The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 12 : Arriving at the Demon Realm


“Excuse me… Is Teacher Ijima the leader?” At that moment, a few students who were wearing Pillar Nofu Academy’s school uniforms, like Lin Xiang and the others, came over. Looking at their ties, the boy at the front was in the second grade. Some of the rest were second graders and first graders.

Meiko turned around and looked slightly serious, “Yes, you are the members of the “Huge Impact” clan, right?”

“I’m sorry we’re late.” The other party hurriedly bowed.

“No, it doesn’t matter. The rule is to arrive before 10 am. Since it’s not 10 o’clock yet, your clan members are not late.”

“Anyway, we’re really sorry, Teacher Ijima.”

“Don’t apologize, and stop calling me a teacher. I’m not a teacher anymore.”

“Yes! I’m so sorry, Teacher Ijima.”

“I said you don’t need to apologize, and you don’t need to call me teacher.”

“I’m sorry, Teac…” The boy stopped himself, “I was too nervous. I’m sorry for being a joke in front of everyone.”

“You are such a cute child. All your clan members are here, right?”

Five males and three females.

“Yes!” The boy stood upright, like a soldier.

“Relax. Am I that scary to make you this nervous?”

“No… Teacher Ijima is the goddess we admired before, so…” At that point, the five boys all laughed.

“Well, this is music to my ears, but even if you say that, I can’t help you with any of the missions.”

“We didn’t mean that. We just didn’t expect to see you here and talk to you so closely. We are really in joy.”

“I always wanted Teacher Ijima to teach my class.”

“Me too, I wanted to be transferred to Class C at that time.”

Hearing that, Meiko smiled, “I didn’t expect myself to be so attractive. Well, let’s not talk about this. I will brief some precautions, so pay attention.”


————10 o’clock in the morning

Students participating in the mission were gathered in a large room with devices arranged around it. Those were what human technology made with the energy obtained from the different-dimensional cracks. It could transport people to the teleportation room of the demon realm.

There were several teleportation rooms in the Demon Realm Administration. Among them, there was a room called the Different-Dimensional Crack Protection Room, which was the forbidden area of ​​the Demon Realm Administration because it was the source of energy for the teleportation rooms.

A middle-aged man stood in front of Lin Xiang and the other students, and said in his moderately-loud voice, “The demon realm, I believe many of you are going there for the first time. Whether it is dangerous or not, I can’t exactly tell you. The answer, I can only say, demons are actually not terrible, because there are more terrible creatures than them. Some of you should know what they are, and those who don’t know, don’t worry, you will know later.”

The man wore white Japanese clothing with a neat surface, giving off a doctor’s vibes.

The four academy leaders stood aside. It was unsure if anyone was listening, because the three male leaders were all focused on Meiko.

“I’ve said some useless things. Now, let’s talk about the useful ones. I’m your client of this mission, Bury, an alchemist. You can think of me as a pharmaceutical. You’re definitely not interested in me, so I won’t introduce myself. I’ll start talking about the reward items. I believe you already know, the first place will get a mid-level magic gear, but let’s keep a little suspense about what it is. I can tell you the prize for the second place, which are a low-level fire magic wand and a low-level electric magic wand, which can increase the corresponding magic. The third place is 50,000 yen, and the fourth place is 30,000 yen. Fifth place and below will be sold based on market price.”

“I have a question. How much is a Moreau Grass?” A student from another academy asked.

“1,000 yen, thirty plants is equivalent to 30,000 yen.”

“Isn’t this the same as the fourth place? Can we bring back some more?”

“As written in the mission’s description, only thirty plants will be accepted.” Speaking of that, Bury snickered, “Originally, I only needed about one hundred Moreau Grasses, but I was asked to come and issue a mission to you to test you newcomers. I was also dumbfounded, because it’s a waste of my time. Fortunately, the rewards of the mission are not provided by me, so is there any problem?”

“Is Moreau Grass hard to find?”

“It depends on your strength and luck. Moreau Grass grows in damp places, and it is something that some little spirits like to eat.”

“If we found other herbs, do you need them?”

“It depends on what kind of herb it is. Kids, I’ll give you a piece of advice. In case of poisoning or other accidents, it’s best not to touch the plants of the demon realm. Even if the mission is carried out in human’s territory, you will still die.”

Hearing that, everyone fell silent. They were all intimidated by the word “death”. The reason was very simple. Except for some people who put life and death aside, ordinary people would be afraid when they heard the term “death”. That was a fear that humans had from the heart.

