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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 13 : Mission in Progress


“So, where should we find it?” Lin Xiang did not think that the lustful and big-breasted map of the demon realm would know where Moreau Grass was.

Stinky brat, do you want to die? What do you mean by ‘lustful and big-breasted map of the demon realm’? Believe it or not, I will get out and beat you up. Then, soak you in that… what grass?’ Yalide scolded in his head.

Lin Xiang knew that Yalide could not even remember the name of the grass, so how could he rely… But if it was about beauties, it would be different.

“Let’s take a look around. We might see it,” Satsuki suggested.

“Yes.” Reidy agreed. In some aspects, the two could get along very well.

Kaoru shook her head, “Just now, the client, Bury, also said that the scope of human activities in the demon realm is dangerous. Everyone should not be in danger and let Miss Ijima come to rescue us.”

“That’s right, but standing still won’t make Moreau Grasses appear.”

“Just aimlessly looking for something seems very dangerous…” Nagisa said weakly.

“This is really nerve-racking.” Everyone did not expect that the mission would be troublesome at the beginning.

At that moment, Kamiki spoke, “Simple. We’ll let others tell us.” After speaking, she walked under a tree while everyone watched her inexplicably.

Under the tree, a dark-skinned uncle was sitting and drinking water. Next to him was a large basket, which contained a lot of ores. It seemed like a huge weight.

“What’s the matter, little girl?” The uncle looked up at Kamiki who was coming over.

Kamiki flicked hers hand. A thousand yuan appeared between the index and middle fingers, “Answer the question, and this will be yours.”

Simple and straightforward.

“Good, good, you may ask.” The uncle quickly put down the kettle in his hand and stood up.

“Are there wetlands around here?”

“Wetlands? You mean damp places?” The uncle thought for a while, and then said to Kamiki, “I know some places. Do you have a map?”

Kaoru stepped forward and handed the map to the uncle, but the uncle did not take it. He just showed his white teeth that did not match his skin color at all, and said with a smile, “You little dolls are all so white. My hands are dirty, so I might make your map dirty too.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Kaoru handed it out, but the uncle did not take it, and just waved his hand, “No, I’ll show it to you. You can circle it.”

Seeing the uncle like that, Kaoru no longer insisted, and circled five places under his guidance.

“Occasionally, spirits will appear here, so I rarely get close. You all have to be careful.” The uncle glanced at Lin Xiang and smiled at him. There was no choice, Lin Xiang was simply too conspicuous, because he was the only boy among the girls.

Lin Xiang also smiled at him, feeling that the uncle was quite nice.

“Take it.” Kamiki flicked the money in her hand and landed it precisely in the uncle’s hand. Her gaze rested on his dusty palm for a moment, then went back to her clan members with Kaoru.

“Instead of blindly looking for it, let someone who knows tell us where look for instead, as expected of a rich lady, an ace in collecting intelligence materials.” Satsuki clapped her hands.

“It’s nothing. Sometimes, complicated things can be made simple and then done.”

“Indeed, then let’s go now. We don’t want our lead to be snatched.”


“Yo~ look at my super invincible fist.” Dusty and Fire Dance had not stopped playing after they came to the demon realm. They kept running around, leaving Reidy gasping whilst the chase.

“I dare you… run again… or you are not getting lunch in a while…” Reidy grabbed her waist and looked at the two big children. They stopped when they heard that there would be no food. However, they started playing again after a moment.

Lin Xiang looked at Dusty and Fire Dance, and felt that Reidy was really in a difficult situation. Although Reidy usually had a vicious and unreasonable feeling, when she went outside, she would take care of Dusty and Fire Dance. Was she the definition of soft on the inside despite one’s hard shell? Lin Xiang was not quite sure, because Reidy seemed to be only good to others, but to him… Well, he felt that she would be angry whenever she saw him.

“Silent Water, do you know Moreau Grass?” Lin Xiang asked Silent Water, who was walking beside him.

“I’m sorry, Master. Silent Water doesn’t know.” She shook her head, and her bangs on her forehead swayed.

“It’s fine. There are so many plants in the demon realm, so not knowing it is normal.”

“But Silent Water couldn’t help Master. I should have learned more about plants from my father before.”

“Is… Is Silent Water’s father familiar with the demon realm?” Nagisa, who was walking behind, quickened her pace slightly and walked next to Silent Water.

“Yes, Dad knows everything. I really want to see Dad again.” Silent Water thought of her father who knew everything and her mother who understood everything. Her big eyes flashed with light.

“If you want to see him, you can go next time. It’s summer vacation anyway.” Lin Xiang reached out and patted Silent Water’s head. Since she was separated from her parents, Silent Water never said that she wanted to go back. Now that she mentioned, Lin Xiang was a little heartbroken.

