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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 18 : Mission Accomplished


Back at the Demon Realm Administration, the thick and sturdy wall had obvious signs of attack. There were also some bloodstains on the ground, which were being cleaned. Many demon realm workers were within.


Generally, the demon realm workers were the weaker ones compared to others, so when the demon apostles came, they all hid in. Of course, there were also unlucky people who could not hide in time, but the demon apostles would not show mercy. In their eyes, the weak had no human rights, so those who could not escape, all turned into a pool of blood outside.


With Meiko in the lead, Lin Xiang and the others came to a large room. Takahashi, Matthew, and others’ clans were already waiting inside. Aside from Matthew’s clan, the clothes of the other teams were a little damaged, while some of them were wounded in action.


Lin Xiang was not surprised by such results. After all, no one had ever fought demons before. Matthew was a war angel, so little demons pose little threat to him.


“Good, everyone has returned.” The client, Bury, sat on a table and said leisurely. Everyone looked over to him.


“I’m really lucky enough to let all of you meet the bad guys on a mission. What luck is this? I might win millions if I buy a lottery ticket with this luck.” As if mocking himself, Bury said to the crowd, “Forget that, so, how’s your mission progress?”


“We got twenty five grasses.” A team said first, “If there were no demon attacks, thirty grasses wouldn’t be a problem.”


The one-eyed weirdo could manipulate demons, so he let the demons go to find places which led to the human world on a large scale. Therefore, aside from Lin Xiang and the others, who encountered demon apostles, everyone else encountered demons.


“We have eighteen.”


“Eleven grasses.”



“Thirty grasses.” Kaoru just spoke when all the members casted an unbelievable look. The clan members who thought they had obtained the most which was twenty grasses, was a little dumbfounded.


“How many did she say?”


“Thirty, she said thirty.”


“How is that possible? We asked the workers we are well-acquainted with to…” The members of that clan immediately covered their mouths, seemingly almost share their secret.


“What’s wrong? It doesn’t matter. Just say it, you asked the workers you are well-acquainted with to take you to find the grasses. In this mission, there is no indication that foreign aid cannot be requested, or the forbidding of robbing other clans’ herbs. I only care about the result. They got thirty grasses? Then it’s thirty grasses.” After Bury finished, the others felt right. However…


“They came back so late, so they must be trying to get thirty Moreau Grasses. It’s not fair. We came back about an hour earlier than them. Otherwise, we would have been the first to find thirty grasses.” The other party obviously did not want to let them have their way. After all, the first prize was a mid-level magic gear.


“Heh~” Bury shook his head with a smile, “That’s why I said that I only care about the results. If they obtained thirty, it’s thirty. The stipulated afternoon has not arrived, right? You all encountered the same attacks, but they still insisted on finding the grasses before returning. What about you? To be honest, apart from them, your clan with less than thirty grasses has not yet met the mission requirements.”


The other party was speechless, and Bury continued, “It’s 1:21pm, and there are still more than 3 hours before the end time. Do you want to give up this task? Now, the first place has been chosen. Is no one going to bag the second place?”


Although the prize for champion, the mid-level magic gear, was gone in the other clans’ eyes, the first runner up would achieve two low-level magic gears, which were still quite good. Thinking of that, the other clans set off again. That time, they were determined to complete the mission first, whether they encountered a demon or not.


After the clans had all left, Bury looked at Lin Xiang and the others, “After you hand in the grasses, you can go back. As for the rewards, someone will send it to you once you return to the human world.”


“Yes, the Moreau Grasses are here, Your Excellency Bury.” Kaoru put thirty undamaged Moreau Grasses on the table where Bury was sitting at. After that, she turned around and went to the teleportation room with her clan members.


“I feel like this mission would have been much easier without the presence of those demon apostles.” Satsuki sighed when she arrived at the teleportation room.


“Well, this might just be an easy mission, because the mission description says that the task difficulty is E. Therefore, those above E, which are F, G, H should be more difficult.”


“About that… Senior Kaoru? Those above E are usually A, B, C, D.”


“Is that so?” Kaoru smiled a little embarrassedly, “I apologise, Young Master, it seems that I need to read more books next time.”


“No, it’s not about reading more books, but a matter of common sense. Is Senior Kaoru’s world only filled with swords?”


“Aside from swords, family is also very important. I have been practising sword skills all the time, just to ensure I can protect Choshi and make my father happy. But now, I practise to protect Young Master.”


“I believe Senior Kaoru will definitely become a powerful swordswoman.”


