The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C6

Wind-type demons, the tearing blade, Dragon Flame Dance


The demons in black were rushing toward me.


“Huh~~~ah!” Valarie stepped in front of me, Roared at the demons in front of her, and a hot flame spread towards them.


Most of the demons immediately evaded, but a small number of demons failed to avoid it. The flame quickly spread over their bodies, and after a while, they wailed and disappeared into smoke.


“Only the breath of a primordial fire has such power. I can only say that no wonder it’s a dragon of superior level. Even though it’s not fully grown, its power cannot be underestimated.” The Tauren Demon immediately let the other demons separate, “Spread yourselves apart, don’t squeeze into each other.”


Valarie looked blankly at the demons surrounding us and turned to me, “I. Let you. Open a road. You leave. This isn’t. Your battle.”


Afterwards, Valarie ignited a flame and rushed up to fight the demons close-in.


“Bang!” Every time Valarie hit a demon, an explosion issued from the point of impact, leaving the demon either dead or crippled.


Perhaps I couldn’t imagine Valarie had such a strong attacking power, but I just couldn’t run away and let her fight alone.


Besides, with so many demons, even with Valarie’s power, she would get tired eventually.


Then, I noticed that several demons not far away were preparing to release magic and they were about to attack Valarie.


I chose to stay, wasn’t it for this moment?


I entered the state of wind speed, and I was about to attack several demons in front of me and released the Dragon Roar to interrupt their magic. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of me.


I only saw a pair of green eyes, then I felt a pain in my chest, and I passed out.


I flew out like a broken kite and I hit the trees next to me.


“Cough!” I spit out blood and got up unsteadily.


I felt pain in my chest and like my bones were shattered.


At this time, I saw Valarie hit in the back with the demon’s magic. She frowned and paused a little. Then, she continued to wave her flaming fists and smashed them towards the melee demons.


The melee demons continuously rushed towards Valarie, and the remote demons continue to gather their magic power and were waiting for an opportunity to attack.


I had to help Valarie.


I braced my hand on my knee and stood up with a lot of difficulty.


“Cough!” I coughed again. When I saw the blood dripping down to the ground, I couldn’t help teasing myself. How fragile is a human body? It’d be good enough not to drag Valarie down.


“Oh? Are you still alive?” A demon that looked like a tornado with neither legs nor face, only a pair of green eyes floated in front of me.


I wiped the blood from the corner of my mouth and looked at it cautiously.


Without a doubt, judging from its eyes, it was the demon that just attacked me. I was already in the state of wind speed, but it attacked me before I could realize it, and it’s even faster than me.


“Although your spiritual power looks weak, you can reach the level of wind speed. It makes me quite curious.” The wind-type demon stared at me from the top.


“I’m also curious.” I was adjusting my breath while looking at it, looking for an opportunity to distance myself, “How do you talk, since you don’t have a mouth?”


“Damn human, are you provoking me?” The green light that represented the eyes of the wind-type demon contracted, but they became brighter, just like a human narrowing his eyes.


“It’s from pure curiosity.” The demon in front of me was a wind-type demon of Special level.


Although I wasn’t exactly sure when Freed and Yalide sealed the demons, from the time of the human world, it has been more than a thousand years. The speed of time in the demon world is twice that of the human world, which means that in the demon world, two thousand years have passed, or even three thousand years.


During these three thousand years, the demons greatly multiplied, and they had a lot of time to improve their strength.


“You said that you are curious, right?” There was a hint of smile in the demon’s tone, and I had a bad feeling.


Just when I wanted to retreat, I suddenly found out that I couldn’t move my feet.


I looked down and there were two whirlwinds binding my lower body.


“As a curious human like you, I think you must be interested to see how your body can be divided into pieces.”


Body divided into pieces?


Although the wind-type demon had no feet, it had hands. I saw it snap its fingers. Then, a tornado about two meters high rapidly swirled in front of me.


The surrounding trees were all sucked in. Then, there was a clicking sound and no more debris flew out.


How could I not understand what it wanted? It was trying to use the tornado to break my body apart.


I didn’t want to die like that.


“What’s wrong? Don’t you like talking? Aren’t you curious about everything?”


Seeing that I’d closed my eyes, the demon laughed at me.


“Forget it, now go to hell.”


When I heard the sound of the tornado approaching, I opened my eyes quickly, and I was at the same time ready with another Dragon Roar.




I put all of my effort into this Dragon Roar. The energy of my Roar pushed the tornado back to the demon.


Everything happened too fast, the wind-type demon looking intently to see how I’d die. It couldn’t react fast enough and was hit directly.


The tornado dissipated, and there was a burst of dust.


The wind binding skill that had me trapped was lifted. Now, I had to…


“Uh!” At this moment, a sharp wind blade flew out of the smoke and stabbed into my arm.


I felt a sharp pain, and I immediately covered the injured area. There was blood flowing out from it. I bit my teeth and looked at the wound, it was so deep that I could see my bones.


“Please be careful.” Freed was complaining, and the blood in my wound stopped gradually. Obviously, it helped me with the dragon Qi. My chest didn’t hurt as much anymore, and I could function normally.


It’s just that I couldn’t do much with my hands, not now.


“You are not human! Absolutely not human! Humans can’t have a body like you. Let’s not talk about the Dragon Roar, I could already prove this point by seeing that your arm wasn’t split open after I used my tearing blade to stab you.” The sand gradually dispersed, and the wind-type demon was still standing there.


It originally looked like a whirlwind; now the whirlwind was no longer complete.


“You are right, I am not a human, but a dragon.” I entered the state of wind speed and punched the demon’s head without hurting my hand.




“It’s still far away at your speed.” The demon grabbed my fist and smiled disdainfully.


I admired it since it could still move fast with an injury, but still.


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