The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 32 : The Search


“Ehhhh! Master, where’s Lady Dragon God?” Dusty’s eyes were wide open, looking for Yalide everywhere.


“She returned. Dusty, wait for me here, while I go change. After dinner, we’re going to prepare for tonight’s concert.”




After Lin Xiang changed his clothes, he and Dusty went down to a large private room in the dining hall, where everyone he knew sat. The dishes on the table had already been served, and some were even cold, but no one ate them.


“Xiang, you really scared me to death just now.” Seeing that Lin Xiang was in no serious condition, Satsuki patted her chest. Thinking of it now, she was still terrified by the incident.


“Attacks always happen suddenly. No one can expect it. But the main thing is, where did the culprit go now?” Kamiki rested her chin in her hands and leaned against the table. If the culprit was not caught, then she would not be comfortable during that period of time.


“That guy jumped into the water after the magic rune was triggered, so there must be some companion supporting him.” Reidy clenched her fists, “Don’t let me see him again, otherwise, I will definitely electrocute him, and his companion.”


“Don’t get agitated, Reidy.” Lin Xiang smiled wryly.


“This matter started because of me. If I could pay attention, Lin Xiang would definitely not get hurt. Speaking of that, Lin Xiang, I thank you very much for stepping forward in times of danger. I will remember this.” Angie bowed to Lin Xiang.


“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Lin Xiang waved his hand and accidentally moved his shoulder. He immediately felt a tingling pain in his wound, “Tsk—”


“If you’re injured, don’t move hastily.” Nicia, who was sitting next to Angie, said, “I sincerely thank you for this matter. If there is any problem, please go to the hospital for an examination. I will be responsible for the costs.”


“No, it’s fine.” Lin Xiang shook his head.


“But Lin Xiang, your wound… seems to be very deep…” Nagisa almost fainted when she saw Lin Xiang bleeding so much at that time. The cause of feeling faint was due to the blood, and also because of the fact that Lin Xiang was injured.


“Angie gave me some medicine, so I will recover soon.” Lin Xiang said that, which could also be an excuse when his wound recovered later.


“Well, that’s really great.” Nagisa heaved a sigh of relief.


“Boss, Boss, you were so awesome before! You turned into a gust of wind and rushed over, blocking the bullet for Kana! By the way, how did you know that Kana would be attacked?” Kurugani asked everyone’s doubts. During the incident, Lin Xiang’s reaction and speed was really too swift.


“Well, haven’t we heard from the guards that Kana received a threatening letter? I was very concerned, so I kept observing the people present… All of a sudden, I found that there was one more person, and his expression did not match the other photographers. Sensing a bad feeling, I just rushed up there.”


“That’s amazing! I was also observing at the beginning, but halfway through the shooting, I lost my focus.” Kurugani’s eyes were full of stars as he looked at Lin Xiang, “As expected of my Boss!”


“You’ve already received a threatening letter, why are the guards and staff so lax?” Satsuki looked at Angie in confusion.


“That’s because…”


“That’s because you have received them before, right?” Kamiki expressed her opinion, “No matter who you are, you can’t make anyone like you. There will always be someone who hates the other for some reason. Maybe it’s jealousy, misunderstanding, etc. The threatening letters received before probably did not cause substantial harm, so gradually, the guards, staff, and even you, the client, became indifferent. ”




“These are not important now. The vital thing is how to guard against and catch the culprit at the concert tonight.” Kamiki said at the end, and her tone was very serious.


“That’s right. I will never forgive anyone who hurts Young Master. We must catch him.” Kaoru clenched her fists.


Fire Lotus sat in the corner without speaking.




After the scorching sun continued to shine for a whole day, it hung obliquely in the air and began to turn red. However, the rays did not lighten their burn.


Not far from the hotel, there was a building, a large-scale building in a semicircle. That was a concert hall, named “Qibin Hengyuan* (*崎宾恒源qí bīn héng yuán: literally ‘mountainous guest, lasting source’)”, which could accommodate more than ten thousand people. It was a large concert hall. All those who could sing there, were famous singers.


In front of the concert hall, which has not opened its doors, a lot of people have gathered. Some people wore T-shirts with Angie’s face printed on them as they chatted. Some held up banners with words like “Good Luck, Kana! We Love Kana Very Much!” and so on. Others used portable speakers to play beautiful songs—— Kana’s songs.


It was around four in the afternoon and the concert would start at six. There were still two hours, yet the enthusiasm and admiration of those people for Kana was as clear as day.


