The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 24 : Treasure?


“Wow, haha, it’s so cold.” By the sea, Dusty was playing with Fire Dance, playing a game of splashing water. The two girls, who were slightly afraid of getting into the water just now, were having a great time, playing.


As a water spirit, Silent Water could move more freely in water compared to when on land. Just a while ago, under everyone’s watchful eyes, she showed her marvellous swimming skills when rescuing a child from being swept away by the waves, and earned a round of applause. She garnered more attention, and until now, there were still countless boys secretly glancing at Silent Water.


Her hair was slightly moist, while her skin seemed to reflect light under the dazzling sun. Silent Water’s gentle smile made her look extremely beautiful.


“Let’s take a breath first.” The attention-grabbing Silent Water, like any other swimming coach, was teaching Lin Xiang to swim, and was not influenced by the outside world. In her eyes, there was always Lin Xiang’s shadow.


“Hooo— Ah—” Lin Xiang raised his head out of the water and wiped the seawater on his face, “I’ve troubled you, Silent Water, for asking you to teach me swimming or something. You could have went playing with Risa and the others.”


With that said, Lin Xiang looked at Satsuki and the others who were playing water volleyball not far away. He was unsure where that guy, Kurugani, went, and he guessed that he was wearing diving goggles to watch girls. That darn wretched guy.


At that moment.


“Huh?” Yalide was about to receive the volleyball when her red eyes flashed, “Watch my next move.”


She jumped up high. Like a water dragon, her jet-black hair was floating in the air, she clenched her fist and hit the volleyball and it flew towards Lin Xiang with great precision.


“Wah, wah, wah, wah!” The volleyball flew at a ridiculously swift speed, which made Lin Xiang a little flustered. Finally, just in time when the volleyball made close contact with his face, he crouched down to dodge it.


“Bang!” Like an explosion, a high water column was aroused, splashing everywhere. From that, it could be seen how great Yalide’s strength was.


“What are you doing all of a sudden?! This move will definitely hurt someone if they get hit on the body, no!?” Lin Xiang yelled to Yalide.


“Never take anything lightly, boy, you never know when danger will come.”


“Huh? What you meant is unclear.”


“What I mean is, you’ve occupied my Silent Water. You can already swim, so what are you learning for, stinky brat? Now, throw the ball over here.”


“What the heck? You were the one who told me to learn a faster way to swim from Silent Water.” Lin Xiang swam to the volleyball, which was floating in the sea, with dissatisfaction. After lifting the ball and throwing it back in the girls’ direction, Yalide continued playing with Satsuki and the others as if nothing had happened.


It was just that Lin Xiang always felt that Yalide would not say those words just now for no reason. Have she found something?


Lin Xiang looked around. Many people came to the beach for a swim, and most of them were young men and women. Seeing how happy they were enjoying their time, Lin Xiang could hardly detect any suspicious people.


“Master, what’s wrong?” Silent Water asked.


“It’s nothing, I just feel like I’m really bothering you, Silent Water.” Lin Xiang could indeed swim, but he could say that he was not exactly very proficient with it. He could at least prevent himself from drowning if he fell into the waters, and protect himself.


Previously, when Yalide asked Lin Xiang to learn from Silent Water and improve his swimming ability, it might be a sign for him to be prepared for the unexpected.


“It’s not a burden to me, Master. Usually Master is the one who teaches Silent Water, but now it’s fun to do it the other way around.”


“Ah, I’m ashamed to say this, but Silent Water always learns things right away. On the other hand, I can’t.”


“That’s because Master is not familiar with water and doesn’t know the characteristics of water. If Master understands it, Master will definitely be able to swim faster. Besides, Silent Water’s learning ability is a talent inherited from the family. If not, Silent Water will definitely be more stupid.”


“No, how is it possible? What Silennt Water has learned so far is all due to Silent Water’s hard work. It’s not enough with only talent, it still takes great effort.”


“Thank you, Master. Come on, Master, feel the flow of water a little more. Master will definitely understand the mysteries of water.”


“Oh.” Lin Xiang continued to bury his face in the water and opened his eyes. Noticing the trajectory of the water was what Lin Xiang had to do first.


He did not notice that behind the reef in a relatively deep area in the distance, there was a strange man with a bloody nose and a swollen face. The reason that the man was strange was because he was not wearing swimming trunks or something similar, but a blue bodysuit, as if while diving into the water, he could integrate with the sea.


“Is it a coincidence? That woman.” The man wiped his nosebleed, took out a small crystal stone, and spoke to it, “Capture plan failed. Your information is incorrect, and there is a strange woman beside him, who may be someone that Wolf (Lin Hao) found to protect him.”


“I don’t know this very well. I saw that he had a lot of female companions before. Although their level of spiritual power is quite high, their combat level is definitely not of a C-ranked demon killer. You are an S-ranked, even if someone has achieved C-ranked, it’s still impossible to hinder you.” Through the stone, a male voice answered.


“That woman, with long black hair, and red eyes, looked very remarkable. There is something fishy about her. Go run a check if anyone around him has her, and give me her information.”


“Sure, I’ll deal with it as soon as possible. You have to act quickly while Lin Hao is on a mission in other areas.”


“You don’t need to inform me about what I’m going to do. We must never give away the treasures left by ‘Brilliant War Tiger’ and ‘Golden Flame Fox’.”




“Ah, phew! Silent Water, go and play with them first. I’ll head ashore to have a while rest.” Lin Xiang surfaced, shook off the water on his face, and said to Silent Water.


