The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 36 : Concert Hall


“Hey, hey, the concert has already started, you can’t go in.” Lin Xiang was stopped by the ticket inspector in front of the hall.


“I have something urgent to do.”


“No. If you can enter after saying you have urgent matters, then won’t everyone enter because they have urgent matters?”


“I mean it.” Lin Xiang was very anxious when a guard walked towards him.


“Huh? You…” The guard clearly knew Lin Xiang. He remembered that Lin Xiang should have been captured by the bad guys.


“There’s no time to explain, let me in.”


“Sure. Hey, get out of the way, he’s Kana’s friend.”


After the ticket inspector heard it, he was stunned for a while, and as soon as he took a step back, Lin Xiang rushed in.


Because the guards knew Lin Xiang, they did not stop him on his way in. Fortunately, the music was still playing. Lin Xiang’s anxiousness was relieved a little, because it meant that nothing went wrong at the moment.


After arriving at the concert hall, Lin Xiang could only describe it in four words, that was, a sea of ​​people.


In front of him were a vast crowd, and the wave-like glow sticks were very conspicuous in the dark. Lin Xiang could not squeeze into the crowd, let alone getting close to the stage.


When he looked towards the stage, Angie was approaching the elevator, and Lin Xiang’s nerves tightened again.


“Damn it! Am I going to watch the bomb explode?” Lin Xiang looked around and found that the person in charge of the sound system was in the upper left of the viewing platform.


There were all kinds of equipment on the table, and one of the spare microphones was partially exposed, which was seen by Lin Xiang.


With a height of about three meters from, he could surely reach it.


Looking at Angie again, she was only about two meters away from the elevator. Before he could hesitate any further, Lin Xiang retreated to the door, sprinted, and jumped up.


The sound engineer was adjusting the equipment, making the music gradually smaller for the ending. There was a sudden bang, and one hand was grabbing on the guardrail, which startled him. He focused his eyes and found that a boy was climbing up.


“Hey, what are you doing here!?” The sound engineer looked at Lin Xiang in surprise.


Without answering, Lin Xiang picked up the microphone on the table and pressed the switch, “Kana, stop!”


The sudden sound made the audience started complaining.


“Who is that? We were just getting high!”


“Yeah, what are they doing?”


Angie stopped and looked at the sound system area with doubt, but it was so dark that she could not see anything.


The person in charge of the backstage slammed the table hard, and he yelled into the headset frantically, “What are you doing, sound engineer! Why are you talking suddenly! Are you crazy! Lighting engineer, put the lights on the sound system area, I want to have a good look to see what that brat is doing!”


Several lights came on and lit up the sound system area, and everyone looked over.


“Master!” Dusty immediately found Lin Xiang.


“Really? Great, he’s fine.”


Facing the tens of thousands of viewers below, Lin Xiang swallowed nervously, “That…”


He wanted to say there was a bomb on the elevator, but if he just said that, it would definitely cause chaos… What should I do?


“Hey, who are you!”


“You’ve disrupted Kana’s singing. Are you seeking for death?”


There were numerous complaints from the audience, which was quite chaotic. Occasionally, hidden weapons, such as shoes, were thrown up.


The sound engineer sat on the chair and held his head, “It’s the end for me. Why didn’t I stop him from making trouble… Now it’s over…”


“I…I want to say…” Lin Xiang’s head was spinning rapidly, but when he was watched by so many people, it was like being aimed at by sharp needles, giving him goosebumps.


“I…I want to say…” Lin Xiang took a shaky breath and looked at Angie on the stage, “Kana, I like you!”


The audience looked at Lin Xiang with the expression of looking an idiot. Who doesn’t like Kana here?


“Uh…that…” Lin Xiang just wanted to make Angie stop, but he never thought off how to retreat after that.


“What is that Xiang doing…” Satsuki covered her face. Although Lin Xiang being unharmed was something to be happy about, but why did he have to put himself in a dilemma as soon as he returned?


“Is he making a public confession? It’s a shame that people are so worried about him!” Reidy’s slender fingers ran through a trace of electricity.


“Reidy calm down… There must be a reason for Lin Xiang to do this.” Nagisa spoke as she gestured to Reidy how to relax.


“Let me ask all of you… do you like Angie?” Lin Xiang asked.


“Isn’t that nonsense? Of course we do!”


“Hurry up and give us a reason for disrupting the concert, or we’ll go up and slaughter you! You twat!”


Up till then, Lin Xiang could only brace himself, “I just like her, I really do like her very much! So, it’s not wrong for me to express what I like and let Kana notice me, right?”


