The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 42 : Ghouls


“Hooo— Feiya!” The fire dragon’s roar, amplified by the darkness, was unleashed. A black sea of ​​fire gushed towards the demon insect with its shattered claws and its companions behind it.


“Squeak, squeak, squeak,” Nearly half of the demon insects were instantly engulfed by the flames, screeching in the burning flames and turning into coke.


The IQ of the magic insects was basically nonexistent. They relied on instinct to fight, and the death of their companions would not have much impact on them. When they saw the black flame ignited in Lin Xiang’s left hand, the remaining demon insects rushed over like moths to the flames, seemingly not afraid of death.


They were craving for that pure dark energy.


The flame disappeared, and black gas began to overflow from Lin Xiang’s left hand. In the blink of an eye, the black gas covered his entire arm.


The demon insects were still more than ten meters away from Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang suddenly stretched out his hand and made a grabbing gesture towards one of them.


The black gas formed a huge arm as it flew outwards to grab the insect that Lin Xiang was aiming at while synchronizing with Lin Xiang’s movements. Lin Xiang swept his hand horizontally, and the big hand also swept away the remaining insects.


“Squeak~squeak~squeak~” The demon insect in the big hand struggled continuously. Lin Xiang showed a smile, and with a light grip, the demon insect shattered.


After that, he set his sights on the demon insects crawling up from the ground, and started to hammer violently.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The ground cracked. The hard shells of the demon insects were now turned into shards, while the body of the insects had turned into meat sauce.


More than twenty demonic insects were wiped out in just ten seconds.


But, Lin Xiang’s expression showed that he was clearly still unsatisfied.


His eyes became extremely sharp and looked very cold.


“Lin Xiang… Is that you…” Angie’s voice came from behind. Lin Xiang turned his head and saw Angie, his eyes finally regained some his gentleness.


‘Just now… what happened to me…’


Just a while ago, there was no pity in his heart. The pure feeling of wanting to destroy the enemy made Lin Xiang think that he was not himself just now.


This is the dark energy that was absorbed before. It is generated by negative emotions and makes you strong, but also makes you ruthless. But don’t worry, because you won’t lose yourself with my presence. Once you control that feeling well, you’ll be calmer during battle. Now, you just need to think about how to explain this dark ability to Miss Angie.


“Lin Xiang, are you Lin Xiang?” Angie stared blankly at Lin Xiang. The pure dark energy in his body made her feel unbelievable.


“Yes, it’s me. Some things…have to be hidden from you.”


“Is it that one of the demon race who was with you? Is she the one who gave you the power of darkness?”


“You can say that, but you have to believe that neither she nor I are evil.”


During the conversation, a demon insect that had not died swooped towards Lin Xiang.


As he turned around, a big hand of black gas appeared, grabbing and pinching the demon insect. With a click, the ordinary invulnerable demon insect’s shell was shattered into pieces.


Nicia was suppressed by the two B-ranked demon soldiers and could not fight back. She and the two demon soldiers also felt the dark energy in Lin Xiang, but unlike ordinary demons, the dark energy in him was extremely pure.


“Does that human… have any companions in his body…” There was a bloodstain on the big creature’s body, from the left chest to the right abdomen, which was wounded by Nicia’s light whip, but the injury was not deep.


The cloaked demon looked at Lin Xiang, the two blue lights in the hood that symbolized the eyes brightened a lot, but it did not speak. The bone staff waved, and a black hole appeared. Numerous mummified creatures walked out of it.


They had dry, flat skin without any trace of moisture as well as sunken eyes and thinning hair. Some of those mummified corpses were wearing armor and hanging weapons on their waists, including large knives, battle axes. Some were also yielding old-looking wooden bows and arrows.




The souls, that were imprisoned in their corpses and controlled by the demon race, were all dead sorcerers from the world beyond the skies.


Although ghouls have lost their souls and could not use spiritual power, they had combat skills in their lifetimes. A ghoul with rich combat experience would be very difficult to deal with. They were not afraid of pain or death, and they hated all living things.


“Lin Xiang, I believe you are not a bad person, you should hurry up and take Angie away.” Nicia shouted when she saw a large number of ghouls appear. However, as long as she was distracted, she would be approached by the big creature, which was very passive.


Well…I haven’t seen this kind of thing, probably the undead or something. Boy, watch out for the archers.’ As soon as Freed finished reminding him, the ghouls with bows and arrows drew arrows from their quivers behind them and aimed them at Lin Xiang’s head.


Drawing the bow, the arrow was shot, all in one go.


A wave of arrows came.


Lin Xiang picked up Angie, quickly dodged them. An arrow immediately landed where he was standing. Although those bows and arrows were very old, they did not affect the accuracy of the arrowhead.


After putting Angie in the container, Lin Xiang said, “Angie, stay here.”


“Can I trust you?” There was always a sense of repulsion between light and darkness, which was innate.


“Ah, of course, I won’t hurt you and Miss Nicia.”


The combat ghouls were rushing up to him. When Lin Xiang heard their approaching sounds, he immediately went up to meet those beings.


The black energy in his left hand emanated, Lin Xiang swung his arm, and the big hand slammed heavily onto the ghouls in front of him.


