The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 33 : Kidnapped


It was a pair of lavender, with sharp cheetah-like eyes that swept over everyone present.


Securely dressed, with tight clothes all over the figure’s body, no half an inch of skin was exposed. Lin Xiang could only tell that the other party was a woman from her bulging chest. At that moment, although the chest leaning on Lin Xiang’s back was very elastic and soft, he could not enjoy it very much, because the cold feeling on his neck made him very nervous.


Is she an accomplice of the culprit who wanted to kill Angie? Have I messed up their plans that make them decide to kill me?


A trace of sweat fell from his forehead, and Lin Xiang’s eyes were filled with the stunned expressions of Satsuki and the others.


“B*stard!” Lightning overflowed from Reidy’s palm and she was about to rush up when Silent Water stopped her in time, “Don’t act hastily, Reidy.”


“I’m going to kill that guy.”


“Calm down, don’t let Master get hurt.”


“Damn it!” Reidy gritted her teeth, glaring at the masked person with anger in her eyes.


“Who are you and what is your purpose?” Kamiki asked the masked person calmly while holding her hands together.


“…” Without answering, the masked person just looked at the two demon exorcists.


They were two men in their thirties. Dressed in casual clothes, they looked like ordinary people, but the spiritual energy they exuded at the moment revealed their strength.


One of the men who looked more mature stared at the dagger that was resting on Lin Xiang’s neck, and thought of something, “That pattern… a person from the [Grim Reaper’s Skeleton]?”


The masked person’s dagger was printed with a skull, a crossbones pattern, with a hood, which was the exclusive pattern of the famous killing guild, [Grim Reaper’s Skeleton]. All weapons equipped by guild members would have that pattern.


The camera gun also had that mark on the underside, but the guards did not know it and paid not much attention to it.


“You do know.” The masked person spoke with voice full of fury.


“A woman!?” Looking from the front, the masked person’s body was blocked by Lin Xiang, so it was difficult to see that she was, in fact, a woman. After hearing her voice, and looking at her height, Kurugani immediately thought of the Japanese term “Oneesan*” (*御姐yù jiě: usually to describe females as sexy and mature, like the typical older sister). As for an “oneesan”, her chest must not be small. For my Boss’s safety, I’ll gladly let that hateful chest press on my back.


Kurugani shouted impassively, “Let go of my Boss, let me be a hostage if you have the ability to do that.”


No one paid attention to Kurugani, the demon exorcist continued, “You are an A-ranked demon exorcist, right? Since you can send out the dark energy ball just now, you are a dark spirit. Although I don’t want to admit it, dealing with us two, C-ranked demon exorcist, is completely at the back of your hand. The people present are not a threat to you, but since you didn’t kill the boy, your purpose is to kidnap him, right?”


Hearing that, the masked woman’s eyes narrowed slightly. He was obviously right.


“So, will you do things beyond your power?”


“The mission we received was to prevent someone from attacking a girl named Kawasumi Kana at the scene. As for him, it is not our mission.” As soon as the man said that, Satsuki and the others’ expressions changed.


“What did you say?” Satsuki glared at the man.


“You heard it. This has nothing to do with us.” The man snorted disdainfully.


“It seems that you don’t want to live anymore?” Kamiki’s eyes became sharp.


“It’s your father’s request, not ours. You have to understand this. We won’t fight impossible battles just for a boy.”


“Damn it!” Reidy almost rushed over to give the man a lightning slash, while Dusty also gritted her teeth at him, obviously hostile to the man.


Heh— This is the so-called reality.’ Freed sneered, ‘Humans are materialistic creatures.


That’s why women are better. They are affectionate and full of emotions. Men are all like this, only doing things for profit.


‘Hey you two, instead of expressing your thoughts, help me out. She’s going to slit my throat with a little more strength in her dagger.’ Lin Xiang was a little anxious. He had never encountered such a situation. He wondered if he could escape through the wind speed state.


It’s better to not resist. Remember what I said at noon? Someone is targeting you. This woman with her chest against you, no, this woman with a dagger against you is one of those who are targeting you. Her strength is quite good. If you face her, the chance of being defeated is 99%.


‘Isn’t there 1% left?’ Lin Xiang comforted himself.


Well, the other 1% is that she accidentally killed you.


‘Don’t scare me, okay?’ Lin Xiang did not really care much about his safety. He just did not want to see the girls in a panic.


Well, I’ve been trying to figure out what they’re targeting you for, so let’s just let her take you away and find out the situation. There’s a saying in China, how do you catch the tiger cub without entering the tiger’s lair*?’ (不入虎穴焉得虎子bù rù hǔxué yān dé hǔ zi: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.)


‘This seems to be the only way to work now.’


Looking at Kamiki, Reidy and the others who were arguing endlessly, Lin Xiang wanted to remind them not to worry, “I’m fine, you…uh…”


The sharp blade on his neck increased its strength. If Lin Xiang moved to speak again, it would be difficult to say whether the sharp blade would cut his throat. So, he tried to use the spiritual dialogue to converse with Silent Water.