There were still numerous people on the beach. They were all about to put on their clothes and leave to join the team of fans in front of Sourceful (Hengyuan) Concert Hall, waiting for the concert hall to open together.


The ten thousand seven hundred and eighty tickets that were put on sell online a few days ago were sold out in just one day. Many people even bought scalper tickets at high prices because they did not get to buy tickets.


——”I’m really looking forward to it! What time is it? Why isn’t the door open yet?”


“It’s 4:22pm and the door opens at 5:30pm. It’s still more than an hour.”


——“Huh? Isn’t this the MV that Kana shot when she first debuted? Can you send it to my mobile phone?”


——”Don’t worry, customers, one by one.” The store next to the concert hall was very lively. The store owner did not have time to ask for money when another customer came to pay again.


Inside the concert hall


Angie getting prepared in the dressing room, and the guards were checking all suspicious things in the main venue. They were very careful with their work.


The concert hall had a large interior space. It was indeed a hall that could accommodate more than ten thousand people, including both normal seats and seats for people of high status. The so-called high status was similar to a VIP private room, which allowed people to enjoy the singing from a higher place.


Such a spacious place undoubtedly increased the workload of the guards, but they did not complain, but used their actions to honor what they said.


Lin Xiang, Satsuki and the others also helped to find suspicious objects. After more than half an hour passed, they searched the entire concert hall and found nothing.


According to what Kamiki said, there were now four possibilities. First, after the culprit failed, he gave up and would not take risks again, which was the best possibility. Second, if the culprit wanted to launch another attack, they would set up mechanisms in the concert hall. Since they have searched the entire hall and found nothing, the possibility could basically be ruled out. After that, the third was that the culprit would enter the hall disguised as a Kana fan and wait for an opportunity to act. At that time, they had to beware of the people wearing masks or sneaking around. As for the fourth possibility, it was the culprit’s companion. Although it was unclear whether the culprit had any companions, he had already revealed his appearance. If there was, he would have a great possibility of letting his companions disguise as fans. That would also be more troublesome.


However, the Kamiki Group was no joke. Kamiki dialled her father’s number. After Kamiki Kuji explained the reason, Kamiki Masao immediately asked two demon exorcists to come over.


When it came to the demon exorcist rank, they were not comparable to those bodyguards and security that were protecting Kamiki.


As for why Kamiki Masao did not use those two demon exorcists to protect his daughter? It was because that rank was very rare in the human world. They were practically arrogant, so being able to invite them gave Kamiki Masao a lot of benefits. It was just that asking them, as demon exorcists, to protect a girl at all times would damage their reputation.


Kamiki Masao had no choice but to invite some D-ranked demon resistors to protect his daughter.


Judging from the magic trap that morning, the culprit’s strength was not weak. The role of the two demon exorcists was to find the culprit or his companion among the crowd. As demon exorcists, if they could not even sense the strength of spiritual power, in Kamiki’s words, they could go to the garbage dump and wait to be collected by the garbage truck.


“It’s 5:12pm now, and there are eighteen minutes left.” Satsuki looked at her phone and said nervously, “Is it really fine?”


“If everything goes according to my expectations, it’s fine, but the reality is often not what people think.”


“What you just said doesn’t help at all, Kuji.” Satsuki sighed and looked at Lin Xiang, who was still looking for suspicious items, “Is Xiang’s wound going to be fine…”


“I hope he doesn’t force himself.” Reidy snorted. Although she also wanted to ensure Kana’s safety, she would always feel uncomfortable seeing Lin Xiang so active.


“Master’s recovery ability is very good. Silent Water checked his condition just now, and the wound has healed a lot. I believe it will be healed in another night.”


“Really? The medicine that Kana gave is so powerful.” Nagisa thought that it was the effect of the light-scattering medicine.


“I think it is Young Master’s own ability. When dealing with that succubus before, Young Master suffered a lot of injuries. However, the next time I seen him, he has fully recovered.”


Kaoru looked at Lin Xiang, who was looking around on the stage, then walked towards the elevator on the stage.


Hhong.” With a roar, a black cannonball hit the wall of the hall, immediately attracting everyone’s attention.


At that moment, a figure fell from the ceiling to the stage, and the two demon exorcists who were hiding in the dark rushed out immediately, but the black figure had already stood behind Lin Xiang. Its hand emitted light as the cold light of a dagger was stuck to Lin Xiang’s neck.

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