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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 14 : Facing the Enemy


“Later, my father thought it was kind of fate, so he did not drive it away. He let it curl up in the corner of the living room. The next day, Choshi said she wanted to send that spirit some food, so I accompanied her. After opening the door, it was still in that corner. Choshi carefully put the food in front of it, but it did not eat. Suddenly, it rushed towards Choshi, and I quickly pull her away. After that, I felt something hit me, and I went into a coma.”

“Then, the contract is made?”

“Yes,” Kaoru nodded, “After I woke up, it was gone. My father said it made a contract with me, but no matter how hard I tried, I just can’t call it. Maybe I lack in strength.”

(“Leave me alone!”)

Lin Xiang was listening carefully to Kaoru when he felt that someone was shouting. Was it a hallucination?

“That’s strange. Can you sense its presence?” Satsuki went on.


(“Can anyone… Can anyone help me!”) Lin Xiang heard it more clearly. That was indeed someone shouting.

“How… how does that spirit look like?” Satsuki and the others have not heard it, because the source of the sound was several distance away.

Boy, demons are coming. Oh, in great numbers as well.’ Yalide gave a reminder.

“It’s…” Before Kaoru could finish, Lin Xiang seriously warned, “We have a problem. Everyone, be ready.”

“Eh?” Everyone was unsure why Lin Xiang had such a sudden change of attitude. Only Reidy knew that Lin Xiang had a kind of demon-sensing ability, because that was what he said the first time they met. Of course, that was a lie.

“Listen carefully.”

Dusty and Fire Dance, who were playing on the lion’s back, also went silent. Autumn leaves rustled. The surroundings were very quiet.

Suddenly, “Help!” was introduced to everyone’s ears, and it was very close.

The bushes moved, and a breathless uncle ran out of it. He saw Lin Xiang, and quickly yelled, “Leave! Demons… Many demons are coming. There’s also the demon controller!” That was the uncle who helped them with the map previously.

“Hhong!” Before that man had the chance to catch another breath, a shadow flashed through the grass. A mass of dark orange flames was unleashed, hitting the uncle’s back. With a cry, the uncle’s body was wrapped in flames, rolling on the ground. Soon, no movement were detected.

“Trash should never run around like that.” Revealing a handsome face, a young man dressed in black watched the flame gradually turning smaller on the ground as he said with disgust.

What’s… what’s going on… Is that uncle dead?

Lin Xiang faced it steadily, but Satsuki and the others stared blankly at the somewhat charred corpse. Their faces were pale. He was just a shouting human, but he shortly turned to coal…

“Oh? There are people here? Just a couple of bratty kids. Yo, and a Kamikaze bird too, this is rare.” The man-in-black noticed Lin Xiang and his clan in the tree shades, “Very lovely girls. Directly killing is a pity. I’ll make you sacrifice material then. As for the boy, I’ll just burn you. ”

Is he a devil apostle? Lin Xiang lifted his cold sword. Its blades shone dazzlingly due to the sunlight through the leaves.

“A spirit-level weapon? How can someone with such weak abilities get a spirit-level weapon? When did spirit-level weapons become so worthless?” The man-in-black unleashed another dark orange flame, and it went straight to Lin Xiang.

“Little Ball!” shouted Nagisa.

“Ah!” The Kamikaze bird immediately ejected a wall of wind, blocking the flame. If the flame was stronger, the wind wall would have been ineffective.

“Killing others, and having an attempt to hurt Young Master… I’ll never forgive you.” Kaoru’s eyes were full of anger. She picked up the wooden sword and was about to fight the man when Lin Xiang stopped her, “Senior Kaoru, be careful. He is a demon apostle.”

“Who cares what apostle he is? Lightning!” With a roar, Reidy summoned a golden snake from the clear skies.

“Oh, that’s a close call.” The man-in-black dodged sideways, and the ground was struck out a hollow by lightning, very swift, “A pure element. Blond girl, do you want to join us? You will no longer be bound by the world. You can make your rules, and do anything you want.”

