The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 39 : Dark Shaman


Silver-haired Nicia was different from before. Her usual hair bun was now let down as her hair fluttered in the wind like the leaves of a willow tree. She was no longer wearing the old-fashioned glasses. Bathed in white light, it was difficult to recognize that she was Nicia. Lin Xiang only got to recognize her by looking at the small mole and clothes by the corner of her eye.


More than forty shadows, including demon apostles and demonized spirits, surrounded Nicia. There were many dead demon apostles and demonized spirits on the ground.


“Archangels are troublesome, but it’s an unexpected gain. Be careful, all of you. The archangel and the middle-rank angels are not the same.” The commander was still Ralph.


Nicia is an angel?


Before Lin Xiang could think about anything else, the demon apostles and demonized spirits attacked Nicia.


In face of the fierce attack, Nicia’s palm was aiming towards the sky. Soon, a transparent shield of light appeared to be wrapping her in it.


Whether it was a physical attack or a magical attack, the shield could not be shaken in the slightest.


However, although the shield seemed sturdy, in less than ten seconds, it was knocked open by a sharp-horned rhinoceros. The light shield shattered like shards of glass.


Upon seeing that, the owner of the sharp-horned rhino shouted, “Charge!”


The other demon apostles attacked one after another.


“You idiots! Come back!” Ralph yelled, trying to stop them, but it was too late.


The shattered glass of the shield suddenly shot up like sharp arrows, piercing the approaching demon apostles and demonized spirits.


In just a few seconds, there were more than a dozen human and spirit corpses on the ground.


Ralph did not grieve because of the death of his companions, but cursed at the corpses, “A group of idiots. I’ve warned all of them to be careful! Hey! The rest of those surround her. We mustn’t let her interrupt the ceremony.”


Nicia ignored those demon apostles, but looked around, as if searching for something.


It’s fine for now, you’d better find Angie first.’ Freed paused, ‘She’s at nine o’clock, let’s go.


Be careful, stinky brat. That strange aura is also there.


Lin Xiang nodded and ran in the direction they said.


All the demon apostles’ attention was on Nicia, and no one noticed Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang glanced at Nicia, and his mind was full of doubts, but for now, he still had to find Angie.


There were many containers in the dock, forming a small labyrinth. After turning a few corners, Lin Xiang suddenly saw a dark aura wafting from that corner.


“Is it there?”


Lin Xiang held his breath, leaning against the container and approaching stealthily.


Peeking out, Lin Xiang noticed blood at first sight. A large amount of red liquid filled the ground, seemingly a pool of blood. The blood looked like it was blocked by the air as it did not flow out. With a height of three centimeters, it was all gathered together. There was a very strong smell of iron in the air, which were coming from the container where the blood flowed out from.


All the people in that dock… How many people exactly are killed…


Lin Xiang looked away from the ground and saw Angie.


Angie’s hands were wrapped in black matter, and she was lifted by a crane to a height of about one meter. Under her feet were a blood pool and some magic runes surrounded by black stones. The magic rune shone with black light, its mist shrouded Angie. Angie opened her eyes, exhausted as she stared at the ghostly shadow in front of her.


The shadow had no legs and was suspended in mid-air like the genie in Aladdin’s magic lamp. The difference was that it was dark all over and looked even more terrifying. He held a bone staff in one hand and a black crystal ball in the other.


“Haha…haha…” A low, computerized laughter came from its black hole-like mouth, “Continue resisting. Now, give me light.”


Angie did not answer, and her body glowed. The glow was sometimes strong, but weak, as if the electricity in her was about to run out.


It caused the shadow to give another creepy smile.


That thing…should be the dark shaman…’ Freed said.


‘You know it?’


Well, in the war more than a thousand years ago, there were quite a few of these things. Their attack power was not very strong, but they could summon powerful demons with sacrifices. Be careful, it should be carrying out some kind of ritual right now.


Since Lin Xiang turned into flames to fight Ralph and the others, he had not heard what the demon apostle said about turning Angie into a fallen angel. Although he did not know it, Lin Xiang knew very well that the ceremony should never be completed.


At the same speed as the wind, he stepped into the blood pool and brought a burst of blood droplets. Lin Xiang’s hands ignited raging fire and he punched the dark shaman.


“Fu~” Without any hindrance, Lin Xiang passed through the dark shaman’s body. It turned into an afterimage, and Lin Xiang had clearly missed it.


“Hey… Human, do you think I don’t know you’re here… I’ve noticed you since you stepped into this dock.” On the blood-filled container, the dark shaman appeared.


“Lin Xiang!?” Angie did not expect Lin Xiang to be there, and hurriedly shouted, “Get out of here.”


“No, Angie, I’ll get you out.”


“It’s useless… You have to leave with Nicia…” The dark light that enveloped her suddenly increased, and the light on Angie’s body became weaker.


“No, no.” Angie closed her eyes and shook her head desperately, as if something had happened that scared her.


“B*stard, what did you do to her!” Lin Xiang looked at the dark shaman and clenched his fists.


“Nothing, I was just letting the darkness occupy her heart.”


“I’m going to kill you!”


