The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 30 : Photo Shoot (2)


There was plenty of space in the tent. Sofas, tea tables, hangers, and dressing tables were all there.


In front of the dressing table, the makeup artist was styling Angie. Since Angie’s face and skin were impeccable, the artist only slightly helped Angie with eye shadows and other aspects.


Dusty and Fire Dance were sitting on the sofa, eating snacks happily. Kaoru was making tea at the tea table, while Satsuki and the others sat next to Angie as several makeup artists also did their makeup. Of course, the girls’ skin was also in good condition, so they basically just applied foundation. As for why they were wearing makeup, it was because…


The phone rang, and Kamiki took it out of her bag and listened, “Hello. Sure, I got it.” After that, she hung up the phone, stood up and walked outside.


“What’s wrong?” Angie asked.


“Darling was stopped outside and couldn’t come in. I’m going to teach the watchdogs a lesson.”


“Hehe.” Angie chuckled, “I knew the situation would be like this. Since everyone is done with theirs, let’s go out together. But, don’t blame the guards, they are just doing their jobs.”




Lin Xiang and Kurugani did not leave, but they were standing not far away, not wanting to interfere with the securities’ job, so the guards ignored them. At that time, an unknown guard shouted, “Hey, look, Angie and her beautiful friends have come out.”


The eyes of the guards were immediately drawn to them. Angie had light makeup and wore a white sleeveless top with blue knee-length skirt. If she stood on the beach for photo-taking, she could definitely be completely integrated with the sea and white clouds.


Silent Water and others who were with her also showed their charm. They dazzled like diamonds, making the people around overwhelmed. There was no doubt that they made up a beautiful picture.


“Oh, oh! This is great!” Kurugani swayed excitedly, because Angie was walking towards him and Lin Xiang.


Watch it, dumb guards. It’s now proof that Boss is Kana’s friend.


Living up to Kurugani’s expectations, Angie walked up to Lin Xiang. The guards were already dumbfounded, especially when Angel smiled at Lin Xiang, making them even friendlier with each other.


“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for a long time. You can see our MV (music video) shoot of the new song later too.”


“Huh? Isn’t this a commercial shoot?”


“It’s rare to come to the beach, so the new MV is also taken along with it.”


“Is that so? What did you mean when you said ‘our’ just now?”


“Don’t be too surprised after listening to this. I told the director that I want to be with Nagisa and the others, and the director agreed immediately.”


“They… they are filming the MV with you?” Lin Xiang was very surprised, and his voice was also in a much higher pitch.


Seeing Lin Xiang like that, everyone could not help laughing. Satsuki even said, “What? Do you think we are ugly?”


“No, no.” Lin Xiang shook his head quickly, “You are all beautiful. I was just shocked.”


“Tee hee, just wait and see, maybe we will become famous overnight after the MV’s release.”


“Yes.” Lin Xiang was looking forward to the MV made by those beautiful girls.


“Now, we’re going to discuss the shooting with the director. Lin Xiang and Kurugani should go to the tent to rest.” Angie said as she shook her hand at Lin Xiang before walking towards the director who was instructing the staff to place the equipment.


“Master! It looks like we’re going to be on TV! I’m so happy!” Dusty hugged Lin Xiang’s hand and rubbed it.


“I’m so happy to be on TV.” Fire Dance also hugged Lin Xiang’s arm. Although she did not quite understand the meaning of being on TV, it seemed like it was fun to her.


“You girls have to be obedient in a while. You have to listen to what Sister Silent Water and Sister Reidy say, alright? Don’t cause trouble for others.”


“Yes!” The two answered in unison.


“Then hurry up and go. Listen closely to what the uncle with the sunglasses said.” Lin Xiang pointed to the director.


Watching Dusty and Fire Dance leave, Lin Xiang had a happy smile on his face. Every girl had her own celebrity dream.


“Boss, let’s go to the tent to drink some water first. I’m dying of thirst. I have to come out and watch the MV shoot of Kana and my sister-in-laws later!” If Kurugani had not just woken up and was thirsty because of it, then he must have been waiting outside.


“Sure, since Senior Kaoru wasn’t with them, she should be in the tent.”


With that said, Lin Xiang and Kurugani walked towards the tent, and the guards stopped blocking them. Kurugani pulled a face when he passed by them, “Come on, catch me.”


