The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 29 : Photo Shoot


“There seems to be no one today,” Blond-haired Reidy, who had a pink swimsuit, stood up. She came to Lin Xiang, and said as she looked around.


“Yes, I heard from the lady boss, who was selling the swim rings just now, that Angie is going to shoot a commercial in a while. There are police and security guards on the road outside, and they were blocking the people who came for a swim. They’ll let them pass after the shooting to avoid chaos.”


“Angie? Kana is shooting commercials!? Can we see Kana’s shoot from here?” Reidy looked a little surprised. She thought she could only see Angie in that night’s concert, yet she still had not known that Angie was staying in the room next to hers.


“Yes, it seems that the beach and the hotel were chosen as the backdrop for the photo shoot or something.”


“Hmph, what are you talking about? It’s none of my business anyway.” Reidy did not want to show Lin Xiang her idol-worshiping side, which would make her look delicate. It was just, when she said that, she was already imagining the scene during the commercial shoot. It would be great if she could take a picture with Kana!


“Reidy wants to take pictures with Angie?” Lin Xiang suddenly asked.


“No… No, I don’t.” Reidy slightly blushed. He seemed to have guessed what she was thinking?


“Really? Reidy is so pretty, I think it would be great.” Lin Xiang patted Reidy’s head.


“Stop it, what nonsense are you talking about! Don’t touch my head either.” Reidy punched Lin Xiang, and her face got even redder. What’s going on, my heart can’t seem to stop. What’s wrong with him today? He first guessed what I think, and now he’s praising me…


“I wasn’t spouting nonsense though. If we have Silent Water, Dusty, Fire Dance and the others, together as well, it will definitely be better.” Lin Xiang looked at Dusty and the others as he exclaimed.


“Ah…” Reidy’s face instantly turned dejected. She sighed listlessly, “I knew it… It’s not just for me…”


“Have you said something?”




“Well, maybe we can ask the photographer to help us take a few pictures after Kana finishes her photo shoot?”


“Since you say this, then it’s not impossible to take a photo… Well, it’s barely acceptable for the two of us to take a photo together, but don’t get me wrong.”


“Sure, sure, let’s take a photo later, just the two of us.” Lin Xiang smiled and looked at the boundless sea, “It’s great that nothing happened after returning from the mission in the demon realm.”


At that point, Freed chuckled, but did not speak.




“Put this on, so you won’t sink, but you have to hold onto it tightly, understand?” Lin Xiang gave Dusty and Fire Dance the swim rings and instructed.


“Yes~” Both of them nodded obediently. After putting on the swim rings, they looked at each other and ran to the sea.


Didn’t they say they wanted to swim by my side? Lin Xiang shook his head. Children were children after all. If there was something to play with, everything else would be forgotten.


“Be careful! Don’t go any deeper!” Lin Xiang shouted from behind. With Silent Water there, Lin Xiang was not too worried.


Half an hour later, Lin Xiang, who had dived into the sea, could already observe more motion arcs. That was the magic that Silent Water had casted on Lin Xiang, and also the result of Lin Xiang’s adaptation.


According to Silent Water’s teaching method, he swayed his hands and feet underwater at a certain angle. Sure enough, Lin Xiang found that his swimming speed became faster and he saved more energy.


He nodded to Silent Water and gave a thumbs-up, showing his happiness. Silent Water also showed a sweet smile.


“Phew~ Ha~” Lin Xiang took a few deep breaths when he surfaced, “Silent Water, your teaching is really good, I don’t think I’m pressured to obtain first place in a swimming competition now.”


“Heh~ Silent Water is just an aid. It’s mainly because Master has learned well. As long as Master gets used to the water more, Master will swim faster.”


“Oh, I’m looking forward to it! I’ll ask Yalide later to see if she has any new abilities to teach me.” Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance and Dusty in the shallower area. They were having a swimming competition in their swim rings. Reidy was the referee and had a lot of fun, as if she had learned to swim.


Lin Xiang also saw a lot of people on the shore, like a team. Some of them were holding tents and frames, as if they were building something.


Reidy also noticed that, and asked Lin Xiang, “What are those? The people involved in the shooting of the commercial?”


“It’s very possible.” Lin Xiang was not quite sure about that, but seeing someone holding a camera or something, she could not be wrong.


“Come on, let’s wash up and get dressed. Stop playing, girls.”


“Why?” Dusty and Fire Dance stopped after listening to Reidy’s words.


“Because…” Reidy would not say that she wanted to watch it, especially since Lin Xiang was there, so she pointed at Lin Xiang, “Because he said he wanted to watch Kana’s commercial shoot.”


“Kana?” Dusty liked Angie very much. When she heard that she was going to see her, Dusty did not want to swim anymore, and wished she could see Angie right at that moment.


“Hey, Dusty, what’s the matter, who is that Kana? What’s so nice to watch her?” Fire Dance frowned unhappily.


“It’s the big sister who sings very well! The one we often see on TV at night!”


