The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 16 : Facing the Enemy (3)


“What is happening…” Lin Xiang, Satsuki and the others stared blankly at the uncle who crawled out of the soil. Wasn’t he scorched by the flames?

The uncle patted the dirt off his body, and his dark face returned to his normal complexion. He said something that made Lin Xiang inexplicable, “Oh, oh, if I don’t come out, Dad will definitely kill me.”

“It resurrected! A zombie!” Dusty suddenly pointed at the uncle and shouted.

“Zombie? Little girl, I’m not a zombie, I’m a real human.”

“Didn’t you already die just now? You obviously turned into charcoal.” Satsuki was also stirred up with emotions. The big man had a destructive attack, yet that old man came back to life. They were all humans, right?

“You see, I just attached a layer of magic on the surface, so the flames couldn’t hurt me.”

“You are so powerful, but why are you here… mining…”

“I was hiding, you know? Big-chested little girl.”

“So, who are you?” Kamiki’s question was simple and direct.

“Well, can I do the introduction later? I need to take care of these three little mice first.” The uncle re-fixed his gaze on the three demon apostles on the opposite side.

“Candice, what now, should we retreat?” Posen asked, gulping.

“He is the Golden Walker of the Thirteen Saints. Do you think we can escape safely? Boss Gordon will be the underdog if he encounters him, and might be defeated.” The big man’s expression was tense and he frowned.

“Damn it, the three of us will definitely be able to kill him.”

“Hehe… He was chased by us because we had a lot of people, and he felt that there was no need to fight us head-on. If we really have to fight, even though there were so many of us just now, plus Boss Gordon, we couldn’t cause him harm. Although the defensive power of earth is the strongest among the elements, it is only under the premise of the general elements. Gold is a special element, which has both defensive power and attack power at the same time.”

“Damn, I didn’t expect this mission to be so difficult.” Posen gritted his teeth and said, “Are we just waiting for death here?”

“All of you won’t die, but we’ll warmly welcome you instead.” The uncle looked harmless to humans and animals, as if what he said was true.

“Welcome? Even if we die, we won’t say our mission. Don’t think we must be afraid of you just because you are from the Thirteen Saints,” Posen intended to fight till death.

“Oh my, oh my, that’s so scary, don’t be like that, bro. Fighting is not right.” The uncle looked pitiful and waved his hand quickly. After that, his eyes changed. Like a sea dragon, he turned into a golden light and rushed towards the three demon apostles.

“Disperse!” The big man gave an order, and both Posen and Jeff retreated to the sides. He looked at the approaching golden light, an earth-colored magic rune which had appeared on the uncle’s hand. The entire arm turned into a stone hand with a rocky texture. With a loud battle cry, he was fight the golden light.

The golden light suddenly stopped, and the brilliance on the uncle disappeared instantly.

“Ya!” And the big man’s fist hit the air, because of wrong estimations.

“Ahaha, you fool. Think I would be so stupid to fight you head-on? Although it is my victory in the end, I will still suffer from pain. You know? I’m not like you demon apostles, feeling excitement from pain, the more you fight, the more violent you get.”

“I will kill you.” The big man who felt he was tricked rushed towards the uncle with red eyes.

On the other hand, Posen and Jeff felt that if they could not escape, then they should drag others in, so they both attacked Lin Xiang and the others. However, without the restrictions of demons, the battle scene was greatly different.

“Silent Water, defense is up to you, I’m going to use electricity on this poison guy till his mother won’t recognise him.” How dare you try poisoning Lin Xiang several times? Do you want to die?

“Mind your words, Reidy.”

“Milan, attack. Don’t give him a chance to take a breather.”

Although Silent Water and the others only hit Posen’s incorporeal body, they made sure that Posen’s real body had no time to make any moves. Besides, the wound on his chest was still bleeding.

Kamiki’s eyes wandered everywhere, and suddenly, the corner of her mouth slightly rose. She said something in Kaoru’s ear, and Kaoru looked somewhere else, nodding. Then, Kamiki whispered something in Nagisa’s ear, and Nagisa replied with doubt, “Is this a good way?” Kamiki nodded, and spoke to Satsuki.

