The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 27 : Shadow


Why did Angie think of Yalide as part of the demon race? What was the silver magic she used?


Lin Xiang was very puzzled, but Angie was completely on guard, so he could not ask her any questions. He turned his attention to Yalide: “What are you doing?”


“I saw the big star Kana standing at the door of the room, so I stepped forward and greeted her. Who knows she seems to be very wary of me. Hey, what’s the matter with that distrustful look? I didn’t do anything strange.” Yalide added a sentence later, which made Lin Xiang feel suspicious.


“Anyway, you scared her, apologize.”


“Why should I? Are you ordering me, stinky boy? Oh my.” Lin Xiang gave Yalide a shudder, and at the same time whispered, “Go back to my body if you don’t apologize. You won’t be allowed to come out.”


“I’m so sorry! Miss Kana! Are you alright?” Yalide immediately smiled at Angie.


She actually listened to Lin Xiang’s words, so she must have had some intentions for Lin Xiang, and chose to forbear. If she told Lin Xiang that she was of the demon race at that moment, Lin Xiang would definitely not believe her just like before. She figured that it was better to find out her purpose.


“It’s fine.” Angie shook her head, and her face quickly returned to peace, “It’s because I’ve been tired recently, so I got too sensitive.”


“Kana!” At that moment, Nagisa stood at the door. She saw the person in front of her and called out in surprise. In her hand was the hat that Angie had just dropped on the ground.


“Nagisa, long time no see.” Angie turned around and waved at Nagisa.


“Aren’t you coming tomorrow? Why are you here?” Nagisa approached Angie excitedly.


“I come a day earlier to take a rest, and I happen to see Lin Xiang, so I came in to say hello.”


“So that’s how it is. Is this yours? I saw it on the ground.” Nagisa handed the hat to Angie.


“Yes, thanks.”


With the arrival of Nagisa, the atmosphere became less tense, especially after Kurugani also arrived.


“Kana? It’s actually Kana!!!” Kurugani rushed over like a wolf, but a stretched-out hand suddenly grabbed his collar from behind.


“Pay attention to your image.” The owner of the hand was Kaoru. Her slender hand burst out with strong strength, completely pulling Kurugani.


“Sister-in-law Kaoru, let go, I want to go there! Kana, my name is Kurugani Naoki, I’m your fan, a loyal fan! Can you sign an autograph for me? Just do it on my body… Don’t, don’t pull me, I’m not going out, I’m not going out.” Kurugani shouted, while Kaoru dragged him out.


“Please don’t worry, Kurugani is a little weird, but he’s not a bad person.” Lin Xiang gave Angie a wry smile.


“Sure, it’s alright.” Angie shook her head, but her eyes kept paying attention to Yalide.



Walking out the door, Lin Xiang saw Kurugani sitting on the floor with his hands around his knees. He was lowering his head, as if reflecting on himself. Kaoru, who was beside him, was preaching to him, something like pay attention to behavior and others. Kamiki just came out of the elevator and looked at Angie. The two nodded to each other as a greeting.


Kurugani heard the movement of the elevator, raised his head, saw Angie behind Lin Xiang, and showed an excited expression. He wanted to stand up, but was glared at by Kaoru. He quickly sat down.


“Senior Kaoru really has a way.” Lin Xiang exclaimed.


“It’s nothing. Occasionally, there are apprentices in the dojo at home who will be disobedient or fight with each other. At this time, the lowly I will perform a shoulder throw on them. They’ll usually be obedient because of this.”


Kurugani, does that mean you were thrown over the shoulder?


“Well…that’s pretty good.” Lin Xiang scratched his face, secretly in joy that Kaoru would not do anything to him.


“Then, I’ll go back to my room first.” Angie smiled at everyone, and when passing by Lin Xiang, she whispered, “Listen to me, Lin Xiang. Be careful of that woman.”


After speaking, she returned to her room, Room 2008, which was exactly opposite Room 2004, Lin Xiang’s room.


“That’s great!” Seeing that, Kurugani jumped up excitedly, “Kana stays opposite us! Let’s not close the doors at night, Boss! This way, we can see Kana at any time!”


“Hey, little fiend Kurugani, you have to sleep somewhere else.” Yalide came out of the room, and she had finished eating the popsicles.




“Heh heh~” Yalide chuckled and clasped Lin Xiang’s neck, “Because I want to stay with him. After all, we are siblings. He will catch a cold if he kicks the blanket at night, so as an elder sister, I have to ensure he was covered up well.”

“That’s too…too enviable!” Kurugani looked at Lin Xiang’s helpless face while Yalide’s chest clung to him. He was too envious.


“Can I sleep in the corridor? I’ll sleep outside the door.” Kurugani would not compete with Yalide for the position. He wanted to guard in front of the door and guard Kana. What if Kana took pity on him and let him enter her room?