“So her name is Kana? She has a nice voice and is beautiful. Can we see her in person instead of on TV?”


“It seems so.” Dusty was not sure what “shooting a commercial” meant, so she scratched her face and giggled.


“Oh, let’s go then!”




In the shower, after washing off the sea water, and changing into his daily clothes, Lin Xiang walked out of the room.


As always, Yalide sat in front of the computer and looked at the pictures of beautiful women on the Internet. The network was powerful, and there were countless pictures of beautiful women, so Yalide looked through them very interestingly. However, the occasional appearance of man would make her frustrated and scold a few times.


“What the hell! I’m searching for beautiful women, but it shows such a bunch of these things! It seems I can report them. Damn it, these disturbed this lady’s interest, I’ll report you.” After clicking the report button, Yalide continued to look at the pictures.


Lin Xiang asked her if she wanted to go down together, yet Yalide waved her hand, “No, no, don’t disturb me seeing the beautiful women.”


Lin Xiang shrugged, but felt that it was better for Yalide to stay there. If she saw a beautiful staff member after she went down, she would run over to chat up and interfere with the shooting of the commercial, which would be troublesome.


When walking out of the room, Yalide said again, “By the way, Risa and the others have already gone down with Kana, and asked you to go to the dressing room downstairs.”


“Oh.” Lin Xiang responded and walked to the elevator. There were two elevators, and one of them came up.


Ding.” Kurugani rushed out of the elevator like the wind, not seeing Lin Xiang, who was pressing the elevator button next to him.


“Boss, boss!” Kurugani shouted as he ran to Lin Xiang’s room. As soon as he went in, he ran back to the elevator without stopping.


“Boss! Why are you here?”


“You were running too fast and didn’t see me.” Lin Xiang walked into the elevator, and Kurugani quickly followed.


“Boss, where are you going? Let’s go to Kana’s room to find her.” Kurugani’s face, with heavy dark circles, was standing close to Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang pushed him away and said something about shooting commercials.


“I see! I really hope to be on camera with Kana!” Kurugani was full of excitement after hearing that. He was thinking about something that Lin Xiang could not guess.


“Speaking of that,” looking at Kurugani’s dark circles, Lin Xiang asked, “you didn’t sleep well last night?”


“Yeah! Boss, you don’t even know how hateful those strong men are. They threw me in a room, and then…”


“No way…you…” Since the mention of gays was increasing recently, Lin Xiang could not help but thought in that direction.


“Yeah! I stayed up all night!” Kurugani was very angry and did not notice that Lin Xiang took a step back silently, “They locked me in and wouldn’t let me out. No matter how much I said, they were indifferent, so I knocked on the door all night, trying to disturb them to their death, but I was so tired in the middle of the night that I fell asleep first. It’s ten o’clock now, and I just woke up. I washed myself, and went up here to meet Boss.”


“Oh.” Lin Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Kamiki’s bodyguard did not do anything strange to Kurugani.


The elevator arrived on the first floor, both Lin Xiang and Kurugani walked out of the hotel.


Several tents were set up on the beach, and the inside could not be seen from the outside. Many staffs were still busy setting up equipment. Lin Xiang saw Nicia walking out of one of the tents and she was listening to the phone.


Angie and the others should be there.


Thinking so, Lin Xiang walked over. But before he got close, he was stopped by several guards.


“Hey kid, what are you doing, don’t hang around here. Go away.”


“We’re here to find Kana.” Kurugani was stopped, so he was very upset. B*stards, I want to see Kana, stay out of the way.


“Haha, looking for Kana? Who doesn’t want to look for Kana? If everyone can find her, why do they need us guards?”


“My boss and Kana are friends.”


“Hahaha!” Several guards laughed, “Your boss? Is he this little devil with weak spiritual power? If he is Kana’s friend, then we are her relatives and friends. You know, Kana’s safety is for us to protect.”


“What I said is true.”


“Fine, scram. If you continue like this, we will arrest you. I now seriously suspect that you are the criminals who sent the threatening letters.”


“Threatening letters?” The guard’s unintentional joke made Lin Xiang pay attention. Angie received a threatening letter, why hadn’t he heard of it?


“Ah… I accidentally said something. Well, it’s okay to tell you. A few days ago, Chanel received a threatening letter. What was written in the letter? The ocean will…”


“The ocean will be your final destination,” said a guard.


“Oh, yes. That criminal is really poetic. There’s even a “final destination”. If he comes, we will make the ocean his destination. Well, now you know something you shouldn’t know, so you should leave too, right? Don’t interfere with our work. Otherwise, you will be arrested as suspicious people.”


“Sure.” Lin Xiang pulled Kurugani, who wanted to say something, to step back a distance. He did not want to make it difficult for the guards, so he took out his mobile phone and dialled Kamiki’s number.


Under a big tree in the distance, a man blocked himself with the trunk of the tree and was watching Lin Xiang.


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