The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 20 : To the Beach Together


“Oh, this dish tastes very good, so is this one. Little Xiang, are you sure you made these?” Meiko looked at Lin Xiang in disbelief.


“Yes, but some are made by Silent Water. She is a master in cooking, and there is no food that she can’t make.”


“Hmm.” Silent Water shook her head and replied with a soft smile, “Silent Water is just imitating Master.”


“No, Silent Water has completely surpassed me. You can even cook the dishes that I was unsure of. Of course, Reidy also helped us, which saved us a lot of time.” Lin Xiang would not forget praising Reidy. After all, Reidy’s skill of chopping vegetables had a great improvement.


“Hmph, isn’t this absolute?” Reidy took a sip of the juice with slight joy.


“Reidy, that’s my juice… Yours is in that bottle.” Nagisa, who was sitting next to Reidy, said a little awkwardly.


“I…I’m just trying to taste what you have.” Of course, Reidy would never admit the humiliating mistake.


“It’s normal for girls to know how to cook, but boys are fewer. This is still such a delicious meal you see.” Meiko took a few more bites and appreciated Lin Xiang’s talent very much.


“Yes, when I first knew about this, I wanted Darling to be my personal chef, but he rejected my offer.”


“Speaking of which, Kuji seems to have an engagement with Little Xiang. What’s the matter?” When Meiko mentioned that, all the people interested pricked up their ears. Dusty was the only one still eating in her seat.


“This is my father’s decision when I was a child, because Darling’s father, Lin Fan, revived and reunited our family. To be honest, when I knew it at the beginning, I was very disgusted.”


“You were disgusted? Is it about the engagement or the engagement partner?”


“In the beginning, it was the engagement that put me off. Although the children of big families live an upper-class life that ordinary people desire, there are some things that takes our freedom, unlike ordinary people. Marriage is one of them. For the benefit of the family, the children are sent out like gambling chips.”


“That’s true.” Everyone nodded.


“After a good night’s sleep, I figured it out that the matter is like a speck of dust to me. However, when I came to school, I found out that my partner was a waste.”


“That’s right, Xiang has changed a lot. It’s like he has suddenly changed into another person.” Satsuki nodded quickly.


“Yes, I thought so too at the time. I thought he was possessed by a demon. I called him to the staff room and let my grandpa see him. I didn’t expect to make a joke out of myself.” Meiko could not help laughing when she remembered what happened in the past, “Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt.”


“The lowly I am not quite sure about this, but think that Young Master is a great person.”


“Yes, yes.” Nagisa nodded and agreed with Kaoru’s words.


Lin Xiang scratched his head embarrassedly, “People can change, right? Let’s eat.”


After the meal, Meiko received a call and left in a hurry. The sun in the afternoon was still vicious. Satsuki and others decided to head back after dinner. In that way, they could avoid getting sunburned, and eat more delicacies made by Lin Xiang, which could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.


Sitting at the dining table, Lin Xiang suddenly remembered that he had not inform anyone about Angie’s endorsement for the Beach Hotel, so he coughed to draw everyone’s attention.


“Did you know? Angie is advertising for a new big hotel at Qibin Beach, and has a concert by the sea at night. I was thinking. Why don’t we all go to the beach together?”


After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, Reidy, who was helping to clean up the dishes, paused and said excitedly, “Really?”


“Of course.”


“Hmph, since you want to go so much, it’s not impossible to accompany you there.” Reidy shook her hair. Her originally excited face became calm, and there was a smile on her face, as if she had no choice but to go with Lin Xiang.


“The sea! I want to go, I want to go! I’ve seen it a lot on TV, but I haven’t been there once!” Dusty jumped up in surprise, “And Sister Kana’s songs are really great!”


“That’s right, since it’s the summer vacations, we can only feel like enjoying a summer vacation when we head to the beach. When is it held?” Satsuki also agreed.


“It’s on July 20th, which is five days later.”


“On that day, there will be a competition in the dojo at my home. As a trainer…” Kaoru’s face was uneasy.


“If Senior Kaoru has something else to do, let’s go together next time.”


“No, I exist to protect Young Master, so without informing my father, he will still let me follow. The lowly I am worried about the apprentices.” After finding the sword wielder, Kaoru’s father began to focus on the development of sword skills and dojos. His fame gradually increased, and people from the dojo continued coming to learn.


There were some girls among them, and Kaoru was naturally responsible for teaching those girls. The girls also admire their heroic senior and Kaoru was afraid that without her, the girls would make mistakes in the competition.


“Don’t force yourself, Senior Kaoru, where you want to go should be decided by your own consciousness.”


