The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 15 : Facing the Enemy (2)


“Kuji, are you alright, Kuji?” Satsuki hurriedly hugged Kamiki, who fell backwards, and sat on the ground, “Don’t scare me.”

Kamiki bit her lip. Cold sweat oozed out of her forehead, and her expression looked painful.

“Kamiki!” Lin Xiang watched all that happen in the distance. His eyes instantly turned red, “Bastard, I’m going to kill you!”

Putting the sword back into the scabbard, Lin Xiang faced Posen and moved his hand abruptly.

“Whoosh whoosh—-” Three sword lights appeared in the air. All three hit Posen…’s incorporeal body, and Posen’s body appeared outside the range of the sword’s attack.

“Well…not bad.” Posen looked at the cut in his chest with a little playfulness in his eyes, “Are you the descendant of that person?”

“Hooo— Feiya!!!” Lin Xiang’s next attack answered him, the Fire Dragon’s Roar.

The raging fire instantly drowned Posen.

Lin Xiang ignored Posen, and hurriedly ran to Kamiki. Squatting down, he shook her shoulders, “Hey, Kamiki, are you alright?”

“Tsk, it hurts, take it easy…”

“Sorry, did I use too much strength?”

“Nonsense, it hurts right there, you need to pull it out first…”

“Okay, hold on, it won’t hurt in a while.”

Satsuki, who was next to him, frowned, “Why do I feel that the conversation between the two of you is a little weird?”

“What’s weird?” Lin Xiang pinched the end of the needle, and two-thirds of the six-centimeter-long poisonous needle came out of her chest. At that time, Yalide said, ‘It didn’t pierce the heart. As expected, having a big chest is good. It can save a life during critical moments.

‘Shut up.’ Lin Xiang pulled out the poison needle at once.

“Ah~” Kamiki called out a little subtly, and then exhaled a few breaths, “Darling, I seem to be dying.”

“No, you’re not going to die.” Satsuki touched Kamiki’s hair. Her eyes were misty, because it was Kamiki who blocked the poison needle for her.

“I know I’m going to die… Darling, before I die, I want to hear you accept our marriage.” Kamiki looked at Lin Xiang weakly. Her spirit, the little wind monkey, Hatch, also hugged her stomach tightly and let out a groan.

Looking at Kamiki in front of him, his face was pale and his lips were biting in pain. Lin Xiang wanted to promise her, but if he did, would she just fall asleep like that, and never wake up? Lin Xiang did not want it to end like that.

“When you are well, I will promise you.”

“I can’t get well… Alas… I still can’t hear from you before I die, huh?”

“Student Kuji…” Nagisa and Silent Water have been paying attention to the situation there, but in order to prevent the demon from passing by, they did their best. Reidy gritted her teeth even more, and angrily electrocuted all the demons in front of her.

“You’ll surely get well.” Lin Xiang nodded heavily, “If you can’t be fine, then what the point of promising you is?”

“That’s right…” Kamiki finished speaking when her eyes were unable to concentrate, as if she was about to lose focus.

“Kamiki? Hey, Kuji!” She’s joking, right? Did Kamiki… Lin Xiang shook Kamiki, “Kuji, stay awake, I…”

“Master, be careful, behind you.” Silent Water reminded, Lin Xiang turned his head sharply to find two fingers throwing a poison needle towards him.

At that moment, Kamiki’s eyes suddenly returned to normal, and when the poison needle was still a few centimeters away from Lin Xiang’s forehead, she pushed Lin Xiang away and swung forward.

“Cha—” A few drops of blood dripped on the ground, and Posen looked at Kamiki standing in front of him with surprise.

Kamiki was pulling out the poisonous needle that had stabbed her arm. There was a small blood spot on the fair arm, and red liquid slowly seeped out of it.

“Oh?” Posen pulled out the dagger that was stabbed in his chest, and blood immediately poured out. At that time, Lin Xiang also slashed over with his sword. It was only at that moment when he slashed the incorporeal body again.

“I can’t believe that you can hurt me in this way…” Posen appeared again at a distance away from Lin Xiang.

“How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger’s lair? Miserable human.” Kamiki looked at Posen with such contempt.

“Let’s not talk about the strange boy in front of you, you. If I’ve seen right, you must have had a body immune to poisons. It’s a great body. But isn’t your poison a little too weak?” The man licked the fresh blood on the dagger, just like tasting the poisonous blood.

“Don’t you think, as an evil force, you talk too much?” Kamiki’s voice suddenly became cold, and her fists were clenched.

“Why? It seems that you don’t like poison.”

“That’s right, I hate it the most. If possible, I really hope all of you poison mages go to hell.”

