The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 34 : Kidnapped (2)


“That’s strange. My employer wants me to use my weapons here or something similar to the weapons here to kill my target. But, she…” The fat man pointed at the masked woman, “…saw you walking towards the elevator, and had no choice but to arrest you in advance. After all, there is a terrible woman by your side, protecting you.” Speaking of which, the slightly fat man looked at the masked woman with some playfulness.


He and the masked woman belonged to a guild and received a mission each to visit the human world. The task the masked woman received was to help the employer catch a boy named Lin Xiang, while the slightly fat man had to kill a girl named Kawasumi Kana.


“But since that woman is not here, her mission was completed unexpectedly smoothly.” The slightly fat man continued, “If you hadn’t suddenly appeared and blocked my target, my mission would have been completed long ago. Hey, don’t look at me with that look. Do you like that girl named Kawasumi Kanai? Let me tell you, that girl isn’t actually a good person. She seems to be a singer here, and usually does some charity activities, right? In fact, she is a dirty woman.”


“What do you mean?”


“According to the information provided by the employer, she is a kind-hearted person superficially, but in private, she is a bloody pervert who likes to abuse children. You don’t believe it? I have what you call photos as evidence.” The fat man said as he took out several pictures from his pocket, which showed Angie with a smile, while holding a whip or a stick, abusing children.


Lin Xiang did not believe it at first glance, but after looking at it again, he found that it seemed to be true. However, for some reason, the photo looked slightly inappropriate and unreal. But Lin Xiang did not think much about it. Was Angie really such a person?


‘You think it’s real? Get a grip!’ Yalide got angry, ‘These photos are obviously PS’ed. Your eyes are already strengthened, yet you can’t see that?


‘PS?’ Lin Xiang really did not know much about computer aspects.


Photoshop! You idiot!’ Yalide wanted to go out and punch Lin Xiang right away, ‘Since this idiot is from the world beyond the skies, it’s acceptable if he doesn’t know. But, you, a local, don’t even know about photoshopped photos?’


‘I…’ Since Yalide said that, the sense of incongruity in the photo was even greater. Lin Xiang also found that Angie’s figure was not like that, because she was more slender and taller.


“How is it? Do you understand now?” Seeing Lin Xiang staring at the photo in a daze, the slightly fat man put away the photo with satisfaction, “Women are contrived creatures. I really hope they can disappear from this world.”


Hearing that, the masked woman’s lavender eyes stared at the fat man, and the fat man smiled shyly, “You already knew I hate women. I said it accidentally, so don’t take it to heart so much.”


So, it turns out that this guy hates women. Little brat, protect your virginity.


Without Yalide’s reminder, Lin Xiang had consciously moved towards the masked woman and away from the fat man.


“Who is your employer?” Lin Xiang saw that the other party did not seem to be very vigilant, so he planned to try worming some facts out of him.


“I don’t know either. I’m only responsible for accepting tasks from the guild. This task was not accepted at the time. After all, it was on the Human World’s side. It took a lot of formalities for me to come here, but the task reward was not too much, just twenty five silver coins. (Equal to about 900,000 yen) But I still took it, because I can’t stand this kind of women.”


“…” Lin Xiang knew that the photo was a fake. He also knew that the slightly fat man would not believe him even if he told the truth about the false information he had collected, so he chose to remain silent and planned to tell Silent Water through spiritual dialogue.


However, for some reason, Lin Xiang was unable to get in touch with Silent Water several times in a row. Freed said it was due to the straps on his hands which were absorbing spiritual energy and magical powers. In other words, as long as the strap was attached, magic could not be used.


Therefore, Lin Xiang had to look for an opportunity to escape, so he could head to the venue to remind Angie not to trigger the bomb.


And after going back, Lin Xiang still needed to capture the captain of the guards. That b*stard is in charge of the search on the stage. He must be an accomplice.


—— 5:30pm


The closed door of the hall slowly opened, and people outside poured into the hall like ants. Although there were more complicated security checks unlike before, that did not dampen their enthusiasm.


In the dressing room behind the stage, Angie looked at herself in the mirror with a frown. She felt that she had caused Lin Xiang to be kidnapped.


Kachak.” The door was opened, and Nicia walked in. She stood in front of Angie and rubbed her shoulders, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you can’t handle it, then don’t sing.”


Nicia had always taken care of Angie as her sister, and would put Angie first no matter what she did.


“No, I will continue to sing because I have already promised Lin Xiang. I don’t want to disappoint the fans.”


“As long as you don’t force yourself, Angie… Lin Xiang will definitely be found, don’t worry.”





“Silent Water, I can’t wait anymore, I want to teleport.” Outside the hall, Reidy finally could not help saying after walking back and forth impatiently.