“Then, Silent Water will go ashore together.”


Walking to the beach with Silent Water and looking back at the shallows, Lin Xiang could see that Yalide made the atmosphere very lively. Satsuki and the others were also having a good time with girls they were not well-acquainted with. Meanwhile, Dusty and Fire Dance were building sand castles on the beach.


When they arrived beneath a sun umbrella, Kaoru was seen cutting fruit with a knife before noticing Lin Xiang and Silent Water’s approach. She handed them some, “Here, Young Master, Silent Water.”


“Thank you, Senior Kaoru.” Silent Water took the fruit with both hands politely.


“Thankiew.” Lin Xiang took a piece of watermelon and took a bite, then sat next to Kaoru, “Senior Kaoru, you really don’t want to go for a swim?”


“No.” Kaoru shook her head, “I’m not good with water. If I really drown myself, I will disturb everyone’s interest, it will be bad.”


“It’s fine, it just so happens that I’m also learning to swim. Let’s go together, Senior Kaoru.”


“Yes, Senior Kaoru, maybe Master can understand better when you learned to swim.” Silent Water also spoke.


“Young Master, do you think the lowly I should learn to swim?” Kaoru looked at Lin Xiang. Needless to say, as long as Lin Xiang nodded, she would definitely learn it.


“Well…” Lin Xiang also knew her thoughts, and scratched his head, “I think it’s good to have one more skill, but the key is still up to Senior Kao…”


“Good, then Young Master, please teach the lowly I to swim.”


“About that, Senior Kaoru, you don’t have to do what I want. It’s better to do what you want.”


“Young Master’s means is the lowly I’s means. Young Master is also right. It is good to have one more skill, so I decided to learn swimming. I hope Young Master won’t dislike the lowly I for being stupid.”


“Uh… Then let’s go later.”




After eating the fruit and resting for a few minutes, Lin Xiang and Silent Water returned to the sea again. That time, they had Kaoru.


“Is this enough to go into the water?” Lin Xiang looked at Kaoru, who was not wearing a swimsuit.


“If the lowly I change now, I don’t want to delay Young Master and Silent Water’s time. Besides, wearing a swimsuit does not seem to feel very uncomfortable.”


It’s more uncomfortable this way though. Lin Xiang did not say a word after all. He was worried that what he would say could make Kaoru go change her swimsuit immediately, which was not what Lin Xiang wanted to see. He did not want Kaoru to do things exactly as he wanted.


“Let’s go to a deeper area.” After speaking, Lin Xiang walked to the part where the water reached his chest.


“Oh, oh ~~ That woman’s figure is really good, there is no extra flesh on her.”


“Her face is also super stunning. She looks so cool, and her ponytail deserves some compliments!”


Many men noticed Kaoru’s arrival.


“By the way, who is that boy? Why do I feel that there are beautiful women around him?”


“Yeah, he’s just too enviable. Damn it.”


Lin Xiang, who could not hear the gossip, was teaching Kaoru the basics of swimming, “The first thing to learn swimming is to hold your breath and hit the water, which is by immersing your face into the water, kick the water with your feet, and move yourself. Senior Kaoru , give me your hand. I’ll hold you.”


“Understood.” Kaoru was not like other girls at all, because she could not feel shy. Without further hesitation, she put her hand on Lin Xiang’s palm.


Looking at Kaoru’s fair hands, Lin Xiang could not help but say, “Senior Kaoru’s hands are really well-protected. Just looking at your hands, it’s hard to tell that Senior Kaoru is a swordswoman.”


People who practice swords would suffer some bruises on the skin to a certain extent, leaving scars or calluses on their hands. However, Kaoru’s hands were completely free of them. They were very delicate, no different from ordinary girls.


“Actually, there was a small scar on the lowly I’s hand, but it disappeared after that. Do you still remember the moment when I went to the airport to pick up Young Master, Young Master’s big sister, Her Excellency Yalide, grabbed my lowly hand and touched it? After that, it disappeared.”


Did that fellow Yalide do it? Indeed, it fit her character quite well, because she did not want to see flaws in beautiful girls. Or something.


“I always wanted to thank her, but I didn’t have the chance.”


“Ha, no need, no need.” Lin Xiang had already imagined that if she really wanted to thank Yalide, Yalide would definitely say: ‘Verbal thanks are useless. Why don’t you play with me and spend this wonderful night with me?’ or something like that. That perverted dragon.


“Is that so? But I hope it’s better to be able to speak to her.”


“OK, I’ll tell her this. Now, I’ll grab your hand. Senior Kaoru has to try your best to make yourself float.”


“Yes.” Kaoru took a breath, dipped her face in the water, and began to practice.


Kaoru was indeed a regular exerciser. Her body was very coordinated, and it only took a little more than ten minutes for her to master the skills and swim a distance of one or two meters.


“Senior Kaoru is amazing.” Lin Xiang could not help but exclaimed in awe. In the beginning, he spent a long time learning to swim. When he was in junior high school, he went to the swimming pool together with Takahashi, and he was unsure how much water he choked on.


“Young Master has taught well. Isn’t Young Master also learning? Don’t worry about it, it’s not deep here, you can practice on your own.”


“Good, just call me if you have anything.” Lin Xiang nodded. When he watched Kaoru swimming just now, he also felt something. It was just that Lin Xiang felt strange. Even if he increased his swimming speed in the future, he still could not fight underwater. What on earth was Yalide thinking?


On the other hand, a black car drove into the hotel where Lin Xiang and the others were staying.


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