The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 17 : Saint


“Uncle, who are you? Can you explain the situation?” Lin Xiang felt that the uncle in front of him was familiar, as he gave off the feeling like they had met before.

The uncle’s stature was not strong. He was average, and his appearance was not bad. Smiling in a harmless manner, he looked like a kind and chatty uncle next door, but Lin Xiang knew that he must not be deceived by his appearance.

“Ah, I know who you are. Lin Xiang, right? My dad often talks about you.”

“Answer the question, okay?”

“Young people are impatient. Let me tell you, I am Sekisawa Chuuji. Can you guess who I am?” The uncle looked at Lin Xiang with a smile.

Sekisawa… Sekisawa Qian Libing, Sekisawa Aiko…

Holy moly, no way.

Looking at Sekisawa Chuuji’s smile, Lin Xiang always felt a little anxious. Did Aiko tell him about that incident? Probably… He simply had the behaviour of a pervert, so if she did tell her father, then it was possible for a daughter’s father to fight for justice.

Seeing Lin Xiang lowered his head, Sekisawa Chuuji scratched his face, slightly puzzled, “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” He never wanted that outcome.

“Nothing… About that, is Aiko doing well?” Well, talk about touching a sore spot. Lin Xiang would turn stupid when he was nervous.

“Oh, oh?” Hearing that, Sekisawa Chuuji narrowed his eyes even more. Instead of asking for his father who was always putting him first, Lin Xiang asked about his daughter. Something might have happened to them… This kid is that guy’s nephew, a little risky. I have to take good care of my daughter from now on.

“She’s fine, but I’ve heard her mention you occasionally.” This is pure nonsense. Guan Zezhongzhi wanted to explore the relationship between Lin Xiang and his daughter.

“Really… How about Grandpa Qian Libing? I haven’t seen him recently,” Lin Xiang changed the topic, not wanting Satsuki and the others to know anything.

“Oh, Dad? There have always been demon apostles lingering around in the human world recently, so he and several elders from the Human World Defenders organization are all busy. You see, I’m also hiding in the demon realm, ready to catch the demon apostles at any time.”

Speaking of that, Satsuki was a little angry, “You seemed to be very powerful just now, so why did you lead them to us before? You even deliberately pretended to be dead so that we could fight against them?”

Fortunately, the poison had no effect on Lin Xiang and Kuji. Otherwise, Satsuki would be flustered on what to do.

“That?” Chuuji also knew what Satsuki was talking about, so he explained patiently, “Instead of saying I lead them here, it’s better to say that they would always pass-by here. Didn’t you see that the demon apostle using the earth element never showed up when the needles were shot? He was underground and I could not locate him for a while, so I chose to wait and observe. Besides, I have advanced antidote, so even if anyone got the guy’s poison, with just a drink before the toxins take effect, everything would be fine. I don’t think the two of them showed the effects of poison yet, so I continued to stay, but I didn’t expect you kids to force their companions out through poison.”

Chuuji actually wanted to meet Lin Xiang. He had to know what kind of strength that young man had, which his father was very optimistic about. If they really could not beat them, then Chuuji would definitely take action. He just did not expect that the girl with sharp eyes was intelligent as she summoned the earth user out ahead of time, which saved Chuuji a lot of effort.

“By the way, you have already seen through my act, is that right, little girl? I really don’t understand, everyone who works here has been deceived by me, why didn’t you?” Chuuji looked at Kamiki.

“Heh~” Kamiki chuckled, “Indeed, if you don’t look carefully, you and those demon realm workers seem to be cohesive as a whole, but by being observant, you will find that ordinary workers are thinking about other things, for example, how they will continue living in the future. The next time they head out, they will wonder if they will be killed by demons, so their eyes are not focused. However, you look at everyone carefully, and your eyes have not lost your hope of life like other workers. Especially when you took the money, I noticed your palms have no calluses. People who often carry things will pull ropes of baskets with their hands, reducing the weight of the heavy objects on the shoulders, so their palms will have calluses over time. This makes me absolutely sure that you are a special person.”

“What frightening analytical power.” Chuuji exclaimed, and the others nodded.

“Then, I heard them talking about combat soldiers, knights, etc. Are those ranks?”

“That’s a good question. Demon apostles are also classified into ranks. They are ranked according to their strength and the time order of joining. Those who have just joined were called low-ranked soldiers. Generally speaking, they will have two promotion matches a month. After the soldiers get promoted, they become combat soldiers, also known as infantry. Then, they will be knights, princes, elders, and popes. Of course, after being an elder, the rank is not determined through the promotion competition, because they will definitely be the strongest in a demon apostle organization.”

