The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 10 : Mission Eve


After opening the door, Fire Dance, who was waiting for something at the corridor, saw his return. She ran over to see what was in the bag in his hand.

Her act scared the life out of Lin Xiang. He quickly raised his hand to prevent her from getting it. They could not see the photobooks inside.

“Master, what’s in the bag? Let me see.” Fire Dance jumped up and down in front of him. He almost let go due to the two soft things on his chest.

Lin Xiang took two steps back and explained, “This is not edible. If we can eat this, I will definitely give it to Fire Dance. There are books in it, which are not suitable for Fire Dance to read.”

“Fine, if Master said so, then I won’t see it.” Fire Dance did not make further trouble, and nodded obediently.

Seeing her like that, Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief and put his hand down at the same time.

He was in midst of relieving himself when Fire Dance suddenly snatched the bag in his hand. Lin Xiang still could not interpret what was going on, so he just stared blankly at her, who was already standing several distances away from him.

“Master, come and catch me.” Fire Dance showed the naughty smile of a child, and shook the paper bag in her hand.

“Fire Dance, give it back first, I’ll catch you later.” Lin Xiang approached Fire Dace cautiously. She stepped back with a smile, and stuck out her pink tongue at him, “I won’t. Master doesn’t play with me though. When you catch me, I’ll give it back.”

Catching her was no big deal. What he was most afraid of was the moment when Fire Lotus suddenly woke up, and then she would definitely look at what she was holding. What happened next was naturally self-evident.

“Be obedient, Fire Dance. Give me the thing.”

“No way.”

“Listen…” Lin Xiang saw the chance and rushed over, “To me!”

“Wah!” Fire Dance ran as her red hair fluttered like a red flag.

“Stop right there.” He felt that his speed was much faster than Fire Dance. Since the corridor was not too long, he could definitely catch her in three seconds.

However, reality was often different from imagination. Fire Dance twisted, like a snake, and got into the living room.

Lin Xiang stopped and followed closely. She swayed and slid through the living room skilfully. His movement was limited by the coffee table, chair, sofa, and other furniture. He bumped into the sofa by accident.

“Master, come on.” Fire Dance stood by the living room door and raised the bag, looking like she was going to open it. Lin Xiang gritted his teeth and hurriedly chased out.

Fire Lotus, you must not wake up this instant. Lin Xiang silently prayed in his heart.

When he went to the corridor, Dusty came out of the kitchen with a piece of meat dangling from her mouth, “What’s the matter, Sister Fire Dance?”

“Master is playing with me, is Dusty joining us?” Fire Dance ran past her and said.

“Really?” Dusty sucked the meat into her mouth, and ran out of the yard with Fire Dance.

“Please…” Lin Xiang felt troubled, but seeing how Dusty and Fire Dance wanted to play, he could only sigh.

“Fine, since you want to play, let’s play.” Lin Xiang ran towards the door leading to the yard.

When he ran out to the yard, it was very quiet outside. All kinds of clothes were hanging on the racks by the yard, and they fluttered several times when the wind blew. It was noon at the moment, and the heat exuded by the sun was very hot. Lin Xiang looked around and found no trace of Fire Dance and Dusty.

Grass? None. Trees? None. Did they go over the fences?

Lin Xiang closed his eyes and focused on his ears. At that moment, two soft conversations came.

“Hee hee, Master will definitely not find out that we are already above. Sister Fire Dance, what are you holding in your hand?”

“This? Master brought it back. He said they were books, and he wouldn’t let me read them.”

“Books? I know how to read. Let’s open them and take a look.”


“No!” Lin Xiang shouted and looked at the window on the second floor. He felt like a dog jumping over the wall. As soon as he bounced, he reached the height of more than three meters. Then, he grabbed the edge of the window.

“Wow, Master has become superman! Let’s go.” Dusty and Fire Dance rushed out of the room. And Lin Xiang followed closely behind them.

The whole house was filled with Dusty and Fire Dance’s cheers. Lin Xiang immediately realized that he really had not played with them for a long time, so they were probably too bored.

Before Lin Xiang knew it, he was already enjoying himself. When he was about to catch up, he slightly slowed down his pace, for fear that they would run too fast and fall over.

However, that happiness did not last long.

“I told you not to… Ouch!” In the corridor on the first floor, Fire Dance bumped into Reidy, who just exited the kitchen, and both of them fell to the ground. The bag flew to the ceiling, and the books inside were scattered like brightly-colored butterflies, flapping their wings and dancing in the air.

One of them fatefully landed on Reidy’s head.