“Yes, you will die. There are countless demons in the demon realm, and so are the wild spirits. If you are under their attacks, yet you have no ability to protect yourself, tell me, what will happen in the end? You are all in your blossoming period, and there are a tonne of things you haven’t enjoyed. If you die, does it really not matter?” Bury’s words shook the heartstrings of the students, except for Matthew, Lin Xiang, Silent Water, and other spirits who had brushed past death several times. Other students hesitated.

When they received the mission to go to the demon realm, they were very excited, yet they had forgotten its dangers due to excitement. They never thought about the concept of death.

“You can also give up the mission. In the face of life, those who escaped aren’t cowards, at least you won’t die. If you did face death, you can’t even be a coward if you want to. Now, decide. The clans that want to join can have their captain’s signature on the back of the mission description scroll. Those who don’t want to participate can just hand it in.”

“After listening to him, it seems scary.”

“How is it? Are we going?”

“We are not familiar with the demon world. What if we can’t find Moreau Grass, but break into the demon’s lair instead?”

The members of the various clans began to discuss.

Holding her chin, Satsuki was a little distressed, “Well… Indeed, if we go to that uninhabited demon realm, and encounter a group of wild spirits or demons with strong attack power, we will really be over.”

“It’s better… it’s better we give up…” Nagisa’s heart was vaguely uneasy. It was unsure whether her uneasiness was caused by Bury’s words, or something else.

“Well, I’ll do whatever you want.” Kamiki held her hands together and expressed no opinion.

Lin Xiang felt that the demon realm was not too dangerous. As long as they did not step into dangerous places, such as the Great Lakes (the area where giant underwater creatures, like island whales, appear), or forests and valleys with dragons, the demon realm would be considered a beautiful place. Taking another step back, there should be no problem with Yalide by their side if they faced a not-so-powerful demon. Moreover, he believed that Bury was testing the capability of the students. If they blindly escaped and dared not look directly at danger, how could they become individuals with true strength?

Thinking of that, Lin Xiang did not express his opinion.

“What do you think of Silent Water?” Satsuki asked.

“Silent Water doesn’t matter the outcome.”

“This lady too,” After Reidy replied, she wondered if she might have a chance to go home to meet her father.

“Ah, you can’t pull hair.” Dusty and Fire Dance were playing. They clearly did not care whether they would go or not.

“How about Senior Kaoru?”

“If Young Master wants to go, even if it is hell, I will go there together.” Kaoru said with a serious face.

“Senior Kaoru, don’t say it so scarily.” Lin Xiang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “What are your thoughts?”

“Young Master’s consciousness is my consciousness.”

“In other words, if Xiang lets you do anything, you will do it?” Satsuki asked.

“Yes.” Kaoru replied without any hesitation.

Satsuki and Reidy looked at each other and nodded.

That person was dangerous and she must keep her distance from him.

“Is there a problem?” Kaoru clearly did not think of anything else. Following Master’s orders was what a true samurai should do.

“No, no.” Satsuki and Reidy shook their heads quickly. After that, Satsuki looked at Lin Xiang, “How about you, Xiang? What do you think? Should we go? I personally want to go to the demon realm, but I’m worried that everyone will be in danger. ”

“For me…” Lin Xiang thought for a while, “I think we should go. Practical combat is the best teacher, isn’t it? Not daring to face danger will make us like flowers in a greenhouse. We will not be able to withstand the wind and rain outside in the future.”

“That’s a pretty good speech! How does Nagisa feel now?”

“Since Lin Xiang said so, I agree…” Nagisa felt that Lin Xiang was right. If they dared not face difficulties and dangers, how could they make progress? That was why she and Lin Xiang made no progress! However, the unease in Nagisa’s heart always lingered.

“Have you all decided? Now, just sign the mission description or hand it in directly.” At that time, Bury spoke.

All the clans have also made decisions. As a result, four out of ten clans chose to give up the mission.

“Very good, giving up the mission is not cowardice, but the performance of cherishing life. You can return.”

After the four clans left, Bury took the mission descriptions that were signed in his hand, looked at the remaining clans and smiled, “Since you are staying, it means that you have confidence in your own strength, or have the courageous heart to take challenges. I look forward to your performance. Now, we will head to the demon realm.”

The staff turned on the switch, and a cloud of black light enveloped Lin Xiang and the others. Soon, the light disappeared, whilst taking away the people in that large room at the same time.


The teleportation only took a few seconds. After the students felt that the black light dissipated, they found themselves in another large room. That room was similar to the one at the beginning, but the position of the devices had changed.

“Alright, here we are. Let’s head out now.”

There were also buildings in the demon realm. The buildings were like a fortress. The security was very strict. Needless to say, it was built by humans to defend against wild spirits and demons. It also prevented them from invasion.