“How many people are here this time? Are the clans doing the mission with us all right?” Nagisa asked.

“Oh~ what a beautiful big-breasted little girl, don’t worry about this. In order to prevent you from encountering the devil apostles, our saints will follow your clan to protect you, so your clan is under my protection.”

“So insecure…” Satsuki rolled her eyes at the somewhat frivolous uncle.

“Hey, hey, I’m still one of the Thirteen Saints. Having my protection isn’t what others can ask for.”

“What are the Thirteen Saints?” Silent Water asked.

“Another good question, the saint is…” Before Chuuji finished speaking, a female voice sounded from their side.

“Saints is an organization born to deal with demon apostles. The people who join this organization have their own strengths, which mean that their strength is stronger than ordinary people. As for the Thirteen Saints, needless to say, they are thirteen people who stand out for being the strongest among hundreds of thousands of saints.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice to find it was Meiko and a man. Their clothes were a little muddy, and it was not difficult to see that they were just in a fight.

“Meiko, it’s impolite to interrupt a senior’s speech! Believe it or not, I will whoop your ass?”

“Is it really safe for you to say that? If sister-in-law, Cui Qi, knew about this…” As the Thirteen Saints, they were supposed to be worshipped and respected by the saints, but Meiko had no such emotion towards Chuuji.

“I’m just kidding. How’s the situation there?”

“You knew it? Fortunately, one was killed, but two escaped. One of them was a one-eyed weirdo.”

“I expected it. Have you sent someone to track the apostle down?”

“Yes, Koda’s on his way.”

“Remind him be extra careful. If he can find the place where the demon apostle came, it will be much easier.”

“He knows what to do. If you have nothing else, you can go first. I’ll send Little Xiang and the others back.”

“That’s right, I have to deal with some matters. Goodbye then, Lin Xiang, and little girls.” After Chuuji finished speaking, he turned into golden light and left.

Witnessing the disappearance of the golden light, Meiko glanced at everyone and heaved a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, you are all fine. I didn’t expect today to be the attack of the apostles.”

“Sister Meiko, are you fine? Your lips seem to be a little pale.” Lin Xiang noticed that Meiko was not at optimum condition.

“I’ve used to much magic power. Let’s head back first. Those clans who are doing the missions are already in the Demon Realm Administrations.”

“Wait, we are only two grasses away from completing the mission. We have collected twenty-eight trees with hard work, so how can we give up now?” Reidy said.

“That’s right. Let’s go find them. Huh?” At that time, Meiko looked at Fire Lotus, who was holding her hands while Dusty talked to her.

Her spirit aura was revealed. Meiko took another look at the man who was with her, but he did not notice it. It’s all right now.

But, what should they do when they arrive at the Demon Realm Administrations?

Silent Water and the others also realized that and stood in front of Fire Lotus.

“Hug it.” Kamiki handed her Hatch to Fire Lotus.


Hatch’s eyes were dark. Its fur was not long, and it was dressed like a monkey puppet, which was adorable. Fire Lotus’s gaze stayed on it for a while, and found it difficult to move away her attention.

“Fire Lotus, it’s not a problem if Nagisa and the others are the only ones here. But, there is an outsider. We can’t let him discover your identity.” Lin Xiang whispered in Fire Lotus’s ear.

“Won’t killing him instantly solve the problem?” Fire Lotus moved her body back. She was not used to Lin Xiang being so close to her.

“Well, look at his eyes. His eyes have been floating around us, he’s a womanizer. I don’t mind killing him.” Kamiki looked indifferent.

“Please, no killing.” Lin Xiang wiped his cold sweat. He was unsure if what the two said was true, “Hug Hatch, at least we can make him think it emitted the aura of a spirit. This can prevent unwanted accidents from happening, right?”

“Hmph, I don’t want to hug it. But, it does seem easier to hug it than to kill someone.” Fire Lotus hugged Hatch reluctantly, and Hatch was also very obedient. It might be due to the fact that Fire Lotus had the familiar spirit aura, which made it quietly being held in her arms without any resistance.

Half an hour later, in the bushes

“Haven’t we found enough Moreau Grass?”

Reidy said no answer, just pushing the grasses aside to find something.

“Found it.” Reidy stopped in front of a half-meter-tall grass. Grass of pale silver was in sight.

“It doesn’t seem to be Moreau Grass, right?” Kaoru looked at the Nora Grass in front of her, doubting.

“I just want it.” Reidy let out a lightning bolt, and cut the Nora Grass from the ground. She took a stalk and handed it to Fire Lotus.

Fire Lotus kept the Nora Grass in her pocket, still holding Hatch in her arms.

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