The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 37 : Sudden Attack in the Dark


“Ha~ I’ve been screwed up by this kid again.” Among the crowded fans, the slightly fat man looked at Lin Xiang, who was onstage. His eyes showed strong interest, “How on earth can you escape even though you’re being watched by three demon exorcists? I’m just too curious. Since you are protecting her so desperately, I might as well give up this mission. I just hope you don’t get hurt too deeply by women.”


“Are you leaving?” A female voice came from the side, and the slightly fat man looked over. It was the masked woman in black. She was incompatible with the people around her but blended well with the darkness.


“Aren’t you going to catch him and give it to your employer?” the slightly fat man asked.


“My mission is accomplished. He is no longer my target.” The masked woman replied coldly.


“What now? Are you trying to kill the woman who was protecting him?”


“Shame is something I will never forget. That woman was so strong that I found it difficult to see her true power. She suppressed four demon exorcists without using any spiritual power at all, and one of them was an S-rank…” The masked female spoke as her lavender eyes flashed, “One day, I will be stronger than her, and she must pay the price.”


“Watching women fight is the most interesting thing to do. Let’s go then.”


The two figures disappeared in a blink of an eye, and the people around them only paid attention to the stage. The two killers from the world beyond the skies seemed to have never appeared, and there was nothing to prove that they had been there.


The song “Summer with You” was almost coming to an end. Angie looked at Lin Xiang, whose face had beads of sweat reflecting the gleaming lights onstage, and smiled, “Good job, but your singing is truly strange. Have you really listened to my songs?”


“Yes, of course I have. It’s just that I’m not good at singing. I just like listening to songs.” Lin Xiang replied quickly.


“Tee hee, really? You’ve sang it even though you’re not good at it, where is everyone’s applause?”


Papapapa— A thunderous applause resounded throughout the hall. Although none of the fans went up onstage themselves, the fans were still silently imagining themselves as Lin Xiang. If they were the ones onstage, they would definitely be better than him. Or maybe, they would be too nervous to sing. It would also be the best if they could stand steadily with their idol.


After the applause, Lin Xiang stepped down. Everyone was very enthusiastic about that young man. Although they were a little unsatisfied since he interrupted the concert, but thanks to Lin Xiang, they saw Angie’s kind side again.


Some enthusiastic fans also surrounded Lin Xiang and asked how Lin Xiang felt and what was the difference while seeing Angie up close.


Angie also arrived backstage from other places after the lights were dimmed.


The person in charge sat there in fury. He was not able to forgive Lin Xiang as easily as the fans. Whatever happened to that concert would be his responsibility.


Nicia stood aside. Seeing Angie’s arrival, she immediately asked for the reason.


“In this case, the captain of the guards will definitely not be able to get out of this matter, thanks to Lin Xiang.” Nicia heaved a sigh of relief. If Angie really did get on that elevator, then it would be trouble.


“What do you mean ‘thanks to him’? Utter nonsense! He disrupted the regular conduct of the concert and almost made the fans angry, you know?” The person in charge was really enraged, “I know incredibly well about Kojiro (the captain of the guards). He would never do such a thing. He is a family man, how could he possibly do such illegal things?”


The person in charge and the captain of the guards were best of friends. How could he let the police arrest the captain of the guards because of Lin Xiang’s one-sided remarks?


“What if the benefits given are enough to make him abandon his family? Or, someone threatened him with his family? There is a good saying, which I agree with, which is a-soldier-for-hire, but it’s up to what type of thing that made him move.” Nicia said.


“How is that possible…” The person in charge seemed to have thought of something, “When I went to his house yesterday, his five-year-old daughter was not there. I asked him and he said she went to her grandmother’s house. But, his wife was at home, and she was looking utterly miserable… Could it be that… No choice, in this case, the concert might have to end. Kana, your safety is still the most important thing.”


Indeed, nothing was as important as Kana’s safety because she made a lot of money for the company.


“No, I already said that no matter what happens, the concert will go on. I will not back down. Sister Shimaka (makeup artist), please help me.” Angie walked into the dressing room.


The makeup artist called Shimaka looked at the pale-green face of the person in charge, hesitated for a while, but followed in and closed the door.


“Ms. Sengen, please persuade…”


“No need, if it’s Kana’s decision, even I can’t change it. The concert will continue as it is. If you stop or interrupt the performance, I think Kana will definitely terminate the contract with the company.”


If an outstanding and popular artist terminated the contract with the original company, many artist-managing companies would definitely come to the artist’s door, especially Angie, who had been offered various conditions to sign her over to their sides.


“Alright, but if something happens, I will not take full responsibility. I have given my warning. I will find someone to arrest Kojiro, that traitor, and confront him.”


“As you wish.” Nicia rubbed her brows.


Who the heck wants to kill Angie?


