“At that time, when he jumped into the rift of the dimensional space, I was very happy, as you were waiting for him on the other side. I didn’t expect him to get so lucky, the rift of the dimensional space separated and he escaped here.” The other Stone Demon smiled, “However, we’re even luckier; he’s in the territory of Red Dragon Venus and we could save energy looking for him as well. We’ll just finish him and Venus off together.”


“Is such a little human being worth us fighting together?” The demon standing in the middle must be the strongest and their leader, a Tauren Demon with grey hair. It didn’t look young.


As there was a strong sense of demons everywhere, I couldn’t really tell its ranking, but I think that it must be above the grade of Special Demon since it could command them.


The Tauren Demon commanded, “Lurgi, we need you. Don’t waste time on him, we’ll just look for Red Dragon Venus. Rimo, I’ll hand over this human to you. You will take revenge for Guntheru on behalf of Lurgi.”


“How troublesome.” Among the demons, there was one wearing a samurai armor but it was 100% a demon. Obviously, it’s called Rimo.


It was wearing a sword at its waist, which was at least two meters long.


It slowly pulled out the sword, “I’ll catch up with you very soon.”


After that, the demons moved deeper into the volcano.


And I could only focus on this samurai demon now.


“Although I’m just a mid-level demon, don’t think that I’m weaker than some superior or even special-level demons. I can’t even count the demons and humans who died under my sword.” The samurai demon’s red eyes stared at me like fire, “Don’t die too fast, let me enjoy it slowly.”


Almost the next second after it finished talking, it got right in front of me.


“Hu!” It was like it could cut open the air!  A black mark remained where I had just stood.


After I entered the wind speed, I avoided it right in time.


“Nice speed, indeed, as Chad (the Skeleton Demon) said, really not to be underestimated.” The Samurai Demon raised the long sword again and slashed in my direction.


A black sword Qi quickly rushed towards me.


Just when I wanted to dodge, I suddenly realized that my body was not listening to me. It’s like being fixed by something invisible.


“Crouch down!” Freed growled, and my body was able to move. Since I wasn’t able to get away, I did what Freed told me and I crouched down.


“Shush.” At the moment I crouched down, the sword Qi swept right above my head.


Not long afterwards, there were sounds of trees breaking and falling to the ground, and some of my hairs were floating in the air. If I slowed down for another half a second, there would be unimaginable consequences.


“Oh? So you managed to avoid under the influence of my ‘deterrent sword Qi ’?” The demon burst out laughing.


“So that’s how powerful you are.” I wiped the sweat from my forehead and pretended to be calm.


“What did you just say?” The samurai demon’s voice became tense at once. I guess it felt my suspicion and got furious.


“If you can escape my next move, then I will finish myself.” The samurai demon’s long sword lit up with a strong dark light.


It threw two sword Qis at me.


Well, instead of describing it as rushing toward me, it’d be more appropriate to say that it’s rushing toward my left and right. If I stood still, I wouldn’t be hit.


Could this be a misjudgment? Was it going to finish itself then?


Just when I thought about it, Yalide sighed, “You stupid boy, you really lack experience in combat. See how relaxed you are, you’ve obviously been cheated.” (PN: You were robbed when they handed brains out, I’m guessing)


At this time, I found that the sword Qi thrown by the samurai demon had crossed the left and right sides of me, forming a black gas field. I was enveloped in the field and I could not move at all.


Just as Yalide said, I did not have enough experience in combat and I wasn’t nervous enough. I was totally misled by the demon’s words.


I should have hidden farther away.


“Hahaha.” After seeing that I couldn’t move, the samurai demon laughed gruesomely, “I will cut you into pieces.”


It waved the sword in its hand coherently and quickly, and the dense sword Qi was as dense as a fishing net.


I couldn’t help widening my eyes.


So there’s no other way?


“Huh~~~ah!!!” A bright red flame sprayed from the side to counteract the sword Qi of the samurai demon. No, it should be said that the sword Qi was swallowed. The flame was not affected by the slightest influence and continued to fly to the side of the woods, triggering a fire immediately.


It happened in a blink of an eye!


I could finally move, and I looked away from the burning forest. Instead, I looked at where the flames were emitted.


I saw Valarie standing there.


“Hey…are you the Fire Dragon Venus?” The samurai demon saw the flames and Valarie and no longer wanted to fight. It turned and ran away.


“You demons. Are you too free? That’s why you came to my house and played.” Valarie still stuttered. Of course, that wasn’t something I focused on, but still.


So, Valarie turned out to be the Fire Dragon Venus? And the dragon turned out to be humanoid? How could this be?


Freed asked me,“Didn’t I tell you? An advanced dragon can become humanoid, as it uses less energy than its form as a dragon.”


“You didn’t tell me at all, okay?”


“Damn Fire Dragon Venus. Today is your time of death! Just wait to vanish with our [enchantment]!” The samurai demon has already escaped for a certain distance.


Valarie raised her small index finger. The surrounding flame seemed to be drawn and quickly gathered above her index finger to form a fireball.


Valarie flicked the fireball in the direction of the samurai demon.


“Bang!” A burst of fire rushed into the sky.


The armor and long sword of the samurai demon flew out. Black smoke was emitting and it couldn’t be any more dead.


Seeing this, I cleared my throat and looked at Valarie, “You…you are the Fire Dragon Venus?”


“No, I’m. Valarie. Daughter of. Venus.”


“You are also a dragon, right? Why didn’t you tell me before?”


Is that true or not? Have I been hanging out with a fire dragon all these times?


“You didn’t. Ask. You. Took Me. As a human.”


Indeed, there’s no sense of spirit or demon power, I naturally eliminated the two possibilities and thought that she’s a human being all along.


“Where did you go?”


“I saw. The demons here. I was worried. That they would break things. That’s why I came. After putting the things away.”


She meant putting away the basket.


“Speaking of it, aren’t you a bit too powerful? It was just one move…” Before I finished, there was an agitated voice, “Isn’t that Fire Dragon Venus?”


I turned around and saw hundreds of demons there. The Tauren Demon, who was the leader, stared at Valarie, “No, you aren’t Venus. Venus isn’t this small. Are you her descendant? Where is Venus?! Call her out!”


“Not. Necessary. To answer you.”


“Not necessary? Do you know how I’ve spent these 900 years? In fear and resentment! My aim in life is to kill Venus!” The Tauren Demon was agitated.


No wonder it looked older and it had grey hair, turns out it’d lived for 900 years.


The Tauren Demon suddenly began to tell us its story.


More than 900 years ago, it and its clan came to fight against Venus, but Venus was too strong, and she soon wiped out most members of its clan, leaving them dead or crippled.


The Tauren Demon was the least injured. Afterwards, it worked hard to conquer other clans of demons and become their leader, just to kill Venus one day. It wanted take revenge for his own people and to wipe out its nightmare.


“So what. Do you want. To prove.” Valarie’s reactions didn’t change a bit.


“If Venus doesn’t come out, then I will kill you! Eating dragon meat will definitely increase our strength, and then we will kill Venus…well, that’s it!” The Tauren Demon shouted, “Let’s go!”


“Oh!!!” The demons responded, rushing towards us with mighty power.


Looking at the demons in front of me, I couldn’t help but take a step back, “So many demons…you must be kidding me.”


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