The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 31 : The Concert Goes On


“Damn it.” The camera could only fire one bullet at a time. The fat man glanced at Lin Xiang, and fled back after throwing the camera away.


“Catch him!” Seeing the man fleeing, more than a dozen guards responded immediately and chased after him.


“Master!!!” Silent Water ran to Lin Xiang immediately, while Satsuki and the others followed in a panic. Fire Dance stood there dumbfounded. Her pupils were shaking, and after a while, she turned into Fire Lotus.


Lightning flashed from Reidy’s body. She shot a look at the man’s figure, and rushed over.


Angie’s face turned pale. At the same time, a little blood was splattered on her, as she looked foolishly at the boy who fell on her chest.


The fresh blood flowed on the sand, making the sand darker and forming small clumps. At the critical moment, it was Lin Xiang who blocked the bullet for her, and then lost his balance before pushing her to the ground.


“Lin Xiang, are you okay?” Angie gently pushed Lin Xiang, but he did not respond.


“Lin Xiang?” Angie pushed again. Suddenly, Lin Xiang sat up abruptly, startling her.


“I’m fine… I’m fine…” Lin Xiang exhaled a deep breath, breathing a little hastily. His expression was not very well, and he was sweating coldly. After he sat up, his right shoulder was still bleeding profusely, dyeing his shirt and pants. Silent Water came to him, and immediately helped him clean up the wound with water magic.


“Bang!” At that moment, there were bursts of explosions in the distance, and Lin Xiang saw that the guards at the forefront were all blown away. Reidy was also bounced off by the shock wave. Turning in a circle mid-air, she landed on the ground half-squatting. Fortunately, she was not injured. It was just that electricity flashed from time to time in her golden hair, and her eyes filled with anger stared at the sea that had no men. Her fists were clenched.


Lin Xiang understood why the man was walking backwards before. It turned out to be to set up a trap to stop the guards when escaping. He was doing calculations and speculations. It was just that Lin Xiang could not imagine that the man, who had apologized to him and smiled before, would turn out to be a cold-blooded killer. Who is he? Why is Angie his target?


“Xiang! Are you okay!?” Satsuki and the others looked at Lin Xiang nervously.


“I’m alright, don’t worry everyone, I have thick skin, you know.” Lin Xiang grinned. In fact, he knew very well how deep the wound was.


The bullet exploded instantly when it hit his shoulder, opening a big hole in it. Although bones were not broken, his shoulders were like being ripped apart, and blood flowed like death was necessary.


It was a must to know that Freed gathered dragon energy for defense at the moment Lin Xiang was hit with the bullet, resisting 70% of the damage. Since resisting 70% could still cause such heavy damage, Lin Xiang could not imagine what the outcome would be if Angie was directly hit by it.


Seeing that the water ball that Silent Water released on Lin Xiang’s shoulder turned into a bright red blood ball, everyone felt as if something was grabbing their hearts.




“Injured?” Returning to the room, Yalide asked Lin Xiang, who was shirtless and wrapped in bandages around his shoulder.


“Nonsense, of course I am. You’re the blame for not being there.” Lin Xiang’s lips were slightly pale. After all, he had shed a lot of blood just now.


“I didn’t expect such a thing to happen without my company. Those guys are really seeking for death. If I knew this will happen, I wouldn’t have let them off last night.”


“Those guys?”


“Well, after we arrived, I felt that someone was following us. The last time I played volleyball against you, I found that someone was approaching you. Something also happened last night. In short, someone has their eyes on you.”


“Someone is targeting me?” Lin Xiang did not notice at all. He was surprised for a moment, and then said, “But the one who attacked today was not targeting me. His target was Angie. He used a modified camera gun to try killing Angie by firing magic bullets.”


Ten minutes ago.


“Thank you very much for your help.” The captain of the guards bowed to Lin Xiang, showing his gratitude. The explosion of the magic rune just now did not hurt them much, but it might their heads and faces filthy with grime.


“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Lin Xiang waved his hand, but Kamiki was not so happy. She questioned the captain with a stern face.


“You all seem to be in charge of ensuring the safety of the scene. Since your subordinates stopped Darling before, why didn’t they stop the culprit?”


“That’s right!” Satsuki was also furious about that.


“I’m very sorry for our negligence. We almost made a huge mistake.” The captain of the guard lowered his head.


“Captain, this is the culprit’s tool.” At that time, a guard brought the camera gun.


“Hmm.” The captain looked at it and nodded, “Is that so? The culprit is very smart. He knows that those of us who use magic will definitely find out, so he attached the magic to the bullet and modified the firearm into a camera, avoiding our sight, and pretending to be a photographer…”


“Are you making an excuse for your negligence?” Kamiki interrupted the captain.


“No, no, I just want to say that the culprit is not from the human world, and the human world does not manufacture such magical weapons. Miss Kawasumi, tonight’s concert should be cancelled.” The captain said to Angie with a serious face.


