The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 22 : Kurugani’s Past


After having some ice products, Lin Xiang detained Kurugani to stop him from saying strange things to girls, and walked to the hotel with Silent Water and the others.


Kurugani was clasped by the neck by Lin Xiang, and was shaking very disorderly, “Boss, don’t do this. We will be regarded as gays.”


“Even if we are treated as gays, I won’t let you leave. You brat, don’t you know what shame is? Your attitude makes girls afraid of you, let alone winning their hearts.”


“Let me be honest with you, Boss.” Kurugani’s voice became deep, and his seriousness was completely different from usual, which made Lin Xiang let go of him. Was there any backstory about how he acted that way?


“Fu~” Kurugani took a breath and slowly opened his mouth, “Actually… my stomach hurts! Is there a toilet around here? Oh no, I can’t hold it in.” He clutched his stomach and yelled, jumping and hopping at the same time.


Risa, Lin Xiang, and others, who thought Kurugani was going to talk about something, almost fell to the ground.


Why are you pretending to act serious if all you have is a stomach ache? Just dig a hole and throw yourself in, you dimwit.


Due to Kurugani, Lin Xiang and the girls quickened their pace and instantly arrived at the hotel.


The newly-opened hotel was gigantic. With about twenty floors, it was close to the beach, and there were numerous outdoor dining tables on the side, allowing people to eat while watching the sea.


“Heaven! I’ve reached the Heavens! Beautiful angel, where’s the toilet?” As soon as Kurugani entered, he rushed to the counter and asked the receptionist breathlessly.


The receptionist was obviously frightened by Kurugani, because the way Kurugani was panting looked eerie, like the feeling of a perverted strange uncle holding a pair of girls’ panties.


“Over… over there…” The receptionist pointed in one direction. Like an arrow released from the string of a bow, he dashed and disappeared with a swish.


“Ah…” Everyone sighed in unison. At that moment, Kamiki’s butler, the old man who often drove Kamiki to and fro, came over.


“Milady, the room has been arranged. On the twentieth floor, two people can share a room. These are the key cards.”


“Good, there’s nothing else I need, so you can leave first.” Kamiki took the key cards, and the butler bowed while taking several steps back.


Kamiki picked up a key card from her hand, and looked at Lin Xiang with a grin. Her eyes were also looking very seductive, “How about sharing a room with me, Darling?”


“Uh…” Lin Xiang gulped. Before he could answer, Risa spoke first, “What do you think you’re doing, Kuji? This is absolutely impossible.”


“No, no.” Nagisa quickly shook her head.


“Can I?” Fire Dance was very excited after hearing that, “I want to be with Master!”


“Me too,” Dusty quickly raised her hand, for fear that her Master could not see her.


“If you dare…” Reidy raised her little fist at Lin Xiang with a sullen face. What she meant was clear.


Of course I don’t dare! Lin Xiang would not stay in the same room as a girl. He figured that Kamiki was not serious either. Her playful appearance was obviously showing that she was joking. You see, Kamiki spoke.


“Look, I’m just joking. Can’t believe everyone got so excited. Of course, Darling is in the same room with his little follower. Silent Water and Reidy, Dusty and Fire Dance, Risa and Nagisa, Kaoru and I. Is this allocation acceptable now?”


“Yes.” Everyone nodded, but there was one group of people who were not very happy, that was Fire Dance and Dusty.


“I thought I could be with Master.”


“That’s right.”


Lin Xiang could only smile bitterly regarding that matter.


Kamiki began to assign key cards to them, and at the same time said, “I’m just distributing them casually.”


Lin Xiang did not quite understand what her sentence meant, until they got to the twentieth floor.


“You did it on purpose! Why is Xiang’s room in the corner and yours happens to be just next door?” Risa pointed at Kamiki and questioned.


“Oh my, that’s really strange.” Kamiki pretended as she was clueless with that incident.


The twentieth floor should be considered as a place for high-class VIPs to stay. There were eight rooms in total. The corridor was spacious and bright, and there was a large transparent glass at the end, which allowed visitors to enjoy the blue sky and sea.


Lin Xiang’s room was in the corner, with the numbers “2004.” Kamiki’s room was next to his, which was “2003.”


“Why is the room across Xiang unoccupied?” Risa asked, pointing to the room “2008.”


“I don’t know. The key cards that the butler brought didn’t include that room. Someone must have reserved it.”


“Who is it?”


Walking into the room, it could be described as noble and luxurious. Decorated with crystal chandeliers, log cabinets, the whole room was white, neat and spotless. A few vases of flowers were placed on the table, feeling the room with a faint aroma.


