The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 40 : Dark Invasion


“Dad.” The thirteen-year-old Angie was still a juvenile with a chubby face, which was really cute. Her eyes made her seem witty.


She was standing in a white house. There was no decoration in the house, just white walls, white stone tables, white stone chairs. All the furniture was made of white stone.


A man turned his back to little Angie and wrote on the stone table with the light on his fingers. Hearing little Angie’s call, he turned his head and smiled at her.


Wearing white cloth, like the room, everything there was white. The man had crystal-clear eyes with sharp corners, and looked like he was in his twenties. It seemed a bit bizarre that Angie, who was thirteen years old, called him her father, but he was indeed Angie’s father, and he was in his sixties that year.


Angels lived much longer than humans, and the shortest lives which died naturally were more than three hundred years old. When they reached the age of eighteen, their appearance and physical development would become sluggish. Therefore, sixty years old was a young age.


Moreover, it was not so easy for a family of angels to reproduce, because the probability of childbirth was very slim. Generally, children were given birth more than ten years after marriage.


“What’s wrong? Angie.” The man bent down and patted Angie’s head.


“Dad, why hasn’t Mom come back yet?”


The man’s smile froze, but he kept smiling, “Mom will be back later, be a good girl, Angie.”




“Hahahaha, catch me, catch me.” On the all-white street, the man was playing with little Angie.


They also played in the grass near the Pure Water River, and little Angie’s silver bell-like laughter never stopped.




“Someone reported that you used a forbidden technique to turn your wife into a fallen angel. Hurry up and hand her over.” Several people in holy white armor broke into little Angie’s house while they were having dinner.


“Have you misunderstood something?” The man stood up and said to little Angie, “Go back to your room.”




“Don’t! Don’t! Dad, Dad! What are all of you doing? Dad… no…” Crying, little Angie struggled in Nicia’s arms. Nicia’s eyes were also full of tears, and could only watch the man being forced on the 【Candlelit moon】 Torture Platform by archangels.


【Candlelit Moon】 Torture Platforms were platforms where the light emitted by the moon was at its darkest time of the year as the light were gathered on the angels. Angels who were hit by the light of 【Candlelit Moon】 would feel a burst of pain throughout the whole body. Every inch of the body’s muscles would be corroded, turning into dust and disappearing forever.


That was the cruellest punishment for the angels.


Little Angie looked at her father’s handsome face twitching a little, and finally his face turned to ashes, then into a little bit of light. She fainted from crying, and before she went unconscious, she remembered the male angel who stood aside with a smile as he watched her father turn to ashes. He had a moon mark on his forehead.




Why am I recalling these?


Angie was in the darkness. Her whole body glowed with white light, and she looked around indifferently.


Where is this place? I remember to have seen Lin Xiang just now, and I seemed to be caught… My head hurts so much, I can’t remember.




Out of the blue, a familiar voice came to Angie’s ear, and she turned excitedly to find that it was her father.


He was still so handsome, with the same gentle smile he had on his face.


“Dad!” Angie fell into his arms, and the man patted her head lovingly, “Angie has grown up.”


“Dad, I miss you so much.”


“Dad misses you too.”


“Dad, do you know…” Angie choked in tears, “I thought you…”


In an instant, the warm chest faded, and the man disappeared like air. Angie looked around, but there was no trace of him.




Not far away, the dark fog gradually dissipated. The man knelt on the ground with his hands open and was chained to the cross. Next to the man was a person that Angie hated the most in her life, an angel with a moon mark on his forehead, “Palacio (Angie’s father), farewell.”


“No! No! Dad! Dad! Stop!” Angie desperately ran over, but for some reason, she could not get close, though they were clearly right in front of her.


“Ah!!!” The dark moonlight shone on Palacio’s body, and he let out a heart-piercing howl.


“No…” Angie fell to the ground, covering her face and crying.


She raised her head sharply and glared at the male angel.


The corner of the male angel’s mouth rose, and he was looking at Angie, making a gesture to Angie like calling her over and slit his throat. The meaning was obvious: Come and kill me.


Angie sat in place. Her eyes closed, and she gradually recalled what happened before. She was captured by the demon apostles and shrouded in darkness… All that was an illusion and she could not have any negative emotions, otherwise she would be invaded by darkness.


Seemingly aware of Angie’s sense of resistance, the male angel withdrew his smile, then was covered in fog and disappeared.


“Angie.” Her father’s voice sounded in her ears.




“Angie, what’s wrong with you?”


Angie opened her eyes to find the familiar white ceiling and her father’s face beside her.


“What’s wrong? Angie? You were crying a lot.”


“Dad… I…” Angie sat up and looked around. That was her own room, a snowy-white room with no stains at all.


Looking at her hands again, they were much smaller. She was a little confused.


“You have a nightmare, right, Angie? It’s alright. It’s alright.” Palacio gently embraced little Angie in his arms and patted her on the head.


Little Angie would never forget that familiar voice and the warmth in his arms. That was her father.


“Dad, I dreamt of you…”


“What happened to me in that dream?”


“I dreamt that you were brought up to 【Candlelit Moon】 Torture Platform by Uncle Berne. I was so scared.” Little Angie put her arms around Palacio’s neck and sniffed.


“It’s just a dream, it doesn’t matter.”




“Let’s go out and play, okay? Where do you want to go today?”


“I want to go out to [Lost City High Walls] to see the environment where other species live.”


“This is the only thing I can’t promise you. You are still young to go outside. Your wings will be stained. Or, does it not bother you?”


