The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 11 : Moreau Grass


“Pfft hahahaha!” Satsuki’s laughter broke the silence. She looked at Reidy meaningfully, “The hard thing… Could it be the ribs?”

“How…how is it possible!!!” Reidy yelled. Blushing, she inserted her hand into her collar, and took out a pendant, but it was actually a plant stem necklace, “This is it! Look clearly, this is it!”

“Who knows~” Satsuki spread open her hands, as if she did not believe her. Reidy was furious when she looked at Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang felt that he said something he should not have. He gulped and did not dare to look at Reidy.

“You! Tell me, is it because of this?!” Reidy brought the pendant to Lin Xiang’s eyes.

Lin Xiang recognized that it was the stem of the Nora grass, the stem of a plant that could be used to hide the scent of spirits. He also knew that the hard thing was something else, so he wanted to change the subject, but he did not expect it would turn out like that…

“Yes, it must be because of this.” Lin Xiang nodded quickly.

“Did you hear it? Satsuki Risa? Yours is the one flat enough to feel the ribs.” After receiving Lin Xiang’s reply, Reidy gained some confidence.

“Really? I don’t think I said anything. What of mine is flat enough to feel the ribs?” Satsuki said as she straightened herself. Her breasts were well-developed, not big, but not too small. They were bigger than Reidy’s anyway.

“Reidy, you haven’t told me how to make my breasts smaller…” Fire Dance recalled the question from three days ago, but before she finished speaking, Reidy glared at Fire dance with murderous eyes, which gave off a feeling that even a child could feel.

“Mff…” Fire Dance covered her mouth and blinked.

Reidy looked around at the people present.  Her attention was on Dusty’s body, and she finally regained some confidence.

Look how optimistic Dusty is. I can’t be too pessimistic.

Satsuki looked like she was suppressing her laugh, “Don’t worry about it, Reidy. There is a really good saying: ‘I’m flat chested, I’m proud, I save cloth for the country.’ Reidy, you are doing a lot for the country without knowing it. You should be proud of your great contribution.”

“Die, die. I don’t want to make this boring contribution.”

“Yeah yeah. People, like Nagisa, find it hard to make a contribution, yet you don’t know how to cherish it. Typical people~”

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I… I don’t want to either.” Nagisa hurriedly bowed, shaking her chest.

“Damn it.” Reidy gritted her teeth. Anyone who had something bigger than hers was abnormal. She thought.

“Alright, it’s just a joke. Don’t get angry.” Satsuki patted Reidy on the shoulder and said to Nagisa, “Nagisa, you too, why are you nervous?”

“Huh? But big breasts will consume more fabric… Then, buying clothes will cost more money. It’s hard to support life…”

“There’s no such thing. The size and price of the clothes are the same. It was just a joke.” Satsuki felt that Nagisa would always get serious in strange areas.

“Is that so? That’s great.” Nagisa heaved a sigh of relief.

“Evil Satsuki Risa, wait for this lady’s comeback.” Reidy looked at Satsuki, thinking about how she could defeat her. However, the opponent seemed to be balanced in everything. Aside from having strength, she had no other advantages… Hmph, one day it will outgrow yours.

Reidy thought confidently.

“Now, let’s take a look at the mission’s description.”

——Collect Moreau Grass in the Demon Realm

——Mission Difficulty: E

——Mission description: An alchemist needs Moreau Grass as a raw material for medicine. Please find Moreau Grass within the controllable range of human beings in the demon realm.

——Target: Moreau Grass, with large leaves and small stems, has five leaves, generally dark blue, with small barbs on the leaves. Its mature color is brighter. It likes to grow in humid places.

——Reward conditions: Collect 30 Moreau Grasses that are in good condition, whether they are mature or not. Task-ranking is determined by the time of the task. The first team to complete will receive a mid-level magic gear. The second team to finish gets two lower-level magic gears. Third…50,000 yen. Fourth…30,000 yen. After the fifth, Moreau Grass will be purchased at the market price. Each team can only sell 30 plants.

Seeing that, Satsuki frowned, “Is there anyone else doing the mission with us?”

“Ah, I forgot to tell you that this mission can be accepted by the higher-ranked clans in every academy. Not just us.” Lin Xiang scratched his head, “I’m sorry I didn’t say this beforehand.”

“It’s fine. It’s only competitive when there are others with us. By the way, what kind of alchemist actually takes in five winners only? One of the rewards is a mid-level magic gear too. So rich.” Satsuki sighed with great emotion.

“Yes…” Nagisa looked at the ring on her middle finger.

That was the magic equipment that Satsuki gave her, a mid-level magic gear.

Magic gears were naturally the equipment used by magicians. Like combat gears, they were divided into the lowest level, the lower level, the middle level, and the upper level according to the quality of the manufacturing materials. Each of those levels was further divided into three grades. For example, the mid-third grade was better than the mid-second grade.

