The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 21 : The Beach


“It’s the sea!”


As soon as they got out of the car, Dusty called out to the vast blue sea.


The golden-yellow sandy beach shone under the sun. Colorful umbrellas stood in the sand, while men and women in swimsuits chatted. Some were eating ice cream, and more were at the sea to swim and surf.


“Don’t run around. It’ll be troublesome if our group scatters.” Lin Xiang told Dusty, but she could not hear him at all as she pulled Fire Dance and ran towards the shop with the word “ice” on the wood sign.


“Really,” Reidy rubbed her temples, “Let’s go, Silent Water, I’m a little dizzy. There are so many people here, so it’s not easy for me to watch the two children.”


“Well then, Master, we’ll go over there first.” Silent Water said as she followed behind Dusty and Fire Dance with Reidy.


“The sun is really annoying.” Kamiki put her hand on her forehead after getting out of the car. Glancing at the crowd in front of her, she felt helpless, “Also, there are numerous people here.”


“Does Kamiki not like crowded places?” Lin Xiang asked.


“You can say that.” Kamiki just finished answering when the driver of her family’s car walked towards them.


“Miss, is it really fine for you to get off the car here? Why don’t I take my lady to the hotel first?” That time, it was no longer the old man before, but a middle-aged man. He looked at Kamiki very sincerely, probably worried about what would happen to Kamiki.


In fact, they had not reached their destination yet, but Dusty was urging to get off, so Kamiki asked the driver to stop.


“No need, we have feet, so we can walk there. You can disappear first.”


“But, miss.”


“Hmm?” Kamiki glanced at the driver with sharp eyes, and he immediately shut his mouth. After bowing to Kamiki, he got into the car.


The other car was full of bodyguards, wearing sunglasses and black suits as they exited the car one after another. Each of them was strong men. The scenery seemed extremely grand. Lin Xiang could not tell their actual strengths, but he knew they would not be weak.


That fellow Naoki got out of the car. He looked very insignificant among the bodyguards, and rushed over to Lin Xiang as soon as he walked out. Snot and tears streamed down one by one, “Boss!! This is too much. Too much! Where are the car beauties we promised? You left me alone in a pile of macho men instead.”


“I don’t want to either. Can you please stop pulling on my pants?”


“I won’t, you are a liar, Boss! Deceiving the feelings of an innocent boy.”


Lin XIang glanced at Kamiki with a wry smile. She was ordering something to the bodyguards, “Remember, all of you can follow, but don’t let me see anyone of you.”


“Yes, miss!” The bodyguards in black quickly dispersed and disappeared.


Kamiki turned around, looked at Naoki, and raised her eyebrows, “This is all my arrangement, because I don’t want to sit in the same car with a waste that pollutes the environment, so, what’re your thoughts?”


Naoki immediately stood up and shouted, “None! I am very grateful to Miss Kamiki for giving me this opportunity to meet the legendary muscular men! It gave me a goal to move forward!”


“Then, go ahead and evolve towards being disgusting gays.”


“Well, that’s not what I meant. I’m talking about muscle training.” Naoki hurriedly shook his head, obviously not wanting to be considered gay.


“You don’t have to explain. Gay, you need to have some self-respect, and stay away from Xiang.” Risa patted Kamiki on the shoulder, and walked up to Lin Xiang.


Kaoru also preached to Naoki very seriously, “Young people go astray, but there’s still a chance turn back as soon as possible.”


“Even Sister-in-law Kaoru is like this. I’m not gay, and I won’t become gay. You know, I like girls! Beautiful girls with big breasts! No! No matter if they have big or small breasts, as long as they are female, I will love them! Like all the girls on the beach, I love them all!”


“Huh?” Nagisa was frightened by Naoki’s speech and took a step back to hide behind Lin Xiang.


The girls passing by looked at Naoki with a disgusting expression and left in a hassle.


“Xiang, let’s go over to Dusty to buy shaved ice, shall we?”


“That seems pretty good.”


“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”


Risa and Lin Xiang walked to the ice cream shop, talking and laughing. As for Kurugani Naoki… Who is that? We don’t know that person.


“Boss! Wait for me!” As if he was clueless of anything, Naoki waved at them and chased after the group.


“Hey, that pervert, why are you chasing us? Don’t come here!” Risa shook her hand at Naoki, much like the feeling of driving a dog away.


“Pervert? Where? I’ll protect my sister-in-laws!” Naoki turned his head and kept looking around.


Taking advantage of that opportunity, they stepped up their pace.


“Ah! Boss, sisters-in-laws, wait!” After a while, Naoki started running over again.


“Xiang, how could you agree to come out with him? Don’t you regret it?”


“Well, he has that kind of personality. Don’t worry about it though, he isn’t a bad person.”


“Like what Lin Xiang said… Kurugani is just a little weird, but he’s not a bad person.” Nagisa also spoke for him. After all, he had helped Nagisa get rid of the bullies. However…


“Yah~~ Pervert!” A girl screamed from behind, followed by a slap sound.


