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The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 25 : Arc of Motion


The windows of a car were covered with an inverted film, and under normal circumstances, it was impossible to see who was sitting inside from the outside. Such a vehicle, which was driven by an unknown person, slowly drove into the parking lot of the hotel.


“Hey, Nicia, let’s play here for three days.” In the passenger seat, a girl with a wonderful face said to the well-dressed lady next to her.


“No.” The woman responded with her serious side-profile.


“Ah~ah~ Let me stay here for two more days! After all, I’m also a student. Since others have summer vacations, I should have summer vacations too.”


“No, is no. You are supposed to shoot an idol drama today, but we come a day earlier because you said you wanted to. Even so, are you still not satisfied?” Holding the steering wheel with both hands, the lady’s expression did not change.


“I don’t think so~” The girl started to act coquettishly in front of the lady, pointing out her long and slender forefinger, “Then, I’ll stay for just one more day, and leave the day after tomorrow. I’m not Kawasumi Kana on vacation, but Angie.”


Parking the car on an empty lot, Nicia picked up the notepad on the dashboard of the car and started flipping through it, “The day after tomorrow, you will go to the next city to participate in the company’s celebrity exchange programme. You are the most followed celebrity by the media in this exchange programme. Do you think you can ditch this by not attending it?”


“Yes, of course.” Angie nodded immediately, “It’s boring to go there. The celebrities there are either females covering hatred with superficial smiles, or males, who keep complimenting me and showing off how awesome they are. It’s really boring. This kind of exchange programme is still held once a month? I really don’t know what the company is thinking.”


Artist companies usually had many famous artists, and the company where Angie was under, was the largest and most famous one, with quite a large number of artists. The company would hold a celebrity exchange programme once a month, so that its artists could communicate with each other and learn from each other.


“Cancel it for me, Nicia. Just say I’m not feeling well.”




“Okay~ I beg you. Here’s the big deal, how about I give you a massage tonight?”


Nicia shook her head.


“Tomorrow night too.”


Nicia still shook her head, but that time she spoke, “One week. But, on one more condition.”


“Sure,” Angie agreed without hesitation, “What is that condition?”


“The condition is that you can’t cause chaos among the masses. That is, you can’t let others recogn…”


“I know, I know. I know this very well.” Angie grimaced at Nicia, put on a hat, and put on a mask, “This way, no one can recognise me. I’m going out for a walk. Recently, I’ve gotten really exhausted.”


“Come back at dinner time. Your room has been arranged. The room number is 2008, on the 20th floor of the hotel.”


“Understood!” Angie opened the car door and left happily.


“It’s really nerve-racking.” Looking at Angie’s figure walking farther and farther away through the rear mirror, Nicia rubbed her forehead, “The human world is indeed too complicated. Being an artist, Angie, I know you are lonely, but this is your decision.”


Brring brringg brringgg. The phone in the pocket vibrated, and the caller was Director Yumi.


“Hey, hello, this is Sengen, what’s the matter?”


“Ms. Sengen, hello, I’m Yumi from Happiness Orphanage. I’m sorry to disturb you in your busy schedule. Actually, I have a presumptuous request.”


“Please speak.”


“It went like this. The children were clamoring to meet Miss Kana. You see, when are you both free to come over?”


“Well… I’m afraid we can’t in these three days. Kana is not feeling well and needs to rest. In four days, we’ll go.” Nicia cancelled the schedule of the negotiation of a contract with a certain company in four days written in her notepad with a signature pen.


“That’s great, I really troubled you. If it wasn’t for the children’s cry, I’d be really embarrassed to bother you.”


“It’s all right. Is there anything else?”


“No more, no more. Thank you very much for you and Miss Kana. Please help me and the kids wish Miss Kana for the pink of health. See you.”


Just before the other party hung up the phone, Nicia heard the cheers of the children from the other end, “That’s great. We can see Sister Kana.”


“Heh~” Putting down the phone, a slight arc appeared on Nicia’s mouth, “If Angie hadn’t left earlier, we would’ve been on our way to the orphanage by now.”


Kawasumi Kana, the most popular singer and idol, had a pure and moving appearance and a sweet singing voice, which made young people fascinated by her. At the same time, donations from poor families, donations for natural disasters, orphanages, and nursing homes for the elderly, she donated far more money than other artists. Her kind and noble qualities made people’s love for her rise to devotion.


“Hmph~hum~hum~hum~hum~” Kawasumi Kana, also Angie, was strolling along the beach. Watching the people who came to play at the beach running past her, she could not help showing a smile that made people feel very comfortable. Although the smile was blocked by the mask, her eyes seemed to be able to talk, as if they could reveal smiles through light.


“That’s nice. I also want to join them to have fun together.”


Angie was fourteen years old when she first arrived at the city. Meanwhile, Nicia, who accompanied her, was about twenty three years old. It was just that she deliberately dressed so sophisticated that she looked like someone in her thirties.


Living in a new environment with no relatives, Angie and Nicia had a hard time in the beginning. On the one hand, they could not reveal their special identities, and on the other hand, they had to live.