Magic wands and titanium swords issued by the academy to students belonged to the lowest level of gears. The nerd, ‘Lin Xiang,’ spent money when he was taking the high school exam. He bought a low-level magic wand at the magic gear store to pass the test successfully. It could be seen that different levels of magic gears had different effects on the magic released.

Of course, there were only four levels of magic gears in the human world. In the outer world, there would be four more levels after the upper level ones, namely super-level, spiritual-level, super-spirit level, and god-level. God-level weapons were only limited to the legends.

Generally speaking, human beings could not create gears above the super-level. However, the dwarves of the outer world were obviously more talented than humans in manufacturing equipment. Many of them could create good weapons, which were recognized by the good craftsman of the outer world.

“I wonder what kind of magic gear it will be. If we want to get it, we must obtain the first place. We must complete the mission as soon as possible to get champion. Can we do it?” Satsuki was worried, because they were not familiar with the demon realm.

“The possibility of getting first place is still very high.” Kamiki looked at Silent Water and Reidy as she spoke. Her gazes were unpredictable. But Freed said that Kamiki knew that Silent Water and Reidy were spirits, so Lin Xiang knew what Kamiki’s eyes meant, which was saying that there were spirits from the demon realm by their side, so number one was guaranteed.

“Isn’t it, Darling?” Kamiki set her eyes on Lin Xiang.

“Haha… That’s right.” Lin Xiang laughed awkwardly, “We have to believe in ourselves. First place is not a problem. If we don’t have confidence, how can we succeed?”

“Young Master is right. If everyone unites, there will be no problem. It’s just that everyone is not familiar with the demon realm, so be careful. I don’t want accidents to happen to any of you here.”

“Don’t worry. We have trained in Dragonborn Village. It’s just time for the demons to test the training effect.” Satsuki was full of energy.

“Well, then let’s go. Target? Demon realm.”


Going to the demon realm was of course not that simple. If people in the human world wanted to visit the demon realm, they must head to the Demon Realm Administration (previously known as Devildom Administration), because there were different-dimensional cracks that could teleport people to the demon realm and would never disappear.

The last terrorist attack stopped the operation of the Demon Realm Administration for a period of time, and the criminals were still not caught. Since no one was caught, the police could not take it lightly, so there were often police patrols at the Demon Realm Administration.

At that moment, there were a lot of people in the hall of the Demon Realm Administration. They include spirit catchers, gatherers, and hunters who would go to the demon realm to hunt demons. It could be said that those people would be there every day.

Lin Xiang and others entered the hall and did not attract anyone’s attention. The hall was filled with noise.

There were already some teams waiting for the mission to start. Lin Xiang met several clans from other schools that he had some impressions of. Two of them were people he was familiar with.

Nobuhiko Takahashi, and War Angel Matthew.

“I was right. They are here too? It’s a bit difficult to compete with them for the first place.” Lin Xiang murmured.

Takahashi was sitting on the bench, and a boy was talking to him. Lin Xiang had forgotten that boy’s name. In short, he was not the type that he would like. The boy seemed to be the grandson or son of the principal of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy.

Takahashi also noticed Lin Xiang and the others. He nodded to Lin Xiang, and responded to the boy next to him half-heartedly.

“It’s that female-like boy again.” Seeing Matthew surrounded by a group of girls, Satsuki’s face was unsightly. She was still brooding about the fact that Matthew attacked Lin Xiang during the clan competitions.

Nagisa also saw Matthew, and hid behind Lin Xiang, “Lin Xiang, can we… not catch his attention?”

Nagisa possessed the energy of the Goddess of Luck, Gertas. She was clueless about it herself. However, when Matthew saw her, he mistook her for his own people, and said a lot of strange things, which made Nagisa a little afraid of him.

“Don’t worry, Nagisa, it’s alright.” Lin Xiang comforted Nagisa and looked around. On the back of the mission scroll, there was an instruction that when they got to the Demon Realm Administration, the leader would take them to register some information.

Has that person arrived? Just when Lin Xiang thought so, a hand patted his shoulder. At the same time, a mature female voice sounded behind him, “Hello, Little Xiang.”

The owner of the voice surprised Lin Xiang. He turned his head and said in surprise, “Sister Meiko?”

It was Ijima Meiko, the granddaughter of Ijima Michita, and Lin Xiang’s former English teacher.

She was wearing a white blouse, a mid-length black skirt, and black stockings with high heels. She was like an office lady from some big companies.

The tight-fitting shirt showed the attractive curves of her body. With a slender waist and the thighs tightly wrapped in the skirt, the black stockings showed a hint of flesh, and the two slender legs looked even skinnier with high heels. Many men could not help but looked sideways.

