V4C5 Dark clouds and Demons


Valarie stopped chomping her fish. She turned and looked at me, “Did you just. Say something?”


“I asked if you want to go to Human World with me.” It would be wrong to leave a little girl alone in a dangerous world of demons.


“Uh huh.” Valarie bit the fish and looked at the burning flame, as if she’s thinking.


It took her a long time before she replied, “I’m not. Going.”




“This is. The place. Where. I was born, so. I’m not. Going to leave.”


When Valarie said so, I realized that I’d ignored her feelings.


For her, this is where she grew up. She was very familiar with it and she already had a sense of security here. As for Human World, it’s a completely new and strange world for her. It’s also impossible to find her parents, and it’d only make her even more insecure since she didn’t know anyone there.  It’s just like Silent Water who had just arrived in the Human World.


However, if she continued staying there, no one knew if she’d encounter any danger later.


“Aren’t you bored here by yourself?” I asked.


“I’d. Probably. Be.”


“Being bored is one of the reasons. Human beings need social contact. If you lack contact with others, sometimes you can’t see through some problems, and you tend to be quite extreme as well.”


“Are you saying. That. I’m I’m human?”


“Aren’t you?” On Valarie, there’s no hint of a spirit nor a demon, so what else could she be?


“Anyway.” Valarie did not answer. Instead, she told me why she couldn’t leave, “I have to. Stay here. I have to. Guard my ancestors. And the land.”


It seems that Valarie grew up here from an early age and she thought that this is where her ancestors stayed.


Since she had such an impression, I’d rather not comment too much. Anyway, I’d just let her slowly accept things in human world.


“Well, come to the human’s world to spend a few days when you have time then. Next time when I see you, I’ll bring you some seasoning and interesting stuff.”


“I want. Seasonings, but. What do you mean. By interesting stuff?”


“There’s a lot, like snacks, comics, toys, etc.”


“Snacks. Comics. Toys.”


Again, new vocabularies.


“Comics refers to some funny pictures drawn by people. There are many types of toys, and I don’t know how to explain it. As for snacks, it is a kind of food. Like toys, there are many types of snacks. You will understand when you see them. They are really suitable for children like you. ”


“Children?” Valarie took another bite of fish and looked up at the sky. As she didn’t have many facial expressions, and there weren’t any emotional fluctuations, I couldn’t really find out how she’s feeling at that moment.


But I guess she was curious about the things I’d mentioned.



“This creature. Called fish, is there. Still any? I want to. Eat more.” There were a lot of skewers next to Valarie, she ate four fish and many grilled mushrooms.


If it’s me, I might get full already, yet she said that she still wanted more.


Of course, if she could still eat, I wouldn’t refuse her.


I looked at the half-eaten fish and I handed it to her, “I’m going to catch more now. If you don’t mind, eat this first.”


Valarie nodded and said, “ah.” She didn’t mind and started eating it.




When I returned to the creek, the fish that had been shocked by the Dragon Roar and floated on the surface had returned to normal.


Dragon Roar was originally a powerful skill of attack, but I hadn’t expected to use it as a way to catch fish.


I stood by the creek, preparing to reapply my old tricks and I used the Dragon Roar. Suddenly, I felt chilled on my back, and this Qi of chilly air climbed up my spine, making me shiver unbearably.


What happened? Did I catch a cold? I couldn’t be.


I looked around and there was nothing wrong. Then, I saw that the fish in the water became restless.


I felt that chilly air even more now.


Was something dangerous coming over? The Red Dragon Venus?


Thinking of the possibility of a dragon appearing, I immediately raised my head. Under the red light of the volcano, the sky appeared even redder. Huh? The sky over there seemed to be darker now.


I noticed that some clouds behind me had turned back, and the black cloud was spreading rapidly.


With the black cloud’s trajectory, a large number of birds were terrified.


I squinted my eyes and maximized my vision.


I vaguely saw some figures flying in the sky.


Could that be a demon?


As the black cloud moved closer, I could feel a strong magical energy approaching. It didn’t see me and stay on my side, but went directly to the volcano.


Could those be four superior demons and their men? If so, I think they looked up on me too much, since they were so many of them.


Wait, Valarie!


I probably dragged Valarie into this, if she’s attacked by a demon…


I immediately ran back.


———— Under the volcano.


When I returned to the place where I separated with Valarie, I could not find her anywhere.


I yelled her name out loud, but there was no response.


I tried to calm myself down.


There were no visible signs of fighting, and Valarie’s basket with mushrooms was missing as well. This should indicate that Valarie had hidden herself when she found out that the demon was coming.


Thinking of this, I felt a lot more relieved.


After all, if Valarie was hurt because of me, I would never forgive myself.


The black cloud wasn’t moving as fast as I,  having imbued my body with the wind. When I was sure that Valarie was no longer in the same location, the black cloud also arrived.


It had such a strong sense of demon that it’s suffocating.


There were hundreds of demons, some were flying, some were walking on the ground. The demons stopped in front of me after they found me.


“Is it him?”


“So, he knows Dragon Roar? Really?”


“Did he kill Guntheru?”


“Such a weak human being, I can stab him to death with one finger, how come you could let him run away?”


There were all kinds of demons. Among them, I found the previous skeleton demon and stone demon.


“Don’t be fooled by his appearance, Lurgi looked down on him and he was injured by his Dragon Roar.” The Skeleton Demon said, “Also he’s incredibly fast, I’m assuming that he possesses the blessings of a Wind Spirit.”


“You fools, I told you not to go to the human world without permission.  “You fools, I told you not to go to the human world without permission.  Our mission was to kill Venus, the Red Dragon and now some of our comrades have lost combat power.  They certainly won’t fight well later.”


“Venus isn’t an easy mark, so if I had fought her first and died in battle, no one will take revenge for Guntheru.  So, we went to the human world first to avenge my brother.  Then, if I’m finished off by the Red Dragon Venus, I’ll have no regrets,” said the Stone Demon, Lurgi.


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