“Hehe… Human beings are a kind of creature that loves fantasy. The spiritual power in your body is not strong, but your flame is quite good, is this dragon’s fire… Hmm, pseudo-dragon fire… You are the dragon descendant… Perfect, I’m bored, so I’ll show you what a human’s dying struggle looks like…” The dark shaman waved the bone staff in his hand, and several black spikes shot at Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang could dodge such a simple attack at will, but just as he was about to twitch his body, more than a dozen bloody hands stretched out from the ground and grabbed his feet.


He could not avoid them.


“Hooo— Feiya!” Lin Xiang let out the fire dragon’s roar and flames sprayed out. The black spikes were surrounded by flames and disappeared without a trace.


“Not bad, you won’t die at once. Let’s see how long you can last?”


The dark shaman kept waving the bone staff in his hand, and a black magic rune appeared. Soon, a giant dog with more than half of its body rotten exposed its ribs and skull as it jumped out of it.


The cold blue light in its eyes revealed a bloodthirsty desire. It stepped on the blood pool and quickly bent its head to lick the blood.


“Honey, don’t worry, there is a human there, its taste will be better.” The dark shaman laughed.


“Dad! No!” Angie screamed again, and the dark light became heavier, about to drown Angie. No one could imagine the pain Angie was going through.


“B*stard!” Lin Xiang kept hammering and grabbing with his bloody hand, but all he hit was his own leg.


“Woo…” The rotten giant dog stared at Lin Xiang. With the blood still left in its mouth, it pounced towards him with bared fangs.


“Hooo— Haggeli!” The Dragon Roar of Madness slammed into the giant dog. The giant dog was knocked several feet away by the energy group and fell on the blood pool. It shook its head and got up again.


Even after getting hit so closely, it remained unscathed? Lin Xiang was shocked.


“Woo…” Seemingly knowing that Lin Xiang was not good to chew, the giant dog did not pounce again, only to see it holding its head up and shaking its body a few times.


Spit!” A cloud of dark black liquid flew towards Lin Xiang.


“Hooo—Feiya!” Lin Xiang spurted out flames. Although the dark liquid had evaporated a lot, due to the insufficient intensity of Lin Xiang’s flames, a little splashed onto his arm.


Hiss—” Lin Xiang’s clothes were corroded, and there was a burning pain in his arm. Lin Xiang grabbed the corner of the clothes and pulled hard, throwing away the sleeves that were still stained with dark liquid. There was a red spot on his arm, as if he had been scalded.


A beam of light lit up in the sky not far away, and the dark shaman looked in the direction of the beam, “Archangel? Many apostles have died. Let’s delay a little by turning them into ghouls.”


The dark shaman chanted a spell, and the surface of the crystal ball in his hand began to crack as black light overflowed from it. Soon, the black light broke through the crystal ball and flew towards the pale beam of light.


In the blood pool, Lin Xiang and the rotten giant dog were deadlocked. Lin Xiang glanced at Angie out of the corner of his eye. Her expression showed her pain. Her eyes opened from time to time, showing a red light, but it disappeared and red light shone again. The darkness was occupying her heart, if Lin Xiang did not rescue Angie before it was too late, it would be troublesome.


‘Freed, Yalide, think of a way!’


The dark shaman doesn’t really conjure something horrible. It’s underestimating you and wanting to see you struggle to death. This is worth taking advantage of, so you can’t reveal the power of light or darkness for the time being. Find an opportunity to lure that darn dog away, and evaporate these annoying bloody hands.


At the moment when Lin Xiang was distracted, the rotten giant dog spat out dark liquid again, and Lin Xiang spewed flames. That time, the dark liquid was relatively small, and all of it was evaporated by the flame. It was only after the flames that the rotten giant dog opened its bloody mouth as he leaped over to Lin Xiang.


Unable to let out a dragon roar immediately, Lin Xiang’s eyes froze. Flames erupted from his fist, and he punched the rotten giant dog’s head. The fangs of the rotten giant dog were only half a meter away from Lin Xiang’s neck.


“Ha!!!” Lin Xiang’s whole body lit up with flames, and his bloody hands emitted white smoke and an unpleasant smell under its high temperature. Lin Xiang broke free.


“Huh? Quite interesting.” The dark shaman waved the bone staff in his hand, and two rotten giant dogs appeared. The previously fallen rotten giant dog stood up, and now there were three.


“Bang!” There was a loud noise in the distance. It could be understood that a very fierce battle was going on. Out of the blue, a white light flew and stopped in the air.


“How is this possible?” According to the dark shaman’s assumptions, Nicia would not have arrived before Angie was swallowed by the darkness.


Nicia’s whole body was glowing. While flapping her white wings, she saw Angie. She swooped down and the dark shaman summoned a group of flying dead souls to block her.


Those were the souls of people who died in suspense at the dock.


“Woo woof!” The three rotten giant dogs also rushed over.


Your opportunity is here. You have three seconds.’ After Freed finished speaking, Lin Xiang’s hand lit up with white light and a white light saber appeared in his hand. To the dark shaman’s surprise and the rotten giant dog’s fright, Lin Xiang rushed to Angie and waved the light saber in hand.

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