“It hurts.” Reidy rubbed her hips with one hand and took down the book on her head with the other, “What is this… thing…” Reidy’s eyes were placed on the photobook, and the pain expression was replaced with a blank one. She was like a doll, but that doll was not cute, as if she was the tranquillity before a storm, “So you like this kind of thing. Pervert.”

“It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. This is not what I want to buy. It’s that brat, Yalide’s.”

“You mean that the yellow (perverted) dragon god can read such conservative books?” Reidy obviously did not believe it.

“Hey, Dusty, I’ve always wanted to ask, why are these people taking pictures in their underwear? They can occasionally be seen on TV too.”

“This must be because it’s more refreshing.” Dusty looked like she knew the reason well. Please, stop talking about your half-baked common sense.

“Then, why are they holding their breasts? Is it fun?”

“It must be due to their breasts being too big and heavy, so they need to be supported by hands. Sister Fire Dance’s may become as big as them in the future.”

“Huh? I don’t want that. Reidy, what can you do to keep them from growing?”

“Crack!” An electrified palm hit the photobook Fire Dance and Dusty was reading, and the powerful current immediately scorched the photobook, turning it into ashes.

“Enough…  All of you.” Reidy’s face was very depressing, “This kind of immoral thing should…”

“Little Reidy, don’t!” Yalide, who heard the movement, ran down the stairs. A scene like a strong wind blowing across the sea was formed on her chest, causing turbulent waves.

“Tsk! Not one, not two, but all three!” Reidy bit her lip, and without hesitation, she turned all the photobooks Lin Xiang bought to ashes.

“No!!! Little Reidy, you devil!” Yalide was too late when she arrived. She looked at the photobooks that disappeared with touch. Tears in her eyes loomed, “This kid rarely buys me spiritual food…”

“Humph!” Reidy flung her blond hair and walked into the kitchen, “Since you have spiritual food, lunch will be waived.”

“That’s too much. Little Reidy is too much. It’s all turned into dust.” Yalide held up the ashes and looked at Lin Xiang pitifully, “Boy, will you buy it for me again?”



After lunch, Lin Xiang sent a message to Risa and the others through a group chat, and talked about the task he received from Michita.

Satsuki Risa: Is it true or not? Can we really go to the demon realm?

Yorikawa Nagisa: This… Will it be dangerous for us to go?

Satsuki Risa: You’re too naive, Nagisa. Challenges are often accompanied by danger. We can use the demons to test our strength in the meantime.

Yorikawa Nagisa: But… the demon realm, or something, seems very scary.

Kamiki Kuji: The world beyond the skies will be even more terrifying, and it is our actual goal in the future. Therefore, going to the demon realm now is just an early trial.

Yorikawa Nagisa: Yes… Actually, you all don’t have to care about my opinion… I’m just talking casually…

Lin Xiang: Nagisa, what you said was wrong. We all belong to the same clan and we are friends. How can we not care about your opinion?

Satsuki Risa: That’s right. Nagisa, you always underestimate yourself.

Kamiki Kuji: If it’s good, we call it grace. But if it’s bad, we call it weak.

Yorikawa Nagisa: Well… Thank you all… I will pay attention to it in the future.

Satsuki Risa: What are the rewards for the mission?

Lin Xiang: We’ll listen to the details later. I’m not sure as well. Senior Kaoru doesn’t seem to have seen the message.

Suehiro Kaoru: Yorikawa, you don’t need to belittle yourself.

Kamiki Kuji: In short, it won’t be any better, don’t have any expectations.

Yorikawa Nagisa: Senior Kaoru, I won’t.

Satsuki Risa: Why did Senior Kaoru only reply now?

Suehiro Kaoru: Yes, Young Master. I saw the message.

Lin Xiang: Well, Senior Kaoru will agree to this mission, right?

Satsuki Risa: She will definitely agree. Since it’s our first mission, we have to do it better.

Kamiki Kuji: Not bad.

Suehiro Taoist Hall had been rebuilt. More apprentices were looking for Suehiro Sunao to learn sword skills. Kaoru has been picking up the phone for a while. She always wanted to express her opinion, but due to her uncomplimentary speed of typing, after finishing a dialogue, Lin Xiang and the others had already talked to the back. Therefore, she kept clearing, typing, clearing again, and typing again. She just could not send a word.

When she saw Lin Xiang mentioned that she was not there, she just typed a word to comfort Nagisa and quickly sent it, indicating that she had seen the messages. Now, she was about to reply to Satsuki, saying that she could not enter the conversation because of her slow typing, but found that they had already talked about other topics.

Satsuki Risa: What do we need to bring? Tents?

Lin Xiang: I think there’s no need to spend the night there.