Walking out of the building, a boulevard outside greeted them. Many people were chatting on the side of the road, and there were simple food stalls, weapon shops, and clothes stalls.

But those were not the things that attracted the eyes of students who never visited the demon realm, like Satsuki and Nagisa. It was believed that anyone who arrived at the demon realm would first notice the blood-red sky.

“It feels demonic…”

“Why is the sky red?”

“It’s kind of scary.”

“Well… although the sky is red, it doesn’t affect the color of the sun, otherwise the earth will turn red. What is the principle behind this?” said a student, who loved research, while holding the chin.

“Don’t you think the demon realm is amazing? Why is the sky red? People have always wanted to seek the answer. Perhaps if they found the answer, they will be able to know the cause of the different-dimensional crack and the method for humans to open it independently.” Bury stood in front of them. He stretched out a finger and said with emphasis, “Remember, within a radius of twenty miles is the largest range of human activities so far. If this range is exceeded, there will be unknown dangers. The time is about 5 o’clock in the morning, you must come back at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. Otherwise, mission fail. Each clan will be given a simple map with some small icons on it, which records the edible wild fruits and water sources. Finally, clan members have to act together at all times. Being alone is the most dangerous moment.”

Bury sent each captain a turf map. After he wished the clans good luck, he walked into the building.

At that time, the leaders of each academy gave their academy’s clans a flare, a magic flare.

Like a mini gun salute, the flare was about the size of an ordinary pen cap. A fuse was underneath, which would trigger the release of “fireworks” when pulled.

“When you encounter a crisis situation… I’m talking about a very crisis situation, the type that you can’t deal with it. Only then can you trigger it, and we will arrive as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we won’t be slow, no matter where you are, it only takes two seconds for us to get there.”

It was Meiko who gave the speech. Although she and the other three male leaders would not help the students in the mission, they still needed to ensure their safety. After all, those students were all excellent juniors. What Bury said before, had a large extent of scaring them.

“You can act separately or together, but don’t fight each other over herbal distribution and rank, even though it’s allowed. So, you can start now.”

“Understood!” The mission began, and the students were all fired up to do their best.

Looking at the enthusiastic students, Meiko could not help feeling the greatness of being young. After looking at Lin Xiang and his clan members, Meiko walked into the building, followed by the three male leaders who were just like her followers.

At the beginning, everyone did not act. They all looked at each other because Meiko mentioned that they could rob each other’s herbs. Therefore, there was a sense of mutual exclusion between clans. After choosing their direction, several clans left one after another, leaving Lin Xiang, Takahashi, and Matthew.

Matthew’s attention was always on Nagisa. His eyes were crystal clear. There was nothing within, only doubts. Of course, not everyone could understand that doubt. Matthew’s female clan members all looked at Nagisa with complicated eyes when they noticed that Matthew had been looking at her.

Feeling the various gazes, Nagisa moved towards Lin Xiang.

“Lord Matthew, let’s go. Don’t stay here with the defeats.” A girl took the lead in breaking the silence.

“Yeah, yeah, I really don’t understand why so many people come. We can slay this mission ourselves anyway.”

“They are putting fine timber to petty use.”

“That’s right.”

Although the girls’ babble echoed in his ears, Matthew seemed to have not heard it. He looked at Lin Xiang and frowned.

This human is weird.

When they first met, Lin Xiang was a guy with a broken soul. However, now that they met again, Lin Xiang’s soul not only recovered, but also became stronger. That made Matthew re-examine Lin Xiang.

Turning around, Matthew left in one direction on his own. The girls chased after him.

“Tsk, that person is pure annoyance. There are so many beautiful girls around like they owed him money, yet he ignores them. What is he pretending to be? Gay. And those girls are also stupid. They actually liked boys like him.” The boy Lin Xiang did not like much, Rin, was looking at Matthew, who was leaving, with contempt. In fact, he was just jealous of Matthew, who was strong and handsome.

No one paid any attention to Rin, and Takahashi smiled at Lin Xiang, “Xiang, we meet again. I guessed you will come too when I heard that there were other clans coming”

“Ah, but this time, it’s not a battle, but it’s to see who completes the mission faster.”

“If we have to compete with our speeds, then our people are definitely not as good as you, but it takes luck to do the mission. This time, we will be the first.”

“What a coincidence. We think so too. The first place will be ours.”

Both of them had smiling faces, and the same light flashed in their eyes. If there was barrier between friends, they should start breaking that barrier as competitors. One day, they would become friends again.

Glancing at Satsuki again, Takahashi shook his head and left. He still dared not look directly at her.

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