Yalide looked at Lin Xiang in disbelief, and the book in her hand fell to the ground again.

“Well…” Lin Xiang felt a little embarrassed when Yalide looked at him like that. He rubbed his nose and nodded, “Really.”

He thought that Yalide would be moved and promised him not to harass women anymore, but who knew…

“Bleh~ I feel like vomiting. Brat, you are being so nice to me all of a sudden. I’m a little uncomfortable. Tell me, how do you want to play? For the photo album of the beauties, I will endure it.” Yalide pulled down her cloth, revealing her snow-white shoulders.

“Hey… If you don’t want it, forget it.”

“Yes! Of course I do! I taught you the Hundred Slash, boy. How can I not charge some tuition fees? Oops, my babies fell to the ground again.” Yalide picked up the books on the ground again, and then gestured him to leave, “Don’t hinder me from reading. By the way, you can buy some for me now.”

“Isn’t there more to see?”

“You don’t have anything to do anyway. Go run some errands, so I don’t have to go for a few more days.” After speaking, Yalide continued to read the book “Invasion from the Demon Realm”.

Lin Xiang was speechless for a moment and could only stay quiet as he exited the room.

He heard Freed said that Yalide had always been blaming herself for what happened more than a thousand years ago. The way she was reading carefully at the moment was not pretend. She really wanted to know what future generations think about the incident…

After closing the door, Freed told him coldly, ‘I really didn’t expect you to buy those photo albums for her.

‘Yes, I didn’t expect to buy ‘books’ for Yalide till this day. I just thought about how miserable Yalide was, so I wanted to do something.’

Oh? Miserable? Share how miserable she is.

‘The former ‘I’, and others, thought that there was only one Dragon God, guarding the heavens, living with angels. The Dragon God symbolizing light, that’s you, Freed. And Yalide, the Guardian of the Underworld, is unknown… It’s very sad not to be known and recognized, isn’t it?’

Well, anyway, I thank you for your tolerance and understanding for that idiot.

‘It’s nothing. Actually, I think you’re pretty pitiful too, Freed. I’m a human being. I can’t live for thousands of years, so I can’t understand how you and Yalide got here throughout your drifting in those years. But, I know that it must have been lonely.’

Fine, I presume. It’s good to get used to some things.

‘Don’t you want to come out?’

Hey, hey, after all this talk, your motive is to see my human appearance? When you meet a super cute spirit, I might reconsider.

‘Oh, right. You like spirits. They are cute and small, the kind that make people want to protect.’

What’s wrong with that? Spirits are pure and kind, not as complicated as humans, so they are naturally endearing.

‘Yes~ Yes~’

Before the demons from the outer world arrived at the demon realm, there were soul bodies and spirits there. After seeing those inhuman things numerous times, Yalide became interested in human beings, especially women.

Freed was in the heavens. Due to uncountable times of watching beautiful and handsome angels, she was interested in spirits instead.

That really confirmed the sentence: What you can’t have, you cherish.

Without telling anyone, Lin Xiang went out secretly. After all, buying those books felt embarrassing. He did not want them, especially Silent Water, to know. Otherwise, his “Master” image would be completely tarnished.


Standing in front of the bookstore with uneasiness, Lin Xiang heaved out a deep breath. Refreshed, he entered the store.

“Welcome.” The female clerk at the cashier nodded to him with a smile. He could not imagine how she would look when he brought those “books” to her.

“Do you need any help?” asked the clerk who was sorting the books at the shelves in front of the door.

“No, I can do it myself.” He quickly waved his hand and walked inside.

The bookstore he visited was not too big, but there were quite a lot of books in it. As it was near noon, there were not many customers, only a few were scattered around the corner.

Lin Xiang looked everywhere for the books that matched Yalide’s taste, but he could not find them. The ones outside were more about comics and novels.

Going a little further inside, he saw a large “18” icon on a bookshelf.

Is my target there?

Lin Xiang gulped, picked up a book in front of him for blockage, and observed the situation. Nobody was on the left and right, neither in front, or behind…

The moment he turned his head, a palm clapped on his shoulder, which startled him. When he looked over, it was a fresh and handsome guy with thick eyebrows, big eyes and a sunny smile. Lin Xiang always felt like he had seen him somewhere before.

“Who are you?”

“Ah, no way, Boss? You’ve forgotten me in less than a month?” The boy’s smile instantly turned into mourning.

“So, who are you?”

“Naoki, Kurugani Naoki. You won’t really forget me. Will you, Boss?”

Seeing how nervous he was, Lin Xiang could not help laughing.

“Boss, are you playing with me?” Naoki reacted immediately.