Thinking about it made him a little excited. There was a liquid, called saliva, reflecting from the corner of Kurugani’s mouth, and it had a tendency to flow out.


Kamiki took out her mobile phone and dialled, “Butler, simply find an empty room. Hmm, some disgusting thing wants to live in. At night, find someone to look after that room. You musn’t let that thing escape. Send someone to escort him down.”


Just after hanging up the phone, the elevator door opened with a ring, two strong men walked out. Each person grabbed Kurugani’s arms, who had just recovered from giggling, and went for to elevator.


“What’s the matter? Where are you taking me? Room? What room? No, I’ll just sleep here, just in the hallway.”


Ding” The elevator door closed, as Kurugani’s voice faded.


“Ah… That idiot.” Lin Xiang shook his head and sighed in annoyance, “Sorry for the trouble, Kuji.”


“It’s nothing. I just want to know, are you going to sleep with your elder sister?” Kamiki’s eyes met Lin Xiang’s.


“Uh… This…”


“Sister complex*?”

(*a state of strong attachment and obsession to sisters)


“Certainly not!”


“Then, let me switch rooms with her.”


“Sure!” Yalide agreed immediately, “I’d rather sleep in the same room with Kaoru than with the brat.”


“The lowly I don’t mind.” Kaoru did not realize anything.


“You can’t, Senior Kaoru! You mustn’t share a room with this fellow! I’ll just have a room with her.”


(“Actually, the bed is quite big… I can squeeze with Risa for space on the bed… and let Sister Yalide stay… Otherwise, like Kurugani, I will have a separate room…” Nagisa shared her little idea beside them.)


“Since Young Master said so, then I apologise Young Master’s sister, I can’t stay with you.”


“Darn brat. How dare you destroy Lady Yalide’s good intentions?”


In the end, Lin Xiang and Yalide were in the same room, because he thought that was the best way. If Yalide and others were in the same room, he dared not imagine what she would do to them.


(“That…” Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, Nagisa entwined her fingers in confusion.)


Reidy and Silent Water just came up, not knowing what happened.


When she heard that Yalide and Lin Xiang were staying in the same room, Reidy did not have any special reactions, which made Kamiki lost in thought.


————Late at night


A shadow appeared on the balcony of the twentieth floor. The person was dressed in black, wearing a hood and a mask, so its looks were not seen clearly. The only thing that could be seen was the lavender eyes.


The shadow stuck to the wall, and was probing into the glass door.


There were no lights on the inside, but the bright moonlight was enough to illuminate the room.


The room was very spacious, with a lot of furniture, and two large beds, one of which slept a person, who was Lin Xiang.


“Target found. There is no other person.” The shadow lowered its voice, and after speaking to the crystal stone in its hand, it stretched out its hand to the glass door.


The moment it touched the handle, the shadow stopped and turned back sharply.


Buzzzzz” the sound of the air conditioner was clear. “Shwaaa” the sound of the ocean waves echoed. The bright moon remained hanging in the air.


There was nothing unusual, and the shadow slightly relaxed its tense body. Suddenly realizing something, it looked up.


There was a pair of eyes that exuded a strange red light, and a beautiful face with a wicked smile on the corner of the mouth, which made the shadow stunned for a while. However, it quickly recovered its composure and dodged Yalide’s attack.


Piangg” The expensive porcelain shattered and the floor cracked.


After dodging the attack, a dagger slipped out of the shadow’s sleeve. It did not rush to counterattack, but put on a defensive stance to confront Yalide, because the shadow was not sure how to deal with that strange woman in front of him.


There was no aura, so her strength was unknown.


“Oh my, oh my, it’s a woman.” Yalide shook her head and stared at the shadow somewhere, “What a pair of good breasts.”


“Huh?” The shadow looked down, and the clothes on the chest part were torn open at some point, revealing bronze skin, her chest and the cleavage. Was it the sharp airflow driven by attack just now?


“I don’t like hitting women. Why don’t you tell me why he’s your target, so I shall let you pass?” Yalide crossed her arms, as if waiting for an answer.


The shadow was silent for a moment, and put down her dagger, as if wanting to compromise. Immediately, a black ball of light condensed in the other hand, and flew towards Yalide.


Yalide’s face still had that wicked confident smile. With a flick of her hand, the black ball dissipated. And that shadow, taking advantage of that short time gap, climbed up the railing and jumped off the twentieth floor.


“Huhuhu~” There was a sound of airflow. When the shadow fell to a height of about three floors, a dark purple magic circle appeared under its feet, causing the shadow to bounce horizontally. It fell steadily to the ground, and ran towards the sea that shone under the moonlight.


“Oh? Isn’t this dark magic’s dark segment jump? She has no demonic energy, so she should not be a demon or a demon apostle…” Yalide held her chin and thought for a while. Taking a few steps back, she charged forward. With a leap, she flew out of the balcony like a cannonball.

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