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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 19 : Aesthetic Concept


In the supermarket, Satsuki and the others were all choosing what they wanted to eat, while Lin Xiang was watching from aside.


“How about potatoes?”


“I think… carrots are better…”


“As long as Darling does it, I’m fine with anything. You girls can do the choosing.”


“Then, let’s buy them all.”


“Well, I don’t have any favorite dishes. But, I do have a little preference for meat.”


“Meat!” Dusty wiped the saliva from her mouth, “Sister Kaoru, let’s head over there.” With that, Dusty pulled Kaoru to the meat racks.


Silent Water carefully looked at each cabbage to see if there were wormholes or something. As for Reidy, she was in the fruit area, looking at the bananas while being slightly confused, “What did the auntie mean last time? Should I buy some to try?”


“Is beer good? Oh, right, you are still young and can’t drink alcohol. Then, let’s replace it with drinks.” Meiko opened the refrigerator and took out a few bottles of beer and drinks.


That day… was probably the happiest Lin Xiang has ever felt.


In the past, his home was always quiet. Lin Xiang was alone, and the only person who could talk to him was the television.


Silent Water and the others’ arrival added a lot of vitality to the home. It made Lin Xiang feel the warmth of having a family. However, now that Satsuki, Nagisa and the others were going to visit his house, so it would definitely make the house livelier. Lin Xiang thought so.


“Fire Lotus, do you want to eat shrimp?” Inadvertently, Lin Xiang discovered that Fire Lotus’s attention was always on the seafood area, on the shrimps that were swimming in the big aquarium.


“No.” Fire Lotus responded coldly and stopped staring.


“Ha…” Lin Xiang smiled wryly, and proceeded to buy some from the salesman. He never knew Fire Lotus liked to eat shrimp.


After Fire Lotus noticed his actions, she just snorted. In fact, it was the penguins she liked who loved shrimps, and she was only interested in shrimps.




“Wow~ Is this Xiang’s house? It looks quite new.” Standing in front of the house, Satsuki exclaimed.


“Well…” Lin Xiang scratched his head, “Geological experts said that there is a high probability of the appearance of different-dimensional cracks here. The former owner of this house didn’t know this information then, so he built this house and lived in it for a year. After he found out, he was worried that he would be killed by demons, so he sold it at a low price and deceived that old uncle of mine. Now, the house is only about five years old, so it is relatively new.


Opening the door, Lin Xiang let everyone in.


“You all can have a sit in the living room first. Silent Water and I are going to cook now, or in other words, you can take a look around.” After Lin Xiang finished speaking, everyone nodded. Meiko entered the living room first, turned on the television, and started watching.


In front of familiar people, Meiko has never restrained herself.


Lin Xiang went into the kitchen with Silent Water while carrying the ingredients they just bought. Reidy went to help. At that time, the door of the room at the end of the corridor was opened, and Remi came out. His hair was messy, like he just woke up. Noticing the figure of Satsuki and others walking into the living room, he asked, “Eh, are there guests?”


Lin Xiang nodded, “Yes, you know them.”


“Oh, you haven’t had lunch yet?”


“Well… I ran into some trouble.”


“Really? Then you can eat. You don’t call for me, I have already eaten.” Remi yawned and was about to close the door when Reidy stopped him, “Brother! Why do you always look decadent? Your hair is so messy, and your clothes are wrinkled. Where did the former soldier, Remi, go?”


“Ha… Aren’t I at home?” Remi looked embarrassed, but Reidy did not intend to let him go, so she continued to lecture. Lin Xiang smiled and shook his head before going into the kitchen with Silent Water to cook.


Fire Lotus did not get along well with everyone, and never intended to have anything to do with others, so she went back to her room. In the living room, Satsuki, Nagisa, Kamiki, Kaoru, and Dusty were sitting in a circle.


Satsuki said, “It’s rare to come to Xiang’s home, so we should get to know more about it. What do you think?”


“You want to go to his room to see if there are perverted books under his bed, right?” Kamiki’s words hit the nail on the head, and Satsuki said no refusal, “Don’t say it so clearly, Kuji.”


“This is not good… Lin Xiang will be unhappy.” Although Nagisa was also curious about what Lin Xiang’s room was like, she was worried that Lin Xiang would be furious if he knew that they entered his room without permission.


“The lowly I also don’t think it’s good to do this.”


“What, how did you make me look like the bad guy? He said that we could tour around his house casually.”


“Hey, hey, Sister Risa, what are perverted books?” Dusty asked curiously.


“They are printed books that contain pictures of women dressed very sexily or not wearing anything at all.”


“Ah, in that case, Master bought them a few days ago.”