“All I want to do is to kill you.”

“Haha, can you tell me why?” The man flicked his hair, making his dark red hair flutter.

“Break ● Thunder Wall!” Without an answer, a thick electrical thunder wall containing Reidy’s anger swept towards the man, but he did not dodge, just smiling while looking at the wall.

“Bang!” Out came a dark figure. Its gray fist hit the wall, “Tzz—” The wall was scattered.

It was a strong, big man that arrived. He was very tall, though dressed in black, they were still able to see his bulging muscles.

Demon apostles, huh? It’s just like what Ijima Meiko said. It is unknown how the evil demon apostles from the outer world came to the demon realm.’ Freed thought again, ‘perhaps they used a magic channel. Demons and devils could not pass, but humans and spirits were not necessary.

Lin Xiang understood that, just like how Fire Dance and her mother came.

At that time, three more demons apostles arrived. They were two men and a woman. One of the men was a middle-aged man, a patch was over his eye, and he had no facial expressions, very serious. It could be seen that he was the head of those people as his was followed by a lot of demons.

Trouble’s here. There are a lot of other people, and that eye-patched man’s strength is not weak. If I come out, I will probably be able to limit his movement. However, I might not be able to stop the others.’ Yalide showed her rare serious side.

‘Hey, aren’t you the Dragon God? Just show your best move and deal all of them at once.’

What big move? You have so little energy now, so what moves do I have? Dealing with the strongest is good enough. If this is a kind of huge bone dragon, then we will be fine. But, they are humans, very energetic.

‘I’m just saying.’ Lin Xiang stared at the opposite, and said to Kaoru, “Senior Kaoru, quick, release the flares.”

Kaoru quickly took out the flare, and pulled the string, “Biuu—” The flare shot up to the sky, like the bright fireworks that could be seen during the day.

In the building, Meiko was drinking tea. Beside her were large windows where she could see the sky outside. A rising flare attracted her attention, “From Little Xiang and others?”

Flares of each team had different marks, and they contained positioning stones, which aided the teleportation stone in locating the actual coordinates of the flare’s location.

“Little Xiang and his clan seems to be one of the top three… Are they in trouble?” Meiko was about to shatter a teleportation stone when, out of the blue, there were four more flares shot to the sky, all in their respective places.

“What is going on?” Meiko was in shock.

“Ijima, we just received information from the captain that demon apostles have showed themselves.” A young man walked to Meiko. He was one of the Thirteen Saints, and he was in the same squad as Meiko.

“Then, have the clan members met the demon apostles?” Meiko stood up.

“Probably not. Those demons apostles are part of a small team of [Blood Shadow Black Stars], where their leader is a Class B wanted man, a one-eyed weirdo, Gordon. He can control the demons, so he might be using them to gather information. The clan members must have met them, so those kids gave the signal.”

“What were the captain’s orders?”

“He sent a message and wanted us to protect this place. The purpose of the demon apostles was to go to the human world.”

“I understand.” Meiko finished, and the man left.

“I wonder if Little Xiang and the others met the demons. If only they were demons, then they would be fine…”


“Requesting for backup? Little girl, let me tell you, there are rarely anyone in the human world who can be our opponents, because your community’s spiritual power is just too weak.” The first man who appeared revealed a mocking smile.

“Jeffrey, Posen, I’ll leave this to you. After getting rid of them, head to the transferring location ASAP.” Gordon, the one-eyed man, obviously did not want to stay long, so he left with three of his subordinates. Their goal was the Demon Realm Administration.

The people left were Jeffrey, who used fire, and a somewhat thin lavender-haired man, Posen, and a group of intermediate and low demons.

“Can’t believe I’m with you, Boss Gordon really likes torturing people too much.” Jeffrey showed a look as if he got unlucky.

“I don’t want to be with you either. Let’s make this quick. Scumbags, get them.” Posen gave an order, and the demons roared towards Lin Xiang and the others.

Lin Xiang carried his cold sword and prepared for their attacks.

