The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 26 : Strange Demon Race


“Why are you here?” U under the sun umbrella ashore, Lin Xiang handed a bottle of drink taken out of an ice bucket to a princess-like girl in front of him.


“Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to play. The world beyond the skies was not as peaceful as the human world. Just go to the sea and wait for your family to hold a funeral. There’s no need to look for the body.” Aiko took the drink with great force, vaguely revealing her feeling of anger.


“Really… Haha…” Lin Xiang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. It was a hot day, but he was actually shedding cold sweat.


Retrieving the dark energy remaining in Aiko’s body was an embarrassing moment to Lin Xiang, but he could not explain it. Otherwise, how could he answer if Aiko asked, why haven’t you detect dark energy?


There are Dragon Gods living in my body!


After answering, Lin Xiang could confirm that Aiko would stay further away from him whenever she met him in the future. This guy’s mental state is not normal, stay far away from him, it may be contagious.


“Are you alone?” Lin Xiang asked.


Aiko drank her beverage through a straw and looked into the distance, which was probably due to the fact that she did not want to meet Lin Xiang’s eyes. She said, “With my dad, he somehow came here to join in the fun, and now he’s gone.”


“Really… Haha…” Another wry smile, Lin Xiang found that Aiko exuded an aura that made her difficult to communicate with.


Aiko was wearing a fairly mature black bikini. Her milk-white skin was largely exposed. Not to mention, her body was quite petite, which made people feel like they should take good care of her.


“The swimsuit suits you very well.” Finally, Lin Xiang found an entry point. Generally speaking, girls would be on cloud nine upon hearing that.


“Ah, really?” Aiko’s reaction was very ordinary, “There was a hoodlum before, and he said… Anyways, he made this lady embarrass.” At the end, Aiko still gritted her teeth, “I hope that hoodlum will disappear from my sight.”


Was that hoodlum Kurugani? Lin Xiang silently prayed that Kurugani would not appear.


“Boss! Good news! I saw a lot of beauties over there just now! There are also foreigners! Their breasts are comparable to that of Boss’s big sis! Hey, I seem to have seen this beauty somewhere.”


Lin Xiang stood there, petrified.


Yes, that was reality, and reality would not always be what he wanted it to be. Kurugani, I just want to say that I don’t know you right now.


As soon as she saw Kurugani, Aiko’s eyes suddenly changed, “It’s you, hoodlum! You called him Boss just now?”


“It’s a misunderstanding.” Lin Xiang wanted to clear his relationship with Kurugani. Sure enough, if the follower was so perverted, and his boss would be even more perverted.


“Ah, I remembered. You are the girl with small breasts and suitable for wearingthe school swimsuit.” Kurugani brought up the moment with Aiko, which was bad timing. That guy’s volume was not low either.


Everyone around looked over.


“You! You! You!” Aiko stood up abruptly, and her face flushed, “Pervert, kiss-forcing demon. Hoodlum, shameless thing. Two guys who resemble each other stay together.”


Saying that, she ran away while covering her face.


“Aiko… Ah—” Lin Xiang sighed.


Kurugani scratched his hair and said embarrassedly, “Sorry, Boss, I didn’t know she was also one of the sister-in-laws.”


“Get the sister-in-law term out of your head. I’m now in trouble. Because of you, she seems to hate me even more.”


“Huh? Where’s Master’s friend?” Silent Water, who brought a few towels, could not help asking when she saw that Aiko was gone.


“She left. I wonder when I’ll be able to see her again.” As soon as he finished speaking, Aiko came back again. She glared at Kurugani and Lin Xiang angrily, picked up the drink she just drank, and snorted, “Don’t even think about it. This lady will never let both of you touch my drink.”


Have she been so vigilant till that extent? Lin Xiang smiled bitterly. Noticing Kurugani open his mouth to speak, Lin Xiang immediately gave him an elbow hit in the stomach.


Stop messing around.


“Pfft!” Kurugani covered his stomach and knelt down. It was only after Aiko left that he breathed out, “Why… Boss… I just want to apologize to my sister-in-law…”


“Uh… I’m sorry.”


In the distance, Angie was witnessing all that, and chuckled softly, wanting to bump into Lin Xiang and tease him. However, at that time, Satsuki and the others were tired from playing, so Yalide went ashore with them. Angie’s eyes stayed on Yalide’s body, and her big eyes flashed with fear, “Demon Race!?”


“Stinky boy, I’m dying of thirst, give me a bottle of Coke.” Yalide grabbed Lin Xiang from behind.


“I got it. Let go, you’re all wet.”


In fact, what Lin Xiang cared about was the two giants that were pushed against his back.


“Haha.” Yalide did not let go, and shook Lin Xiang vigorously, “That’s why your resistance is hopeless. You can’t stand it just because I’m ‘all wet’?”


“Skedaddle off.” Lin Xiang broke free from Yalide, picked up a bottle of Coke and threw it at her.


——After dinner


“Ah… I feel like I’m dying…” Satsuki leaned back on the chair listlessly.


“Who told you to play so crazily?” Kamiki said with a sip of tea.


“It’s rare… to come to the beach… and it’s cloudy. Since the ultraviolet rays are not strong… how can I leave without having fun?”


