The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 23 : Let’s Go Swimming Together


“Stop it, Boss, quit joking.”


“No, I’m serious. Relax and leave it to me.”


“It’s not good, it will hurt.”


“If I don’t do this, it’s really hard to calm my current mood.”


That kind of conversation came out of Lin Xiang’s room. Outside the room, Satsuki’s hand was fixed on the door, just like Nagisa behind her, her face was full of shock.


Xiang is gay! Lin Xiang turned out to be gay!


Nagisa wanted to push the door hard, but was stopped by Satsuki. She shook her head and whispered, “We’ll wait a little longer before going in and catch him.”


“Alright,” Nagisa nodded, closely hearing any sounds of movement from the other side of the door nervously.


No way… How could Lin Xiang be gay? Something must have gone wrong.


Nagisa prayed in her heart. This must be a misunderstanding.


However, the voice of the conversation that reached her ear was really hard for her to accept.


“Just for a moment.”


“Leave me alone, Boss. What happened to you all of a sudden?”


“If it wasn’t because of your bullsh*t…”


“Wow!” Dusty’s call suddenly sounded behind Satsuki and Nagisa. Then, she rushed into Lin Xiang’s room at such a swift speed that no one could stop her.


The unlatched door was knocked open by Dusty. Lin Xiang, who held Kurugani’s collar and raised his fist, looked at Dusty who ran in with some doubts.


“What’s wrong, Dusty?”


“It’s so high! It’s so high!” Dusty whimpered and threw herself into Lin Xiang’s arms. At the same time, her body was trembling.


After Dusty and Fire Dance entered their rooms, the first thing they did was eat the snacks on the table. In their room, the windows were blocked by curtains. Fire Dance was curious and pulled the curtains back. It was originally a charming sea view, but in Dusty’s eyes, it was a terrifying height.


“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Lin Xiang patted Dusty’s head and noticed Satsuki and Nagisa.


“Why are you both here?”


“Playing dumb, right? Actually, I have a magic that can make you forget you’re gay.” Satsuki said.


“I’m not gay.”


“Look, you’ve forgotten.”


“…” Lin Xiang was speechless. What happened to her in that short while?


“Great. Sister-in-laws, you are here. Boss was so scary just now.” Kurugani on the side seemed to have met his savior as his eyes were full of twinkling stars.


“With us here, you are safe. Since Xiang is pretending to be dumb, Kurugani, speak up, what did this perverted guy intend to do to you just now?”


“Sniff, sniff,” Kurugani showed his “victim” expression as he wiped non-existent tears, “I just shared my past, yet Boss suddenly said he wanted to hit me.”


“Did you hear that? Xiang, you actually want to hit Kurugani? Do you know that doing this makes us sad?” After Satsuki spoke, she was stunned for a moment, feeling as if something was wrong.


“Sister-in-law Satsuki! I’m so touched! You care so much about me!” Kurugani ran towards Satsuki, wanting to give her a big hug, but what greeted him was Satsuki’s kick.


“Why… do girls always like kicking?” Kurugani covered his stomach and rolled to the side.


“Wait, what do you mean when you said ‘hit’ just now?” Satsuki looked at Kurugani, who was gritting his teeth and groaning. She was puzzled.


“Just like how you did to me just now. It hurts. With you aimed a little down below, my little friend will be in danger.”


“Huh? Is there a possibility that we could have misunderstood something?” Satsuki was a little dumbfounded.



“I’m having a headache! Who do you think I am? Do I look like a gay?” After listening to Satsuki’s words, Lin Xiang deeply realized that the next time he spoke, he must not say words that could be easily misunderstood. Well, thinking of what he said just now, Lin Xiang really noticed that he sounded like he was doing something shameful.


“Ha, a misunderstanding, that’s great. If you are gay, I really don’t know how to deal with you in the future.”


“Mm hmm.” Nagisa nodded quickly, but fortunately it was not true.


“Hey, have a little confidence in me, alright?” Lin Xiang could not help smiling bitterly, but he could only pat Dusty’s head to vent his depression.


“Xiang is also wrong. Who knew what you said just now is so easy to be misinterpreted. Huh?” At that time, Satsuki saw Yalide on the other side, leaning on the bed, shaking her long legs while reading a magazine.


“When did your big sister…”


“Ah, she came to the beach first. She came when she knew we arrived. Haha…” Lin Xiang laughed unnaturally.


“Really?” Satsuki also did not care too much. Yalide felt a little strange to her, or in other words, there was a hint of familiarity.


Nagisa had already noticed Yalide, and even she herself thought it was majestic. For some reason, she felt Yalide’s aura as soon as she entered the room, which made her uncomfortable.


“Ah, beauties, good day to you.” Yalide closed the magazine, bounced up after turning her body to get off the bed, and stood on the ground, “Let’s go swimming together?”


“Swimming! Alright!” Tonggu on the side immediately jumped up like he was full of blood.




