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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C7

Fire running water, the Dragon’s Crystal, the playground


“I didn’t expect to see such a hiding place.” I followed Valarie and we arrived at a cave.

The cave was just over ten meters deep, bright and spacious. There were some stone chairs, stone tables and stone beds, just like a bedroom.

“Is this where you usually live?” I asked.

“Well. All the time, always, alone.”

At this time, a red pool caught my attention. I took a closer look. If that nerd Lin Xiang’s memory was correct, it should be fire running water flowing inside.

Fire running water is a liquid containing a lot of fire elements. It was flowing into the pool from one side of the stone wall, and from the other end of the pool to another stone wall.

If you are attracted by its transparent and clear appearance, you will soon discover your error.

Although the running water looked very calm, just like clear water with a little redness, if there were objects inside, they would ignite with overwhelming heat instantly. Even metal could be melted inside within a noticeably short time.

Some factories use this liquid to refine metals.

I didn’t expect to see a pool of fire running water in a bedroom, and there were no refining tools nearby…is it possible that Valarie uses this to bathe?

When I was thinking like that, Valarie came beside me.

“The bath. The place. Why. Does it look good?”

“Take a bath? Do you use this to take a bath?” I pointed to the pool, fearing that I might have misunderstood Valarie.

“Yes. Once a day.”

“Are you kidding me? How can you bathe in this liquid? Put metal in it and it’ll melt, no?

“Why, it will melt.”

“The temperature is very high, it’s over the melting point of the metal.”

“I do not quite. Understand you.”

“It means that it’s extremely hot.”

“Um.” Valarie put her hand into the hot running water, she stirred it for a while. Suddenly, the hot running water burst into a violent bubble, “but I can’t feel. That it’s hot.”

“That’s right, you’re a fire dragon.” I sighed. I almost forgot that Valarie was a fire dragon, and the high temperature had no effect on her.

“Do you. Still take me. As a human?” Valarie looked at me.

“After all, you are a cute little girl in my mind. I was under the impression that dragons are huge creatures.”

“Although. I can. Too. Become. A dragon. But. With a dragon’s posture. I need. More energy. Also, I’ve forgotten. How to. Turn into. A dragon again.”

“Is it because you’re too used to being a human?” I smiled, “By the way, where’s Venus?”

“I. Don’t know. Either. She. Left me. A long time ago. And I was. Left here.” Valarie smiled and lowered her head. She was looking at the floor.

Although she had no facial expression, I was assuming that she’s feeling sad.

I reached out and touched her head, “It must be harsh for you.”

“I don’t think so.” Valarie raised her head, and the moment her fiery red pupils met my gaze, I suddenly realized that she was a dragon. I was touching a dragon’s head?

I quietly took my hand back and she didn’t seem to care. I sighed in relief and turned to look at the fire running water, “By the way, if you really use this to bathe, do you drink it as well?”

If there’s a kind of liquid containing no bacteria or virus, it has to be the fire running water.

After all, its temperature is extremely high, not suitable for anything to survive, and it is also rich in fire elements. It can be used as a drinking water by fire dragons.

“Well,” Valarie looked at me and said, “You can, try it.”

“What can I try?”

With my confused look, Valarie raised her hand and seemed to gently push me from behind.

I was immediately pushed into the pool of fire by a powerful force.

“Wow!!! I’m going to die! I’m going to melt!!!” Flames ignited on me and I kept patting them, “sorry! Valarie! I shouldn’t have touched your head without permission.”

I thought that Valarie was angry with me as I touched her head, and that she wanted to kill me.

“Why. Apologize.” Valarie looked at me.

At this time, I also started to react.

Well, it didn’t feel as hot as I’d imagined.

I looked at my body, and it’s staying intact in the fire running water. I stood up excitedly, “what is it about?”

“You. Are. A strange person.” I wonder if Valarie’s face was irradiated by the fire running water, but her face seemed to be turning red.

Following Valarie’s gaze, I looked down.

“Wow!!!” I thumped and sat inside the fire running water. Apparently, my clothes were burnt the moment I was pushed in.


“What is this?” I asked, when Valarie gave me some black clothes.

“I don’t know.” Then, Valarie stuffed the bundle of clothes into my hands.

When I opened it, it was a top and a pair of pants which looked pretty old-fashioned. At this time, the bottom part of the undershirt had touched the fire running water. Just when I thought it was going to burn, I quickly lifted it and found that it wasn’t burning at all.

I suppose it’s made of some special material.

“Are you going to stand there and watch me dress up?” Just when I wanted to get dressed, I found that Valarie wasn’t trying to hide.

“What’s. Wrong. With it.” Valarie looked at me with her head tilted.

“Of course it’s not okay! Turn around quickly.”

Valarie replied, “Ok.” Then, she turned around.

At this time, I also walked out of the fire running water and put my clothes on my body.

They were a little too tight and short, but I was already glad to have clothes to put on.

“I’m dressed.”

“Oh.” Valarie responded again, but she wasn’t moving.

“You can turn around now.”

“Oh.” Valarie turned and looked at me.

“Are these from Venus?” Fortunately, the clothes that I was wearing are more neutral, and nobody could tell whether they’re for men or women.

“Probably. I also. Don’t remember. Because. It has been. A long time.”

“I see.” I changed the subject, “by the way, Valarie, when you’re taking a bath, wouldn’t your clothes get burnt?”

“When I. Take a bath. I don’t. Wear clothes.”

“Um…what I meant is, why didn’t your clothes get burnt?” Since Valarie was a dragon, when she’s emitting flames, wouldn’t her clothes get burnt?”

“If they’re in it. For too long. Then yes.”

“But… when you’re using flames?”

“Control a bit. Then it’s fine.”

“No wonder when you released the Dragon Flame Dance just now, my clothes didn’t burn, but they were burnt inside the fire running water. In other words, do you have any other clothes?”

Under the attack of the demons just now, Valarie’s clothes were already torn.

“Yes. I have five. This one. Broken. I still. Have four.”

“It’s more than I’d expected. Let me see what they look like.” I thought Valarie only had one dress.

“Alright.” Then, Valarie turned, walked to the bed and took out four sets of clothes which she’d put underneath her bed.

They looked exactly the same…

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