“That’s right, but…” Who wouldn’t want Kana to pay attention to them?


“I have always liked Kana, and it was because I liked her so much that I thought of such a stupid way to make Kana notice me.”


“Pfft!” Angie was amused by Lin Xiang, who did not even know who she was before, “Your brave confession succeeded in getting me to notice you. No one has ever said that they like me so loudly. But, interrupting the normal conduct of a concert is disrupting public order. You might be arrested by the police.” Angie’s tone revealed playfulness.




“However, I don’t want to see a fan, who likes me so much, to be taken away by the police. Everyone, can you forgive him?” Angie’s words were very contagious, and the fans quickly echoed.


“Since Kana said that so, then we won’t have any opinions.”


“This guy is so young. He should be a high school student. Young people have times when they always make mistakes, right?”


“As long as Kana doesn’t mind, we’ll let him go, but we’ll need another song.”


“Yes, sing one more song.”


“One more song, one more song.”


“Good, if everyone says so, then I’ll sing another song. Little troublesome friend, I’ll give you a chance to make amends. Since you’ve come to the stage, how about you cooperate with me? Come down with a microphone.”


Angie knew what Lin Xiang was trying to remind her, because the bad feeling had been getting stronger since just now. Although it had stopped, she was unsure when it would continue with increasing strength. As for what caused the feeling, Angie was still clueless about it, so she stood still, waiting for Lin Xiang to come up and tell her. She could also help him out of trouble, which was killing two birds with one stone.


“Huh?” Lin Xiang pointed to his nose, “Me?”


That familiar feeling… seemed to make Lin Xiang return to the scene of the previous team competitions.


“Seriously, he can’t be that lucky, right?”


“Should we try this next time?”


“He is just a young teenage child, you are an uncle in your thirties. You will definitely be caught by the police.”


“Hey, quit it~ I’m only eighteen years old.”


“I’m going to puke!”


After Lin Xiang came down from the viewing platform, the lights kept shining on him. The crowd made way for him to go straight to the stage.


The guards who were maintaining law and order under the stage also voluntarily moved away, and Lin Xiang just stood on the stage under the watchful eyes of more than ten thousand people.


“Hello, mischievous student, will you be nervous when everyone is watching?” Angie’s bright eyes were like stars under her bangs as she looked at Lin Xiang and blinked.


“I’m so nervous that I’m sweating.” Lin Xiang did not dare to stare at those big eyes that could discharge electricity, so his eyes kept wandering around.


“This is just a small punishment for the trouble you did. Next time, you can’t do anything to disturb everyone. I don’t like people who don’t follow the rules. You know?” Angie said that to prevent others from imitating Lin Xiang. If everyone thought that doing such a thing would allow them to get up close and personal with her, Angie would be very distressed.


“I understand.”


“Good, obedient children are the best.” Angie stood on tiptoes and patted Lin Xiang’s head, “so, you said you like me very much. Which songs of mine do you like the most?”


“Uh…” Although Lin Xiang occasionally watched Angie’s MV with Reidy and the others in the living room, he did not pay much attention to the song titles…


“I like all of them.”


“Oh~ I’m so touched, do you like all my songs as much as he does?” Angie asked loudly to the audience.


“Yes, we do!!!”


“Thank you, everyone, so, mischievous student, which song do you think we’re going to sing?” The corner of Angie’s mouth showed a smile that only Lin Xiang saw.


Good grief, you deliberately trick me.


Lin Xiang scratched his head. With Freed’s reminder, he finally remembered the song “Summer with You” that he sang with Angie in the campus arena.


“Then ‘Summer with You’.”


“Oh? This song? I remember there was a boy singing with me at school, but that boy didn’t like me like you did. He didn’t even know who I was.”


“Haha… Such a strange person…”


“I know right. Huh? I suddenly realized that you look a lot like him.”


Please, stop playing with me. Lin Xiang smiled bitterly, “People have similarities.”


“Alright, then, sound master, please, ‘Summer with You’.”


To be honest, the sound engineer had not reacted to what was going on. He thought he would be fired, so he played the accompaniment a little dumbfounded.


The touching sounds of the piano filled the hall, and the lights dimmed at the same time. Taking that opportunity, Lin Xiang put down the microphone and whispered to Angie, “There is a bomb on the elevator next to you, and it will explode when you stand on it.”


“Really? But haven’t you all checked?”


“Yes, I think the captain of the guard is an accomplice. He is in charge of checking the stage…”


Just as Lin Xiang and Angie were whispering, several eyes were focused on them, or in other words, as soon as Lin Xiang appeared, he was locked as a target.


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