“If Master is free, please go back with Silent Water.”

“Of course.”

The relationship between the two was so good. Nagisa walked with her head down slightly, secretly feeling envious.

“Nagisa can come too.” Silent Water showed Nagisa a friendly and very comfortable smile.

Nagisa stared at Silent Water blankly, before nodding heavily after a long time, “Sure!”

“But don’t be too surprised.”

“Huh? Why?”

Lin Xiang snickered on the side. If Nagisa knew that she had been talking to a humanoid spirit but never noticed, what kind of expression would she make?

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Silent Water said mysteriously.

Is it because her home is gigantic and luxurious? So she’s afraid that people like me will be surprised when I see it? That’s right… people like me… hehe… It’s still an honor to be able to talk to them like this…

Nagisa lowered her head again. Silent Water looked at her with some doubts, and suddenly thought of something. She placed her hand on Nagisa’s shoulder and massaged, “What I meant is that my house is not very good. It’s all made of wood, so don’t be too surprised when you see it.”


What an intelligent and attentive girl. Nagisa secretly glanced at Silent Water, and seeing that Silent Water was also looking at her, she quickly retracted his gaze and just walked with her head down.

In the front…

“Has Kuji come to the demon realm before?” Satsuki asked.

“My strength is too low. My magic is biased, and there is no attack power. Will I come to find death?”

Kamiki’s magic, poison and fog, was a kind of double magic. Both magic made people felt she was weak.

“Kuji will definitely become powerful in the future.”

“You don’t need to comfort me. I know my own business. In the outsiders’ eyes, I’m just the young miss of a wealthy family with a bad personality and incompetency.”

“No, how could it be? Kuji is very smart and knows a lot of things. Although I don’t know much about poison magic, fog magic will become powerful when it grows.”

“Grow…” Speaking of which, a strange look flashed in Kamiki’s eyes. She turned her head and glanced at Lin Xiang, who was talking to Silent Water and Nagisa. She murmured, “I really don’t want to grow up.”

“What?” Satsuki did not quite understand what Kamiki meant.

Shaking her head, Kamiki did not answer. She always had her signature move, walking with her arms crossed while exuding an aura that no one could get close to. Of course, Satsuki did not care about that. Now, she was thinking about what Kamiki’s last words meant.

It was because she saw a flicker of sadness in Kamiki’s eyes.


Of the five places that the uncle circled, they had already visited three places. Aside from the swamp they went during the second time, Lin Xiang and the others obtained a total of twelve Moreau Grasses.

“It’s probably right in front.” Kaoru looked at the map, and then looked at a path ahead that was blocked by grass. She stopped. That was the fourth place.

“I’ll go take a look.” Lin Xiang took the lead with the cold sword.

“Be careful, Xiang.” The surroundings were very quiet, and the quietness was slightly frightening. They had already walked a long distance, and there was no one else nearby, so Satsuki and others were a little worried that there would be wild spirits or demons there.

Using the cold sword to remove the weeds, a bush appeared in front of Lin Xiang’s eyes. A hamster was standing on a piece of wood holding a grain of rice. After seeing Lin Xiang, it quickly got into the woods and made a swishing sound.

Phew— Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

All creatures in the demon realm had magic power, but whether they could use magic was uncertain.

It was going well so far, and they had not encountered any ferocious wild spirits and demons.

“There are a lot of plants here.” Satsuki came over and felt that it was difficult to find Moreau Grass there.

“Should we go in and find it?” Reidy frowned. She also felt they were very troublesome.

“There are so many plants, which mean that this place is very suitable for the growth of grasses. There should be more Moreau Grass here.” Kamiki said.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Satsuki said as she stepped in.

“There may also be snakes, poisonous spiders or something.”

Satsuki quickly kept her legs, “That’s annoying, Kuji. Please speak quickly, will you? In that case, I’ll let Milan come out and drive away all the small animals inside.”

“Idiot, what if Milan sets this place on fire?” Lin Xiang hurriedly stopped Satsuki from summoning the spirit.

“Then what do you think we should do?”

“Why don’t… I let my Little Ball come out? It should be able to collect Moreau Grass instead of us…” Nagisa raised her head and said to Lin Xiang as if she had made a lot of courage.

“Nagisa’s Kamikaze bird is pretty good. It’ll do it.”

“Well, then I’ll call Little Ball out.” With Lin Xiang’s affirmation, Nagisa closed her eyes with some joy, and chanted a spell. A silver magic circle began to appear on the ground, and the light shone. A bird, which looked slightly bigger than a white crane stood within the magic circle.

“Cuckoo~” As soon as it appeared, it shook the feathers on its body, walked to Nagisa, lowered its head and rubbed Nagisa’s arm. Nagisa raised her hand and stroked the head of the Kamikaze bird with tenderness in her eyes.