“Hu~hu~” Since they had been playing so wildly, Fire Dance fell asleep after eating, while Dusty also seemed to have lost her focus. Her eyes kept wanting to shut.


“I’ll take them up first.” Lin Xiang stood up, carried Fire Dance, slightly pushed Dusty, and asked her to follow him.


“Then… I’ll also go up for a nap. You guys eat your desserts… slowly.” Satsuki also stood up.



After putting Dusty and Fire Dance on the bed, Lin Xiang and Satsuki walked out of room 2002.


“Xiang, come to my room.” Satsuki poked Lin Xiang’s back and opened her room’s door.


“What’s wrong?”




The Demon Race I saw this afternoon has pure dark energy. She should be a dangerous guy. I don’t know why she’s approaching Lin Xiang and the others… No, I have to warn Lin Xiang and the others.


“Angie, where are you going?” Nicia, who was still eating dinner, could not help asking when she saw Angie putting on her hat and pushing the door.


“I’m going out for a while. I’ll come back soon.” Angie closed the door, thinking about what to say at the same time. Seeing that the Demon Race was familiar with Lin Xiang, her sudden talk might make Lin Xiang doubt her… However, if she did not say it, they would be in danger…


Angie sighed, and at that moment, she saw two people along the corridor.


“Xiang, come to my room.”


“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang followed Satsuki into room 2001. Because of their backs, they could not see Angie.


“Lin Xiang? He also stays on the twentieth floor? That’s right. He has a companion, who is the lady of the Kamiki Group… This may be an opportunity created by God. That demon race should not be here. I must remind him.”


Angie nodded and walked to 2001. Just as she put her hand on the door and was about to knock, there was the sound of a conversation between the two of them.


“Really?” Lin Xiang asked.




“But, I’ve never done it before.”


“It’s fine, just do it the way you liked.”




After a long silence.


“Ugh… It hurts.” Satsuki sobbed.


“It hurts you? Sorry, do you want to continue?”




“I’ll be a little gentler, you can relax your body, and it should be fine.”


“Hmm… Uh~ Hmm~ Ha~ Hmm~ just keep it like this, Xiang, you’re doing great.”


Angie’s white and tender face had two cheeks of blush, and her raised hand was already put down.


Lin Xiang and Satsuki had such a relationship? Sigh~ Nagisa’s hope is slim.


Moreover, Lin Xiang looked like a dumb person. She did not expect Satsuki to be… Lovers will find a way eventually.


Angie quietly took a few steps back, turning around to leave, “Oof~” Without any defense, Angie’s chin hit two huge meatballs, and her hat also fell to the ground.


Dark energy!


Angie immediately stepped back and vigilantly looked at Yalide, who had a smile on her lips.


“Beauty, are you lost?” Yalide laughed.


“Don’t play stupid in front of me. Speak, what’s your purpose in approaching Lin Xiang and the others?”


“Purpose?” Yalide thought for a while, and her smile became more obvious, “Ha~ do you think I’ll tell you? Unless…”




“Unless, you give me a hug.”


“Hmph, I’m so stupid to waste my saliva with the demon races. Evil thing, don’t think of touching me.” Angie took another step back when the door behind him was opened. It was Lin Xiang who heard the sound, “Huh? Angie? Why are you here?”


“Danger! Hurry back in!” Angie pushed Lin Xiang into the room at once, locking the door at the same time. She released a silver white light from her hand, and attached the white light to the door.


“What’s happening?” Lin Xiang was confused.


“The woman outside is of the Demon Race.” Angie thought that Lin Xiang had never been to the world beyond the skies, so she explained, “The Demon Races are more terrifying creatures than the demons. They are bloodthirsty and cruel. You have to stay away from her, or she will give you the bad treatment.”


“Ha, how could Yalide be of the Demon Race?” Lin Xiang waved his hand.


He still doesn’t believe it?


Angie’s willow brows frowned. At that time, she found that Satsuki was on the bed with her back facing up, sleeping soundly and her clothes neatly dressed. She could not help asking, “What were you doing just now?”


“Ah, I gave her a massage just now. This fellow has played all day and said her shoulders were sore.”


“All in all, we have to get out of here. She will attack soon.” Speaking of that, Angie wondered why Yalide had not broken in for so long.


Ko~ Ko~” The door was knocked, and Yalide’s voice sounded, “I won’t attack, just open the door.”


“Evil Demon Race, I don’t know what your plans are, and I will never open the door.”


“Really? All right. Then I’ll go in by myself.”


Oh no! She’s about to attack, can my light magic stop her?


Angie’s forehead was covered with fine sweat, and her face was pale. She looked at Lin Xiang, who was at a loss as to what was going on, and the sleeping Satsuki. She made up her mind.


She had to protect them. Taking a deep breath, Angie stared at the door, the silver light in her hand was faintly visible, and she was ready to fight at any time.


“Kachak! Shah~” In the room, the glass door of the balcony was pulled open, and Yalide walked in unhurriedly.


Angie turned her head abruptly, looking at Yalide who had gotten an ice lolly from somewhere and was eating it. She had a surprised expression on her face.


“Want some?” Yalide shook the popsicle in her hand.


Angie swore that she had never seen such a strange demon race.


“So, what’s happening anyways?” Lin Xiang looked at the two and scratched his head in confusion.


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