The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 38 : Dock


From the moment when the lights were switched off to being concentrated by energy groups, it took less than three seconds. Lin Xiang, who fell to the ground, got up. The energy ball did not hit him, but hit the nearby floor. He was a little dizzy due to the explosion and shook his head. He saw that one of the two guards was pinned on the thigh, and the other one was directly hit in the head. Needless to say, there was no chance of survival for him… Turning his head, Lin Xiang saw the old man…


A giant bat with a dark body and messy fangs showed itself. The creature with hard fluff slowly fell from the ceiling of the concert hall to the ground.


Three figures also appeared in the darkness, but the sight of them was unclear. They stopped beside the bat. One of the figures reached out and patted the bat’s head, “Well done, Riley.” Immediately after, he ordered the others, “Hurry up, solve it all in a minute.”


The two figures came towards Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang stood up, but his mind was filled with the old man, and he muttered, “Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable…”


“This brat is a little troublesome. I’m not sure if the devil is around here, or in his body. Anyways, I’ll leave him to you.”


“You let me settle all the trouble… oh fine.”


Lin Xiang gradually regained his focus and he could see that they were two unfamiliar faces. However, Lin Xiang knew the person standing next to the bat.


He was the guy on the plane that day, the demon apostle named Ralph.


For the first time, Lin Xiang had the heart to kill, and he wanted to kill all those b*stards. But… If he did started killing people, would he become as cold-blooded as them? Lin Xiang was not clear, and he did not have to be clear at that moment…


A trace of sparks floated out from around Lin Xiang, and some were attached to his hair, or in other words, they emerged from the inside of his hair.


The temperature near Lin Xiang rose rapidly, and the sparks also turned into obvious flames, like a firefly glowing red. As if his colour was fading, Lin Xiang’s hair turned red, and his pupils also changed its color along with it. His eyes were fixed on the demon apostle who came over.


“Oh my word! What’s going on? These flames are red. He has purebred elements? But his spiritual power can’t emit such flames, right?” The demon apostle who was going to deal with Lin Xiang was a little timid.


“Come on, there are fifty seconds left.”


“It’s impossible, no? Knight Ralph, why don’t you go?”


Oh, Lin Xiang did not care much.


If all of you hurt innocent people, you must pay the price!


“Ha!!!” With a dive and fiery sparks, Lin Xiang punched the demon apostle.


The demon apostle’s reaction was quick though as he stumbled away from Lin Xiang’s attack. If he delayed for a second, his chest might have melted. However, the demon apostle who was oppressed by the heat wave still had a stuffy feeling in his chest and lingering fears.


“I see. So, you can turn yourself into flames? Maybe this is the ability the devil is interested in.” Ralph patted the bat’s head again, and then greeted Lin Xiang.


Angie was bound by that black net, and she could not break free no matter what. The white light on her hand hit it, but to no avail.


“Stop wasting your energy. This dark steel bat is specially cultivated to catch angels, and its light-devouring net is not that easy to break.” Another demon apostle said coldly, “Unless, you are an archangel (an angel of the highest rank).”


Angie looked blankly at the demon apostle, “What are you degenerate humans scheming?”


“Our scheme? It is to dedicate you to the devil. You will become a fallen angel (an angel expelled by heaven) and join us.”


“Stop daydreaming.” Angie kept attacking the net in front of her with light, but still, to no avail.


On the other hand, with repressive force, Ralph knocked Lin Xiang into the air repeatedly. The originally flat wall became bumpy.


Probably due to impatience, the dark giant bat slowly walked towards the old man. Its messy fangs were stained with black-green liquid as the liquid fell on the floor, ticking.


“Don’t even think about it!” Seeing that, Angie closed her eyes and chanted immediately. Some incantations appeared in the air, and out of the blue, a burst of strong light was emitted.


Like the dawn in the dark, the light was so sudden that people found it difficult to open their eyes, but it made people in the deep darkness feel hope.


On the other side of the door, Nicia saw the light and could not wait any longer. She hurriedly detoured from the escape exit to the outside. However, when she went out, she could not see Angie anymore.


“B*stard…” Lin Xiang held his knees and stood up slowly, blood oozing from the corners of his mouth.


What Ralph used was wind. The strong black wind made Lin Xiang unable to get close to him. He still had several wounds cut by the wind. Although it was not deep, it was excruciating.


“Lin Xiang! Where’s Kana? Where’s Angie?” Nicia asked very anxiously.


“She was taken away…” Remembering that after the burst of light was emitted, he saw the bat ramming around like crazy. Ralph’s whirlwind hit Lin Xiang’s chest. Taking out a few black pebbles, he ran to the light source, and threw the black pebbles out.


After that, the light disappeared. Angie fainted while Ralph tamed the bat, letting the bat grab Angie before flying away from the ceiling, while the other two demon apostles also left.