Lin Xiang would never forget that strange boy who recognized him as his boss. Although he looked pretty good-looking, but because he always showed his lecherous heart without any scruples, girls would prefer to stay away from him. However, Lin Xiang knew he was not a bad guy. In the succubus incident, he helped Nagisa get rid of Terayama’s harassment.

“What are you doing here?” Lin Xiang asked. He did not expect to meet him.

Naoki smiled knowingly, as if he was saying “you know”. He bumped Lin Xiang’s arm with his elbow and laughed, “Similar as what Boss is doing, it seems.”

“Don’t … I don’t understand what you mean.” Lin Xiang looked away.

“Stop it, Boss. The sister-in-laws aren’t here anyways.”

“Cough cough. I’m just here to buy books.” It always felt so shameful to be known by familiar people that he was buying those books.

“We are all here to buy books.” Naoki chuckled menacingly.

Oh, it seems that this guy comes here often and knows a lot. Why don’t I ask him where the photobooks are stored? The ones I’m buying are not really p**********c books anyway, so it’s okay to be frank.

“Fine, do you know where those more conservative photobooks are placed?”

“Shh, Boss, the term ‘photobook’ is out-dated. You should call it the must-read book of gentleman, [The Gentleman’s Book].”

“Huh…” Lin Xiang was a little speechless. It was really difficult to associate lust with a gentleman, “Then, what kind of gentleman’s book has no exposure? Just the sexy, but not revealing ones.”

“*Nani (*T/N: ‘What’ in Japanese)!? So, boss, are you a senior gentleman?”

“”I have absolutely no idea what you meant.”

“Let’s put it this way. An entry-level gentleman like me is only suitable for reading vulgar and dewy gentleman’s books. And someone like Boss can already imagine and make up the graceful body under the models’ clothes yourself, which is my lifelong pursuit.”

“That’s why I said I don’t understand you at all, completely.”

“Boss, are you still pretending to be stupid with only the two of us here? Don’t think I don’t know. You must have seen the sister-in-laws’ bodies, from top to bottom, from bottom to top.”

“Never.” Lin Xiang waved his hand.

“Don’t wanna admit it? Actually, I know you, Boss. You buy those high-end books just to make the sister-in-laws wear the same clothes and pose in the same way, and then… Ah! That picture! Damn it! My big brain is actually not enough, I can’t imagine it!”

“It’s great that you can’t imagine. Hurry up and quit the nonsense. Where are those books? I just want the ones that don’t reveal too much.”

“You’re here at the right time, boss. Today is the day when the store just entered new books. I’m here to replenish the supplies. Come, this way.” Naoki took the lead and walked towards the bookshelf with “18R” written on it.

Lin Xiang looked left and right. After confirming that no one was there, he went over in Naoki’s direction.

All kinds of women, young, mature, beautiful and not beautiful women, were shown on the covers of the books on the shelf, which made Lin Xiang dazzled and his heart beat faster.

“Oh~” Naoki exclaimed, showed him a book in front of me, like finding treasure, “New stuff! Boss, look!”

In the book, there was a woman with a good figure, who was at about twenty five years old. Her clothes were revealing, which could give spiritual shock. That kind of feeling was wonderful and was urging the reader to continue reading.

Now, he probably understood why boys liked reading books like that. It could excite people, and they could understand the body of the opposite gender.

“How is it, Boss? I have all of this model’s books so far! Her figure is hot. Look at her breasts. She can bury something in it!”

Lin Xiang immediately kept a distance from Naoki and squinted at him.

(≖_≖ )

What should I call him? Satyr, pervert, livestock?

“Boss, what’s the matter? Did you find something good over there?” Naoki’s appearance was still like he was intoxicated, as if the book gave him self-healing.

“Well… I did find something, but it wasn’t a good thing.”

“What is that look? Do you mean I’m not a good thing?!”

“Anyways, what I want is something that doesn’t show anything… the more conservative kind.”

“But this is really good. Boss, you’re really not interested? Boss, take a closer look. All sister-in-laws, except for Sister-in-law Yorikawa (Nagisa), have breasts that are incomparable to this female model. But, Sister-in-law Yorikawa is still very young, so her charm is naturally not as awesome as this matured one, right?” Naoki pointed to the model in the photobooks and kept saying how good she was, just like a salesman.

Lin Xiang took another look at the female model. Yes, her figure was quite good, but she could only be considered above average. Her arms and thighs had more flesh, while her waist was not thin enough…

At that time, he remembered the “bloody” body he saw in the bathroom last night… Although she had a bad personality, her figure was impeccable. With Yalide as a comparison, he did not think that woman was as good as Naoki said.

“I don’t have time to fool around with you. Hurry up and take me to the books I want.”

