The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 35 : Kidnapped (3)


“I really want to use you to lure that woman here, and then kill her.” The water man said, of course, he was referring to Yalide, who made him feel humiliated.


If it was not for Yalide’s sudden attack with the volleyball, the water man would have already brought Lin Xiang back to the outer world. His guild would not have to pay for a killer to use it as a shield to kidnap Lin Xiang because he was afraid of revealing his identity.


Seeing the water man walk up to him and raising the cloth bag to cover his head, Lin Xiang knew that he could not sit still like that any longer.


If you are strong enough, then I believe you won’t die.


“Hooo— Hageli!” Lin Xiang looked at the water man in front of him with the Dragon Roar of Madness. The powerful energy group immediately slammed into the water man.


After unleashing a dragon roar, Lin Xiang immediately kicked sideways, kicking the electric man, who was grabbing him. The electric man reacted very quickly as he let go of Lin Xiang and dodged. Lin Xiang also took the opportunity to back up and keep a distance from them.


It was just that the water man was still standing there, and he did not fly due to the roar. At the critical moment, an invisible wind shield appeared in front of him, helping him resist the powerful energy group of the dragon roar.


“Thanks a lot.” After the water man thanked the wind man, he looked at Lin Xiang coldly, “If it weren’t for you being useful, you would have been a swollen corpse by now.”


“Heh~ Weak thing, do you think we haven’t investigated you? Lin Xiang, seventeen years old, a second-year student of Pillar Nofu Academy, has extremely weak spiritual power, and is a mutant dragon descendant. We already guessed that you would resist, so we have been well-prepared.” The wind man looked at Lin Xiang provocatively, “Your dragon roar seems to be very powerful, right? For us, it’s just an attack by a more powerful child. Any other moves you’ve got? Come on, bring it out.”


Of course, Lin Xiang wanted to unleash another Fire Dragon’s Roar or something, but thinking that the other party had a water man, who could block his own roar with a water shield, he dared not do anything useless.


‘Yalide, aren’t you coming out and help me?’ Lin Xiang knew it was humiliating to rely on women, but he could not help it, because he was simply weak in front of those people.


Sure! But in return, next time, you have to go to the women’s store and help me buy some stockings.


‘Perverted dragon! I dare you to make a request that is even more extreme!’


Oh, something more extreme? Then get a few more sets of sexy lingerie.


‘You really dare!’


Ignore her,’ Freed laughed, ‘someone’s here to help you.




“Hhong—” The wall behind Lin Xiang exploded. Stones and dust rose in the air. A few people in white clothes rushed in, stood in front of Lin Xiang, and confronted the masked men.


“Damn it, it’s the Saints. What’s going on?” The wind man recognized the clothes of those people.


“Hmph, it’s just three D-rank and two C-rank demon exorcists. They don’t pose a threat to us.” The water man was very disdainful.


“No, our identities cannot be exposed, so we cannot confront the saints. Otherwise, it will bring trouble to the guild. Retreat.”


“But, we have already given the Dark Violet five gold coins.” The wind man was not willing to retreat without taking Lin Xiang with him.


“No choice, we’ll let her leave first, otherwise it’s time for our shield to show up. Just retreat.”


The masked men crushed the teleportation stone, turned into a beam of light and left. The Saints who protected Lin Xiang did not do anything to stop them, because if they really wanted to fight them, it was impossible for the Saints to win.


If it was just the water man and the wind man, then the Saints certainly could manage them. However, since there was another S-rank electric man, or if there was only one electric man, it was not something the five of them could compete with. Therefore, after seeing the other party left, they were all relieved.


The Saints were men in their twenties, and one of them, who seemed to be the team leader, gave Lin Xiang a friendly smile, “You are Lin Xiang, right?”


“Yes, thank you very much for all your help.”


“It doesn’t matter. We received a request from Kamiki Masao. We just did not expect that the other party turned out to be such people. We are not strong enough to catch them. Do you know who they are and why they targeted you?”


“I don’t know.” Lin Xiang shook his head. At that moment, a Saint came to help Lin Xiang untie the straps.


“Is that so? Well, there are very few people with the rank of demon exorcist or higher in the human world, so they are from the outer world. We will investigate the records of the teleportation area later, and hope to find them.”


“Thank you all.”


“No problems, protecting the human world and the Dakhla area are the Saints responsibilities. By the way, you look familiar, have we met before?”


