The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 41 : Gate of Blood


The light saber cut through the almost opaque dull light without any hindrance, and Lin Xiang precisely hit the dark substance that bound Angie’s hands.


Exactly three seconds later, the light saber disappeared with a swoosh. Lin Xiang’s existing dragon energy could not maintain the use of light and dark abilities for too long.


The dark matter dissipated, and Lin Xiang caught Angie who fell. Falling to the ground, a wave of blood splashed, and he protected Angie’s body so that the blood would not get to her.


Looking at Angie’s pale face, Lin Xiang found that black light was squirming around her body, and it seemed that it had entered her body.


Angie’s expression looked like she was in pain. Shaking her head from time to time, she kept saying “No” in her mouth.


“Hahahaha!!! You are really good at hiding your identity, are you part of the angel family too? But, it’s too late, the darkness has entered her body, and they will merge soon.” The dark shaman laughed, “You will all die. Die! The gate of blood is about to be opened!”


The dark shaman poked the bone staff into the container below.


The container suddenly shattered, and the people inside, no, they could not be considered people, but corpses that have been opened up and rotten. They were no longer complete.


“Constant-killing demon race, you have to pay for what you’ve done.” Nicia’s palm was aimed at the dark shaman, and a ball of light swirled on her palm. It was condensed, and launched as it flew out through the air.


“Ahahaha!” The dark shaman did nothing to resist, so he was penetrated by the beam of light. He made an ugly laugh, “Your light is running out, prepare to accept death.”


Slowly expanding, the dark priest exploded with a “Bong,” releasing a lot of dark matter. The three corrupted giant dogs also burst and turned into dark matter.


The dark matter fell on the blood pool, and the stanching blood began to flow. Lin Xiang felt that something was wrong and quickly brought Angie to a flatter ground.


Like a whirlpool, the pool of blood began to turn back and forth, forming a large magic circle. Red blood began to turn pitch black.


“None of you are real…” Angie struggled emotionally in his arms.


“Angie, wake up, wake up.”


Damn it… what should I do? Lin Xiang looked at Angie and frowned.


Old rule, suck the darkness out, through the mouth…’ said Yalide.


‘This…’ Even though Angie’s lips were covered by darkness, it still looked rosy. Lin Xiang gulped. He was hit so much that blood had spat out of him, so there was still a fishy smell in his mouth.


For Angie’s sake, he did not care so much, but…


“Damn it, it killed so many people… The power of people’s resentment, the attraction of blood, and the energy it summoned… As it said, my energy is running out.” Nicia suddenly stood in the front of Lin Xiang, which startled him. However, the magic circle in the blood pool began emitting black light, “Angie… I believe she can make it. You take her to find your friends, and leave this place. ”


“My friends?”


“They’re those girls named Satsuki, Silent Water and others. It was them who covered me so that I could come here.”


“No way! They are here?” Lin Xiang was so nervous that he almost could not breathe.


“Don’t worry. They are more powerful than you think.” Nicia flapped her wings several before flying up.


“Squeak!!!” The dark blood pool stretched out its tentacles, and then a group of black insects crawled out.


With hard shells, corrosive saliva, and ugly appearances, demon insects came out one after the other, sowing their hostility to Nicia, who was suspended in the air and had a tendency to retreat.


Nicia closed her eyes and began to sing something. A huge white magic circle appeared on her head, and there were incantations spinning around her. The singing lasted about three seconds, and Nicia suddenly opened her eyes, “Lightning extermination!”


A large number of dense white thunderbolts fell from a large magic circle.


“Bang bang bang!” The demon insects were hit by white lightning and turned into ashes with a screech.


However, there was still a steady stream of demonic insects crawling out.


There were also many demon insects that escaped from the lightning as they flew towards Nicia.


They kept coming endlessly. The large magic circle disappeared after a while, and lightning bolts stopped their release. Nicia was soon surrounded by demonic insects.


“Huh— Ha!” A light whip appeared in Nicia’s hand, and she swept it hard. Wherever the light whip went, the demonic insects would be scattered. Black blood splashed on Nicia’s wings and body, making her light slightly dimmed.


“Annoying twats,” Nicia kept attacking and attacking, but soon other demon insects surrounded her to replace their dead companions. After fighting so many demon apostles before, Nicia’s energy was running low.


I must help her.


Lin Xiang clenched his fists. At that moment, Angie, in his arms, had stopped struggling. He thought for a while, took a deep breath, and planted a kiss on her.




Before he could feel the softness of Angie’s lips, the powerful dark energy flooded into Lin Xiang’s body beyond control.


Negative emotions, such as fear, killing, unwillingness, and hatred, kept hitting Lin Xiang’s brain.