“Bang!” The ghoul slammed into the nearby containers and fell down one after another.


Pulling the bow, the ghoul archer aimed at Lin Xiang, released the arrow, and the rain of arrows flew again.


The black fog in his hand has not yet condensed, and Lin Xiang cannot use his big hand for the time being.


He jumped to the side, but unexpectedly, the rain of arrows was just a feint. A ghoul archer determined the direction of Lin Xiang’s dodging, and an arrow shot straight at Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang was not nervous, and even his calmness made him feel terrified. It was as if he was expecting to see death approaching as the reflection of the arrowhead became bigger.


A golden lightning bolt suddenly fell from the bright night sky, and in the center was the arrow that was only three meters away from Lin Xiang.




Lin Xiang looked in one direction unconsciously to see Reidy standing on the container with her hands by her waist. Under the moonlight, a gust of wind blew and her blonde hair fluttered.


“Hmph, don’t force yourself! You don’t want to lose… and I… I don’t want to… either…”


Before Reidy could finish speaking, several arrows flew in their direction.


“Glug glug!” A water shield blocked the arrows’ path.


Silent Water stood under the container with her usual heartwarming smile. Then, Satsuki, Nagisa and the others all appeared in Lin Xiang’s field of vision.


“You all…” Looking at their torn clothes and the dust on their faces, Lin Xiang was both anxious and relieved.


He was anxious about their combat skills, but was relieved that they were alright.


“Howl!!!” The ghouls saw the increase in the number of life forms in front of them, and they all seemed to have gotten more agitated. The few ghouls that were thrown away by Lin Xiang also climbed up. Although parts of their bones were broken, that did not affect their movement.


“B*stards, you guys are really annoying!” Reidy was very upset when she was interrupted, “Lightning!”


“Boom cracker!” The golden lightning roared down, and the ghouls that hit fell to the ground one after another. Their dry and flat bodies charred black, and electric currents flashed from time to time, causing them to twitch.


“Wow, these mummified corpses are so disgusting. They are even uglier than the ones just now.” Satsuki put on a look of detest. After exchanging gazes with Nagisa, they both released magic at the same time.


The Fire of Hell and the Blessing of the Wind became even more violent, igniting the ghouls in front of them.


Of course, the ghouls on fire would not collapse that easily. The whole body continued to charge forward like a human torch.


“Ya!” Dusty raised her hand forcefully and a pillar of dirt immediately protruded from the ground, knocking the burning ghouls into the air.


“Ahh huh!” The ghouls fell to the ground. Foot bones were broken, and they could no longer stand. Coupled with the burning of the flames, there was a foul odor of barbecued meat.


“Pfft!” Satsuki hurriedly covered her nose. Nagisa was also uncomfortable and quickly blew the smell away with the wind.


Silent Water released a water shield to block the flying arrows, preventing everyone from being injured, and at the same time, sending out ice picks to attack the ghoul archers.


Ice picks had little effect on ghouls. With Kamiki’s reminder, she learnt that they would die immediately after getting hit in the head. However, ghouls were not like demon insects. They knew how to dodge. Silent Water was not good at aiming, so she only hit three to four of them.


The ghouls, that were lucky enough to get close to them, had to face Kaoru. She held a steel sword that she picked up from the previous battle, and fought them.


The power of the ghouls was very powerful, and they were also familiar with the weapons they were using, so Kaoru struggled to fight back. But soon, she began to attack, turning passive into active, slashing with her sword four times in a row.


“Clack!” The iron sword in the ghoul’s hand shattered, and Kaoru hit it on the head without further hesitation.


Fire Dance’s flame was much stronger than Satsuki’s, and the ghoul that approached her was burned to ashes.


Nearly fifty ghouls died at once, and the remaining ghouls did not dare rush forward hastily.


“That’s amazing…” Lin Xiang looked at everyone and exclaimed sincerely.


Of course, the strength of a team could never be underestimated. It’s not that I can’t understand your concerns, but sometimes you might as well rely on them more.’ Freed commented.


‘I… don’t want to see them hurt.’


Well.’ Freed also knew Lin Xiang’s character.


On the other hand, Nicia bombarded the big creature with light mines, and she began to pant. Fortunately, Lin Xiang and the others attracted the attention of the cloaked demon. Otherwise, she would fall into a more difficult battle.


Seeing that the ghouls it had collected were greatly killed, since the rest were no longer charging the team, the cloaked demon hit the ground with its bone staff.


“Boom~~” The ground began to shake, and two cuboid-like stones emerged from the ground.


“What is that? A coffin?” Satsuki asked suspiciously.


“Seems like it.”


The sarcophagus stopped when it rose to a height of about three meters. Each of two coffin boards was engraved with a line of words:


When I venture, I shall decapitate all living creature.


Left and right by the Master, I shall march through all obstacles possible.


“Boom…” Mud and dirt fell from both sides of the coffin board, and slowly, the huge stone slab fell heavily to the ground.


There were two sarcophagi with two ghouls lying in them. One wore a faded crown, a rusty armor, and held a long sword that emitted red light.


The other wore a jeweled headdress, with shoulder-length knotted hair that had not been washed for ages. The luxurious clothes on its body were tattered. It was having a bow and arrow emitting blue light in hand.


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