Nicia could not have imagined that although there were many people who liked Angie, there were also countless people hating on Angie. Among them, there were many female artists who were jealous of her, male artists who have been rejected, and the bosses of some big companies…


Nicia hoped the captain of the guards could share information about the culprit, but she thought that it would not be so easy to catch the culprit, because the culprit was well-arranged, and even went to the outer world to employ a killer…




“Boy, I have high hopes for you.” The fans patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder, apparently familiar with Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang was also touched by the enthusiasm of Angie’s fans. Most of the front-sitters were working people and some middle-aged as well as elderly people. They all deeply loved Angie’s songs, because her songs gave them encouragement numerous times. Life was difficult. Whenever they saw Angie’s smile, they felt confident in life. Angie was not so much of an idol, but their spiritual support.


An old man was full of praise for Angie, “This lady, she sings beautifully, looks pretty, and has a compassionate heart. Last time, she brought a charitable fund to our nursing home, and the food got better. We can even cover ourselves in warm blankets during the winter. Everyone is very grateful to her and wants to come to her concert.”


“And you’re the only one here?” someone asked.


“Yes, we got together and bought only one ticket. How could we have enough spare money to buy a second one? In the end, we decide who to attend the concert by playing cards. Look now, I did my best to win this.” The old man said with a smug look on his face. He raised the camera hanging around his neck, “They asked me to take more photos of Kana, preferably her autographs. I don’t see much chance for autographs, so I’ll take more photos. I took some pictures, come and see, you are quite photogenic.”


The old man showed the photos taken when Lin Xiang was going onstage. Although the pictures he took were tilting at crazy angles and some were slightly blur due to lack of focus, everyone praised the old man for his great photography skills.


Looking at those fans, Lin Xiang clenched his fists. Who the heck wants to kill such beloved Angie?


Soon, the music sounded, and Angie, who had changed into a new set of clothes, appeared on the stage again and sang.


Sastsuki and the others saw that Lin Xiang was surrounded. They felt that it was not easy for them to head down and find him. Just seeing that he was fine, they felt relieved and continued to enjoy Angie’s songs.




“Phew~ Before we know it, two and a half hours have passed. Thank you very much for your support. The beach concert will meet its end here.”


“Bang!” Fireworks flew from both sides of the stage, and Angie was like an angel who was not associated with the living in the light of the fireworks.


All the lights were on, and under the command of the guards, the fans gradually walked out of the hall. Many of them were still reminiscing about Angie’s melodious singing.


The crowded hall became less crowded. Angie returned to the backstage and saw the person in charge, Nicia and some guards, questioning the captain of the guards.


“I don’t know who the other party is, I just followed their instructions. They have my daughter, and I can’t do anything…” The captain of the guards lowered his head silently when he saw Kana.


Angie sighed. Just when she was about to say something, there was a quarrel at the entrance of the backstage. Angie walked over to see that Lin Xiang was with an old man and they were having conflict with two guards. Those guards were newly-transferred, so they were clueless about the details of Lin Xiang. Hearing that they wanted to find Angie, the guards, of course, refused.


“Little lady, that’s great, can you give me an autograph?” The old man’s wrinkled face smiled when he saw Angie.


Angie nodded with a smile, motioning the guards to get out of the way and let them come over. The guard stood by the door in the backstage and looked at the old man and Lin Xiang.


The old man took out a photo of Angie an oil-based pen from his pocket before handing them to Angie, “Thank you so much.”


“You’re welcome.” Angie signed her autograph for the old man. The old man raised his camera and took a few pictures, while still feeling grateful, “I think you have forgotten us, but we will not forget you.”


“Huh?” Angie returned the autographed photo to the old man.


“Do you remember South Gong Nursing Home? Half a year ago, when the New Year was approaching, you sent us funds, so that our group of abandoned old fellows had a Happy New Year. We get to be covered with warm blankets, we really appreciate you. After saving for so long, we can finally buy a ticket to meet you.”


Although the old man’s words were not loud, the concert hall after the people left was also very quiet. When the words reached the ears of the captain of the guards, the captain covered his face and felt even guiltier inside.


“With the photo and the autograph, I can go back with peace of mind. Little lady, I will win a spot to watch your concert next time.” The old man bid goodbye to Angie with a smile on his face. Under the light, his black hair was mixed with strands of silver, which shone brightly.


Lights went out all at once. The hall was shrouded in darkness. Was there a power outage?


A black energy shield and four gray energy clusters flew over, which were indistinguishable in the dark and were moving extremely fast. Two of the energy clusters hit the door frame backstage.


“Bang!” The door frame suddenly collapsed, pressing the two guards below. Nicia and the others were on the other side of the door. When they finally reacted, the wall had collapsed and blocked the door.


“It’s the culprit! Hurry up! Hurry up and remove these obstacles! We are going to die here!” The person in charge was so frightened that he was almost yelling.


On the other side, the black energy shield covered Angie, like a big net trapping her. She struggled constantly, but when she saw the scene in front of her, her eyes turned lifeless.


The old man who was smiling a minute ago was now in a pool of blood. Parts of the camera were smashed to the ground, and the autographed photo was tightly held in his hand.


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