Lin Xiang’s eyes were wide open, and the whites of his eyes began to be invaded by black matter, until the whole thing turned black. His fiery red hair gradually darkened, and finally turned dark red.


When the dark energy no longer poured into his mouth, the blackness in Lin Xiang’s eyes receded, he let go of Angie, gasping for breath, and cold sweat kept dripping to the ground.


This is some awesome dark energy.’ Like enjoying a big meal, Yalide voiced in enjoyment, ‘Boy, I can go out now, do you want me to help you?

‘No, I want to do it myself.’


OK, with all this dark energy, you can play with my abilities to some extent.


When his breathing calmed down, Lin Xiang shook Angie’s shoulder, “Angie, Angie, wake up.”


“Huh…” Angie opened her eyes in confusion, “Lin Xiang?”


“Can you stand up? You have to get out of here, quick!”


“Roar!!!” The number of demon insects was obviously not unlimited. After eliminating hundreds of them, their number gradually decreased when they appeared in the magic circle. At that time, two of the demon race crawled out.


One was wearing a cloak. The part, where the eyes were, was glowing blue light, but its face could not be seen clearly as it was holding a human skull staff in its dry hands.


The other was a large one, about four meters tall, with hair that was grown to the neck, scarlet eyes, bare upper body, and tall, bulging gray muscles, which was absolutely impossible for human beings to achieve. In its hand was an axe made of something unknown. Its body moved with the frequency of its breathing, “Angels…two… Human…one…Kill…”


They were not in the world beyond the skies. There was no effect of divine consciousness, so Lin Xiang clearly could not hear what it was saying, but he also guessed that it was to kill himself or something.


“A B-ranked demon soldier.” Angie immediately recognized the strength of those two demons, and subconsciously grabbed Lin Xiang’s arm.


“Angie, you are awake?” Nicia turned to look at Angie in surprise. During the battle just now, she did not notice what Lin Xiang did to Angie. Now that Angie was out of the darkness so quickly, she was clearly shocked.


Just when Nicia was distracted, the demon in a cloak, whose face was unknown, took its human skull staff and tapped it at the air. The eye sockets of the human skull staff immediately lit up red.


A black magic circle appeared, and countless black hands stretched out rapidly. Their target was Nicia.


“Be careful!” Angie shouted.


Nicia immediately set up a light shield to block the black hands. At the same time, the large creature ran over with legs that were thicker than an adult’s body. It raised its giant axe, and slashed towards Nicia.


“Krak!” The light shield cracked, Nicia quickly retreated, and the shattered light shield shards flew out at the big creature and the demon insects behind it.


The insects were dead without a doubt, but the large one had only a few shards stuck on its bod surface. It glanced at Nicia, and its skin overflowed with dark matter, swallowing the shards of light, “Hurt. You die.”


It raised its axe high and slashed down into the air. Strong black wind swirled and whistled.


Nicia did not block it blindly. All she needed was to save her strength, so she dodged to the side.


The cloaked demon saw the opportunity and released a dark laser. Nicia had no choice but to put up a light shield for defense.


With very tacit cooperation, the large creature rushed over and slashed again.


“Bang!” The ground swayed as sand and rocks flew. Nicia was able to dodge, but she was still hit by the air current. Her clothes ripped, revealing her snow-white skin, and a line of blood dripped from the corner of her mouth.


“Nicia!” Angie wanted to go over, but was stopped by Lin Xiang.


“Let go, Nicia can’t beat them now.”


“I’ll go and help.”


“No, Lin Xiang, it’s very dangerous.”


The cloaked demon used its bone staff to point at Lin Xiang and Angie. The remaining twenty or so demon insects rushed towards them as soon as they heard the command.


“You have to leave, Lin Xiang.” Angie stood in front of Lin Xiang. Like Nicia, her palms began to condense a light group, but soon, the light group disappeared. Angie was panting and sitting on the ground, “I can’t…”


Her power had just been used to resist the invasion of darkness.


The first demon insect waved its scythe-like claws as it flew towards her with its bare teeth and sharp claws.


Lin Xiang walked up to Angie, and Angie looked up at him, “Lin Xiang… get out of the way…”


The ugly appearance of the demon insect was getting closer. Its metal claws were wide open, ready to harvest Lin Xiang’s head.


Suddenly, Angie felt a strong dark energy. She opened her eyes and saw black flames from Lin Xiang’s left hand.


“Squeak!!!” The demon insect’s claws waved over, and Lin Xiang raised his fists, bumping his knuckle into the scythe-sharp claws.


“Crack!” Following the crisp sound was the painful cry of the demon insect.


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