Lin Xiang grabbed him and dragged him into the tent.


The tent was very spacious. Kaoru sat at the tea table and made tea. When she noticed Lin Xiang coming, she stood up and bowed, “Young Master.”


“You don’t have to, Senior Kaoru.” Lin Xiang waved his hand, but Kaoru did not care, and motioned Lin Xiang to sit down, “Young Master, would you like some tea?”


“I’ll have a cup.”


“I want it too, I want it too!”


Lin Xiang sat down, Kaoru poured a cup of tea for Lin Xiang, and then poured another cup for Kurugani, who was opening one of the snacks on the table, and sat quietly on the side.


“Iyen’t Henor Kauwu yoing do shood de MB?” At that moment, Kurugani, who had stuffed his snacks into his mouth, said inarticulately.


“Don’t choke yourself.”


Gulp—” Kurugani hammered his chest, took a sip of hot tea, and swallowed his snack, “I’m saving time, aren’t I? Ah, I want to go out quickly.”


“What’s with the hurry?” Lin Xiang was speechless. You are not involved in the shoot anyways.


“Boss will never understand the mood of a single boy like me. Going back to what I just said, isn’t Sister-in law Kaoru going to shoot the MV?”


“Call her ‘Senior’!” Lin Xiang added.


“Well, how should I put it, Kawasumi Kana also invited the lowly I just now, but I don’t like taking pictures very much. Besides, the lowly I will fill very uncomfortable if I have to shoot something that is published on TV or on the Internet for the public, like MVs.”


“Oh~ What a classic conservative woman. But Sister… Senior Kaoru, it would be a waste if someone with a curvy and tall figure, like you, doesn’t go on camera! It’s really a waste of natural resources.”


“Is that so?”


“Of course. If you don’t believe me, ask Boss.”


“Huh? Why are you asking me?” Lin Xiang wanted to give Kurugani a punch, because he involved himself in the problem. What should he say though? Lin Xiang, who was watched by Kaoru, scratched his face and said carefully, “Uh, Senior Kaoru can do what you like.”


“I want to hear Young Master’s opinion.”


This again?


“Opinion… I think, since Nagisa did not refuse, it would be great for Senior Kaoru to have fun with everyone.”


“Yes, just as Young Master said, the lowly I have decided to shoot the MV with everyone.”


“Wise choice, Sister-in-law Kaoru. Yow, it hurts!”


“Address her as a senior. Don’t just call everyone ‘sister-in-law’ every time you see them. Furthermore, you’re not allowed to call anyone else sister-in-law. How many times do you want to repeat this?” Lin Xiang tapped Kurugani on the head.




“Good, it’s enough. Let’s end it here.” The director, who was wearing sunglasses, shouted.


After more than an hour of shooting, the seascape scene was enough. Although he did not know how it would look on the screen, Lin Xiang felt that they were definitely the best.


The chase on the beach, the piling of mud and sand, the chopping of watermelon blindfolded… It could be said that aside from swimming, they had done all the activities that could be carried out by the sea. The MV filmed was definitely full of summer flavor. Lin Xiang looked forward to the moment when it was completed.


Lin Xiang was very concerned about the threatening letter, so when the girls were shooting, he kept observing the actions of everyone present. However, he did not find any suspicious people, and the shooting went smoothly.


“Ah, I’m going to die. My body was already aching all over, but now it’s aching even more.” Satsuski wiped the sweat off her cheeks, and went to the shade with Nagisa and the others to rest.


“All of you’ve worked hard.” Lin Xiang carried a box of plain water and put it in front of them.


“Why is there no ice?” Reidy’s hands kept flapping. She was really burning due to the heat.


“It’s common sense that you can’t drink cold things just after exercising.” Kamiki picked up a bottle of plain water, twisted it open, and handed it to Satsuki, “Here.”


“Thank you.” Satsuki took a few sips and sat on the ground weakly. The most tiring person was undoubtedly her. If she knew that she would be invited by Angie to shoot the MV that day, she would not have played so hard the previous day even if she had to be beaten to death. As a result, her whole body was now weak and weaker. During the shoot just now, she gritted her teeth and kept insisted on filming.