Like the hallway, the windows there were made of huge clear glass, with beautiful sea views. Lin Xiang understood why those rich people like to stay in high places, because in high places, they could enjoy more beautiful views. It was just that… if something catastrophic happened, they might find it difficult to escape.


They decided to stay there for two days. In terms of luggage, someone would bring them up in a while. Sitting in a chair, Lin Xiang looked out the window, thinking about how to get stronger, and how he must get stronger.


While he was lost in thought, a cloud of black gas escaped his body. When Lin Xiang noticed, that fellow, Yalide had already appeared. She still had that flawlessly handsome face, with an impeccable figure. Her eyes slowly opened, revealing eerie scarlet pupils.


“What the hell are you doing? Why did you run out by yourself?”


“It’s too boring. Am I still Lady Yalide if I’m just watching obediently when you guys play?”


“Go back immediately. If you suddenly come out like this, and Risa and the others see you, how will you explain it to them?”


“Just say, your big sister just happens to be here.”


“How can there be such a coincidence? Go back quickly.”


“I don’t want to, stinky brat. Are you ordering Lady Yalide, the Child of Darkness?” Yalide brought her face closer, looking very arrogant.


Kacha.” The door was opened, and Kurugani walked in, “It’s this room, right? Boss…” After he met them, no, to be precise, after seeing Yalide, Kurugani stupidly left the door unlatched. His eyes were opened extremely wide, “#%#&%”


“Speak human language!” Lin Xiang yelled.


Trouble had arisen. He had let Kurugani see Yalide.


“Ultimate beauty!” Kurugani rushed over, like he was about to hug Yalide’s thigh.


Yalide still had a snickering smile on her lips. She stretched out her feet, and her perfectly curvy legs pressed against Kurugani’s face, “Pfft!” His face deformed and made a sound, cleverly blocking him and stopping his actions. Yalide shook her head, “Although I quite appreciate you, I’m really not interested in men.”


“Lez (a lesbian)? No!!! No! How can a woman as perfect as you favor women!? This is a waste! It will destroy world peace and the world!”


“Destroy world peace? Destroy the world?”


“Yes! You need to know that the world needs competition to develop. If a perfect woman like you don’t like men, men will lose confidence. Without confidence, there will be no competitiveness. Without competitiveness, the world will stop in place. If the matter is more serious, the world may even evolve backwards! Do you have the heart to see this beautiful world destroyed because of you?”


Hey, hey… What the hell is with that theory? Lin Xiang was speechless about what Kurugani said.


“Then what should be done?”


Please, Dragon God! Don’t play with him.


“For the sake of the world, I decided to sacrifice, just let me…” Before Kurugani could finish speaking, Yalide interrupted him.


“No need. If there’s anything, my younger brother will do it♡~” Yalide retracted her leg and clasped Lin Xiang’s arm. The cleavage from her chest was like suction force as it firmly sucked Lin Xiang’s hand.


He wanted to shake it off, but moving would seem like he would only sink deeper. The soft touch, was too comfortable, no, too hateful.


Kurugani opened his mouth, and saliva was about to flow out, “Why is it the boss who gets good things every time! It’s so enviable! Wait! Are you the boss’ big sister?”


“Isn’t it clear about our hair color?”


Who can believe this reason?


“You’re right!” Kurugani nodded.


You actually believe it! With so many black-haired people on the street, does randomly picking them out make them siblings by blood?


“Boss’s big sister, please date me.” Kurugani entered his main idea.


“I’ll think about it when you become a beautiful girl.” Yalide’s answer was also powerful enough.


“Then, forget it. Speaking of which, I once had a big sister.” Kurugani’s expression became serious, just like before when he talked about his stomach ache.


“I said before that I wanted to tell Boss one thing. In fact, I want to be close to girls because of my big sister.” Kurugani paused and continued, “My sister loves me very much. Since I was in elementary school, she hoped that I can find a girlfriend. One night, I said I wanted to eat bread, so my sister went out with an umbrella and went to buy bread for me from far away. It was raining cats and dogs, and there was lightning…”


Hearing that, an imaginary scene flashed across Lin Xiang’s mind. In it, Kurugani was smiling and watching his sister head out. After that, he cried when he saw her in the hospital, desperately trying to wake her up.


Has Kurugani become like that because his sister wanted him to have a girlfriend before she passed away?


“Is it because of a car accident?” When it came to rainy days, it was common for car tires to slip on the road.


“Car accident?” Kurugani looked at Lin Xiang blankly, and then shook his head, “No, that day, my sister met him! Her current husband! Who is also my brother-in-law! Damn it, rascal! Return me that big sister who spoils me!”


Putting his hand on Kurugani’s shoulder, Lin Xiang tried his best to calm down as he spoke to Kurugani, “Mr. Kurugani, can I hit you?”


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