“Go away, you human, don’t get in the way.” Fire Lotus did not like to stand on the same side as Lin Xiang, blocking her view of the enemies.

“Sorry, but I don’t want to see you and Dusty get hurt.” Lin Xiang used his cold sword to cut through the flames that came.

“Taking care of this kind of demon human being, Dusty and I are enough. We just fought for so long, where did we get hurt?”

“Sister Fire Lotus, don’t say that… With just the two of us, we can only defend, not defeat.” Dusty hoped that Fire Lotus could accept her Master like Fire Dance, so that everyone could play together again.

“Even if you have one more helper, do you think you can defeat me? It’s just a piece of garbage using a magic weapon. No matter how good the weapon is, it’s still garbage.” Jeff floated in the air. His hands glowed dazzling red and his palms moved forward, pushing two shock waves of flames towards them.

“I duck.” Dusty dived into the ground. Although the shock wave shattered the ground, she had already escaped.

Fire Lotus used the wall of fire to block, and the strong flame only lasted for a while before being broken through. She looked at the shock wave that flew over and was a little overwhelmed. Always being very confident in her own flame, she never thought that her defense would break, and never needed to hide away.

“Careful.” Lin Xiang pushed Fire Lotus away, but he was hit by the shock wave of flames, and flew a long distance away. His body was surrounded by flames.

“Look, this is the consequences of being garbage.” Jeff looked at Lin Xiang’s ‘corpse’ with disdain, and then looked at the dazed Fire Lotus. He sneered, “Do you think your flame is very powerful? Indeed, yes, when you meet other fire mages, you are indeed powerful. Yes, but my flame is not an ordinary flame, it contains destructive dark energy. How is it? Join us, and you, too, are possible to obtain energy beyond ordinary flames.”

“I… I’m going to kill you!” Fire Lotus burst into raging flames as she rushed towards Jeff.

“Master, Master,” Dusty came to Lin Xiang, but the dark orange flame on Lin Xiang’s body made her dare not approach him. Her instincts told her that the flame was somehow different from ordinary flames. It was frightening.

“It’s alright, Dusty, I just feel a little painful.” In fact, how would it be just a little painful? It was extremely gut-wrenching. Although the flames did little damage to Lin Xiang, the impact of the shock wave was very powerful.

And those flames… well, had the effect of devouring spiritual power and hurting souls. Lin Xiang knew that it was the power of darkness. Flames were originally orange, and the reason why it turned darker was due to the mixing with dark elements.

Fortunately, he was immune to most of the flames, and Yalide had protected his soul from the erosion of darkness… Lin Xiang was secretly glad. At that time, Fire Lotus called out. Lin Xiang noticed Fire Lotus flying down and crashing into the ground.

“Dusty, hurry up.”

“Understood.” Dusty snorted into the ground.

“You are not a human, but a spirit.” Jeff looked at Fire Lotus on the ground with elation in his eyes.

Because of the flames, Fire Lotus did not particularly protect the Nora grass that was hanging around her neck. Therefore, it was burned by her own flame, revealing the aura of a spirit.

“Sister Fire Lotus.” Dusty climbed out, glanced at Jeff floating in the sky, and quickly brought Fire Lotus into the ground.

“Hey! Little brat! Where are you taking my spirit to?” Jeff, like a tiger who lost his young son, started frantically attacking the ground.

Dusty had already returned to Lin Xiang’s side. Fire Lotus glanced at Lin Xiang, and then looked at Jeff, who flew over in their direction. She was as if talking to herself, buts he was actually speaking to Lin Xiang, “I knew you won’t die so easily. I don’t want Fire Dance to cry all day because you died.”

“Ah, I won’t leave so easily, don’t worry.”

“Spirit, become my spirit!” Jeff’s red pupils were filled with the graceful figure of Fire Lotus.