Kamiki was not very tired, because she did not run much. The shooting was divided into sports scenes and non-sports scenes. She chose the non-sports scenes. It could be said that being a model standing on the spot with hands crossed was what she did. Nagisa’s part was fine too. Although she was shy and agreed to cameo on Angie’s MV, she did not appear on camera much because she avoided the camera every time.


Dusty and Fire Dance were full of energy and tireless. Kaoru’s physical strength was already better than the others, so she stood beside Lin Xiang as usual. With her favorite idol there, Reidy did her best. Like Satsuki, she participated in both sports scenes and non-sports scenes. At that moment, she sat on the ground, tired, and received the plain water from Silent Water.


“Kana, don’t you need to take a break?” Not far away, the director’s voice sounded.


“No, it’s almost noon now. After we finish filming the commercial, let’s go for lunch. Everyone is tired.” Angie’s face was the same as before, and she did not sweat. She participated in the whole filming, and she did not look tired. It seemed that she had adapted to it.


“Don’t be in such a hurry. There’s still time in the afternoon.”


“We can’t occupy the beach, right? Others want to swim, don’t they? Everyone, let’s hurry our shoot and call it a day.”


“Since you said that, let’s hurry up.” The director and other staff nodded, “With Kana’s flawless and beautiful face with no dead ends, it’ll be quick to record a promotional video and shoot a poster. The focus is on tonight’s concert.”


“Yes, thank you for your work, everyone.”


Seeing that, Satsuki exclaimed, “That’s so nice, Kana. She sings well, is beautiful, and looks out for others. She’s the perfect girl.”


“That’s true, which is why I don’t dislike her.” Living in the upper class of society, Kamiki had participated in different receptions, parties, and dances. Other actresses gave her the impression that would make her feel contrived and disgusted.


The staff quickly got ready to shoot the commercial, and the makeup artist tidied Angie’s before skedaddling away.


“3, 2, 1, action.” As the director counted down, the camera started recording.


Lin Xiang observed the actions of the people present.


“In this hot summer, have you thought about where to escape the heat…” Angie was very playful and cute as she spoke to the camera about the ad.


“This morning’s work is about to end.” The filming entered its final stage, and the guards began to discuss the arrangements for the afternoon, “Where are you going in the afternoon, as expected, let’s watch the beautiful women on the beach. Along the way, we’ll see if there’s a chance to help those lonely beauties rub on sunscreen or something. Hehe.”


“The beach is a good choice, you see? Come to the beach for a swim…” Angie spread her arms. The ocean behind her and the white clouds on the horizon, matched Angie’s clothes.


“Let’s have lunch with Kana in a while.” Satsuki and the others were discussing their meal with Angie.


“Since you’ve come to the beach, leave your footsteps behind. Stay here for one night and feel the breath of the sea even more.” Angie took a few steps forward, the camera slowly turned. Soon, the background became the hotel.


Several photographers took pictures of Angie outside the scope of the camera. The shooting had come to an end, and it would be completed successfully in two more minutes.


He was probably oversensitive with the matter about the threatening letter. When Lin Xiang was about to heave a sigh of relief, Freed spoke, ‘Don’t let your guard down until the end. The woman named Nicia isn’t here. Usually, the manager won’t leave during filming. It is obvious that she was distracted with the phone call just now.


After hearing Freed’s words, Lin Xiang suddenly realized it. He took a closer look and found that, it was unsure when, there was an additional photographer. That person was the slightly fat man who bumped into Lin Xiang before.


Is it him?


Lin Xiang was quite sure that from the beginning until now, that man was never there. However, he appeared at that instant.


Is he the culprit? What is he scheming?


Lin Xiang noticed that the corners of the man’s mouth rose slightly. It was a confident smile, or a successful smile.


He raised the camera in his hand and aimed it at Angie.


There’s something wrong with that camera!


“Danger!” Lin Xiang instantly entered the wind speed state and rushed towards Angie.


After the man heard Lin Xiang’s shout, his eyes became fierce. He flipped the camera’s switch.


Piang!” With a sound louder than a firecracker, a burst of sparks emanated from the camera port.


Before everyone could even react to what was going on, they saw a bloody fog rise from where Angie was standing. The two figures fell to the ground.


The air seemed still, and time was frozen right there.


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