‘Silent Water, Silent Water, can you hear me?’


‘Mas… Master?’




Spiritual dialogue was established with a spiritual connection to form dialogues, which was a special ability between the spirit and its Master. In outsiders’ eyes at that moment, Lin Xiang and Silent Water were just staring at each other.


“There’s no sight of that woman, is it confirmed to take away the target?” Behind him, the woman seemed to be muttering to herself, and Lin Xiang guessed that she was using some kind of communication device to communicate with her companions.


‘I’ll be taken away in a while, tell Risa and the others not to worry. I have to figure out some matters.’




‘Don’t worry. There are Dragon Gods living in me, so they can’t hurt me. Just remember to protect Angie.’ Lin Xiang gave Silent Water a smile.


Satsuki and the others also noticed Lin Xiang’s smile at that time. That smile was like a tranquilizer as it penetrated into their hearts and calmed down their restless emotions.


They had a feeling that Lin Xiang would be fine.


‘Master, please be careful.’


I’m on it.’ Lin Xiang blinked, and behind him, the masked woman seemed to have gotten an answer.


“Understood, I will take the target to the trading location now.” She whispered in Lin Xiang’s ear, “You better not move around. If you call that woman over, I will kill you immediately.”


“Yes.” Lin Xiang nodded, expressing his understanding.


The woman you mentioned is in my body now though.


Taking out a small stone, the masked woman crushed it, and then Lin Xiang felt a burst of light rising. Soon, Silent Water and their faces disappeared in front of him, and an abandoned room replaced them.


There were some shabby walls with moss growing, and there was no furniture in the house, only a tattered wooden table. A sleeping bag was on the floor. There were instant noodles, bread, mineral water and other food around, and it was obvious that the masked woman lived there.


Lin Xiang, who had excellent hearing, could listen to the subtle sound of the waves. He speculated that the place should still be near the sea. That was to say, she had always been nearby waiting for action.


Crack. The wooden door of the room was opened, and then, a man familiar to Lin Xiang appeared. It was the fat man who wanted to shoot Angie with the camera gun.


He walked up to Lin Xiang, took out an orange strap made of unknown material and tied Lin Xiang’s hands. Looking at Lin Xiang from top to bottom, he spoke, “Kid, your skin is so damn thick. If the bullet hit your body, you should’ve exploded no matter what, but you are all right. Just who are you? Why does her employer want to catch a brat with such weak spiritual power, like you?”


“Don’t talk about anything unimportant to my target.” The masked woman put away the dagger, pushed Lin Xiang, and let Lin Xiang sit on the ground.


“I’m just really curious.” The fat man seemed to be very interested in Lin Xiang, “You do know the power of the muskets that Feitman created.”


“Rule one: Never mention the names of acquaintances in a mission. Anyway, you have to thank God that you didn’t kill him. Otherwise, my employer will definitely exterminate you.”


“Hey, is my life really that incomparable to this little devil with weak spiritual power?”


“Then do you think someone will pay five gold coins (about twenty million yen) to kidnap you intact? And send three more people for assistance at the same time?” The masked woman sat on the sleeping bag and stabbed an empty mineral water bottle with her dagger. The dagger was pulled out again, and she repeated her actions to pass the time.


“That’s right, if someone wants to buy my life, it’ll only four gold coins at most. That’s why I don’t understand why your employer would pay such a high price to kidnap a kid. His body is also incredibly weird, because there is no shortage of arms and legs even if he was shot by the bullet.”


“Rule number two: Never investigate too much about the target. We just need to get the job done.”


“Yeah, you’re right. After Kawasumi Kana is killed, my mission will be completed.”


“What!?” Lin Xiang was taken aback when he heard that.


“What is it? Don’t think of expecting that the girl you risked rescuing would escape death. You can’t blame me, because I was just doing things after receiving the money. I wonder if you have a chance to venture into a new world, called the world beyond the skies? After you go there, you’ll understand that power and money are what matters.”


Lin Xiang did not listen to those other words. He had lost his cool when he heard that Angie would be killed. Struggled hard with his hands, although the orange strap looked very thin, he could not break free even if Lin Xiang exerted all his strength. He stood up, only to be swept away by the masked woman as he fell back down.


“Rule number three: Never have too much contact with the target. It’s been a while since you joined the guild, why can’t you remember the rules?”


“Haha, anyway, after he was taken away, he would either be brought for research, or killed. It’s nothing to digress a bit. Besides, I’m not really what I look like now, so you think I’m afraid that one day I’ll be recognized by him?”


“Hmph, it’s you who will suffer, sooner or later.”


“Oh my, you do know that you’re younger than me. Isn’t it just two years earlier when you joined? Why do you have to look like a senior?”


The masked woman said nothing.


“Hey, what’s with the explosion you just mentioned?” Lin Xiang looked at the slightly fat man unfriendly.


“Well, it’s the elevators on the stage that I’ve set with the ‘so-called’ bombs on your side.”

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