“No.” Silent Water shook her head, “The opponent is very strong, and we can’t beat it. Master doesn’t want to see us take risks.”


“However, it is impossible to establish a spiritual connection with him now… I don’t even know what happened to him.”


“I miss Master…” Dusty pouted, looking very unhappy.


Fire Lotus did not speak. She just looked at Silenthui Jing and the others. Suddenly, her attention was drawn to several men and women in black, and she felt a disgusting aura from them.


The other party also saw Fire Lotus, but they did not react much. One of them smiled and nodded at Fire Lotus, and then the group walked into the venue.


“Hey, what should I do now?” Satsuki and the others came back with water. Although Silent Water reassured them, how could they feel relieved?


“We can only wait.” Thinking that the two exorcists would not help, Kamiki’s eyes radiated cold light.


She had already called Kamiki Masao. He was furious when he learned that Lin Xiang was taken away. He invited professional personnel to find Lin Xiang. As for those two demon exorcists, he planned not to hire them again after the mission was over.


They were always acted highly, and even Kamiki Masao also regarded them as unpleasant for a long time.


“That… isn’t Teacher Meiko a Saint… If we look for her, we should be able to find Lin Xiang very quickly.” Nagisa’s proposal was a good one. Just now, everyone was too impatient to think of it.


Just after calling Meiko the reply they got was “The user that you have dialled is no longer in the service area”. Meiko should have been to the world beyond the skies.


“I don’t know where Young Master’s sister has gone to either. She should be a very strong person, right? Damn it, if I can be stronger, I can protect Young Master.”


It was not only Kaoru who thought so, everyone felt the same way— they were not strong enough.


“It’s useless to talk too much, let’s go to the venue. Although those two bullsh*t exorcists are very useless, I still believe that the professionals hired by my father will find Darling.” Kamiki said that and everyone had no choice but to nod, because they really could not do anything.


In the spacious box high above, there were soft leather sofas, glass tables with snacks, and there was a live TV broadcast of the stage. It was a place where spectating the live singing clearly was possible, which was worthy of being called the “VIPs’ box”.


It was just that the girls, who were supposed to watch Angie sing with joy, were not in the mood. Everyone just sat on the sofa in a daze, chatting from time to time.


——6:20pm, in an abandoned house along the coast


“You slow-pokes.” In the room where Lin Xiang was, at that moment, aside from the presence of the slightly fat man and the masked woman, there were three more men with the same mask. The masked woman looked at the three men in front of her, and her tone was not the brightest.


It was her motto to complete a task or reach a location within the agreed time.


She and those employers agreed to hand the person over at 5:40pm.


“I’m sorry. We have to prepare a lot of things. You don’t know how difficult it is to smuggle a person back into the world beyond the skies.” One of the men smiled.


Yalide reminded Lin Xiang in his mind, ‘This guy who speaks is wind-attributed. According to my observation and speculation, he should be the so-called C-ranked demon exorcist. The one on his left, with purple eye bags, and unfriendly eyes, uses water. He once tried to take you underwater, but I batted him away with the volleyball. The other one used electricity, and the strength was also the strongest among all the people here, probably an S-rank.


Lin Xiang did not care about that, he just wanted to go to the venue, ‘Come on, tell me how I should escape. I don’t want Angie to detonate the bomb.’


This is true. Although it is important to inquire about the identity of the other party, the most important thing is Angie’s life. But you’d better not underestimate her too much.


‘What do you mean?’


You’ll know eventually.


Lin Xiang was very displeased with Yalide’s mysteriousness. Really, she was obviously just a perverted dragon.


“Your mission is complete. Here are the remaining three gold coins.” The electric man threw a small cloth bag to the masked woman, then crouched down and pulled Lin Xiang up.


“Don’t be nervous, you’re just a piece of trash who can’t inherit your parents’ abilities. As long as we get what we want, we’ll let you go.”


“Then what do you want?” Lin Xiang could not understand how that had anything to do with his parents.


“Hmm?” The electric man glanced at the masked woman and the slightly fat man.


“My mission was complete. Farewell.” After the masked woman finished speaking, she took out an ordinary-looking necklace, and aimed the necklace at the sleeping bag and food on the ground. It emitted a light, and then everything on the ground disappeared. She pushed open the door and walked out. Since the fat man had nothing to talk about with them, he also left.


The wind man looked outside the door, and after confirming that no one was there, he nodded to the electric man.


“It’s inconvenient to tell you what we want to obtain. You just need to know that some things are not suitable for you. You will get benefits by cooperating with us.”


“What if I don’t cooperate?”


“We will find a way to make you cooperate.” After speaking, the electric man winked at the water man, and the water man took out a cloth bag, as he walked towards Lin Xiang.

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