Nicia found a job. She was a very intelligent woman with first-class ability in her work. She could definitely become a first-line white-collared worker, but due to the corrupted society, which involved money, alcohol and women, she refused the rude request of her boss and could not be promoted. Her salary remained low. With the help of kind neighbors, she could at least continue living.


Nicia got Angie a degree so that Angie could go to school, and one day, Angie was scouted, and after releasing a song, she instantly became famous. In just two years, she had reached a peak that others might not have reached in twenty years.


Angie had many sources of income, such as commercials, TV dramas, etc. She could be said to be very rich, but she was also impoverished. That was because she had experienced a period of poverty, so she only kept enough money for her usual expenses every time, while using the leftover money for charity.


Being an entertainer was very tiring, especially a famous one, but Angie never gave up, and exchanged her freedom for the happiness of many poor people. What an admirable girl she was.


Angie was liked by people, but also hated by some. Since she became famous, she had received threatening letters from time to time. The content was nothing more than that Angie should not perform, or she would be killed, or “I know your secret. If you don’t want it to be exposed, go to XX place” or something like that.


That time, when she came to advertise the hotel under the Kamiki Group, Angie also received a threatening letter. The content of the letter said: “The ocean will be your final destination.”


Of course, Angie would not care. Usually, some performances would involve strange people causing trouble. However, before they got close to Angie, they would be blocked by security. In case the security staff failed to find out in time, Nicia would also pay attention to people’s expression and eyes to deduce whether a person was malicious to Angie in order for her to take precautions, so Angie had always been safe.


Feeling the sea breeze, the waves and the cheers of people, Angie could not help but want to sing a song.




Glug glug.” After diving into the water again, Lin Xiang opened his eyes. The visibility of the sea water was not high. Ordinary people could see things blurry or only half a meter away. Lin Xiang’s eyesight had been enhanced by dragon humanization, so he could see a distance of about three meters. Therefore, Lin Xiang could clearly see Silent Water’s well-developed and grooved chest in the swimsuit.


At that time, Silent Water also dived down, and her gleaming blue eyes met Lin Xiang’s. Lin Xiang’s face flushed as a sense of guilt welled up in his heart. He quickly looked away. Silent Water blinked, wondering what happened to her Master.


“What’s wrong, Master?” Underwater, Silent Water was still able to speak.


“Hmm.” Lin Xiang shook his head.


“If you feel uncomfortable, do say it in time.” After Silent Water finished speaking, she swam behind Lin Xiang. Her face flushed, but there was no hesitation in her movements as she stuck to Lin Xiang’s back.


“Pfft! Glug! Glug!” A lot of bubbles formed near Lin Xiang’s mouth, and he almost lost his breath.


Although Silent Water did the same just now, Lin Xiang could not stand it.


“Is there anything wrong with you, Master?”


Lin Xiang hurriedly shook his head, indicating that he was all right. After his dragon humanization, all aspects had been improved. In a situation like that, no matter what, he could still be active for a few more minutes.


“Good, Master. Please take a look.” Silent Water stretched out her hand and pointed in one direction. Lin Xiang, whose heart was still beating fast due to the warm body behind him, was dazzled and could not see anything.


“Don’t worry, Master, take another closer look.” Silent Water leaned closer to Lin Xiang. Her arms were resting on his shoulders, and her fingers turned back and forth, as if drawing an arc.


Silent Water is lying on my body… That feeling… is so good.


Seeing that Lin Xiang was always thinking wildly, Freed commented sharply, ‘Hey, boy, what are you thinking about? Learning how to swim faster is not the only thing Yalide wants you to do. She probably wants to teach you some skills. Haven’t you always wanted to be stronger? Then treasure this opportunity. Concentrate now and focus on the hand of the water spirit.


Yes! I want to be stronger! I want to protect Silent Water and the others!


Shaking his head, Lin Xiang frowned and focused on the place where Silent Water’s fingers slid.


Out of the blue, he seemed to see a kind of blue line, very ethereal. They appeared without warning, and the number was increasing. Some of them seemed to pierce his eyes.


“Ugh! Ah!” Lin Xiang suddenly resurfaced, took a few deep breaths, and asked Silent Water, who was behind him, “What was that just now?”


“That’s the arc of motion of the water, Master.” Silent Water explained, “We water spirits can move freely in the water because we can control the motion arc of the waters. Just like how the big whale was sucking water when we first met it in the demon world’s lake last time, to create water flow to suck Master and Lady Valarie into the stomach. The principle was similar. In fact, it was not really sucking water, otherwise, with that water-sucking speed, it will die first.”


“Oh, does this mean that it was controlling the arc of motion of the water, making Valarie and I ‘flow’ towards it?”


“Yes. Humans change the direction of the water’s arc of motion, so they can swim. As long as it is changed more effectively, the swimming speed will increase. This is what Silent Water wants to teach Master.”


“Oh! I understand!” Lin Xiang greatly understood and nodded. Now, he could see it. After learning the skill and making effective changes, his swimming speed would accelerate and Yalide would teach him a certain ability hers, right? Thinking about that made Lin Xiang a little excited.


“Huh?” Lin Xiang suddenly found that a girl in a swimming float was looking at him not far away.


The girl rolled her eyes and snorted, “As expected, it’s you, pervert! Kiss-forcing demon!”


“Ai… Aiko!?”


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