Turning his head, Lin xiang found there were five bright red finger marks on Naoki’s left cheek, but he did not care, but said to the girl, “I said your breasts are too small to wear a bikini. You should wear something like the one for schools. That one-piece swimsuit! That’s what suits you!”


The girl’s face was like burning iron. She lowered her head and raised her head abruptly. With another wave of her hand, another slap was initiated. The red marks on both sides of Kurugani Naoki’s face were already symmetrical.


“Yours is the definition of small! Go to hell! Pervert!” The woman scolded and ran away. There were too many people, so Lin Xiang’s line of sight was blocked, and he could not catch a clear glimpse of the woman’s appearance. However, he always felt that he recognised the woman and her voice was very familiar… It seems to be Aiko? The granddaughter of Grandpa Qian Libing, Sekisawa Aiko.


“Ah~ that’s embarrassing! How on earth could that guy say such a thing in public? This time, we really have to pretend that we don’t know him.” Risa covered her face and sighed.


“As expected of a waste that pollutes the environment. His shame, or something, has already rotted away.”


“Actually… Kurugani is just weird. He… might not be a bad person.”


“So, it’s a doubt now?” Nagisa clearly said before that Kururgani was not a bad person. There was no “might” in between.


“Is he what you call an idiot?” Senior Kaoru tilted her head in confusion, looking inexplicably cute.


Instead, Naoki was treated like a rare animal and had been pointed at by many people. However, he seemed like he just could not realize it. Even continuously winking and giving flirtatious gazes at the girls with a confident smile.


Forget it, we’d better leave him alone.


Risa and Lin Xiang went to the ice cream shop. Dusty and Fire Dance have already started eating their bowl of shaved ice.


“Cool! It even comes with a refreshing headache! Is this what you call enjoying pain?”


“Yes. Ice is my enemy. To deal with enemies, I have to destroy it. Dusty, let’s fight together!”


“Oh, Sister Fire Dance is amazing! Are we competing on who finishes it faster? Yo ho.”


The two began a random competition. Hope they don’t eat till they have a bad stomachache.


Reidy licked her ice cream slowly. Her complexion had recovered a lot. Having motion sickness was really hard work.


Silent Water just came over from the counter with two ice creams in her hands. She smiled at Lin Xiang and handed him one of them, “Master, here’s the grape-flavored one.”


“Oh, thank you very much, Silent Water.” Lin Xiang received the ice cream happily and took a bite. Well, the iciness was cool and refreshing, and the taste of grapes filled his mouth, attracting people to take a second bite, and a third one.


“Boss, yogurt popsicles please.”


“Stupid Risa, get me a glass of iced lemon tea.” Kamiki said behind Risa.


“Please help the lowly me get a glass of ice water, too.”


“I can’t take them all alone.”


“Wouldn’t it be efficient to hold the popsicle with your mouth?”


As soon as Kamiki finished speaking, Yalide spoke in Lin Xiang’s head, ‘That’s right! Wouldn’t it be better to hold with the mouth? The melted white liquid from the yogurt popsicle will stick to the chest… Wakaka!


Yalide’s words made Lin Xiang imagine about that scene involuntarily. Soggy clothes with white yogurt lining on the chest.


‘Hey! Don’t talk casually in other people’s minds!’


Then why don’t you let me out? It’s rare to visit the beach. Stinky brat, let me carry out my hunting action.


‘That’s why you can’t come out, because we must keep others safe.’


Damn it! How many ignorant girls are waiting for Lady Yalide to rescue them, you stinky brat! Why are you stopping me from saving the world? Hey, don’t you stop responding me!


Ignoring Yalide, Lin Xiang sat at the table with everyone, enjoying the coolness that the ice products brought them in the summer. However, after Yalide calmed down, another guy became restless again, which was Kurugani Naoki.


“Hey, miss, you are so beautiful. Why don’t I invite you to eat ice cream?” Naoki, who was wearing sunglasses, and putting one hand on the counter, had faded red marks on his face. Lin Xiang had to say that he was quite handsome. The lady who was selling ice products also looked at Naoki blankly, and lowered her head shyly for a long time, “That’s great.”


“Well, then, can you date me?”


“Dating as soon as you come?” The girl covered her mouth in surprise.


“Yes, on the premise of making children, we should make lo…” “Slap”


The red mark that had just faded was restored. No, it was overlapping with the previous red mark instead. However, Naoki was very strange. He was looking at the salesgirl excitedly, and said something that ordinary people could never understand, “You agreed?”


Who agreed! You pervert!


Lin Xiang really wanted to pull him over so that he would not be embarrassing anymore.


“Who agreed! Pervert!” The girl answered the same as how Lin Xiang thought.


“But, didn’t you slap me?”


“Do people give you a slap as an agreement?” the girl asked in return.


“Not really.”


Naoki even nodded in agreement. If it’s not, then what are you talking about! By the way, stop waving at me! You even continued calling me boss! Lin Xiang could not stand the strange attention he got from the people around him.


If Risa asked him one more time that he regretted coming with him, Lin Xiang’s answer was definitely: Yes, I regret it.


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