“The weather is nice today, so it’s suitable for swimming.” Lin Xiang, who was wearing swimming trunks, exclaimed while standing on the beach, looking at the cloudy sky.


“Oh! There’re so many Europeans!” Kurugani also stood beside him, and Lin Xiang’s good mood suddenly changed.


“Hey, Kurugani, can you please stop saying ‘Europeans’ here and there? Be serious.”


“Fine, so, how about ‘there’re so many boobs in blankets’?”


“Forget it. I think the ‘Europeans’ one is better.” Hey, what are ‘boobs in blankets’ anyways? New phrase? Lin Xiang felt that it was certainly part of Kurugani’s personality.


“Summer, what a good season. Right, boss?”




“Speaking of which, Boss has a good figure. Your chest muscles and abdominal muscles are quite defined.” Kurugani looked at Lin Xiang from top to bottom.


“This is the result of exercise.” After Lin Xiang finished speaking, he noticed that Kurugani’s chest was puffed up.


“Boss, what do you think of mine?” Kurugani asked expectantly.


“Well… a little thin.”


“You are kidding, right? I’ve been doing push-ups for several days. Don’t I have big packs?”


In just a few days, what kind of body do you want to have? Lin Xiang gave no answer. Sighing, he helplessly looked elsewhere.


“Boss,” After a while, Tonggu spoke again, “you seem to be having troubles recently. What’s on your mind?”


“Huh? How did you know?”


“It’s all written on your face. When Boss doesn’t talk to anyone, you usually are thinking about something.”


“Well… I’m wondering about how to become stronger. Although I can say I’m advancing step by step and I’m also practicing some moves, I always feel that my progress is very slothful.”


“Become stronger? Boss will definitely become stronger. After all, Boss can always make people change their point of view, right? You know, Boss, you used to be the last of the whole grade, yet you defeated the first place. I also want to be like Boss, to become an existence that subverts other people’s thoughts.”


“You are now.”




“Well, you look serious, but have a disgusting personality. Doesn’t that count?”


“Stop it, Boss. It’s not wrong to express my love for girls.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


Lin Xiang nodded. At that moment, he found that many men were staring at him.


“Oh, oh~”


“This is great.”


To be precise, those men were looking at the girls who were approaching Lin Xiang.


With snow-white skin and remarkable faces, every girl was outstanding. Different styles and colors of swimsuits showed their charm when they wore them. In particular, the tallest and hottest woman in the lead was wearing a black bikini with red edges, which attracted the attention of men the most.


Most guys liked mature women. And Yalide was the most mature among the girls. That perfect body and face, was just like the models in photos.


“Wow! Boss’s elder sister and my sisters-in-laws are wearing swimsuits! The camera mode in my brain is activated!” Kurugani hurriedly blinked his eyes numerous times, as if taking pictures. He wanted to keep the scene in front of him.


“How is it, brat? Say something. Everyone has worked hard to dress themselves up for you.” Yalide bumped the stunned Lin Xiang with her shoulder.


Lin Xiang, who was bumped, was in awe for a while, and he finally reacted, “Cough, that… everyone… is very beautiful.”


Like Yalide, Satsuki chose a black swimsuit. With black hair, and black swimsuit, she created a perfect image of an Eastern woman. Kamiki was wearing a purple bikini, and her qualities of “Ms Perfect” (fair-skinned, rich and beautiful) fully bloomed.


Nagisa was a little more conservative. Wearing a white one-piece swimsuit, she was wiggling awkwardly, which made the giant things on her chest sway from side to side. It was very eye-catching. Kaoru was not wearing a swimsuit. Her short jeans, short-sleeved shirt, and singlet inside gave off a refreshing feeling.


With blond hair and a pink push-up bikini, Reidy looked like a reserved foreign young girl, and her breasts seemed to be plumped. Of course, that was the result of comparison with the person beside her. Dusty was wearing a swimsuit with a star symbol, and her flat chest was like the sky, boundless as far as the eye could see.


Silent Water was wearing the usual ordinary swimsuit seen in public. The color wa of course the blue that she liked. The ordinary swimsuits worn on Silent Water’s body would make people feel that it was not just a simple outfit, because it was fitting, like it was tailor-made for Silent Water.


Fire Dance matched herself with a red swimsuit. She ran to Lin Xiang, and turned around, “Master, isn’t Fire Dance the prettiest?”


“Yes, everyone is the most beautiful one.”


“That’s great, Master.” Fire Dance joyously hugged Lin Xiang’s arm. Due to her wearing less clothing, the area he contacted was the girl’s skin and soft breasts, smooth and soft they felt. Lin Xiang’s face went red, and he could not help but want to pull his hand away.

“I’m coming too.” Dusty did not give him the chance to. She immediately hugged Lin Xiang’s other arm. Soon, Lin Xiang became the public enemy of men on the beach.


“Please, just let me spend this seaside tour in peace…” Lin Xiang sighed.

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