Angie looked at Lin Xiang. She did not want anyone to get hurt again.


Just when Angel was about to nod, Lin Xiang said, “If we cancel the concert, what about the fans who are already on the road?”


“We’ll let them go back.” The captain of the guard replied succinctly.


“In this case, the fans will be very disappointed. They were obviously looking forward to it when they decided to come here.”


“Cancelling the concert will ensure the safety of Miss Kawasumi.”


“Then, since the culprit initiated the attack this time, what about the next time? She’ll still cancel the concert? And keep cancelling like this?”


“Next time, we’ll carry out measures.”


“Why can’t you carry out the measures this time? Not enough time? Or are you also one of the culprits?”


“Shut up. Don’t be self-righteous just because you saved Miss Kawasumi. Our guards will have their own way.”


“Their own way? I’m going to die of laughter. What were all of you doing after Darling saved Kawasumi Kana just now? Are you in a daze? Is this their own way of handling things?” Kamiki’s words directly pierced the hearts of the guards like a sharp sword.


The captain had a livid face, and his blue veins jumped, “No matter… this time…”


“Lin Xiang is right.” Angie said, “I can’t cower just because of this attack and give up my performance. After this time, there will be another time. Do I have to give up performing all the time? Impossible.”


“But Miss Kawasumi…”


“I have made my decision. No matter what happens, I will not back down. If you want to prove your worth, allow the concert to go smoothly tonight.” It was the first time Angie said such tough words, at least it was a first for the guards.


“Protect Kana for a smooth concert!” At that moment, a guard shouted, which immediately ‘infected’ the other guards.


“Protect Kana for a smooth concert!”


“We have to prove that we can do it!”


“We have to prove that we can do it!”




“So, the concert will go on, and you want me to protect Angie?” Yalide stood up, walked in front of Lin Xiang, and placed her hands on Lin Xiang’s shoulder.


“It hurts!” Lin Xiang bent his back in pain, “Is that impossible? If it’s Yalide, then you can definitely catch the culprit.”


“Haha, I’m very happy that you think so highly of me. But no, Angie won’t trust me.”




“Because she is…”


“Master, Sister Kana asked me to get this for you.” Dusty pushed open the door and came in, holding a quaint little box in her hand.


“Well,” with Dusty’s interruption, Yalide patted Lin Xiang’s shoulder, “I guess I’ll not tell you her identity first. I think it will be more interesting. You only need to know that she is one of the few who can sense the presence of dark energy.”


“Huh?” After Yalide said that, Lin Xiang became even more curious. Last night, Angie told him to be wary of Yalide countless times, saying that she was of the demon race, so she should have seen Yalide’s dark energy. Since she also knew how to use silver magic… Is Angie… an angel? But, it was not right, the book mentioned that the angel’s hair was white, and that war angel, Matthew’s hair was white.


Damn it, Yalide, I hate people like you who don’t speak well.


Lin Xiang secretly despised Yalide. How dare a mere perverted dragon dare to play mystery games with me? Next time you don’t pay the internet fee, let’s see how you can view pictures online at home.


“Master?” Dusty walked up to Lin Xiang and handed over the box.


“Ah, Dusty, thank you very much.” Only then did Lin Xiang realize that Dusty had been left out, he reached out and patted her head. Dusty narrowed her eyes happily, looking like she was enjoying it.


“What did Angie ask you to bring?” Lin Xiang took the box and opened it. There were two pearl-like objects inside, probably some pills or something.


“I don’t know. Sister Kana said that Master will get better after eating it.”


“Is that so?” Lin Xiang picked up the ‘pearl’ and looked at Yalide. Yalide shook her head and said she did not know.


Well, it’s called light-scattering medicine. Its effects on ordinary people were not bad, but it won’t do much for you. Let Yalide return to your body, and the wound will heal in about a night. It’ll only consume slight dragon energy.


‘Really, then I will give these back to Angie.’


That is not necessary. We’ll save it for future needs.


Lin Xiang put away the box, and Dusty tilted her head in confusion. She seemed to not understand why her Master was not eating it.


“Don’t worry, even if I don’t eat it, I’ll be fine. Dusty, let’s go down to eat first, I’ll change clothes before heading down.”


“No, no,” Dusty shook her head, “I’ll go down with Master.”


“Sure.” Lin Xiang patted Dusty’s head again and looked at Yalide, “Hey, Yalide, can’t you really? It’s fine to protect Angie in secret.”


“It’s not that I don’t want to. There will be cameras in the concert anyway. If I am being filmed, and seen by some kind of people, or being seen by those at the concert, there will be trouble. I believe you can protect her too. Didn’t you succeed just now? What’s more, you were the one letting her continue performing, so you have to be responsible. Well, I’ll help you get better soon. Without me, only relying on Freed’s light will not make your self-healing ability fast enough.” After speaking, Yalide turned into a cloud of dark energy, which flowed into Lin Xiang’s body.

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