“Hahahaha, interesting, really interesting. How about joining us? I’ll let you understand the meaning of poison, and you’ll like it.”

“If poison is a hated thing, then you degenerate humans are disgusting things. Do you think it’s possible for me to join the disgusting side?”

“If that’s the case, then, you and your comrades will all die.” The blue veins on Posen’s forehead burst, and blood spurted out from his chest. With a wave of his hand, dozens of poisonous needles floated in the air, but he stopped. His hands and feet seemed to be unable to move, and his face was full of surprise.

“Darling, what do you think is the possibility of taking us out of here under the attack of so many poisonous needles at your speed?” Kamiki returned to normal again, looking very calm. With those sharp eyes, it was difficult to see what she was thinking.

“No way, no matter how fast I am, I can’t take everyone away from so many tiny needles.”

“You can’t take us away, which is right. Now, he can’t move for the time being, and my poison will lose effect in about five seconds. Are you just giving him time to wait, and not using your dragon roars? Do you want us all to be pierced little people??”

Hearing Kamiki’s words, Lin Xiang suddenly realized. He knocked his head, and quickly inhaled, “Hooo— Hageli!”

The Dragon Roar of Madness echoed throughout the forest, and the powerful energy group flew directly to Posen.

“Candice, how long are you going to watch me? Come out and help!” Posen shouted, and just before he was about to be hit, a dirt wall bulged from the ground.

The Dragon Roar of Madness hit it, but only a huge crash sound was made. There was no effect.

“There are other people too?” After the dirt wall slowly merged into the ground, Lin Xiang saw a buff man standing in front of Posen, the one who had just used his fist to disperse Reidy’s lightning.

“You got messed up by two little brats. What an embarrassment.” The big man’s voice was very low and strong, but he was disdainful at the same time.

“You’ve seen it yourself, they’re not simple. Isn’t Jeff overpowered by the two kids too?”

Not far away, Fire Lotus and Dusty were fighting with the dark-red-haired demon apostle. Flames were everywhere. It seemed that the demon apostle had the upper hand, but that was all, because he could not cause harm to the two girls.

“That’s why you combat soldiers are garbage. If you die, you die, which eases our burden.”

“Candice, you!”

“You think what I said is wrong, then feel free to challenge me. Now, let’s see how a knight fights!” The big man raised his fist and slammed into the ground!

“Hhong!” The ground cracked, and at the same time, a large wave of dirt rushed towards Lin Xiang. Trees were falling sideways.

“Silent Water, Reidy, dodge quickly.” The dirt’s attack range was too large. Lin Xiang held the Satsuki and Kamiki with both arms, dodging the attack, and Milan followed suit.

“Little Ball.” The Kamikaze bird flapped its wings, humped Nagisa and Silent Water, who were close to it, on its back. After that, it grabbed Kaoru and Reidy with both claws, and flew into the sky with difficulty, almost being attacked with the soil.

The few remaining demons that were beaten on the ground were destroyed by the dirt before they could escape. It was unsure if they lived.

Dusty used the earth tunnel in time and brought Fire Lotus to Lin Xiang’s side.

The trees and grass were all covered with soil, and there was a big crack in the ground, showing the trajectory of the attack.

Lin Xiang could not believe that a human punch could cause such damage.

“That was a quick escape, but, next, do you think you can escape any faster?” The big man stood up straight and looked towards Lin Xiang.

‘Yalide, you should be able to deal with the three of them, right? Come out quickly.’ Lin Xiang did not think he could fight the big man.

No need. I didn’t let Yalide go out this whole time, because I found out that someone was watching us. Don’t worry. All of you will be fine.

After Freed finished speaking, the big man was ready to attack again. Lin Xiang looked around to find a steep mountain behind them, yet they could not climb up at all.

Damn it, Freed, don’t you frame me! Lin Xiang’s cold sweat kept falling.

There was only him, Lin Xiang believed that with his speed, he would definitely be able to dodge, but there were so many people. He would never give up any one of those girls.

“Prepare to turn into soil nourishment.” The big man’s hands showed lines of magical runes, and that time, he attacked with both fists.

“Hhong!” It seemed like the scene of two mud dragons coming over.

“Damn it.” Lin Xiang clenched the handle of his sword.

At that moment, two golden magic walls of light appeared, blocking the big man’s attack without suspenseful defense.

The big man and the three demon apostles were a little stunned. The big man looked like he thought of something, “It’s the golden walker of the Thirteen Saints.”

In the soil, the uncle who should have been burnt to charcoal climbed out, “Oh, oh, if I don’t come out, Dad will definitely kill me.”



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