“Fine, fine.” Seeing that Lin Xiang had no interest, Naoki put down the book in his hand, pointed to the opposite bookshelf and said, “There’s the book you asked for. Strictly speaking, it’s just a simple photobook, not the p**********c one.  Anyway, a person like me, who isn’t favoured by girls, can only deserve to read that kind of books.” Naoki smiled a little self-deprecatingly, looking very blue.

“Actually… if you’re not so lecherous, there are still girls who like you.” Seeing him like that, Lin Xiang could not help comforting him.

“You’re wrong, boss! I’m following my own heart! I know what I like! What I want! If I resist reading H books and ignore beautiful women, I’m not Naoki!” Naoki regained his energy in an instant, and there seemed to be a flame burning in his eyes.

“Then, just be yourself…” Lin Xiang was unsure what to say anymore.

Wait, maybe Yalide and Naoki were the same. She followed her inner desires, expressed herself frankly, and was truly herself. Because of that, people like them could be said to have no bad intentions.

After looking at Naoki, Lin Xiang turned around and went to the back shelf to look for the photobook. Rather than looking for it, he just took it casually, as long as the content inside was not too exposed.

Lin Xiang picked up a few more copies and noticed there was only one photobook on a certain shelf. After a closer look, the character on the cover was a girl he knew.

He was going to pick it up, when Naoki came over. His eyes glowed, and he got the photobook faster than Lin Xiang, “Ahhhh!!!! Itsn’t this Kana??? Oh my God! Did I read that right?!”

Without further ado, Naoki started flipping open, and the person inside was indeed Angie. The first picture was of the beach, blue skies, and blue water. Angie grabbed the brim of her hat and wore a white skirt, looking out into the distance. Her face was very charming. In the second photo, she looked at the camera and showed a heart-warming smile, attracting attention.

In the photobook, Angie did not have any sexy and seductive poses. She was pure and moving, like a noble angel, unsullied by the corruption of the world. Each picture was so pleasing to the eye.

At that moment, Naoki was just staring at the photobook, but his eyes were not as lustful as before. They were purely appreciating Angie’s beauty. Indeed, a girl like Angie could not be profaned.

“As expected of Kana, every simple action and smile feels so comfortable after every read!” After looking at more than ten pages, Naoki sighed, “I’m buying this last book! Ah, boss, you won’t snatch from me, will you?”

“I won’t, but the price of this one is like three books of these.”

“No! How can Kana’s beauty be calculated with money? Even if it is ten times the price, I believe it will still be sold out.”

“Is Angie… Is Kana really that famous?”

“Of course! Boss, the last time you sang with her on stage, the boys were envious! The most important thing is that I can’t believe that you don’t sing Kana’s songs! Do you know there are many passionate people who almost rush up on stage and kick you off? I’m one of them!”

“Don’t talk about the past…” Lin Xiang really did not expect that his situation was so dangerous when he went up there, “I’m leaving first, because I have bought what I should buy. Do you want to continue buying?”

“No, I have a big harvest today.” Naoki carefully carried Angie’s photobook in his arms, as if it would disappear if he let go.

“Let’s go then.”

“Hmm… Wow! Kana is the endorser of a new hotel in Qibin Beach, and there is her concert at night. That’s great!” Naoki shouted as Lin Xiang was walking towards the counter.

“Oh? When?” Turning around, Naoki showed him the back of the photobook, July 20th, eight days later.

“Boss, are you going too?”

Angie and Lin Xiang were “friends” who met by coincidence. Lin Xiang did not think there would be any meetings with the big star in the future, so he never thought about getting close to her. However, Silent Water and the others seemed to like Angie very much, so he wanted to take them to see her concert. It was the holidays anyway. They naturally had to have some fun.

“Maybe.” Lin Xiang replied.

“Really? Let’s go together, ok? Shall I go get Boss and sisters-in-laws a bus?”

He thought about it, and remembered a person. Lin Xiang then shook his head, “No need, Kamiki has a car at home.”

“That’s right! Miss High and Mighty Kamiki! I’m so stupid. One of her cars is greater than several buses. Comparisons really hurt! Boss~” Naoki suddenly looked at Lin Xiang dearly.

“If you have something to say, stop acting like this…”

“Can I sit with you all?”

“Sure, maybe.”

“That ‘maybe’ should be removed, boss! It’s definitely possible! I beg you, even if I have to take my own car back by myself on the return trip, I still have to experience sitting in such a high-end car once. I will be with so many beautiful girls too.”

“The last sentence is your goal, right? Well, if possible, I will try my best to fight for it, but on Kamiki’s side, I’m not sure if she’s willing or not.”

“Boss must have a way. I believe in you!”


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