Yorikawa Nagisa: Then, medical kit.

Kamiki Kuji: Yes, the medical kit is necessary. Others, like food, also need to be prepared.

Satsuki Risa: Is there a map?

Lin Xiang: It’s hard to say, after all, it’s the demon realm.

Young master can accept any task you want. At that moment, Kaoru was just about to reply to Lin Xiang’s sentence “Senior Kaoru will agree to this mission, right?” However, she found that they had already talked about what to bring, so the input box was cleared and changed to: Lights, baggage, lunch boxes.

When she wanted to send it, she found out that Lin Xiang and the others were not talking about what to bring to the demon realm, but were chatting.

Lin Xiang: Why does it feel like we are going on an outing?

Satsuki Risa: Haha, that’s true.

Yorikawa Nagisa: *^_^*

Kamiki Kuji: It should be okay to take it as an outing, as long as we don’t encounter a formidable enemy.

Seeing that, Kaoru had to silently delete the typed words since it would be too strange to send it.

Lin Xiang: Senior Kaoru must be busy. I didn’t see her messages.

Satsuki Risa: She might be practising her sword skills.

Yorikawa Nagisa: Then, let’s not disturb Senior.

“It’s not like that.” Kaoru weakly put down the smartphone she just bought.

“Big Sis, what’s the matter?” Choshi saw Kaoru sighing as she walked out of the yard holding her clean clothes.

“Nothing.” Kaoru shook her head. Lin Xiang and the others had already made an appointment to gather, so she could only say: Young Master, I will arrive on time. Then, she opened her browser and searched for “typing practiser.”

Choshi did not understand what happened to her sister, and she rarely saw Kaoru worrying about things other than sword skills.

——Three days later, on campus, in Zero-End Clan’s room

It was a small room of more than twenty square meters, like a classroom. There was no decoration, only a large table and some chairs were placed in the middle.

At that moment, except for Kaoru, who went to the principal’s office, the members of the Zero-End clan gathered in that room. Of course, there was a non-member, Fire Dance. She was playing with Dusty at the moment.

Lin Xiang felt very strange. He had not seen Fire Lotus in the past few days. It had always been Fire Dance’s personality. According to the past, Fire Dance would change to Fire Lotus’s personality when she was about fall asleep.

Although Fire Lotus was not easy to get along with, she was not as clingy and playful as Fire Dance. It was not that Lin Xiang did not like Fire Dance’s personality, but she sometimes made him emotionally unstable.

She wanted to take a bath with Lin Xiang or help Lin Xiang shower. She wanted to sleep beside Lin Xiang, because he closed the windows. That gave Lin Xiang a headache.

“Evil Dusty, watch me.”

“Oh no~ I’ll remember this. I will definitely be back.”

Seeing the two playing aside, Lin Xiang smiled. No matter what, she was not as lonely as before. Happiness was all that mattered.

Wait… Lin Xiang thought of something at that time. Schizophrenia was mainly because the main consciousness was escaping from something, so the main mind would produce a second consciousness to protect itself. If the main consciousness no longer escaped, then wouldn’t the second consciousness disappear?

Fire Lotus did not want Fire Dance to approach Lin Xiang before. She distrusted him, and on the other hand, she was afraid that she would disappear…

If what he thought was true, then…

Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance in surprise. At that moment, the door was opened, and Kaoru walked in with a piece of paper.

“Young Master, this is the content of the mission.” Kaoru handed the task description to Lin Xiang.

Satsuki immediately leaned over and pressed against Lin Xiang’s shoulder, “Let me see. The difficulty level of the mission is an E…”

Satsuki began to read the contents. Lin Xiang smelled the faint fragrance of Satsuki, and felt the soft thing on his shoulders. His expression was a little unnatural, and he dared not move his body.

Reidy saw Lin Xiang like that, and also stood behind Lin Xiang, pressing against him, “Let this lady see too.”

“Stop pushing around like that. It’s fine if you just listen to me.”

“This lady wants to read it aloud too.”

The two grinded on Lin Xiang, and Lin Xiang had no choice but to lean forward. However, the two bodies also pressed downwards, arguing at the same time.

“About that… let’s just read it together…” Nagisa said with a mosquito-like voice. Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, she silently lowered her head as before.

Lin Xiang, with his body bent, felt something hard on his shoulders pressing against him. The foreign object came from Reidy’s chest.

In order to divert their attention, Lin Xiang spoke, “Reidy, there seems to be something hard on your chest.”

As soon as those words made their way out, the two of them did not argue anymore. Even Dusty and Fire Dance, who were playing around, stopped. The room was filled with silence.

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