“I haven’t seen you for a while, Risa, Kuji, that seems to be Nagisa, right?” Meiko greeted everyone with a warm smile.

“Teacher Ijima… Good… good to see you.” Nagisa bowed to Meiko.

“Don’t exaggerate. I’m not a teacher anymore. Just like Little Xiang, just call me Sister Meiko.”

“Sister Meiko…”

“Good girl. Nagisa is really a good girl.”

“So, you are the leader?” Kamiki held crossed her arms and looked at Meiko expressionlessly.

“Kuji, you’re so cold. How about calling me Big Sis?”

“I don’t have that habit.” Kamiki was cold to many people. She was considered polite to Meiko now.

“Well, I’m no longer a teacher, so I can’t control you. Yes, I’m the leader of Pillar Nofu Academy. Although I’m a leader, I’m just taking you to register the information about entering and leaving the demon realm along with the certificate. The mission still needs you to complete. By the way, your clan members aren’t this few, right? What about the others? They seem to be called Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty, hmm, and your captain, Kaoru.”

“There are two children in the clan now, and the adults have taken the children to the toilet. Sister Meiko really has an amazing memory. You obviously didn’t talk much about it.” Satsuki was a little surprised.

“Of course, I use firearm magic, so in fact, I’m a gunner!”

“This has nothing to do with memory, right?” As soon as Lin Xiang finished speaking, Meiko shook her head, “No, No. Gunner has requirements for eyesight and memory. When encountering an enemy, the gunner must remember what the target has on the body. The next time when the gunner meets the enemy, whether or not something is missing, this may become the key to victory or defeat in battle. Usually, being able to become a gunner requires extraordinary eyesight and memory.”

“What about the unusual ones?” Everyone was curious about an alternative magician, like the Gunner.

“Unusually, some people are born with excellent dynamic vision. Dynamic vision is a good thing. It can capture the trajectory of the movement of objects, so as to predict shooting and dodge. Of course, an ordinary gunner can also achieve it after long hours of practice”

“It feels like a lot of learning.”

“I know right? Gunners are a pain in the neck.”

“Then, why did Sister Meiko become a gunner?”

“I didn’t say this before, right? I have a whole body of spiritual power, but I can’t use ordinary magic weapons to release magic. I can only attach magic to a pistol, so I have to use a firearm. If I lose the firearm, the enemy will get close. The possibility of being defeated is very high, and in order to facilitate movement, the gunner will not bring close-range weapons. It is not easy to fight, so I want to learn the combat skills with the fist.” Meiko said and glanced at Lin Xiang glanced, “It’s just that I didn’t learn anything.”

“It’s the first time I know about Sister Meiko.” Satsuki nodded, “Then why did Sister Meiko return to the human world? Didn’t you go to the outer world? This leader position can be taken over by an ordinary teacher, right?”

“Ah, it’s a long story. It actually went like this… There are bad people who have invaded the human world by unknown means, and they are all over the country. Their range of movement is within the Demon Realm Administration. Therefore, since I was born in the human world, I was instructed to come here for investigation.” Speaking of that, Meiko lowered her voice, “Those bad people are all from the outer world. We call them demon apostles, a group of fallen humans who serve the demon race.”

“Serve the demon race? There are humans who actually… I really can’t believe it.” Satsuki and Nagisa looked in disbelief. Yes, no one in the human world would believe that anyone would serve demonic monsters.

It’s like, you know a person, who is a retarded murderer, but you still worship, help, and approach it, even if it will kill you.

“There are positives and negatives in everything. This is the law of nature. If you encounter suspicious people, try to stay away from them. They usually wear black clothes.”


During the conversation, Silent Water and the others appeared in sight. Meiko saw them and greeted with a wave, “Good to see you guys. Ah? There’s another little girl? No wonder Risa said there were two children just now. You are one of them, right?” Meiko put her attention on Fire Dance.

Seeing Meiko’s unfamiliar face, Fire Dance walked up and hugged Lin Xiang’s arm, watching her with vigilance. When she heard the word “children,” she pouted even more, “I’m not a child. I’m an adult.”

“Oh, oh. Adult, what’s your name?”

“I won’t tell you.”

“When people ask for names, not saying is children behavior.”

“Fire Dance, my name is Fire Dance.” Fire Dance quickly said her name, and Lin Xiang began to worry about whether she would reveal all her information when encountering bad people in the future.

“Fire Dance? What a great name, you must be using fire. Silent Water, water, Reidy, lightning, Dusty, earth…” Meiko patted Lin Xiang and moved closer to Lin Xiang’s ear, saying softly, “You’re really awesome, but it’s not good to be a fickle.” At the same time, she shook her slender index finger a few times in front of Lin Xiang’s eyes.

“Me? A fickle?” Lin Xiang scratched his head inexplicably.


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