That underage Kamikaze bird was her spirit and was her best friend aside from her best friend, Xiao Ye.

“The ostrich on TV! Is this Sister Nagisa’s spirit?”

“What beautiful feathers, can I ride it?”

Dusty and Fire Dance who were on the side noticed the existence of the Kamikaze bird and immediately walked over.

“This is not an ostrich, nor can you ride it.” Lin Xiang waved to the two of them. They were still complaining about tiredness just now, but they were refreshed when they saw something interesting.

“Little Ball can carry people, but it’s too small, so it can’t carry very far.”

“Then, can we go onto its back?” Dusty looked at the Kamikaze bird as it narrowed its phoenix eyes slightly. After that, it shook its head.

“Ah, I was ruthlessly rejected.”

“Little Ball is more afraid of strangers, so… Dusty, Fire Dance, you can try again next time if you have the chance.”

“Stop thinking about playing, just finish the mission first.” Lin Xiang tapped the two big children on the head to prevent them from making further trouble.

“Yes~” The two of them responded, feeling much more at ease.

“Little Ball, go and find a kind of grass for me. This is what it looks like, understand?” Nagisa took out a Moreau Grass, and the Kamikaze bird turned its head. After seeing it carefully, it nodded and turned to walk towards the bushes. The long feathers on the tail were very beautiful.

Nice spirit.’ said Freed coldly.


This is a spirit full of wisdom. This little girl Yorikawa is indeed a person with the power of the Goddess of Luck. If she was an ordinary person, it would be difficult to tame such a spirit.

Lin Xiang disagreed with Freed’s words, ‘No, it’s not the power of the Goddess of Luck. Nagisa used her gentleness to tame it.’


When Lin Xiang and Freed were talking, the Kamikaze bird was already standing in the green carpet. It walked forward with several bows, and its eyes kept rolling. After a while, it stopped and picked up a plant with its sharp beaks.

Five leaves, dark blue, was definitely Moreau Grass. Its efficiency was indeed much faster than that of Lin Xiang and the others.

After a circle, the Kamikaze bird found a total of sixteen Moreau Grass.

“Little Ball, you’re awesome.” Since Little Ball’s performance is so good, will this make Lin Xiang pay more attention to me? Nagisa happily stroked the feathers of the Kamikaze bird.

“Thanks to Nagisa’s Little Ball, we are still two plants away from completing the mission. It should be noon now, why don’t we find a place to have lunch?” Lin Xiang just spoke when Dusty and Fire Dance reignited their fire, “Let’s eat, let’s eat!”

After arriving under a big tree, Satsuki spread out the prepared picnic cloth on the ground. Lin Xiang put down the baggage behind him, untied it, and took out the bento box inside. Like camping, everyone gathered together.

It was noon. Cicadas’ cry sounded. Satsuki and Kamiki summoned their spirits. Dusty and Fire Dance saw the lion and immediately jumped on it. Fortunately, Milan was docile and would not bite, so it just let them climbed onto its back.

“Hey~” Kamiki’s spirit was a wind-type monkey. The monkey was very cute, furry, and was wearing shoulder strap jeans and a T-shirt. It stood on both feet, just like a human, and jumped onto Kamiki’s knees. Black eyes looked at Kamiki.

“Take it.” Kamiki pulled out a banana and passed it to the monkey. It peeled and ate it with joy.

The Kamikaze bird crawled beside Nagisa, and rested her head on her shoulder. Both of them felt each other’s temperature very quietly.

Their spirits were all great and cute. My spirits are… Lin Xiang looked at Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty, and Fire Dance. Although they were better, it would feel weird if he hugged them. Dusty, who was not humanized before, was fine.

At that moment, Lin Xiang noticed Kaoru who had not spoken and was just pouring tea, “Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Senior Kaoru’s spirit yet.”

After Lin Xiang finished speaking, Kaoru was obviously stunned for a moment, and the tea overflowed.

“What’s wrong, Senior Kaoru?” Did I say something I shouldn’t have? Lin Xiang was a little puzzled.

Satsuki and the others also looked over.

“No, it’s nothing.” Kaoru put down the tea set and wiped away the overflowing tea with a rag, “My spirit is a little… weird… I can’t summon it after only summoning it once.”

“How could this be?” Satsuki asked curiously.

“I’m probably too weak to get its approval.”

“What happened?”

“There are some stories behind this. It broke into the house three years ago, when I was still in the middle school. It was covered in bruises and looked like it was about to die. My father wanted to get close to it, but it immediately entered attack mode, so no one else was allowed to get close…”

“Help!” There was a voice from a distance away.

“What happened later?” No one heard the voice.

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