The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 28 : Battle of the Night


With superhuman jumping power off the height of a twenty-story building, Yalide, like a falcon, quickly approached the running masked woman. Just as she stretched out her hand and was about to grab her, a water arrow was suddenly shot out from a dark spot below a rock at the beach.


Yalide’s eyes narrowed, and forcibly flipped herself over in the air before landing on the ground.


“Boom!” A burst of sand and dust was stirred up. “Swishhh,” just like skiing, after sliding along the sand for a certain distance, Yalide stopped.


At that time, including the previous masked woman, a total of four people stood in all four directions, North, South, East and West, with Yalide in the center.


“So, I’m surrounded now?” Yalide asked with a smile.


The answer to her was the magic of the four: Water, electricity, wind, and darkness. They were four elemental attacks with different attributes.


In the room, Lin Xiang rolled over and continued sleeping. The sound-proofing effect of the glass door was exceptionally good. Lin Xiang was also sound asleep.


Dust filled the sky, and black smoke rose. The four masked people did not let their guard down. Each of them had magic in their hands, ready to attack at any time.


“Whoosh!” A shadow jumped out and high. In the bright moonlight, black hair fluttered. A pair of bewitching red eyes shone with light. Raising her right fist, Yalide faced one of the masked person, who was using electricity, and dove down.


Hhong!” Before the previous sand and dust dissipated, another wave started. The person-in-black, who was shielded by the orange electric current, slipped out of thick sand and dust. The person was almost hit in the middle. Fortunately, a quick dodge was initiated. However, before the person could catch some needed breaths, Yalide rushed forward. Just like before, Yalide’s seemingly innocuous fist hit the masked person yielding electricity.




Several water arrows flew from the side, aiming at the weakest part of the human body.


Yalide closed her fist temporarily, and moved left and right to avoid the water arrows. Her series of movements were smooth and flowed like water. Although the distance between her and the masked people with electricity was a little further away, it did not matter. She raised her fist again, and her target was still the masked person using electricity.


“Heh.” Just when Yalide’s fist was half a meter away from the person’s chest, the masked person chuckled.


“Ah?” Yalide’s lower body suddenly seemed to be immobilized, unable to move. She looked at the wind-attributed masked person. Was it the wind-binding technique? At that moment, an orange light also lit up under her feet.


Hhong!” A burst of orange light shot into the sky. It was a lightning array composed of high-intensity currents, and the lightning array was an advanced magic extended from lightning runes. According to the electricity-attributed masked person’s rank, that lightning array could instantly turn living things into charcoal, or even ashes.


It lasted for about five seconds before the light disappeared. The blackened sand on the ground was smoking, and the electric current slightly flashed from time to time. There was no sign of a living person. Yalide might have turned into the black substance on the sand, and had no chance of dying twice.


“Have we succeeded?” said the water-attributed masked person. Like the wind-attributed masked person, feeling excited.


The electricity-attributed masked person spoke no words. The eyes between the hood and the mask showed a trace of solemnity.


As if sensing something, the electricity-attributed masked person suddenly turned to look at their companion, the masked woman, who used dark magic. A dagger emitting chilly cold light was placed lightly on her neck, and her lavender eyes were full of turmoil.


Her body froze, and she even felt the woman behind her sniffing her neck.


“Such a great scent, you are a spirit from the outer world, right?” Yalide touched her ear with another hand, “Don’t deny it. It’s sharp here.”


The other three masked people looked at Yalide in disbelief. When did she…


“Tell me, why are all of you targeting my brat?” Yalide’s hand slowly slid down the masked woman’s neck, and finally grabbed the masked woman’s breast, fondling it.


“Uh.” The masked woman’s eyes were filled with humiliation, and a dagger slipped gently into her hand from her drooping sleeve. Although the dagger in Yalide’s hand was snatched from her, she had two of them.


Turning into a burst of black light, the masked woman disappeared and reappeared behind Yalide. Yalide felt suspicious, “Huh?” and the dagger in her hand was aimed at Yalide’s neck with great precision.


“Interesting,” Yalide casually locked the dagger with her two slender fingers, and the sharp cold light halted in position. No matter how hard the masked woman tried, the dagger did not move an inch at all, “Dark magic, how did you learn it? Are there creatures like dark spirits out there?”


Just like what Yalide said, the world beyond the sky had dark spirits and light spirits, both could either contractible, or non-contractible.


“Back up, she is more difficult to deal with than we thought. We probably need the vice president to fight her.” The electricity-attributed man shouted. The masked woman also did not bother about her dagger, and stepped backwards immediately.


“Retreat!” The electric man gave an order, and the four immediately crushed a certain stone. Light flashed and they disappeared in place.


“Oh, they escaped.” Yalide seemed to sigh regretfully, and then switched her attention to a corner.


“You did it on purpose, right?” A dark-haired uncle in casual shorts and a singlet stepped out from the corner.


“Who knows?” Yalide turned around, glanced at the uncle, and shook her head, “It made me very uncomfortable to be stared at by you from the beginning. It would be great if you were a beautiful girl.”