“I don’t think so. I have something urgent. I have to leave first. Goodbye.” Lin Xiang had to rush to the venue to inform Angie.


“Sure.” The leader nodded.


After seeing Lin Xiang leave through the broken wall, the leader asked his companions, “Don’t you think he looks familiar?”


“A little, he seems to be like a senior, but I can’t remember it at this instant.”


“Don’t worry about this. Let’s go to the teleportation area. There have been a lot of things happening recently. I wonder where the demon apostles from the human world came secretly from. There are also visitors from the world beyond the skies these days.”


————Concert hall


“Wandering in the rain, singing and looking forward to meeting you in the next second~♪”


On the stage, Angie tapped her fingers to the rhythm, raised the microphone, and sang with the voice of nature. Surround speakers sounded from all directions, giving the fans the feeling that Angie was singing next to them.


The light sticks swayed in sync, like the wind blowing the glowing grasses. It was even more beautiful when viewed from above.


Angie stood on the stage as the lights shone on her. Her hair was up, and she was wearing a long black dress, as elegant as a princess.


She looked at the countless swaying fluorescent waves, and that bad feeling was always around her. In fact, she had that feeling when the chubby man pointed the camera gun at her, it was a feeling that she was born with when faced with dangerous things.


Is someone aiming something at me?


On the stage where the lights were shining and where the audience from below could not be seen, a figure suddenly appeared in Angie’s sight. That figure seemed to be holding something in one hand. The thing lit up and quickly dimmed.


Is it the culprit? Has he come? What happened to Lin Xiang?




Angie, who was distracted for a while, forgot to sing, and her attractive eyes were fixed on the place of the figure. The audience could not help but wonder, because Angie suddenly stopped her singing. Some fans stopped swinging the light stick in their hands. Everyone looked at each other, but no one figured what happened to her.


“Kana, what are you doing?” The voice of the person in charge came from the earphone, and Angie shook her head to find that the figure disappeared.


However, the bad feeling did not go away. Angie was absent-minded.


————In a dark place


“Are you sure it’s her?”


“Yes, the light stone has reacted.”


“There are so many people here. We can’t let the police and the Saints here notice us. We’ll seek for a better opportunity later to capture her later.”


“Roger that.”




After Lin Xiang ran out of the abandoned house, he was surrounded by trees. He had a little impression of that place. It was the woods by the beach. The sound of the waves was very close. He ran along towards the sound, and he came to the beach after a while.


The setting sun had already descended to the surface of the sea, dyeing the horizon red, but it was not the scenery of beauty to him. The sea water was like a layer of blood on it. He did not want to see Angie being bombed…


“Damn it!” Lin Xiang rushed towards the concert hall desperately, and also tried to have a spiritual dialogue with Silent Water and the others, but to no avail. Spiritual dialogue required mental concentration to carry out, but Lin Xiang could not concentrate at all. All he could think about was to get to the concert hall to prevent the tragedy from happening.




“I’m really sorry just now. Everyone’s enthusiasm made me forget the lyrics for a while.” Angie said to the fans half-jokingly.




“Kana, keep it up!”


“I love you!”


How could fans not forgive that heartthrob of an idol?


“Thank you everyone, then how about we come up with an enthusiastic song?”


The exciting music, the sounds of drums, bass, and electric guitar were perfectly made for each other. Seven sexy dancers came out backstage and stood next to Angie, swaying to the music.


“Everyone, are you ready?” Angie held the microphone in one hand, grabbed the edge of the skirt with the other, and pulled it up.


The long dress fluttered in the sky and slowly fluttered down. The short-sleeved round-neck T-shirt, denim shorts, and her hair scattered like a waterfall. Angie, who was a gentle and quiet princess a second ago, was now a hot girl.


Although what Angie wore was not as sexy and revealing as the background dancers, people just thought Angie was more beautiful. The audience cheered.


The captain of the guard stood on the stand in a distance. He was making a phone call, “Hey, it’s me. As planned, she is almost going to board the elevator. I hope you can do what you promised and let my daughter go.”


The captain of the guard put down the phone. His whole person seemed to have aged for another more than ten years. He leaned against the wall weakly, and sighed, “If my daughter knows that her favorite Kana was killed by her father, she will hate me for the rest of her life… Hehehehe…”


The song was coming to an end soon. According to the arrangement, Angie would board the elevator to the backstage to change clothes after singing the song. She sang and danced as she moved towards the elevator.


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