“Young Master’s conscious is the lowly I’s conscious. If Young Master is bound to go, I’ll be obliged to do the same.”


“That’s why I said not to speak things like that with a serious face…” Lin Xiang wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked at Nagisa.


“Ah!” Nagisa lowered her head when Lin Xiang glanced at her like that, “Everyone can go…I’ll just…I’ll forget about it.”


Thinking of her hard-working father, Nagisa shook her head with some difficulty. She could not let her father provide extra money for the swimsuits and the cost of going to the beach. He would definitely smile, saying that it was fine for her to go and communicate more with her friends. However…


Nagisa clenched her fists.


Lin Xiang also thought of something, but he could not open his mouth to say that he would pay all the costs himself. Otherwise, Nagisa’s self-esteem would definitely be hurt.


“Speaking of this,” Kamiki curled her hair and tucked it behind her ears, “the newly opened big hotel is under the Kamiki Group. The person-in-charge invited Kawasumi Kana to hold a concert there. I wanted to ask all of you before if you’d like to go, but a lot of things have happened, so I don’t have the chance to say it. Now that Darling has said it, I will officially invite everyone to go to Qibin Beach. I will be responsible for the cost. I hope no one of you will refuse.”


“I won’t refuse. Let’s just treat it as the clan’s outing! Everyone must go.” Satsuki pushed Nagisa’s shoulder, “Nagisa, you will go too, right?”


“It’s interesting for everyone to go together. Sister Nagisa, why don’t you go?” Dusty said coquettishly.


“Yes, Nagisa, let’s go to Kana’s concert together.” Silent Water smiled at Nagisa.


“Well…” Nagisa lowered her head. Her vision gradually blurred as she said in a very low voice, “Everyone, thank you.”


These are friends. They would not despise each other because of her family’s condition. The important thing was to be able to stay together, enjoy happiness, and joy.


Lin Xiang was deeply moved. In addition to being touched, he thought of a person.


“Uh… Kami… Kuji, there is something I want to ask you.”


“What’s up?”


“You see, it’s Naoki, he also wants to go to the beach with us.”


“Naoki? Who is Naoki?”


“He’s the one from Class E. The one in ranked twenty-something in the whole grade, the guy you’ve seen calling me ‘Boss’.”


“Oh, that disgusting, and incompletely evolved ape, right?”


“Yes… That’s right…”


“What does he going to the beach have anything to do with us?”


“He said he wanted to go with us. You know, get in your family’s car. I wonder if he can.” Lin Xiang asked a little nervously.


Kurugani Naoki, I can only help you till here.


“Of course,” unexpectedly, Kamiki agreed without any hesitation.


“Really?” Lin Xiang could not believe his ears.


“You always like to have people repeat things.”


“Thank you, Kuji, that guy will be elated.”


“It’s nothing. He’s just a hitchhiker.”


With Kamiki’s affirmation, Lin Xiang immediately called Naoki.


“Hey, Boss, what’s the matter, I’m exercising.” The voice on Naoki’s side was panting and moaning, similar to the “hmm, hmm” sounds.


Lin Xiang was clearly not curious what kind of exercise he was doing, “Kuji agreed, you can go with us.”


“Really?” Although he could not see his appearance, Lin Xiang already knew from the voice that the other party was excited.


“I love you so much, Boss!”


“Please go easy on me. If there’s nothing else, then that’s all.”


“Wait, Boss, where are we meeting? What should I wear?”


“Uh… The meeting place is right at the school gate. I don’t know what we will be wearing, so that’s it.”


“Fine, I’m going to continue exercising.”


Hanging up the phone, Naoki continued his push-ups.


Pectoral muscles! Hurry up and show yourselves!


“Hmm~ hmm~ hmm~ hmm~” A strange voice came from the door.


Outside the room, a girl just passed by and glanced at Naoki’s bedroom door with a disgusting look, “What an annoying old brother… Why are you making such a loud noise? You afraid that others won’t know what you are doing?”


The Naoki inside was doing push-ups happily, completely unaware that his normal exercise had been misunderstood by two people.


“Although I’m in the same car with so many beauties, not mine though, it’s still good news to share!”


——Five days later


Two luxurious cars were parked in front of the school, and a handsome young man got into one of them.


Suits, sunglasses, firm muscles, and big guys.


“Hello.” Naoki sat in the middle, cold sweat dripping down.


No one responded, and the big men in the car just silently watched the cars in front of them.


“This car… is pretty good. Everyone is so handsome…”


“Shut up.”


“Yes, sir!” Naoki’s eyes began to flicker as his eyes were filled with tears.


This is not what I imagined!!!

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