Aside from their different beliefs and abilities, the demon apostles were almost the same as ordinary sorcerers. They all had their own spirits. However, some people had higher targets, so they have not made contracts for a long time in order to find the spirits of their favor. Jeff was one of those people.

“You are the most beautiful one. I can lead you to become the overlord of the flames. Contract… contract with me.”

“Sorry, she is my spirit, and also… my family.” Lin Xiang glanced at Fire Lotus, and she happened to be looking at him.

Lin Xiang smiled at her, took the sword. Standing up straight, he slowly closed his eyes.

“You garbage, what can you give her? Once I kill you, I shall make a contract with her.” Jeff’s palm condensed a ball of fire, and with a bang, it was launched.

Lin Xiang opened his eyes. His pupils turned red, and a burst of flame gushed out from his body. As if being dyed, his hair was also red.

The corner of Lin Xiang’s mouth showed a slight arc, “I won’t let you succeed.”

With a flash of light reflected from the sword, the fireball was chopped into pieces, and flames were accompanied by frost.

“Yah!” Lin Xiang clenched his cold sword and rushed towards Jeff.

On the other hand

“Now.” Kamiki shouted to Kaoru. Kaoru nodded and ran to a certain emptied space. The wooden sword in her hand was raised high and stabbing downwards.

“Crack!” The sound was loud, and a part of the atmosphere came one person at once. The person was very annoyed, and the poison in his hand was preparing to pierce Kaoru.

Kaoru turned to the side calmly, and Nagisa was behind him. Nagisa pointed the ring she was wearing at Posen, “Sorry. This is for everyone.”

“Hhong!” A whirlwind flew out and hit Posen.

“Argghh.” Fireworks of blood were scattered in the air, and Posen fell to the ground. His eyes fixed on Kamiki, who was smiling in the distance.

“How did you…”

“Didn’t I tell you? I also have the elements of poison and fog.”

“Damn human, you can’t hide now.” Lightning flashed in Reidy’s hands, and she dived, took off, and pushed it towards Posen.

Zztt—” Reidy hit a translucent spirit instead.

The spirit was somewhat ghostly, with, dark eye sockets, no eyes and no mouth. It could be said to look like a piece of cloth.

At that time, Satsuki released a mid-level magic on the spirit—The Fire of Hell. In an instant, the spirit screamed and turned into dust.

“Although I sympathize with you, you must still have the consciousness to pay the price for doing something bad.” Satsuki mourned the elf.

Glug, glug—” Meanwhile, Silent Water trapped Posen with the water ball and prevented him from escaping.

“They are unexpectedly capable.” Having a leisure walk, the uncle who just happened to deal with the big man had been paying attention to the battle over there.

“Ha!” Lin Xiang used Hundred Slash on Jeff. Three red and blue sword lights intersected each other. Jeff’s arm, chest, and abdomen were all cut.

“Huh? When did that kid have anything to do with “him” again?” The uncle was a little puzzled after noticing Lin Xiang’s Hundred Slash. Looking at the tired, gasping big man, he shrugged, “This is enough. I’m done playing with you.”

Hands were put together.

Two golden walls appeared on both sides of the big man.

“Ah!” The big man cried out in pain, spurting blood due to the golden wall. However, he tenaciously broke free.

“Damn it, the member of the Thirteen Saints is really powerful. Since I can’t beat you…”

“Thinking of an escape plan?”

“Heh… how is that possible. Earth explosion!” The big man’s body swelled violently, and the next moment, a huge eruption occurred.

The uncle retreated to Silent Water and the other girls’ front, and raised a protective cover to block the burial of sharp clods and mud. On Lin Xiang’s side, Dusty also took them underground and escaped the attack.

“What an annoying demon apostle.” The uncle sighed and looked at Posen, who was trapped by Silent Water. In a split second, Posen’s face had turned purple, and his eyes were white. There was a faint black object around his mouth.

Jeff, also turned into a bomb, and went boom.

“We can’t stop them all at once. Are we really unable to catch these human beings who advocate darkness?”


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