“Milan, battle begins.”

“Growl!” Satsuki’s flame lion, Milan, roared and flames erupted from its body.

“Little Ball.”

“Chirp!” The Kamikaze bird shook its wings a few times, and a tornado spewed out of its mouth, hitting the demons that were flying towards Nagisa.

Kamiki had no offensive power to be precise, so her spirit, worked hard to protect its master.

Silent Water and the others also fought against the demons. Although they did not have actual combat experience, at least they knew better than before. They could basically kill the low demons with one hit, but the intermediate demons were still slightly difficult to deal with.

Fire Dance was traumatized by demons, because when she was in Fireback Mountain, she would always be attacked by demons, so Fire Lotus appeared.

“Damn demons!” Fire Lotus waved, and several demons were instantly buried in the sea of ​​fire.

Kaoru was holding the wooden sword. Although she could not kill the demons, she seemed very natural when in face of demons’ attack. She avoided and counterattacked at the same time.

The scene was quite chaotic.

“They aren’t some simple kids.” As soon as the lavender-haired, thin-looking Posen finished speaking, Lin Xiang came over with his sharp cold sword.

“Ya!” With a flash of light, Posen was cut down from the head by Lin Xiang. There were obvious cracks on his face, but Lin Xiang had no feeling of cutting something at all. Is this… an incorporeal body?

“Go to hell.” When Lin Xiang was puzzled, Posen suddenly appeared behind Lin Xiang and stabbed a green needle into Lin Xiang’s shoulder.

With a turn and a slash, Lin Xiang pushed Posen back a certain distance.

“In a minute, your hand will turn into a piece of rotten flesh.” The corner of Posen’s mouth twitched. Nothing could make him happier than seeing a person getting poisoned and dying through his slow torture.

“I’m handing this boy to you. I’ll go play with those girls.” Jeffrey’s eyes were fixed on Fire Lotus. It was interesting to have a girl who used fire like him, a pure flame too.

Lin Xiang felt that the pain in his wound. He had caught chilli water on his wound when he was cooking before, and now he felt that kind of feeling on his shoulder. It was hot and tearing.

It’s very poisonous, boy. This guy is very dangerous. Fortunately, he didn’t directly stab the heart, otherwise it would be worse. Fortunately, it was you that he stabbed. If it was the little girls, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Lin Xiang resisted and pulled out the poisonous needle. The muscles on his face twitched because of the pain, and black blood slowly flowed out of the wound.

They had to make it quick. Lin Xiang did not want Silent Water and the others to be stabbed. The toxin had to be in Lin Xiang’s body, so Freed could remove it, but not in others’ body.

Entering the wind speed state, Lin Xiang swung the cold sword at high speeds, and there was constant ice fog in the air, but he could not hit Posen, only that incorporeal body.

“Hehe, move all you want.” Posen’s voice seemed to echo in Lin Xiang’s ears.

Lin Xiang’s cold sweat continued to fall, and his face turned pale. Although Freed was detoxifying him, it could not be done at once. The toxin was still effective so far, making Lin Xiang staying half-kneeled on the ground.

Behind him, Posen miraculously appeared again, with a poison needle between his two fingers, targeting Lin Xiang’s neck.

“Xiang!” Satsuki, who killed an intermediate demon with Milan, saw that, and quickly released a firebomb.

Posen looked at the flying firebomb out of the corner of his eye, and the trajectory of his hand changed, throwing the poison needle out.

The emerald-green poison needle pierced the air and penetrated the firebomb directly, causing the firebomb to disintegrate. However, the poison needle was not halted, and was shooting in a straight line towards Satsuki.


Time seemed to be slowing down, and Satsuki’s eyes were full of that terrifying poison needle.

Am I going to die?

Satsuki’s pupils dilated.

If I die, God, please let Xiang and the others get through this danger safely.

A figure suddenly broke into Satsuki’s sight, blocking the poison needle. “Shoot—” The poison needle accurately stabbed the figure’s chest.

“Kuji… no!”

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