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m deeply sorry for not being a beautiful girl.” The uncle smiled heartily, “Who are you? I didn’t know there was someone like you, not to mention, a beauty like you.”


Yalide did not answer, but asked, “What is their purpose?”


“I don’t know about this either. I just came out to enjoy the night wind when I saw you jumping down from the twentieth floor. I thought it was very exciting, so I’m just a passer-by, hiding in a corner to watch the show. I have one little question, since just now, why haven’t you used magic? Not even once, yet I’m right here looking forward to your magic.”


“Since you’re just a passer-by, why should I answer you? Ah, how unfortunate, it would be great if a girl saw me fighting heroically and fell in love with me. Can’t believe it’s some sloppy-looking middle-aged man watching me.” Yalide said as she walked to the hotel.


“What’s your relationship with Lin Xiang? Are you protecting him?” the uncle asked from behind.


Yalide put her hands behind her head, and did not respond as she proceeded to walk forward.


“What’s your name?”


“I don’t talk to passer-bys. Unless they’re beautiful girls,” after Yalide finished speaking, she ignored the uncle.


Watching Yalide’s figure go further and further away, the uncle looked thoughtful, “I saw her this afternoon, and I thought she was just an outstanding woman, but I never expected that she would have the strength comparable to four exorcists without using any spiritual power… Beautiful girls, huh? I’ll ask Aiko to look for some information.”


Looking at the moon, the uncle took out a spar stone from his pocket, “Is this Lin Hao? Well, I’m Sekisawa. Looks like someone has started taking action on your nephew…”






In the morning, the sunlight penetrated into the room and woke Lin Xiang up.


Rubbing his eyes, he yawned and sat up. Lin Xiang looked at the bed on the left to find that it was empty, and Yalide was not there. He glanced around and saw her in front of the computer.


On the bright screen, some kind of pictures that were not suitable for children were shown on it, and Yalide looked serious. She admired each picture, and commented, “This is not bad,” from time to time.


Lin Xiang was also already used to seeing that, because at home, Yalide had discovered the “use” of the computer, which made her call it the second greatest invention of mankind. However, the greatest was underwear. In her words, underwear infinitely enhanced the charm of women.


The high-class suites of large hotels had all needs, such as the computer, and television, which were indispensable.


Lin Xiang walked into the bathroom to wash and straighten his hair. After a while, there was a knock on the door. It was Dusty and Fire Dance.


“Master, let’s play together today. Teach us to swim.” Fire Dance said.


“Yes, yes,” Dusty, on the side, nodded.


“This, it’s not very convenient… I have to continue yesterday’s training.”


“Why not? You can clearly teach that big sister, who teaches swords.” Fire Dance puffed up.


“Yes, yes,” Dusty nodded quickly.


That’s because you two are relatively young and I can’t take good care of you. Your athletic cells aren’t as strong as Senior Kaoru’s.


Lin Xiang scratched his head, “How about I buy a swimming float for you? Then you both can learn it slowly.”


“So, is it alright for Master to be by our side?”




“Oh! Let’s go swimming.”




After breakfast, the sun had already hung obliquely in the sky, and its color had changed from red to yellow. It was unknown if it was due to the early morning, or due to the cooler sea, there were not many people at the beach that day. Satsuki and the others also played too much the previous day. They now had sore bodies, so they did not visit the beach. Only the five people, who were Lin Xiang, Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty and Fire Dance, were there.


“Then I’ll go over there and buy the swimming floats. You girls can wait here.” Lin Xiang walked towards the shop by the sea.


When he returned with two swimming floats, Fire Dance and Silent Water were picking up shells on the beach. Dusty sat on the sand, letting Reidy play with her hair.


“How about this?” Reidy grabbed two heaps of brownish-red hair from both sides, and Dusty looked she was having a pair of ponytails, looking lively and cute.


“Hey~ I can’t see it.”


“I’ll find a mirror for you to look at later.”




Witnessing that scene, Lin Xiang felt a wave of warmth in his heart. It was comfortable. They were all his family. Lin Xiang once again strengthened his determination to protect their smiling faces no matter what.


Suddenly, Lin Xiang was bumped by someone, and turned his head, only to see that the person who bumped him just turned his head too. It was obvious that the person bumped into Lin Xiang after taking several steps back.


He was a slightly overweight male in his mid-thirties, dressed in casual clothes, with squinting eyes and glasses, looking friendly.


“Sorry, sorry.” The slightly fat man quickly apologized to Lin Xiang, “I was looking at something and didn’t notice you for a while. You aren’t hit anywhere, right?”


“No, I’m fine.” Lin Xiang smiled at him. The slightly fat man made an apologetic gesture to Lin Xiang, then left, continuing to walk along the beach with his back towards Lin Xiang. His thick lips were still moving, not knowing what he was doing.


(Author’s note: For some reasons, the settings had been modified, that is, an extra rank is added in front of the demon exorcist, which is demon resistor. Therefore, now the ranks are demon resistor, demon exorcist, demon hunter, demon exterminator, demon slayer, theses five ranks accordingly. The demon exorcist trial that Lin Xiang participated in also became the demon resistor trial.)

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