“Then, forget it, I won’t go. I want to find Mom. Why hasn’t Mom come back after she’s been away for so long?”


“Has your mother ever left? Look.” Following Palacio’s gaze, little Angie saw her mother.


Silver-haired, perfect-looking, and dignified, Angie’s mother stood by the door.


“Mom!” Little Angie jumped out of bed and threw herself into her mother’s arms.


“Angie, my good girl, you had a nightmare, didn’t you?”


“Yes, it’s a horrible nightmare. I thought I’d never see Mom and Dad again.”


“Haha, having a nightmare means something good has happened. Angie, close your eyes. I have a gift for you.”


“Yup.” Little Angie quickly closed her eyes, looking forward to the surprise, like a child longing for candy.


For a long time, there was no response, and little Angie secretly opened her eyes.


Dark silver hair, black wings, and a mother with a weird smile on her mouth stood in front of her. The long, reddish fingernails lightly scratched Little Angie’s face, and bloodstains appeared on the delicate skin immediately.




“Angie, Mom really wants to… really wants to kill you right now!!!” Angie’s mother licked the blood on her fingernails, raised her sharp claws and stabbed at her. Little Angie was so terrified that she had forgotten to dodge.


Splat!” A holy sword passed through her mother’s chest, and then another. Black blood spurted out instantly, splashing Little Angie’s face.


“No!!!” Little Angie cried out in agony.


“Angie? Angie?” She heard her father’s voice, and Angie opened her eyes to see Palacio’s familiar face.


She sat up instantly and looked around. That was her room.


“What’s wrong? Angie? Had a nightmare?”


“I… woo hoo hoo sniff, where’s Mom…”


“Your mother went somewhere else and will be back later. What’s the matter? What did you dream about?” Palacio hugged little Angie and stroked her head.


Were those just dreams? Where am I?


“I dreamt that Mom became a fallen angel, and Dad was taken away by Uncle Berne and went onto 【Candlelit Moon】 Torture Platform…”


“Really? How is that possible? Look at me, aren’t I alright?” Little Angie released Palacio and found that Palacio’s face was ashen. His whole eye socket turned black.




As Little Angie screamed, Palacio laughed, and then turned into tiny grey dust of light. The surrounding environment scattered like shards.


Angie’s whole body fell into darkness.


“Angie, I was killed by Berne, how could you not avenge me?” Palacio, with a grey face and dark eyes, appeared beside Angie.


“No, you’re not my dad, you’re not my dad.” Angie pushed Palacio with her hand, but it was just like touching fog. Palacio disappeared, and then reappeared in front of her.


“It’s really heart-breaking. At the time, Berne and I were researching on ways to make magic angels have strong physical defence capabilities. He poured the unfinished potion into the water I wanted to drink while I was not paying attention. Your mother drank it, and later your mother became a fallen angel. In order not to kill her, I hid her, trying to find ways to change her back, yet i ended up getting framed by Berne. Didn’t I tell you about these things? Didn’t I tell you all of it? Why didn’t you avenge me? Why didn’t you kill him? Look, he’s just right there. Kill him with the knife in your hand and you’ll be free.”


There was a dark knife in Angie’s hand at some point. No matter how she hard she tried swinging it away, the knife seemed to be stuck to her hand.


“Obey me, Angie, think about me, think about your mother, don’t you want to avenge us?” Palacio urged.


Berne, who had a moon mark on his forehead, smiled, “Kill me. It was I who destroyed your family! Kill me and you will avenge your family.”


“Quick, kill him, kill him.”


“Kill me, kill me.”


“Kill him, Angie, kill him!!”


“Come on! Come and kill me!!!”


“No, I’m not listening. You all are not real.” Angie covered her ears, but Berne’s and Palacio’s voices sounded like they were directly in her head, making her extremely irritable.


Out of the blue, surroundings became quiet.


“Angie?” Hearing her mother’s voice, Angie raised her head. Berne and Palacio were gone. Her mother just stood in front of her, smiling.




“What’s the matter with you? Angie?”


“Mom, I…”


“Hey hey hey…” Angie’s mother suddenly twitched, and her hair turned black at a rapid rate.


“I really want to… I really want to kill you!!!” Bloodthirsty eyes and sharp nails suddenly approached her.


“No!” The extremely panicked Angie waved the knife in her hand and slashed at her mother. Black blood splashed onto her hair and face. The surroundings were quiet again.


Her mother’s body fell in front of her. Angie’s shoulders were trembling as she lowered her head, unable to see what she looked like.


Soon, Berne and Palacio appeared again. Palacio kept shouting beside her to kill him, kill him.


With a wave of Angie’s hand, the knife in her hand easily opened a crack in Palacio’s chest, and he fell to the ground.


“You guys are so noisy…Leave me alone!!!” Angie raised her head. Her eyes had turned dark red as she held the knife and rushing towards Berne.


“Angie.” A voice called Angie in time.


“Who’s calling for me?”


“Angie, wake up.”


At that moment, Angie could finally hear clearly. It was Lin Xiang’s voice, his voice was like a gust of wind, blowing away the surrounding black fog.


Angie slowly opened her eyes. Lin Xiang had dark red hair, vague scars on his face, and blood on the corners of his mouth. He was looking at her anxiously.


“Lin Xiang…” Angie shouted in a daze, she felt a fishy feeling in her mouth, which seemed to be blood.


“Can you stand up? You have to get out of here.” After Lin Xiang finished speaking, he helped Angie up.


With a “Roar!!!” Angie was attracted by that noise, and when she focused to look in its direction, she witnessed Nicia, who was filthy all over, was struggling with a group of demons.


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