“Damn it! Why am I so weak? Freed! Yalide! Why don’t you speak? Why don’t you help me?!” Lin Xiang growled.


What’s wrong, kid?’ Freed asked.


‘Don’t you know what just happened?’


I don’t know. I just fell into a deep sleep with Yalide.


Deep sleep… Lin Xiang knew that Freed and Yalide would occasionally do that. When he was in battle before, Freed and Yalide did not speak. One was that they were afraid that Lin Xiang would be distracted, and the other was that they fell into deep sleep. Just like how Yalide had to return to his body to sleep for at least a few hours before she could be humanized again when she came out.


Deep sleep was the moment when they were concentrating and condensing dragon energy. For example, humans needed sleep to be able to work. Same concept.


Lin Xiang could only say that it was not the right time for them to fall asleep.


‘Yalide, can you trace the demon apostles?’


They are only stained with demonic energy. They are not the source of demonic energy. The magic energy in the air has faded, so I can’t trace it.


“Damn it! After all, I’ve saved Angie from the killer, but let her be captured by demon apostles?” Lin Xiang hammered the wall, and the wall immediately shattered. Since the movement involved the his shoulder which had a wound that had not yet fully healed, he felt a pain, and then seemed to think of something. Lin Xiang hurriedly ran to the old man’s side.


The old man’s breathing was very weak, as if it was almost gone. Lin Xiang hurriedly searched his pockets and took out a small, simple and exquisite box, “Fortunately, I took it with me…”


Opening it, he took out a pearl-like light-scattering medicine, and put it into the old man’s mouth.


“Ms. Nicia, please…” Lin Xiang wanted to ask Nicia to take care of the old man, but he turned his head and found that Nicia was gone.


All that was left in the hall was the groan of a guard who was crushed under the gravel, and the noise of people on the other side of the door removing the stone.


Where’s Nicia…


“Lin Xiang, what’s wrong? Your hair…” Satsuki and the others walked into the hall.


“We were attacked by… demon apostles. Where have you been?” Lin Xiang felt that if Silent Water and the others were there, the outcome might be different. They might be able to save Angie. However, it was also possible that Angie would still be taken away. Silent Water and the others would be injured… If worse… Lin Xiang dared not think about it anymore, he was contradicting himself.


“Just now, a few guards told us to leave. We said we knew Kana, but they did not listen. They said, ‘The relevant personnel are not allowed to stay at the end of the concert’ and forced us to get out.” Reidy said angrily.


“Ah!!!” Nagisa screamed at that moment. Before that, she heard a guard’s moan, looked over, and found that the guard’s legs showed bare bones. Blood was gushing out, and there was also an unrecognizable person next to her…


Reidy and the others had seen a lot of kills in Spirit Country, so they did not show any kind of expression. Satsuki covered her mouth and forcibly suppressed the disgusting feeling. Kamiki frowned, and it could be seen from her appearance that she was disgusted. Kaoru was better. She looked at Lin Xiang and found that he was okay, so she relaxed slightly. Fire Lotus came slowly from behind, glanced around, and looked at Lin Xiang, but said no word.


“Is Kana… fine?” Satsuki had a bad premonition when she did not see Angie’s figure.


“They took her away…” The light-scattering medicine took effect, and the old man’s breathing became more obvious. Lin Xiang stood up.


“What?” The girls were very surprised, “They took Kana?”


“Yes, I’m going to… save her…” Lin Xiang said word by word. He had gotten the approximate position from Freed, though he did not know how she knew it.


“It’s too dangerous, let’s go together too.”


“No. All of you stay here. I… can’t lose any of you…” After Lin Xiang finished speaking, he turned into a gust of wind as he ran towards the back door.




There were a lot of police gathered outside. They had already received a rescue call from the person in charge. Fortunately, Lin Xiang left through the back door. Otherwise, he would definitely be assumed as a suspicious person and be stopped.


The back door led to the beach. According to Freed, Lin Xiang rushed to the nearby dock.


There it is. The devilish energy, there’s quite a number on their side. There are more than twenty people and some devil spirits… No, there’s also a strange aura…’ Yalide said dignifiedly.


‘No matter what it is, rushing in is the only way. Yalide, can’t you come out?’


Sorry…because I had a fight with someone who was eyeing you, and I looked at pictures all night, I can’t get out. Ahaha.


‘You perverted dragon, can you be more reliable? How about you, Freed…’


No, for some reason, I can’t go out. But, don’t worry, you will have a helper. What I care about is the strange aura that Yalide mentioned.


Lin Xiang paid no attention to the words Freed said after that. He wondered who the helper would be. A Saint?


After approaching the other end, Lin Xiang noticed that there was a flash of light between the containers on the dock. And, there was the sound of fighting.


After Lin Xiang ran over, he found dozens of black shadows surrounding a light group. There seemed to be a figure in the beams of light. It was…


Silver-haired Nicia…


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