The fist was just a feint, I originally wanted to see how it would dodge and think of countermeasures. However, it didn’t dodge, which was even better.


“Huh~Ha!!!!!” I used the Dragon Roar again.


The Dragon Roar hit the demon directly, and it flew out far away.


And I was also slammed by the force of the energy cluster and hit a tree.


“Um!” I immediately grasped the wound on my arm to staunch the bleeding.


“Huh~Ah!” “AH AH!”


When I heard the Dragon Roar and the demon’s howl, I knew that it wasn’t time for rest, so I quickly got up, tore off a piece of cloth, wrapped the wound and ran towards Valarie.


When I returned to the place where Valarie was fighting the demons, the number of demons had been reduced by more than half, leaving only about a hundred.


The dead were relatively inferior. Those who had survived were more advanced demons with rich combat experience.


At this moment, I suddenly noticed that a superior demon had condensed an elemental spear and slammed it toward Valarie.


Valarie was struggling with a few demons and didn’t even notice what was behind her.


“Danger!” At the speed of the wind, I rushed into the groups of demon, and tackled Valarie to the ground.


“Bang!” There was a vigorous cracking sound of rocks. I looked up and saw that the place where Valarie was standing was bombed, leaving a deep hole.


“Why. Did you. Come back.” Valarie gently poked my face which was very close to her.


“Why shouldn’t I?” I pulled Valarie up and watched the demons around her cautiously.


“If, you leave. I can. Change the situation. Immediately.” Valarie patted the dust on her body.


Although she still had no expression, I could see how damaged her clothes were.


“Why do you pretend to be strong? You can’t handle so many demons on your own.” I said, “Let me help you.”


“…” Valarie went silent, I didn’t know what she was thinking.


“This human devil is not dead yet? Ziriza! Where are you going? Didn’t I ask you to take charge of this human devil?” The Tauren demon shouted everywhere, but there was no response. The reason is pretty simple – the wind-type demon called Ziriza was either dead or heavily injured.


“Ziriza!!!” The Tauren demon yelled again, yet there was still no response. It began staring at me, “It was you who killed Ziriza…”


“And the next one will be you.” I clenched my fists. My injured arm felt kind of itchy, so I supposed it was healing up.


“You’re talking nonsense!” The Tauren demon was furious, he raised the axe and knocked the ground.


“Huh huh!” A wave of debris and magic energy rushed towards me.


“Bang!” Valarie stepped passed me, knocking the wave away with a punch, then looked back at me, “I thought. For a while. It’s better. If you. Leave.”


“You want me to leave you alone to fight? That’s entirely impossible!” I quickly dodged the attack of the melee demon, looked for the opportunity, grabbed its hand and threw it away.


Although I didn’t have any magical combat skills, I had learnt fighting before. With my wind speed and the muscles of my dragon-like body, it’d be so easy to hurt a demon, only the effect might be worse.


“You are. Really. Weird.” Valarie didn’t urge me to leave anymore, but chose to face the demons with me.




The number of demons decreased again, and there were about 50 of them. At this time, I was already exhausted and panting.


All of the surviving demons were of Superior level, they were all incredibly strong.


Facing the approach of the demons, I kept going back until my back hit a small head.


When I turned back, I saw that Valarie’s clothes were severely damaged. However, aside from some dirt, there weren’t any obvious injuries on her skin. And since she had no facial expressions, I couldn’t tell whether she’s tired.


Since she killed several hundreds of demons on her own, I thought she must be tired.


“Sorry, Valarie. There’s really too many of them, I feel like I’ve reached my limit.”


“You want. To learn. Dragon Roar. Right.” Valarie looked at me.


“Why are we still talking about this?”


“Want to learn. Right.” Valarie’s staring at me with her fierce red eyes.


I nodded. “Yes, I want to learn.”


“Ok.” Valarie also nodded, then released a wall of fire around us.


The wall of fire surrounded and isolated us from the demons outside.


How long could this last? I wasn’t sure.