“Hey, Master, I want to ask a question. When can we eat? I’m so hungry that my tummy almost sticks to the back.” Dusty stroked her flat belly, frowning sadly.


“Speaking of that… Lunch is wasted, damn demon apostles. Now, Xiang’s fried meatballs are gone. No way, the more I think about it, the hungrier I get.” Satsuki glanced at Lin Xiang intentionally.


“Then, I’ll do it after we head back?”


“Those are the words I’m waiting for. Shall we head to your house? I’ve never been to your house.”


After Satsuki finished speaking, Nagisa’s energy returned, “Lin Xiang’s house… I wonder how it looks like.”


“Darling’s home is a three-story bungalow. There’s a yard covering an area of two hundred and twelve square meters. It is located on Gray Rock Road. There are no buildings around. The only thing that can be regarded as a building is an abandoned factory. We can say that on that road, there’s only his home.” Kamiki shared Lin Xiang’s house information like an endorsement.


“Have you investigated it long ago?”


“No, I’m just saying it casually.”


“You are casually speaking, yet you are clearer about my house than I am? How did you calculate the area of two hundred and twelve? Did you send someone to measure it?” Lin Xiang’s house was indeed large, because the land there was cheap. However, Lin Xiang was unsure how big his home was, and he believed that not many people would pay attention to that detail.


“What should I let Darling cook?” Kamiki held her chin, looking thoughtful.


“Don’t change the topic casually. Ah, forget it, anyway, you are a rich lady, so there are definitely a lot of information network and so on. It’s not a big deal knowing those.”


“Well, that’s true. But I also have Darling’s details, such as how long it is.”


“Wait, what does “it” refer to?”


“Hair, what’s wrong?”


“That’s amazing! You even know how long his hair is.”


“What’s so amazing about that?” Lin Xiang suddenly realized that Kamiki was frightening.


“I think it’s amazing! Sister Kuji, please investigate me too.” Dusty looked eager, and her eyes also gleamed with light.


Kamiki glanced at Dusty, “Matsuyama Dusty, female, has reddish-brown hair with length of more than 20 centimeters.”


“That’s amazing! Did you finish the investigation in that instant? Can you teach me?”


Lin Xiang immediately covered his face. He was getting incredibly worried about Dusty. When he went back, he had to check online on finding out how to improve her IQ (intelligence quotient).


I think you should look up ways to improve EQ (emotional quotient).’ Freed suggested.


“Why haven’t we teleported yet?” Reidy could not make herself comfortable in that conversation. She had been very impatient just listening to them.


“Someone hasn’t arrived yet.” The staff who operated the machine in the distance replied to Reidy.


“There are still people? All of us are here, right? Can’t you send us first?”


“Miss, teleportation requires energy. To use the different-dimensional cracks, we also need something called magic crystals. We aim to teleport as many people as possible at a time to save some energy.”


“Alright, let’s hope that someone hurry up.”


As soon as Reidy finished speaking, Meiko quickly entered the teleportation room, “Sorry, I apologise for letting everyone wait for this long. Some matters have been delayed for a while.”


“Sister Meiko is also going back with us?” Lin Xiang would never have thought that the person was Meiko. He thought that Meiko would stay in the Demon Realm to guard against the demon apostles from attacking again.


“Of course, I have nothing to do here. I mainly check if there are suspicious people in the human world teleported here.” Meiko explained and beckoned to the staff, who was operating the machine in the distance, “Sorry for the inconvenience.”


The staff nodded and pressed the switch.




The afternoon sun was scorching hot, but the pedestrians on the street did not decrease. It was the summer vacations, and there were mostly student groups. Among them, many boys were attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of them. It was composed of various beauties, and it was pleasing to the eye.


“Didn’t you say you want to check if there are any suspicious people in the human world? Why did you follow me?” Reidy was not familiar with Meiko. She only felt that Meiko and Lin Xiang seemed to have some connections. What kind of relationship they had? She was surely clueless. Well, everything that could happen has to be stifled.


“Me?” Meiko naturally knew why Reidy was slightly vigilant. She wanted to laugh but held back, “I’m just here to taste the food my little brother makes. I won’t rob him. Are you satisfied with this answer?”


“What nonsense are you spouting? It’s none of his business. I’m just worried that you’ll be scolded if you leave the office without permission.” Reidy pouted and turned her head to the other side.


“Is it really so?” A girl who was in love at the beginning of her relationship was interesting, which made Meiko feel how great it was to be young. Out of the blue, a certain image flashed in her mind, and her smile gradually solidified.


“Huh?” Lin Xiang noticed Meiko’s change, wondering what had occurred to her all of a sudden.


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