“I knew it! I really misjudged him!”


“It’s normal for boys to see those…”


“Young Master is a boy.”


“Nagisa, Senior Kaoru, can you guys stop talking for him all the time?” Risa really could not help laughing and crying, “I also know that he is a boy, and it’s normal to see those things. What I mean is actually…”


“What Risa meant is that she wants to see what kind of books Darling buys, and what the girls on the books look like, so she can see what type of girls Darling likes.”


“As expected of Kuji, you guessed everything correctly.”


“Oh~~” Nagisa and Kaoru nodded after understanding, “The type of girls Lin Xiang (Young Master) likes?”


“About that…” Dusty seemed to be hesitant. Even Satsuki and others were a little confused about what happened to Dusty.


“Well, it’s nothing.” Dusty wanted to explain that her Master bought the books for Lady Dragon God. However, she was afraid that she would accidentally miss some information and said the three words “Lady Dragon God” directly.


“Then let’s go see it now? Dusty can lead the way.”


“Well. Actually, those books don’t belong to Master.” Dusty finally said it, as long as she did not mention anybody’s name, she would not have to mention “Lady Dragon God” unintentionally.


However, saying that now had no effect, because Satsuki and others were in discussion. None of them heard her words.


Lin Xiang, who was cooking, suddenly shuddered, “What’s wrong? I suddenly have a bad premonition. Is it all in my head?”


————Lin Xiang’s room


“It’s rather neat and clean.” Risa was very satisfied with the hygiene of Lin Xiang’s room.


“Excuse me.” Nagisa was the last to enter. She was a little timid, like a rabbit that would run away at any time. Her heartbeat was fast. What if Lin Xiang’s sexuality was very special?


“Hey.” Satsuki leaned down and checked the bottom of the bed, and found that there were no perverted books, “Strange, don’t all the boys in the TV shows or novels hide those things under the bed?”


“It seems that he reads them very openly.” Kamiki walked to the cabinet beside the bed, and there were photobooks on it.


Everyone gathered around, and the photobooks that had been opened was a thin, rather skinny woman.


“What labels are these?” Kaoru asked in confusion.


There were numbers written on various parts of the female model, such as hair, 7, face, 7, chest, 3 and more.


“It seems to be this woman’s scores in all aspects. Look here, there is an overall score.” Kamiki pointed to the “6” circled on the female model’s head.


“You might be right.” Satsuki turned a few pages, and each page had numbers and an overall score.


“Although this photobook is not what I imagined, it will make it easier to figure out Darling’s favors.”


“Yes, after all, each model has a different score. We’ll just find the one with the highest score.”


————Five minutes passed


“Can you figure out what this means?” Satsuki asked.


Nagisa and Kaoru shook their heads, while Kamiki was deep in thought.


“This is so weird. This person with big breasts got eight points, but this person with big breasts only got six points. This person’s is not big, but got nine points. This person’s is not big, but it’s five points. I really don’t know what Xiang is thinking.”


“Maybe… the shape is the problem. You can see that hers is quite bouncy, while hers is…” After Kamiki’s analysis, it was in line with the requirements, and everyone understood the reason.


“Then, the conclusion now is… his concept of aesthetics is very strict!”


“Xiang is always so sluggish. It turns out he didn’t find a girl who meets his requirements, huh?”


“There’s no hope… Hehe…”


“As expected of Young Master, his aesthetic judgment is high. Strange, what is this inexplicable frustration?”


“About that… this is not Master’s.” Dusty’s voice sounded from the corner. Everyone turned their heads to her in shock.


“Why didn’t you tell us sooner!”


————A certain airport in Japan


The airport was as lively as ever. Travellers came and went in a hurry. The airport was just a transit point for them, and there was nothing that needed special attention.


A few people in black suits were not carrying suitcases like others. They seemed so natural in the crowd, and no one noticed them except for the staff, who had to check their documents.


The man in the lead put on a kind smile as he handed the security check his documents. After checking the documents briefly, the staff nodded to him with a smile, as did the few behind him. Everything was carried out so simply.


“Knight Ralph, we finally arrived safely in Japan.” A man behind him said to the leader.


“Hmph, you idiots. I told you not to cause trouble. You almost got us caught.”


“Don’t mention it. I thought we were about to finish the game in that country, but who knew we were locked up by the defenders of the other side of the human world. Fortunately, we escaped in time.”


“Enough, let’s not gossip. Now, it’s time to find the target and bring it back.” Ralph took out a photo from beneath his blazer. Actually, it was more like a poster than a photo. It was imprinted with an attractive-looking girl.


There was also a line of personalized signature on the lower left corner of the poster.


Kawasumi Kana…

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