“To learn the Dragon Roar. I need to see. Your personal ability. To understand. Huh-Wa!” Valarie Roared slightly at the ground, and seems to have uttered some words. Then, a character which I’d never seen before appeared on the ground, limned in flames.


“This is the character of the Dragon, and it means [Fire], absorb it.” Freed reminded me.


“Absorb? How do I absorb?” I was confused.


What kind of character in this world can be absorbed?


“Close your eyes, feel the breath flowing nearby, look for that [fire], then suck it into your body.”


“What do you mean?”


“No wonder she’s the daughter of Venus, but I’m guessing she doesn’t have much strength left. Break her flames, and let us kill her and that human devil! Eat their meat!” Outside the fire wall, the Tauren demon was yelling like crazy. Then, there was a sound of the fire wall being broken.


Although I didn’t really get what Freed said, I couldn’t care that much anymore.


I closed my eyes and it was dark all around.


Should I start feeling the wave flowing nearby?


I frowned and searched carefully. Not long after, I found a red flame in front of my dark vision.


This must be the “Fire” that Freed had mentioned.


I breathed in hard, and it slowly began to float towards me. Then, it started to get integrated into my body.


I opened my eyes quickly and I opened them wide.


My body seemed to be burning. I was extremely hot, so hot that I wanted to roar.


“Oh ah!!!” For no reason, I just wanted to yell out. A flame flew out with my roar and melted into the wall of fire released by Valarie.


“I thought. That you had to. Wait for some time. I didn’t. Expect you. To learn it. So easily. The most basic. The breath of the fire.” Valarie used her usual way of stuttering to tell me, “since you have. Inhaled my fire. I can. Burn everything. With ease.”


“What do you mean by burning everything?” I felt confused.


At this time, the wall of fire dissipated.


The demons saw this scene and they wanted to kill me and Valarie.


“You will. Understand.” When Valarie finished talking, flames started to burn throughout her body.


Strangely, I didn’t feel anything even though I was standing next to her.


“Hey, is it possible that this little dragon hasn’t shown all her power?” The Tauren demon looked terrified.


The fierce-looking demons that had wanted to attack me and Valarie had all stopped, and they seemed to plan to retreat.


“Since you. Weren’t killed last time. This time. You can. Go to hell.” Valarie emitted a strong red light from her body, and I had to close my eyes.


Although I closed my eyes, I could feel the redness in front of my eyes. And there was the sound of flames burning in my ears. The demons had stopped yelling in just one second.


When I opened my eyes again, the surrounding things had already turned into a sea of fire. Valarie and I were the center of it, and in 200 meters, there was nothing aside from fire and flames.


No matter if it’s a stone or a tree…


“What’s going on?” the word “shocked” couldn’t describe how I felt. I was completely dumbfounded.


“The Dragon Flame Dance. Compressed. The massive flames. In a flash. It burst out.” Valarie replied.


“So, those demons are now dead?”


“There is no demon. That can escape. From my. Dragon Flame Dance.” Valarie went silent for one moment, then added, “except. Ground-escaping. Demons.”


“Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve got such a powerful move?” When all the demons were wiped out, I suddenly felt exhausted.


Why did I fight so hard just now?


“I told you. If you leave. I can. Immediately. Turn things around.” Valarie replied plainly, “but you. Didn’t leave.”


“Sorry.” I scratched my head. I had thought that Valarie was just trying to be strong, I didn’t expect that she’s that powerful.


“I didn’t. Mean. To blame you.” Valarie reached out her hand and gathered the flame around, it became like a small red pill. Then, she opened her small mouth and ate the flame, “demons. For me. Are nothing. But. For you. Must be dangerous. Since. You didn’t. Leave. I really. Admire you.”


I scratched my face and smiled bitterly.


If I had just left just now, perhaps Valarie would never grant me the Fire Dragon Roar. With such a result, I was pretty satisfied.


“My clothes. Are torn.” Valarie looked at her clothes, “Let’s go to. Where I live.”


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